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Chapter 142 – Magician

When Ye Xiu yelled “Big-eyed Wang”, even though Tiny Herb’s team members weren’t happy about it, there was nothing they could say. Everyone quietly looked at their captain’s face and saw that their captain wasn’t angry about it.

“Trash talk, trash talk!” Tiny Herb’s team members said to each other.

“Come!” Wang Jiexi typed out, but then hinted towards Tang Rou’s Soft Mist and they both left the room.

Tang Rou’s Soft Mist followed him out. Ye Xiu waited until there was nothing going on before sending Tang Rou a message: “Did you cry?”

“My face is covered with tears!” Tang Rou said.

“Wipe them away and continue fighting!” Ye Xiu said.

“Yes!” Tang Rou replied.

Ye Xiu knew that Tang Rou was fine. Just as expected, he had picked correctly. To this sister, this type of method couldn’t have fit her any better. Being defeated wouldn’t affect her at all. For this girl, the more she failed, the braver she would get. She was also smart. Ye Xiu was confident that having this Champion team train with her would definitely help her improve a lot.

As for the other player with great potential, Steamed Bun Invasion, Ye Xiu didn’t call out to him for now. Steamed Bun Invasion had a video game background. He wasn’t weak either, so once he started playing Glory, he had his own way of making decisions. To put it simply, he had his own unique style.

Nowadays, in the pro-scene, in order to achieve steadiness, a lot of the new players all received coaching, so their skill in strategy and tactics became more and more set in stone. There were few new players with their own unique styles. This was especially so for those players that had been trained by the Club from the start, such as Gao Yingjie, who was simply being molded into another Wang Jiexi.

This was why on this point, Steamed Bun Invasion was even better. Although his unique style might be a bit noobish and stupid right now, Ye Xiu was looking forward to how this unique style would develop.

Coming back on topic, Steamed Bun Invasion was still only an online friend and wasn’t like Tang Rou, who he could talk to in real life. As for his character, Ye Xiu couldn’t really figure him out. If there was a chance, it would be okay for him to try fighting with an expert. But to directly have him get mercilessly crushed one round after another like Tang Rou.. that was something he couldn’t place his luck on. Even Wang Jiexi was afraid that his team of pro-players would be negatively impacted by being mercilessly crushed. How could Ye Xiu dare to let Steamed Bun Invasion, who he didn’t really understand well enough, undergo a cleansing.

“They should be finished by now.” He once again made a prediction for Wang Jiexi and Tang Rou’s fight and felt that it was about time now. Sure enough, after a few seconds, the two players came back. Wang Jiexi didn’t say anything more and brought his Fiery Blaze directly up onto the field.

“Tsk tsk, you’ve become more merciful. If it was the you from before, then shouldn’t 30 seconds have probably been enough? Of course, now that you’re the captain, things have changed.” Ye Xiu said. Once Wang Jiexi’s character entered the field, the two could talk.

“Let’s start!” Wang Jiexi said.

“Do you want me to let you win this one? You guys have lost ten matches. If you happen to win this one, then it’d be a big boost to your team’s morale.” Ye Xiu said.

“But I don’t think I’ll lose for certain.” Wang Jiexi said.

“But you know it.” Ye Xiu dully said.

“Is there any point in trash talking…..” Wang Jiexi said.

“Yeah, there is. Just look at Huang Shaotian.” Ye Xiu said.

“……” Wang Jiexi didn’t have any words for a moment. With regards to trash talk, especially Huang Shaotian’s trash talk, it really was a pain for their Tiny Herb.

Tiny Herb was last season’s, Glory Professional Alliance’s, Season 7 Champions. Apart from that, they were also the Season 5 Champions. In between, they had their title as Champions taken away by Huang Shaotian in Season 6. If it wasn’t for this, Tiny Herb would have already become three-time Champions, creating a new era.

Unfortunately, on their road to becoming Champions, the team’s mentality wasn’t good enough. Under the pressure from their fans’ expectations, when they were faced with Huang Shaotian’s full-screen trash talk, everyone became somewhat unsteady. In that final deciding match, they lost, making them feel extremely depressed and unwilling to accept the result.

This was an experience that Tiny Herb hated to bring up. But now, Ye Xiu had brought it up…..

This was trash talk!

Wang Jiexi decided. He collected his thoughts and didn’t say anything more, completely entering a competitive state of mind.

Everyone in Team Tiny Herb was extremely nervous. Even though they had maintained a steady competitive state of mind the entire way through, losing from the beginning to the end really was very shameful, which was why everyone was hopeful that their captain would pull out a win. Also, wasn’t one of their little brothers from Herb Garden watching them? This person knew of their identities. If he saw them lose from the beginning to the end, then wouldn’t that turn their fan into a hater?

This “little brother” was Plantago Seed, Herb Garden’s tenth server guild leader. In front of the team’s pro-players, of course he would be treated as a little brother. Ten losses in a row! Plantago Seed really was speechless. Lord Grim: this player’s strength had been looked down on! This was a player that shouldn’t even have existed in the game!

Right now, it was God Jiexi’s turn. He was Team Tiny Herb’s last hope. Plantago Seed was even more nervous than anyone else. For the team he supported to lose so badly.. He was worried too!

Magic Missile!!

Wang Jiexi’s Witch was the first to move, suddenly sending out a Magic Missile.

Lord Grim sidestepped and dodged it. He raised the weapon in his hands. Ta ta ta, three consecutive sounds, three Anti-Tank Missiles.

He was once again using Tri-Shot and the three Anti-Tank Missiles formed a triangle. But this wouldn’t stop Wang Jiexi. With a move, his Fiery Blaze leaped onto his Broom and flew away, avoiding it.

However, that sort of unavoidable situation was something every Tiny Herb member had experienced.

If you said you were melee, then we would use our long-range advantage to deal with you. If you were long-ranged, then we would find a way to close in on you.

But unspecialized characters! If you had a long-range advantage, then he would just fire back at you. If you were melee, then he would fight you in close combat. It didn’t matter if you were melee or ranged, he simply didn’t care. It really was too shameless.

Fiery Blaze avoided the bullets. He waved his hands and blue dust was sprinkled onto his broom.

Frost Powder!!

It added some Ice Element Magic Damage to a Witch’s normal attacks for a duration of up to 20 seconds.

Ice Damage could directly cause a person to Freeze and could also cause a Slow effect like a Battle Mage’s Ice Chasers.

The additional damage from the Frost Powder wasn’t considered scary. And even if it could Slow, the chances were low. This skill was mostly used for extra damage.

After being sprinkled with Frost Powder, the Broom immediately turned gleaming blue. When Fiery Blaze rode on his broom, icy mist sprinkled out from the broom, making the scene look extremely beautiful.

In the blink of an eye, Fiery Blaze closed in. Unspecialized characters really were too shameless. They weren’t afraid of close combat or long-ranged fights. Lord Grim and Fiery Blaze began battling.

The flying broom still had ice crystals sprinkle out. If these hit you, then there wouldn’t be any damage. They were simply there for visual effects. Except under Wang Jiexi’s movements, his broom danced quicker and more rhythmically, so the ice crystals came out with a more steady rhythm, making him look relaxed and refreshed.

Looking at Lord Grim, his weapon continued to change and change. It would be like that for one second and then something else the next. In any case, his weapon would change forms and use an unexpected skill at an unexpected time. In the eyes of Team Tiny Herb, they didn’t have any good feelings towards it. There was only one word to describe what they were feeling: shameless.

Disperse Powder, Umbrella opened.

Magic Missile, Return Fire.

Shadow Cloak, Shadow Clone Technique.

The two fought against each other using their different skills. But no matter how it was looked at, the current Witch’s total of 7 skills couldn’t be compared to an unspecialized character’s 120 skills. Wang Jiexi paid close attention to what Ye Xiu had taught Tang Rou: keep as many skills in reserve as possible. He had to be even more careful, especially since his opponent had more skills than him. As a result, in this battle, Wang Jiexi mostly used his Broom’s movements and Broom Dance’s normal attacks to fight.

Broom Dance was a nickname for a move. It was a way of using normal attacks, connecting them together, making it look like a dance. It wasn’t an actual skill name. Wang Jiexi faced his opponent like this. But against his opponent’s hundreds of tricks, it didn’t need to be said that he lost out.

“Shameless, too shameless!”

Tiny Herb’s team members saw that their captain was playing outstandingly well, but he still wasn’t winning. They all felt that it wasn’t his fault he was losing, but completely because of the opponent’s OP class.

But the more Wang Jiexi fought, the faster he moved. Fiery Blaze’s flying became more and more crafty and his Broom Dance became more and more artful.

“Oh!” Ye Xiu felt this change and exclaimed.

And on Tiny Herb’s side, the expressions of the senior members, such as vice-captain Deng Fusheng, also changed.


This was Wang Jiexi’s Magician style.

Unimaginable flying along with completely unpredictable angles of attack. From this perspective, the Magician style was the same as an unspecialized character’s. It was to make it so that the opponent had no way of predicting the next move. But unspecialized characters did this through the way their class was set-up, while Wang Jiexi’s title of Magician was completely done through his knowledge, decision-making, and mechanics.

Even though there weren’t any skills, with just normal attacks and flying, Wang Jiexi’s Witch truly deserved to be called Magician. As the future inheritor, Gao Yingjie’s eyes grew wider and wider. Even he couldn’t predict what his captain’s Witch was going to do next and he could already be considered a senior among Witches.

Everyone in the team saw their captain’s transformation. Everyone was extremely excited, but stayed silent so that they wouldn’t disturb their captain’s playing. Everyone held their breath and clenched their fists, silently cheering their captain on.

As for Plantago Seed, all he felt was a blur. Dizziness was his only feeling.

And as for Tang Rou, who had fought with Wang Jiexi before, she hadn’t seen her opponent use this style of fighting. All she knew was that if he had fought in this way, she would have lost even faster.

The two fought at high speed, their health quickly dropping. Fiery Blaze moved up, down, left, right, and then spun around Lord Grim. Attack after attack after attack…..

Everyone watched, their hearts hanging in suspense, when suddenly, a bang exploded. The two looked as if they collided and then suddenly crashed down.


“Sigh, seeing how hard you’re fighting, I should give you some face!” Ye Xiu dully said.

Fiery Blaze. Lord Grim. The two characters crashed to the ground. But neither of them stood back up.

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