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Chapter 14 – Spider Cave (3)

Everyone bowed down and worshipped him. Even Sleeping Moon couldn’t help but admit it. This person forcibly used skills in a way that couldn’t be done by a level 10. It was ridiculous.

“Brother, the way you use these Battle Mage skills… …is too tyrannical.” Seven Fields truly meant it. If he didn’t say this, he would have received internal injuries from holding his breath for too long.

“Ha ha. It’s not bad.” Lord Grim had been surrounded by seven monsters. Stabbing, cutting, slashing, chopping as if were handling a butcher’s cleaver with ease. The others felt embarrassed to be there just watching him. They were all veterans and could all control aggro well. They wouldn’t mess up Lord Grim’s control over the seven spiders. What they had originally thought was too difficult, in the end was easily resolved. But all four of them understood, that to set up this abnormal situation, if he wasn’t there, then it wouldn’t have been possible.

Right after the seven spiders were killed, they heard a strange shriek. The first small BOSS had brilliantly arrived. Everyone hadn’t yet seen the spider yet, when they first heard the shriek and then a cloud of dense purple mist spurted out.

“It’s a poisonous spider.” Seven Fields yelled. But this cloud of purple mist came out too suddenly. The range was extremely large. Two members weren’t able to dodge it in time and immediately pulled out to antidotes to use. After using them, they turned greatly alarmed. Their life was still declining!

“Why isn’t it working?” The two alarmed.

“The grade of the antidote is too low.” Ye Xiu said.

“F*ck!” The two players cursed. They hadn’t come to this dungeon when they were low-leveled. After reaching high-levels and returning, this dungeon wouldn’t have such a problem. At that moment, they were still under-leveled compared to the monsters. How could they have thought to detoxify the poison? They had carefully prepared two antidotes, but in the end, they couldn’t use it when the BOSS came. Hadn’t they been cheated?

Lord Grim swung his arms and casted heals onto each of them. Afterwards, he rushed up to the BOSS #1. At the same time, he began directing the two non-poisoned players Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon and pointed his lance backwards, yelling: “Seven Fields stand at 1 o’clock. Little Moon Moon go stand at 4 o’clock.”

“Little Moon Moon… ..” Sleeping Moon almost coughed up blood, but this wasn’t the time to argue. Seven Fields, without questioning him, ran towards the 1 o’clock position. Sleeping Moon also ran to his position without delay. BOSS #1’s poison mist had already rushed out. This guy was big and beefy and was at least thrice as big as normal spiders. This type of massive freak was much easier to hit than the small Midnight Phantom Cat. But large monsters had a different advantage. Due to their relatively heavy weight, knock-up or other displacement skills had a reduced effect. How much it was reduced by depended on its weight and the attacker’s strength.

This BOSS #1 in front of them could be considered a huge monster. When Lord Grim stabbed forward, it didn’t even tremble. It was clear that this sort of normal attack would not knock it up at all.

The experienced Ye Xiu was not surprised by this. His fingers flickered and Lord Grim did another four hit combo. The big spider screeched. It raised its head and spit out a thick fog. But Lord Grim had already turned around swiftly and slipped away.

Although this BOSS’s body was big, its actions weren’t slower than a normal spider. Its jumping power was also remarkable. It jumped as if it were Mt. Tai wanting to crush Lord Grim. He flipped over and rolled away. The one called “Little Moon Moon” silently said: “Hello? Do you want us to stand here so you can fight by yourself?”

“Then you two, one of you move to 7 o’clock and the other to 9 o’clock.” Ye Xiu yelled.

“How much of a gap between us?” The two people ran while asking.

“A 2 meter radius!” Ye Xiu said.

After falling into position, the four people had already formed a circle. They looked at each and had no idea what they were doing. Seeing that he was still soloing the BOSS, was he just arranging seats for them to watch him play the game?

Lord Grim dodged left and right finally bringing the BOSS running towards them. The four people immediately prepared for battle. The BOSS suddenly jumped high up into the air and it looked like it was going to squash Sleeping Moon. Sleeping Moon wanted to dodge, but heard Ye Xiu shout: “Don’t move!!”

Revenge! This guy seized the opportunity to take revenge. Sleeping Moon felt that his mind was a sheet of dazzling light. Without thinking, he ignored Ye Xiu’s words and rolled away. But when he turned around and looked, Lord Grim had already used a Sky Strike on the spider BOSS’s stomach. Sky Strike, a specialized class’s knock-up skill, was obviously going to have a greater effect than a normal uppercut. After the falling spider received this, it turned sluggish in mid-air, and had already shifted direction. Although the Sky Strike didn’t have much of an effect, the monster had already been in mid-air. When it changed direction, it fell nicely in the center of the four people.

“Seven Fields Front Kick it. 9 o’clock Lunge. 7 o’clock Repel. Little Moon Moon hurry up and return to your position!” Ye Xiu and the four players had been together for a long time. He had already seen all of their skills. Now that they had surrounded it, Ye Xiu even directed what skills they should use.

Seven Fields rushed up and Front Kicked it. This was a Striker Skill and had a small-knockback effect. Although the effect was reduced on the big spider BOSS, it would still push back the BOSS a little.

The player at 9 o’clock also jumped up to execute a Lunge. This Blade Master skill also had a knock-back effect like Seven Field’s Front Kick. The kicked back BOSS was hit again. At this point, these experienced players already understood Ye Xiu’s intent. The 7 o’clock player welcomed it and used Repel.

This was a Knight skill. From the name, the effect of this skill was the most outstanding one among them. But the BOSS was pushed into the 4 o’clock position where no one was there. This was originally Sleeping Moon’s position, but because he thought Ye Xiu wanted to kill him, he dodged to the side. Even though he was already running back to his position, it was already a little too late.

Everyone already understood that Ye Xiu wanted them to play billiards with the BOSS as the ball. This reasoning could only have only been made through the strong points of each of the four players. What were their strong points? Familiarity! The four players were all veterans that came together as friends. They had some mutual understanding between them so they could do this sort of formation.

Only now, this easy situation had been destroyed by Sleeping Moon. Even Seven Fields and the others were a little unhappy.

At this crucial moment, when the BOSS was about to leave the encirclement, Lord Grim suddenly appeared at the 4 o’clock position.

Everyone was startled. Lord Grim had been standing at the 11 o’clock position. They hadn’t seen him move, how could he have suddenly moved to there? They looked towards the 11 o’clock position and discovered to their astonishment that there was another Lord Grim.

“D*mn!” Seven Fields suddenly understood.

Level 10 Ninja Skill: Shadow Clone Technique.

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