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Chapter 143 – Unexpected Discovery

The two character’s health bars dropped to zero at the same time.

Of course this type of situation could occur. In an official match, the two characters that died at the same time would recover a fifth of their hp and fight again. As for in the Arena, that depended on what the players decided. The normal setting was that it would be considered a draw, where there would be no winner or loser.

When Ye Xiu created the room, besides setting up the Gambling, he didn’t touch anything else, so it was in the normal setting.

The practice room in Team Tiny Herb was in awesome silence. After a while, someone suddenly sighed: “That’s our captain!!”

The other team members immediately added as if they had woken up from a dream: “Yeah, yeah!”

But on Wang Jiexi’s face, there wasn’t any sort of happiness or anger on his face. He only let out a sigh and then took off his headphones.

The practice room immediately went silent.

A draw. Even though it was already an achievement that none of the other teammates were able to get, being happy about a draw shouldn’t be a Champion team’s attitude. As a result, everyone was gasping at their captain’s amazingness, but they weren’t showing any happiness, especially after they saw their captain’s somber expression.

“That’ll be all for today!” Wang Jiexi announced.

“Yes.” Everyone answered.

“In the future, every day, two players form a team. You’re all free to choose who you want to team up with. Then go contact Lord Grim and spar with him. This extra practice isn’t required by the Club, but I hope that everyone will do it and learn from it. I think everyone knows what type of person Ye Qiu is. His experience, his knowledge, and even his trash talk are all things that we can learn from him.” Wang Jiexi said.


“Okay, everyone go to sleep! Don’t be late for tomorrow morning’s practice.” Wang Jiexi said.

The team members all logged out of the game and got up. They found their friends and left together. Some discovered that their captain was still in his seat and hadn’t moved. However, they weren’t meddlesome and didn’t question. After a short moment, the only person left in the practice room was Wang Jiexi.

Back in the game, since all of his challengers had gone offline, Ye Xiu saw that it looked like they weren’t going to keep fighting, so he closed the room. His screen jumped to the Arena selection screen. After Wang Jiexi exited out, he returned to outside the Arena’s entrance and saw that Lord Grim was currently talking with their Herb Garden’s Plantago Seed!

“It must have been hard. How many materials do you have left in your storeroom?” Ye Xiu asked this just as Wang Jiexi’s Fiery Blaze walked up.

Plantago Seed was obviously very gloomy and didn’t know how to respond. He suddenly saw God Jiexi’s character walk over and immediately stepped to the side subconsciously.

“Oh? You still haven’t left?” Ye Xiu saw him.

“Yeah.” Wang Jiexi answered.

“How was it? Did it boost your team’s morale?” Ye Xiu laughed.

“If you just directly let me win, wouldn’t that be even better?” Wang Jiexi said.

“I don’t want to lose either!” Ye Xiu said.

“Yeah, no one wants to lose.” Wang Jiexi said.

“Yeah, if I lose, then I lose materials.” Ye Xiu pointed out.

“…….” Wang Jiexi had never connected winning or losing and those materials together. He didn’t care whether they won or lost materials. But the person in front of him, who was supposed to be a God level player like himself and whose history was even grander than his, was haggling because of these tiny materials?

If it was earlier, when Wang Jiexi hadn’t yet seen Ye Xiu’s intentions, he would have thought that Ye Xiu had fallen and was at the end of his road. However, after seeing Ye Xiu training new players and pursuing materials, Wang Jiexi knew that such a feeling was too superficial.

“My teammates will come look for you every night.” Wang Jiexi said.

“Welcome, welcome. The rules will be the same as before.” Ye Xiu said.

“Plantago Seed. You should try to provide the materials as best as you can. I’ll contact you.” Wang Jiexi said.

“Oh……” Plantago Seed replied. The materials they had gotten were mainly for the Club and in the end, they were to help their Team. Right now, seeing that God Jiexi had spoken, Plantago Seed didn’t feel any heart aches. It’s not like the materials were his anyways. Except who exactly was this Lord Grim? Plantago Seed was even more curious now. Seeing how this person talked with God Jiexi, it seemed like they recognized each other, neither familiar nor new with each other, who was this person? Could he be……

“Okay. I’ll be leaving first then.” Wang Jiexi said.

“Really? Just like that? The dungeons will be refreshed in a bit. You’re not going to dungeon?” Ye Xiu said.

“I’ll be cheering you on.” Wang Jiexi said. How he could have the time for such a low-leveled dungeon?

“Go back and tell your teammates to level up well! I train for ten hours every day. If the gap between us grows too big, I won’t be responsible.” Ye Xiu said.

That really was a problem. Wang Jiexi didn’t reply. He thought about it and then went offline. They were a pro team. Leveling low-leveled accounts really was too much of a waste of time. It looked like they were going to need to find people to train the accounts for them.

Materials, leveling……. Busy with this and that. And in the end, all they wanted to do was lose to Lord Grim?

After Wang Jiexi collected his thoughts, he himself didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. And that wasn’t all. They were also being used as training partners! This Ye Qiu, business with him was simply a scam!

However, this time, besides finding a rare training partner, the unexpected discovery was that…… Wang Jiexi sat at the practice room. After a short moment of silence, he left.

The next day, the time to kill the BOSS came again. Wang Jiexi said the day before that only two players needed to come. But that night, Tiny Herb’s entire team gathered. Everyone was extremely positive. Wang Jiexi obviously wouldn’t scold them for having too many team members come, though it was quite unfortunate for Plantago Seed.

Plantago Seed had calculated the amount of materials they had given out yesterday from fighting with Lord Grim one round. If they continued to fight like that and Team Tiny Herb continued to lose and never win, their Herb Garden’s storeroom would only last four days. Even if he put in the revenue they’d get each day, it would only be five days at max.

This was only the new server and everything Lord Grim wanted were uncommon materials. This was Herb Garden too, yet they could only last for four or five days. If this was a guild set up by a normal player, they wouldn’t be able to last one round. Those types of guilds didn’t have any defined management department. The items from dungeons would be rolled for and then directly put into the player’s pocket. How could the guild earn any profit like that? Only those guilds with Clubs behind them, with their own set of management methods, had a fair-trade system where the players and guilds got what they needed from each other. In any case, players were there to play the game. They weren’t there to be laborers. How could they just give everything they found to the guild?

Plantago Seed once again saw that Team Tiny Herb’s entire roster had come. He really had no one to complain to. He could only gather the materials for them and pray that today they’d do a little better and not all lose.

On Ye Xiu’s side, Ye Xiu had come with Tang Rou. The rules were still the same as before. Tang Rou first and then Ye Xiu.

Yesterday, everyone had been focused on fighting, so they hadn’t yet added each other as friends. Today, they were more polite and added each other as friends. The members of Tiny Herb showed their proper respects to their senior as well. The atmosphere was very friendly.

While watching the fighting, Tang Rou, who had just lost, suddenly received a message. After opening it, she saw that it was from that Gunner called Fallen Angel: “Sister, watching these matches all the time can get boring. What do you say we go play for a few rounds?”

“Okay!” Tang Rou happily accepted. She followed Liu Fei out of the room. The two created a room and they fought. Tang Rou looked and she unexpectedly saw another person had followed them in to watch. She looked and recognized him, Fiery Blaze. Tang Rou understood that this person was probably their leader.

After the countdown, the two began fighting.

Tang Rou was even sadder than Tiny Herb yesterday. She had lost all eleven rounds. There wasn’t a shred of mercy from them either. Even though there were differences in skill between the members of Tiny Herb, it was still extremely easy for them to deal with Tang Rou. Of those eleven players, besides Qiao Yifan’s Ashen Moon, who she had fought with for a relatively long time, the other ten had all beaten her in around a minute. These guys had all been impatiently waiting to go fight with Lord Grim, so they weren’t polite at all with her.

Tang Rou knew that her current opponent was also a female. The day before yesterday, Ye Xiu had brought her and they had taught them a miserable lesson. But now that she was dueling, she was being completely controlled. This type of feeling was like when she had first fought with Ye Xiu.

1 minute 47 seconds!

This was how long it took for her to fall. Compared to yesterday, she had lasted for 20 more seconds. She remembered this very clearly because she had recordings for every match yesterday. In the second half of the night, after clearing all the dungeons, Ye Xiu had analyzed every match for her. Tang Rou had been waiting to try again today.

Just a moment ago, from a time perspective, she had improved. However, after fighting her, everyone immediately took off to fight with Ye Xiu. And Ye Xiu didn’t beat them as fast as they were beating her, so she always had to wait a long time, which was why Tang Rou was extremely grateful that this gunner actively sought to fight her.

Unfortunately, she still lost. However, with Ye Xiu’s analysis from yesterday, Tang Rou had noticed a lot of her problems now. Regretfully, hindsight was 20/20. After another round, she suddenly reacted in time: Oh, I shouldn’t have done that that time. It was clear that putting theory into practice wasn’t easy to do.

“Again?” Liu Fei smiled while asking.

“Of course.” Tang Rou didn’t hesitate and faced the challenge.

Another round. 1 minutes 50 seconds passed. There wasn’t much of a difference between last time.

“Again!” This time, Tang Rou asked to fight.

1 minute 44 seconds.

“You play pretty well.” Liu Fei said.

Pity? Tang Rou was helpless. She didn’t like to be pitied. That was the type of praise she wanted to hear when she won.

“It’s my turn now. I’ll be going first.” Liu Fei said.

“Oh…….” Tang Rou replied. But Liu Fei had already hastily left the room, making it so that her words simply faded away in an empty field. Tang Rou suddenly felt extremely lost. This type of feeling of being completely ignored felt absolutely terrible.

“You really do play pretty well.” A voice suddenly echoed out. Tang Rou turned her camera and saw that that Fiery Blaze had unexpectedly entered the field.

“Could I ask you what your name is? I’m talking about your real name.” Wang Jiexi said.

“Tang Rou.”

“Oh, how about we go for a round?” Wang Jiexi said.

“Sure!” This opponent was the strongest among them. For him to actually want to fight her, that was something Tang Rou found somewhat unexpected.

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