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Chapter 147 – Difficult Decision

Ever since he made a name for himself with the dungeon records, especially once the final Boneyard record hadn’t been broken again, more and more players began adding Lord Grim as their friend. He had friends from big guilds, small guilds, and privately too.

The big guilds were naturally like Blue Brook Guild and Tyrannical Ambition, who wanted Ye Xiu to be a long-term member of their guild. Small guilds talked about personal development and how he would have more chances at obtaining a promotion than in those big guilds. Noobs might believe them, but Ye Xiu wouldn’t. The private players wanted to build a personal relationship with him, in hopes that he would help them. He moved around among all of these different players. Some were declined, some were pushed away, some were ignored.

Ye Xiu conveniently looked at One Inch Ash’s info. He was a Level 23 Ghostblade. Ye Xiu’s heart swayed and recalled that Assassin Ashen Moon from Team Tiny Herb.

He accepted the friend request and then immediately received a message from the other side: “Senior, I’m Qiao Yifan, that Assassin Ashen Moon from Team Tiny Herb.”

So it really was him. Ye Xiu thought, while replying: “Oh, so it’s you!”

“Yeah, I want to try out a Phantom Demon.”

“Why are you leveling a new account?” Ye Xiu didn’t understand. Each of the guilds had numerous other max-leveled accounts besides the main ones used for the matches. They usually had all of the classes and their different types. If the player wanted one, then he could easily get one. These accounts weren’t armed with luxury equipment, so they didn’t cost much.

Qiao Yifan was in an embarrassingly low position in Team Tiny Herb. As a stranger, how could Ye Xiu have known that?

However, among those in the Alliance, each team knew which teams had which accounts. Ye Xiu had even played in half of the season. Assassin…… Ye Xiu didn’t recall of such a class ever coming out in the season for Tiny Herb. Due to this, he made a rough guess that this Assassin wasn’t in a high position among the players in the Club.

Of course, he could also be a new player in training and wasn’t yet mature enough to come out on stage. But having fought with him before, Ye Xiu could see that Qiao Yifan’s Assassin really was quite ordinary. He couldn’t really see much potential from him. It was only because he saw that this player’s features was clearly suitable to a Phantom Demon that he suggested it. Apart from that, he didn’t have any other motives.

“Um……. I was hoping that I could get some guidance from senior.” Qiao Yifan said.

Ye Xiu stared blankly. He had been a part of the pro-scene for so many years. What type of situation hadn’t he experienced before? At this moment, even though he hadn’t asked and even though Qiao Yifan hadn’t said anything, from how Qiao Yifan said things, he could already guess the other side’s situation.

“How long have you played Glory?” Ye Xiu asked.

“One year.” Qiao Yifan replied.

“Oh.” It wasn’t easy being a novice, Ye Xiu sighed. Ye Xiu had heard that there was a player called Gao Yingjie, who was reputed to be Vaccaria’s successor. He knew that every time such a talent appeared, the talent would inadvertently kill off many of his comrades’ light. For example, Qiao Yifan wasn’t someone who didn’t have any talent. It was just that compared to the talent standing beside him, he appeared rather gray and dark. It was quite sad.

Thinking of all this, Ye Xiu understood that for a player on the edge like Qiao Yifan, choosing a major decision such as changing classes was extremely difficult. To put it seriously, it could practically be considered a final gamble for the player’s career. However, the person who had to make such a decision was just a young teenager.

The choice that the kid chose was in between. He would continued practicing his Assassin with the Club, while secretly training his Phantom Demon to see if he really did have potential. If he continued to stay on the edge for a long time, then the kid would take a serious hit to his confidence. This could already be seen from his extremely careful and cautious style. It was only until yesterday did Ye Xiu remind him to have more courage. To have already gotten to this step in a day could already be considered quite good.

Seeing how his senior God simply answered with a “Oh”, Qiao Yifan felt very nervous. Just as he was trying to figure out what God meant, he received a message.

“You should have some understanding of Phantom Demons, right? This class takes a while to complete. You have to get to at least Level 40 before the Phantom Demon’s strengths begin to appear. A Phantom Demon’s true practice starts then.” Ye Xiu replied with a message.

“Yeah, I know.” Qiao Yifan answered. He was a pro-player after all. There was no way he wouldn’t know at least a little about every class. Any class’s strengths, skills, their uses, etc. These were all basic knowledge for any pro-player.

“Because of this, there isn’t any way of practicing how to use a Phantom Demon in battle right now. I recommend that you find someone to level this account for you, while you do some research on the theories. For example, you could go look at the recordings for Team Void’s matches and study them.” Ye Xiu sent a message.

Team Void. Qiao Yifan obviously knew of this team. Although they weren’t top-tier, they often made it into the playoffs. Team Void’s captain Li Xuan used the account Sobbing Ghost, which was reputed as the number one Phantom Demon in Glory. Team Void was the only team to use the Phantom Demon as their core. It could be considered as one of their unique features.

“Even though Li Xuan’s Sobbing Ghost is the core of Team Void, it’s never his other teammates coordinating with his Sobbing Ghost’s Phantom Ghosts. Watch how Li Xuan deciphers the battles and then uses Phantom Ghosts to create the win for his team.” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh, understood.”

“Give the account card to someone else to level for you. Once you reach my level, you can come with me and my party to get a feel for it.” Ye Xiu said.

“Thank you!! Thank you senior!!” Qiao Yifan was extremely happy. When Ye Xiu told him to study recordings, he had felt somewhat at a loss. But now that he knew that there was still a chance for God to coach him, he immediately turned indescribably happy.

Qiao Yifan began doing what Ye Xiu had suggested at once and gathered all sorts of recordings to study and learn from. He also went out to go look for someone to level his account. He signed up for the option that would level his character the fastest and then waited for it to catch up to Lord Grim’s level.

On Ye Xiu’s side, while Qiao Yifan went offline, he on the other hand was still chatting with some other players.

These players were Seven Fields and his group. At this moment, they had just made a difficult decision.

Ever since they had witnessed brother expert’s strength, they had always known that there was no way their poor guild and their puny resources had a place for a God like brother expert. But unfortunately, the rest of the members of the guild didn’t think like that. After seeing Seven Fields and his group go up on TV and break a record with Lord Grim, they were convinced that the relationship between Lord Grim and them wasn’t shallow. They were always nagging for Seven Fields and his group to pull him in.

Seven Fields and the others used an excuse to evade the subject again and again, yet their guild’s members kept on nagging, especially their guild leader, who was very unsatisfied with how they kept evading them.

Those guild members could be ignored, but a portion of the guild’s members such as their guild leader were their old friends who came together from the old server. Seven Fields and the others won glory from being together with brother expert, but the other old friends were still the same as before, struggling under the big guilds’ feet. That was why Seven Fields and the others all felt a bit embarrassed.

But to invite brother expert to join their guild? No matter how one thought about it, that could only be a joke. Seven Fields and the other truly weren’t able to say that, however they truly couldn’t stand their friends in their guild constantly nagging at them. Finally, they made the difficult decision to recommend their guild leader friend to brother expert and let him talk with brother expert directly.

At this moment, Seven Fields and Ye Xiu were discussing about this, asking to bring a guild friend over to play together.

How could Ye Xiu have any opinion about this? In the leveling area, Ye Xiu met with Seven Field’s guild leader friend.

“Hi, I’m Maple Tree, Full Moon Guild’s guild leader!” Seven Field’s friend, the tenth server guild leader Maple Tree, proudly introduced himself. Seven Fields and the others escaped far away with their cheeks streaming with tears. Full Moon Guild’s guild leader? What status was that?

Seven Fields and the others might have once thought differently, but after witnessing brother expert fight, their view of the world grew boundless. The Three Great Guilds became like floating clouds in their eyes and those medium and small guilds became clouds that couldn’t even float. And now, their own guild leader had just presented his status proudly, putting his status, which others thought of as very shameful, as extremely honorable, making him look even more shameful.

“Oh, hello hello. So you’re all friends huh.” Ye Xiu casually greeted him.

It wasn’t midnight yet, so Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon were there, as well as Drifting Water and Sunset Clouds. These two were normal players. They would only play everyday after dinner and as a result, the gaps between their levels gradually widened. They hadn’t had the chance to create a dungeon record with brother expert either, so they were quite lonely.

“Yeah, we’ve known each other since way back. When I think about our time in the Heavenly Domain……” Maple Tree chattered about their guild’s magnificent history.

After setting up his Full Moon Guild’s great image with Ye Xiu, Maple Tree changed the topic of the discussion: “Now that I think about it, with your strength, why haven’t you joined a guild yet?”

“Oh, guilds…… I don’t want to join one!” Ye Xiu said.

“Is it because you haven’t found a suitable one yet? Actually, you might as well just join our Full Moon Guild. Our Full Moon Guild has quite a long history in Glory and one of the oldest guilds out there. Although we can’t compare with a few guilds, but I’m sure you understand that those big guilds all have pro Clubs supporting him, so our guild made up of normal players have no way of comparing with them. But apart from these guilds with pros behind them, our Full Moon Guild is very famous.” Maple Tree said.

“He’s trying to pull him in! He really is trying to pull in brother expert!” Seven Fields said to the others with his face covered in tears, “I was wrong. I should pulled him along at midnight so we could dungeon together and have him witness brother expert’s strength. If that had been done, I’m sure he’d be able to recognize the difference between heaven and earth.”

“That….. are you sure?” Sunset Clouds said.

“In my opinion, Maple Tree’s biggest feature is that he doesn’t know the difference between heaven and earth.” Drifting Water said.

“That’s why having him see brother expert’s strength would only make him want to pull him in even more.”

“Correct. He grew up reading fairy tales. A poor boy chasing a beautiful princess and what not aren’t things that’ll stop him.

“I know. That’s why I kept evading him. But those other guild members are just too annoying. I had no choice but to hope that brother expert wouldn’t mind……” Seven Fields said.

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