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Chapter 178 – Their Wishes Finally Came True

For the final BOSS, Toya, if they played randomly like the previous run, there might not be enough time. This was originally a relatively difficult BOSS. Blue Brook Guild’s Changing Spring and the other experts had to train hard numerous times in order to suppress it through coordination. But what about now? What method was left in store? Qiao Yifan recalled how they had said that God wasn’t going all out and became a bit curious as well as a bit uncertain.

“Sword Soul!” Ye Xiu yelled out, while they were rushing forward.

If Qiao Yifan was making the decision, he definitely wouldn’t cast Sword Soul so early. However, he trusted in the God’s decision and immediately cast Sword Soul when he heard it. One Inch Ash’s Demon Slaying Blade flashed. A ghostly mist congealed into a Sword Soul after the chant and formed a Boundary.

This “Sword Soul” shout also seemed to be instructions to others as well. Cleansing Mist’s handcannon spit out a flame tongue and hit the idle BOSS, Toya, with an artillery shell .

Toya turned his head and rushed at them. He stepped on a stone in the garden and somersaulted forward. In mid-air, he whipped out his leg to kick them. Lord Grim moved up as well. His Thousand Chance Umbrella turned into a Battle Lance. The two brushed past each other, however Toya suddenly disappeared. He had unexpectedly been Circle Swung onto the ground by Lord Grim.

“So quick!!!”

Qiao Yifan’s point of view was very different from Tang Rou’s and Steamed Bun Invasion’s. Whenever Ye Xiu attacked, those two had seen it so often that they were completely indifferent to it. However, Qiao Yifan could see how difficult the move was.

Positioning, speed, precision, prediction.

In this type of situation, if even a single one was slightly lacking, the attack would have failed. Just using Circle Swing didn’t mean that you would hit the monster. Glory isn’t such a simple game!

With the way Circle Swing captured the target, Toya had no way of Quick Recovering in order to avoid this knock down. But he could be considered quick as well. Right when he crashed to the ground, he sent out a shock wave in order to get back up. Lord Grim had already anticipated this. As soon as his Circle Swing flung Toya down to the ground, he immediately leaped back. Not only did Toya’s shock wave not hit anything, Lord Grim drew out his sword and sent out a Sword Draw towards him.

“So quick!!!”

Qiao Yifan had the same impression as before. Toya and Lord Grim’s battle tempo really was fast. But Toya was a system NPC. He didn’t need to think or make decisions, but Lord Grim? He was able to make consecutive moves without practically any time to think. Each move he made suppressed Toya’s offensive.

The strength of an unspecialized!

Qiao Yifan understood this, but more importantly, even with an arsenal of skills available for use, God Ye Qiu was able to pick the most suitable choice with little time to think. His quick and accurate decision-making were almost like a robot’s.

“Too scary!” Qiao Yifan was astonished. Just how much experience did he have? If this was any other pro-player, they might be able to make the same accurate decisions, but to do so with almost no time to think, only a select few could do that. Experience could only be gained with time and time couldn’t be controlled. Old generals could no longer be as full of energy as new players. As for new players, if they wanted the experience of the old generals, the only way was to wait and become old generals themselves.

In this situation, where Lord Grim was suppressing Toya by himself, the final obstacle became incomparably easy. To the other four, this battle was just like any other. They were against a very ordinary BOSS. All they had to do was coordinate with Lord Grim and deal damage.

Sword Soul, Ice Soul.

Qiao Yifan switched between the two Boundaries. He could also use Ghost Slash, Moonlight Slash, Full Moon Slash to deal damage. However, these Slash skills clearly weren’t too high-leveled. Skill points had to be saved for skilling up the Phantom Ghosts. The damage dealt by Phantom Demons couldn’t compare with the damage dealt by Sword Demons.

1 minute.

Toya’s health had already dropped by ⅓. If they maintained this tempo, they would definitely finish the battle in three minutes. With so much time left, they could even afford to make a few mistakes.

Too strong!

Qiao Yifan lamented. Even though an enormous amount of importance had been attached to him, he understood very clearly that he wasn’t the final deciding factor in setting the record.

It was a fact that Phantom Demons could increase the entire team’s strength. In theory, the more members in the team, the more useful a Phantom Demon was. This was why all of the big guilds would specially train a few Phantom Demons.

However, in the Professional Alliance’s official matches, the number of players that could go on stage was restricted to only five players; this limited the amount of support a Phantom Demon could provide. In a five-man team, Phantom Demons weren’t the worse class, but the value of their support might not make them more valuable than other classes either. Their existence wasn’t a necessity, but rather just another option.

In Desolate Land, the usefulness of a Phantom Demon was similar to this as well. He could provide support, but he wouldn’t be the main factor for why the team would break the record.

The true factor was still Lord Grim.

It was because the strengths of an unspecialized could be fully utilized which allowed them to surpass this dungeon’s limit.

It was because of the unspecialized that they could employ Dual Overlapping Ghost Boundaries.

It was because of the unspecialized that they could completely suppress Toya.

In addition, Lord Grim’s weapon was clearly self-made. It was clearly a top-tier Silver weapon. How could Qiao Yifan not know about Silver weapons? There was no way other teams had this type of advantage in damage.

The record was right in front of them!

Two minutes had passed. Toya’s health had dropped down by ⅔.

Attack attack attack.

The five continued to attack. This was only the second time Qiao Yifan had coordinated with the others, yet their coordination wasn’t lacking in the slightest. Actively coordinating with others; this was his biggest strength. Whether this was because of talent or because of he was trained as a person on the edge, no one knew.

“Careful, almost Red Blood.” When Toya’s health had dropped down to 10%, Ye Xiu warned them as usual.

Tang Rou and the others were completely indifferent. Toya becoming Enraged didn’t mean anything. He would still be suppressed by Lord Grim.

On the other hand, Qiao Yifan made preparations for Red Blood. As soon as he saw Toya go into Red Blood, he suddenly used the Grab skill Ghost Claw. After capturing Toya, he followed up with a Moonlight Slash, launching Toya into the air. Icy frost formed at the tip of his blade. The ice shattered and an Ice Soul flashed out. Ice Boundary!

The mid-air Toya continuously took Ice Damage. When he fell, he froze into a giant ice cube. The team rushed forward to attack. However, the BOSS’s resistance was high, so the Freeze didn’t last long. But after breaking out of the ice, what could Toya do next? Under Lord Grim’s lead, Toya’s health continued to plummet.

Sky Strike, Dragon Tooth, Falling Flower Palm, Anti-Tank Missile, and even a wretched Brick.

In the final string of attacks, the explosion from the Anti-Tank Missile sent Toya flying into the stone wall. No one moved up to continue attacking. Toya had been killed.

System announcement!

Congratulations to players Lord Grim, Cleansing Mist, Steamed Bun Invasion, Soft Mist, One Inch Ash for breaking the Desolate Land record, time: 22:35:22.

After this brief message appeared, the world channel exploded.

There wasn’t any excessive amazement. For new players in the new server, they didn’t have any concept of what the time for the records should be. They weren’t like the veterans who jumped in fright at this terrifying record. For the tenth server’s players, they only had one thought; the record had been broken. It had been broken by Lord Grim again.

As a result, mostly congratulation messages appeared on the world channel.

Their congratulations weren’t directed towards Lord Grim, but rather Blue Brook Guild, especially that Cloud Listening Blade from Blue Brook Guild.

Cloud Listening Blade was Poplar Beach, who was constantly shouting at Lord Grim to fight him, to break their record.

At this moment, the players were all congratulating Blue Brook Guild and Cloud Listening Blade for having their wishes finally come true. The players were sarcastic and savage. It didn’t matter how skilled or experienced they were. The new players were all mocking them.

Poplar Beach was pale. He had sent another message a few moments ago. He specially guarded this time to provoke him. And in the end, a system announcement had given him a reply.

“Impossible!!” Poplar Beach didn’t want to believe it.

The record they had set was already the limit. Poplar Beach had been confident that it wasn’t possible to improve it, which was why he had been so arrogant. But now, the other side actually improved the time by about two minutes. Poplar Beach couldn’t imagine how this was possible.

The mocking continued. The person who had stepped had been stepped on. This type of show was something everyone loved to see. Everyone was discussing what Cloud Listening Blade was probably feeling right now. Sharp comments popped up one after another. Poplar Beach didn’t want to look at his screen. He was afraid that he’d die from anger in front of his computer.

How should he respond?

Poplar Beach had his head lowered as he stared at his keyboard. He didn’t know what keys he should press.

He suddenly heard a system prompt telling him that a friend had gone offline, making Poplar Beach lift up his head to look.

The one who had gone offline was Blue River. Poplar Beach obviously knew where Blue River was going. Poplar Beach felt embarrassed and resentful. The guy had finally found his sore spot.

Poplar Beach was aware that things weren’t looking good.

How did Lord Grim and his group set this record? These guys didn’t have all Orange equipment, right?

This thought kept circling around Poplar Beach’s head, but he wasn’t convinced. Would he make such a large investment just for a dungeon record? Moreover, this was the new server. Even if you had the money that didn’t mean it was possible to gather a full set of Level 30 Orange equipment for yourself, let alone an entire team. How could Orange equipment be as common as cabbage?

“Lord Grim! To be able to beat our record, it looks like you really do have some skill! Do you have time to duel me now?”

Poplar Beach hesitated for a long time, but in the end, he pressed enter and sent it.

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