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Chapter 13 – Spider Cave (2)

“I say we shouldn’t offend this guy.” Seven Fields said in a serious tone towards the other three, but his gaze faced Sleeping Moon.

“Right, to have a 170 and up APM, he must be a great expert!” Another one agreed.

“170 is only a conservative estimate. He’s a unspecialized character without any equipment yet he can still combo four times in mid-air. I feel like his APM would probably be above 200, right?”

“200 APM… … In our guild, I’m afraid only our guild leader has this level of skill, no?”

“Not only should we not offend him, we should try to rope him in.”

“This type of expert probably has a special background.”

They discussed this issue one by one and only Sleeping Moon didn’t say anything. He understood their reasoning very clearly. Actually, after all of these dungeons, Sleeping Moon’s hate for Ye Xiu had already weakened. If he could successfully cause this guy to die, then he would be satisfied. But now that he knew that this person was a great expert and that going against him wasn’t easy, his hate once again arose. He himself couldn’t explain this feeling clearly. He was envious, jealous, etc. he had them all. Right when he was going to say something, he saw that his three brothers were all watching Lord Grim in awe, their mouths repeatedly gasping in surprise. Sleeping Moon also turned around to look and found that this guy’s incredible skill really did exist.

The monsters in Green Forest were too weak. With Lord Grim’s high damage, he killed monsters too quickly for him to judge properly. Although the BOSS had more health, all of them ganged up to attack it, so it wasn’t clear either. Now that he was attacking these high HP spiders, his skill level could be seen clearly now.

“His combo has already reached 17.”

“It hasn’t been broken ever since he made that four hit combo… …”

“It looks like he’s using the wall to rebound it and then using a normal uppercut.”

“I really didn’t think he would’ve been able to connect that Sky Strike.”

“Too beautiful.”

The three people all repeatedly gasped in amazement making Sleeping Moon feel extremely disgusted. Right when he was about to say something, Seven Fields had already turned around towards him: “Hear me out. Let’s not make things difficult for this guy. It’s okay for you to be on bad terms with him, but let the rest of us negotiate with him!”

Sleeping Moon nodded his head in silence. He was a little bitter, but he knew that Seven Fields and the others were already preparing to rope this player in. What guild wouldn’t want such a highly skilled player? By comparison, he himself was only a normal member of Full Moon Guild. No one would make things difficult for this type of expert just for his sake.

“How beautiful!” That green spider had been killed by Lord Grim in the span of a single breath. Seven Fields and the others all immediately circled up and gasped in admiration. They didn’t need to fake this because this player’s skill was indeed incredible.

“Brother, I now see that your skills are truly out of the ordinary!” Seven Fields said.

“It’s nothing much.” That player was still so humble towards this type of admiration. It seemed as if the player that Sleeping Moon had told them to frame was a completely different person.

“Brother, in the other servers, what guild sent you here to this new server?” Seven Fields asked. But he felt that the likelihood was low. What guild would send him here alone? This person was most likely by himself.

“None. I’m by myself.” As expected.

“Really? You actually aren’t part of a guild? Brother, this level of skill can’t be found so easily. How could any guild not want you?” Seven Fields pretended to be astonished.

“There are no guilds in this server yet.” Ye Xiu said.

Seven Fields stared blankly. This server didn’t have any guilds yet, but what about old servers? It wasn’t possible for this type of expert to have just started playing Glory! Although the player wouldn’t say, Seven Fields reckoned that he probably had a disagreement with his former guild which is why he sulkily ran to a new server to play. This was an opportunity! It was the perfect time to make this player feel that their Full Moon Guild was a warm environment.

“Brother, what server were you a part of before?” Seven Fields began questioning.

“I haven’t played in a while.” An irrelevant answer. He had dodged the first question.

“Oh oh… …” Seven Fields could only say oh. How could he break the ice? Seven Fields was stuck at a wall.

In the end, it was clear that he wasn’t interested in chatting and continued to advance. But this time, Seven Fields and the others all surrounded him inseparably close as if he had already become the core member of their party. Sleeping Moon felt awkward, but he could only stay silent.

With this expert overseeing them, they advanced smoothly through the dungeon. The four members that brought an antidote, sure enough, didn’t need to use it because Lord Grim aggroed all of the spiders onto his body and dodged by using running, rolling, and jumping type skills. The four would sometimes even lose themselves to Lord Grim’s beautiful movements and forget to attack the monsters.

“If I remember correctly, there should be a bunch of spiders up ahead. After killing them, the first BOSS will appear, but we won’t know whether it’s poisonous or web-shooting. It’s one of the difficult parts of this dungeon. Let’s… …” Seven Fields, at this moment, saw that Lord Grim had already rushed up and began killing. He could only helplessly correct himself “Okay, then let’s go… …”

Seven Field’s memory was correct. This part of the cave did indeed have a lot of spiders. There were a total of seventy, thirty poisonous and forty web-shooting. They were all linked too. So right when they closed in, all seventy of them neatly rushed out.

“Hurry up!” Seven Fields called out to his three brothers. He wouldn’t dare command Lord Grim. He didn’t know how far apart their levels were. Only, this time there were seventy spiders. No matter how good Lord Grim was, there was no way he would be able to aggro all of them. After all, he was only level 10. He didn’t have any crowd control skills yet! So he called out everyone to go forward and relieve some of Lord Grim’s pressure.

In the end, with a “hua”, Lord Grim shook the battle lance in his hands and a half-circle slashed out. Four spiders were split open in an instant. Two spiders rushed up and two spiders spit out webs. Lord Grim leaped backwards avoiding the spider webs. At the same time, he spun in mid-air and with another shake of the battle lance, pu pu two spiders behind him were hit. After landing, he flipped sideways and avoided another spider web. He got up and executed a Sky Strike. The seventh spider was knocked up into the sky. It couldn’t even spit out its web.

The four others all immediately went into disarray.

“Is he still even a person??” The four people all wanted to say this, but Glory, that wretched voice system would let him hear it. That wouldn’t be good. But besides saying that, there were no other words to describe how they currently felt.

“A 180 degree horizontal sweep, my god!” Everyone held their breath and could only type it out.

“To be able to spin his body after a short hop backwards and then strike accurately two times!”

“And that perfect Sky Strike right after the roll!”

“That’s not human!!” Everyone firmly believed. Although all of these were the combination of basic skills, not everyone could do them. For example, the 180 degree horizontal sweep was just a normal attack, but the sweeping angle depended on mouse control. The faster the mouse movement the larger the angle. It also had to do with the character’s attack speed. At level 10, a 180 degree horizontal sweep wasn’t something that could be done by any ordinary person.

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