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Chapter 148 – Four Scarlet Moon Parts

Seven Fields and the others didn’t have it easy either. This situation was like if you knew a beautiful girl, but had a vulgar, wolf-like friend that wouldn’t stop bothering you to introduce him. No matter what you did, you couldn’t block him or dissuade him and in the end, your only option was to ask the beautiful girl if you could bring your friend along.

It obviously wouldn’t be good to just let him go and do whatever he wanted, but Seven Fields and the others weren’t worried about this. The “beautiful girl” in front of them definitely wouldn’t be bullied around by the wolf. They were only worried that after the beautiful girl beat the wolf to death, they would also get beaten down……. After all, the person they were talking about wasn’t a beautiful little girl, but rather brother expert, a person who had already shocked the world by the time he reached Level 30.

They silently listened as Maple Tree tried to persuade him with all his might. Seven Fields and others were half angry and half laughing. In their view, Maple Tree’s strategy was at the level of a kidnapper waving a goldfish at a small child in order to abduct the child. Except this child was brother expert. It was like trying to kill a strong bull with a cheap knife. How could you not laugh at that?

Even worse, this guy was grinning from ear to ear, not aware of how stupid he looked!

Seven Fields and the others really wished they could see what brother expert’s expression was. Hopefully he hadn’t already smashed his computer to bits yet!

Maple Tree talked and talked about in-game life, economy, and even how wealthy the big guilds were. The way Maple Tree explained all of the little details was as if he was a matchless professional. At this moment, after listening to him for a long time, Ye Xiu finally replied very calmly: “If you’re looking for me to set a dungeon record, then there’s a fee!”

Long live brother expert!

Seven Fields and the others nearly threw their headphones when they heard this. They discovered that there was no need to worry for brother expert. That goldfish scheme wasn’t anything in front of brother expert.

“Oh? A fee! That’s easy, how much money?” Maple Tree said.

“I don’t want money. I want materials, uncommon materials or other things I need.” Ye Xiu laughed.

“Oh, so it’s like that. What do you want?” Maple Tree asked.

“That depends on what dungeon record you want set.” Ye Xiu said.

“Desolate Land.” Maple Tree said. He himself was Level 30 and could be considered at the top among the player population. He obviously couldn’t compare to those big guilds whose elite teams were being leveled 24/7. Normal players didn’t have that sort of advantage.

“Desolate Land…….” Ye Xiu was still a bit hesitant. This was because he had already gotten all of the materials he needed from this dungeon from Team Tiny Herb. His Thousand Chance Umbrella had already reached Level 25. For the next stage, he needed all sorts of materials and equipment from Level 30-40. No matter how fast Full Moon Guild’s players leveled, they would only be a bit ahead of Ye Xiu. They had just reached Level 30 today, so they definitely wouldn’t be able to pay up many Level 30-40 items.

“Hm, how about four parts of the Scarlet Moon set?” Ye Xiu thought about it before giving out the reply.

“This……. shouldn’t be a problem……” Maple Tree was a bit hesitant too. Clearly, for guilds like theirs that were created only for fun, the guild leader didn’t have as much power over the guild like those Three Great Guilds. Most guild leaders didn’t have any sort of leadership aura. On the contrary, they were more like public servants who made great efforts with little benefits.

However, since they were in the new server with lots of new players, veterans like him still had some power in front of those little noobs. Unfortunately, it seemed like this small amount of power wasn’t enough to let him casually take away someone’s equipment and give it out for public use.

The Scarlet Moon set was a Level 30 Battle Mage set.

In Glory, armor was split into head, shoulder, chest, waist, legs, shoes, these six parts. The Scarlet Moon set was one of the most common sets, which consisted of six parts of armour . Every two parts would give additional attributes.

Along with equipment such as Lord Grim’s Vampire Cloak, there were also rings, necklaces, and badges, which were classified as accessories. In Glory, armor usually gave Physical Defense, while accessories gave Magic Defense. Unlike armor, accessories weren’t categorized into types such as cloth, leather, heavy, plate. They could be worn by any class. Accessories were chosen depending on the player’s needs.

For Level 30 players, they didn’t need to be picky with accessories yet, but a full class set of equipment could improve their strengths significantly. With the current state of Glory, players often said that at Level 30, they would begin seeking class sets. Privileged players should switch every 5 Levels, while those weren’t should switch every 10 levels. Those who didn’t pursue these goals were players who didn’t know how to play or had been carried the entire way through.

Ye Xiu was unspecialized, so the value of sets was limited. This was because the additional stats from a set often increased levels of class skills. Since those skills were often Level 20 and up skills, they weren’t useful to Lord Grim, so wearing sets wasn’t worth it. The Scarlet Moon Battle Mage set he requested was obviously for Tang Rou. This girl was one of the main forces in the dungeon-setting team, but her current set of equipment was quite sad to look at.

Ye Xiu and them were a friendly team when they dungeoned. No one fought over equipment. However, there was no way they could match the resources of an organized guild. It was actually quite difficult for them to gather a set of ideal equipment since they could only run a dungeon a limited amount of times each day.

Now that they were Level 30. If they didn’t pursue class sets, then they would fall relatively far behind compared to the big guild’s elite teams, which was quite unfavorable for dungeon-setting. This type of difference couldn’t be completely made up for with skill. These types of low-leveled dungeons also had a limited skill cap. And worse, if Liu Hao wouldn’t let things go, who knew when he might suddenly annoy him again?

“Four Scarlet Moon parts. Is there a problem?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Ah, don’t rush…….” It was clear that Maple Tree didn’t have the sort of authority like the Three Great Guild’s guild leaders. The amount of resources he could allocate was limited, especially for equipment. They had probably all been rolled for in the dungeons and taken away. Give the equipment to the guild? In their sort of guild, such an option didn’t exist..

Seven Fields and the others were quite astonished on the other hand. They didn’t care about how their guild leader was busy trying to get the equipment. They asked in complete disbelief: “Brother expert, you’re going to help our guild set a record?”

“There’s a fee. It’s always been like that.” Ye Xiu said.

“Four Scarlet Moon parts…….” Seven Fields and the others were all veterans, so they knew of their value. When Ye Xiu had helped the Three Great Guilds set a record, his demands were impossible for them. He had even asked for Orange weapons. In comparison to those demands, four parts of the Scarlet Moon set were nothing. The Scarlet Moon set was actually only a set of Blue Equipment.

“Ha ha, I wanted an Orange weapon, but there’s no way your guild could have that, no?” Ye Xiu said.

“We don’t…….” Seven Fields said.

“That’s why a bit less is fine.” Ye Xiu said.

“Why do you need four parts? Why not the entire set?” Seven Fields asked.

“It looks to me like that’s the guild you guys are in!” Ye Xiu said.

“Brother expert, you don’t need to give us face! Really!” Seven Fields was very sincere.

“No way!” Ye Xiu laughed, “The record set in exchange for only four parts won’t be too high.”

“Shameless!!” Sleeping Moon blurted out.

“It’s only fair.” Ye Xiu said, “Even if you guys gave me all six parts, the record still won’t be much higher.”

“Why?” Seven Fields asked.

“See, Soft Mist’s weapon is still only Level 25. Not just her, but Steamed Bun too…… without level 30 Purple weapons and a class set, there’s no way we can set the record at its limit!” Ye Xiu said.

“Then what you’re saying is that……. the record you’re going to set will be broken eventually?” Seven Fields asked.

“For normal players, the current record is already their limit. When we break this record, there shouldn’t be anyone who can beat it.” Ye Xiu said.


“Unless some bored players come.” Ye Xiu said.

“What type of players?” Seven Fields and the others were becoming more and more confused.

“Experts!” Ye Xiu continued to make them confused: Experts? How could an expert setting a record be “bored”?

Maple Tree was speaking well and speaking badly to players in the guild. He was asking this and then urging that and explaining the importance of their guild’s development, future, and goals, until finally, he gathered together four parts of the Scarlet Moon set. Of course, these four parts were from four different players. And those four players actually didn’t have the entire set, so losing one wasn’t too heartbreaking.

“I’m going to get the equipment. Let’s meet again at 12!” Maple Tree said as he ran off.

“From the looks of it, he’s planning on going with them?” Seven Fields said.

“Clearly.” Sunset Clouds nodded his head.

“Well, he is the guild leader. Let him go!” Drifting Water said.

“How many spots will there be?” Sleeping Moon asked.

“Usually one?” Seven Fields said while asking Ye Xiu: “Brother expert, how many open spots do you have on your team?”

“Probably one…… who’s going to be coming from your guild?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Our guild leader most likely.” Seven Fields said.

“Oh, that should be fine.” Ye Xiu nodded his head.

“What wouldn’t be fine?” Drifting Water asked.

Ye Xiu looked at his class: “Non-DPS classes wouldn’t be too convenient.”

Tears began pouring out from Drifting Water. He was a Knight, an MT (Main Tank), so he obviously wasn’t considered a DPS class, which probably meant that he would never be able to go up on TV with brother expert’s record-setting team.

“Our condolences.” The others all gave their sympathies.

Maple Tree went and finally came back with the Scarlet Moon parts. Sunset Clouds and Drifting Water took their leave first. They were clearly quite busy people. They didn’t play the game for very long every day and probably weren’t able to completely use up all of their dungeon entries each day.

“Steamed Bun! Steamed Bun!” Ye Xiu began calling for his troops.

“Steamed Bun is here.”

“Tonight we’ll be setting a dungeon record.” Ye Xiu said.

“TV! I like it. I’ll be coming!” Steamed Bun Invasion typed happily.

Near midnight, without needing Ye Xiu to call over, Su Mucheng came online on time. At the same time, the guilds leaders from all the big guilds came. The first ones to contact him were Blue River and Cold Night, his two former customers. Their messages came at practically the same time: “Brother! Can you set the record for Desolate Land tonight?”

“Long-term substitution will begin tonight?”

“Brother, you’re Level 30 huh. Have you thought over long-term substitution?”

The messages didn’t only come from those two. These days, Ye Xiu was entangled with many of the big guilds. What level Lord Grim was and how many dungeon entries he had left; they were sometimes even more clear on those than Ye Xiu himself.

Right now, Lord Grim was Level 30 and his dungeon entries had been refreshed. Everyone guessed that it was the day that the Desolate Lands record would be broken. Which guild would the record fall under? That was what everyone was fighting for. But winning one time wasn’t what they wanted. Every big guild wanted a stable substitution team. If today, the record fell under their guild’s name and then the next day, the record would be set by the same exact players under a different guild’s name, then that wouldn’t look good at all for them.

Ye Xiu wasn’t in a rush with all of these messages. He slowly typed out a reply for every one of them: “Tonight, I’ll be helping Full Moon Guild set the dungeon record.”

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