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Chapter 122 – Liu Hao the Helper

After this run of Boneyard finished, Huang Shaotian took a look at Excellent Dynasty’s record and then immediately said with certainty: “Yeah, we should be able to improve the record by around 30 seconds if we use this strategy.”

“However, for their record, they had to have used this strategy to set it. Wasn’t this an original strategy by you? How did they get it?” Huang Shaotian said.

Huang Shaotian really was a keen-witted guy. In the Glory pro-scene, he was famous for his astonishing decision-making and ability to take advantage of openings. He was amazing at Interrupts and a paragon opportunist. Taking the final opportunity was something he loved to do.

This was extremely obvious in the team competition. He might appear weak like he was invisible on the field or might make you feel like his condition was extremely bad. But once an opening appeared, he would immediately seize the opportunity to kill you. Cold-blooded and ruthless, characteristics of a true killer.

If you only looked at his style, you would think he was a cold and cruel character. But Huang Shaotian’s acting was extremely poor. This was because he loved to talk. When he battled, it might seem like he wasn’t there. However, his extremely quick hand speed and his love for the mic always made him shine like a star in the chat box.

Commentating on Huang Shaotian was always the most relaxing for the TV hosts. If they ran out of things to say, then they just had to read what was being typed in the chat box…… Who knew how many analysts and experts pointed out that if he could fix his habit of spending so much time and energy on typing, then he’d be even more terrifying. But this person would never change. Just for him, the Alliance created a special competition rule: in the team competition, dead players were prohibited from sending out messages.

Dead players could no longer play, so players like him could concentrate on typing out messages……. When rule came out to avoid that, the entire Alliance cheered.

At this moment, Huang Shaotian felt that Excellent Dynasty’s record was extremely irregular. Players like Tang Rou and Steamed Bun Invasion, who didn’t have any perception, couldn’t tell this. Even the pro-level Su Mucheng hadn’t noticed it. Now that she heard Huang Shaotian bring it up, she also felt that something wasn’t right: “You’re right, how could that be?”

“That Hateful Sword is Liu Hao.” Ye Xiu said.

“Ah?” Su Mucheng stared blankly.

“What’s Hateful Sword?” Huang Shaotian asked.

“Who’s Liu Hao?” Steamed Bun Invasion asked.

Soft Mist had hid to the side. She didn’t come over to join in on the conversation. Tang Rou saw that Cleansing Mist and Ye Xiu weren’t ordinary friends. And this newcomer Flowing Tree seemed to be the same. She didn’t really understand the things they talked about. Tang Rou also didn’t know whether it was convenient for her to listen, so she politely stepped out.

“Hateful Sword learned our strategy from here. Later, he went to help Excellent Dynasty set the record.” Ye Xiu first explained it to Steamed Bun Invasion.

“Woah, he’s really studious!” Steamed Bun Invasion gasped in praise. After three seconds, he put two and two together: “D*mn, that guy was a spy.”

“…….” Everyone was speechless.

“I’m going to scold him!!” Steamed Bun Invasion declared.

“Stay low, only private message him.” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh……. okay!” Steamed Bun Invasion had wanted to type it out on the world channel. But hearing God’s commands, he changed his plans and sent the online Hateful Sword a pile of messages. He used every type of hateful word he could think of.

Only then did Ye Xiu give Huang Shaotian an explanation: “Liu Hao opened up a low-level account. He’s been following along with us these past few days.”

“You figured it out a long time ago?” Su Mucheng asked.

“Yup!” Ye Xiu said.

“Then, why’d you keep bringing him?” Su Mucheng asked.

“Pro-level player! How could I reject such a player!” Ye Xiu said.

“How terrible!!” Huang Shaotian said, “You dragged him along to dungeon, so his condition would be all messed up. Did you see today’s match? That guy looked like an idiot. It looked to me like he saw the team competition as Boneyard. Sister Su, did you guys hold a meeting to criticize him?”

“I didn’t drag him. He was the one actively followed along. I just let him do what he wanted.” Ye Xiu said.

“And then this punk deliberately held back when you guys were setting the record and then went all out with his team. You really do have a lot of confidence! How were you so confident that you’d be able to break their record?” Huang Shaotian said.

“We have you, no?”

“How did you know……..” Huang Shaotian stopped mid sentence.

“Ha ha, the Alliance had already set it up half a year ago. How could I not know you were coming here today?” Ye Xiu said.

“D*mn, you actually calculated that I’d come here so long ago!!” Huang Shaotian said.

“Actually, whether or not you came wasn’t the important point. It’s not like you can’t play if you’re not here!” Ye Xiu said.

‘But…….” Su Mucheng hesitated, “In this dungeon, Shaotian and Liu Hao are around the same. Even if you two can coordinate to use Delivery Gun to send Zombie Bailey over……. there’s only so much time that can save!”

“It was originally around the same, but after Liu Hao helped us set the record, things changed.” Ye Xiu said.

“What changed?”

“We have an extra Vampiric Lightsaber!” Ye Xiu said.

“F*ck, so this was why I was so important!” Huang Shaotian’s cheeks streamed with tears. They had originally looked for him to fully use that Orange weapon’s power. An Orange weapon meant that their damage output would increase. Adding that in over the course of the dungeon, the effects were obvious. Plus now that they could do a mid-air Delivery Gun for that Zombie Bailey part, they’d have to be cursed to not break the record.

“I pity Liu Hao. I don’t want to help you anymore.” Right when Huang Shaotian said this, he suddenly received a guild invite. Huang Shaotian saw that it was Blue Brook Guild and jumped in surprise. Of course he knew that this was the guild that their Club backed. How did he suddenly get a message from them? Was his identity exposed? But after looking at it, he saw that it was unexpectedly from Lord Grim.

“See, look. I’m actually helping you guys by setting the record. If I didn’t look for you, who else would I look for?” Ye Xiu said.

“Is my identity exposed?”

“Of course not.” Ye Xiu asked Blue River for the ability to temporarily invite members to the guild in preparation for pulling Huang Shaotian’s Flowing Tree in.

“Okay, we’re going to officially start now. Everyone concentrate.” Ye Xiu announced.

“I thought I said I wasn’t going to help you guys?” Huang Shaotian asked Su Mucheng.

“Really? I didn’t hear it. You must have imagined it!” Su Mucheng said.

“F*ck, you two!” Huang Shaotian was helpless.

“We’re officially starting. Let’s try to get it on our first try.” Ye Xiu gathered everyone and then entered the dungeon.

They officially started. Even though Huang Shaotian was constantly complaining, his performance was flawless. After they completed a third of the dungeon, Ye Xiu couldn’t bear it any longer: “Steamed Bun, didn’t you want to sing? Please sing!”

“Really? Okay then. Everyone, I’m going to be singing a song about astrological signs!!” Steamed Bun Invasion said and then immediately began singing.

All of a sudden, the dungeon was filled with sounds of chattering, singing, and the cries of undead monsters. It became much more lively than in the beginning.

“Does it have to be like this?” The two girls were almost unable to bear it any longer.

“If I’m dying, you’re all coming with me.” Ye Xiu dully said.

Extremely noisy, yet flawless play.

Huang Shaotian and Steamed Bun Invasion could be considered extraordinary in this area. As a result, they wholeheartedly played without being distracted. They were so good that when they got to Zombie Bailey, with one of them singing and one of them talking, they were able to successfully send Zombie Bailey up into the crack on their first try.

In the last third of the dungeon, the situation stayed the same. And when the final BOSS fell, the two girls immediately got up. One yelled “I’m going to get water”, the other yelled “I’m going to use the restroom” and then disappeared in a flash. They were even faster than the system announcement.

System Announcement: Congratulations to Blue Brook Guild’s players: Lord Grim, Cleansing Mist, Soft Mist, Steamed Bun Invasion, and Flowing Tree for breaking the Boneyard dungeon record, time: 16:24:67.

They beat the record by 32 seconds. Huang Shaotian’s prediction was correct. Excellent Dynasty’s record was already extremely close to the limit. To be able to beat it by 30 seconds wasn’t easy.

“32 seconds…….. 32 seconds……..” Liu Hao hadn’t moved a muscle since Lord Grim’s message. He hadn’t even seen the pile of messages Steamed Bun Invasion had sent him. He had been staring at the system announcements the entire time. He had kept on telling himself that there was no way his record could be beaten, yet he had still waited there staring.

It finally arrived. A 32 second improvement. Liu Hao had absolutely no idea how that was possible.

Flowing Tree? Who was this?

Hateful Sword was still in Blue Brook Guild. He immediately opened up the guild roster and then searched for Flowing Tree. Level 27, Blade Master.

To be able to beat his record, this player’s skill couldn’t be low. However, because this Boneyard was a completely new strategy, if it was someone like Soft Mist and Steamed Bun Invasion, then they’d need a lot of practice. But this player had joined tonight and then immediately went to break the record. Was this someone Ye Qiu had prepared long ago? Or was it another pro-level player that could quickly grasp the strategy?

Looking at the time, this was their second run after 12 o’clock. With their 32 second improvement, even if they had made a few mistakes with Zombie Bailey, it was still enough to take down Excellent Dynasty’s record. But they hadn’t the first time, which meant the first run was very slow. It was a test run. It was for learning.

To be able to completely grasp the strategy in one run. This sort of quality meant he had to be a pro-player.

A pro-player…….. Blade Master……. Then thinking of tonight’s match……. Huang Shaotian.

Liu Hao almost coughed up blood.

Who would believe him? That his Boneyard Dungeon had actually been set by Ye Qiu and Huang Shaotian. Could this still be called setting a f*cking record? They’re holding an all-star event!!

However, even if he was Huang Shaotian, it still shouldn’t be by 32 seconds right? Although he was an amazing top-tier player, it was only Boneyard. No matter how amazing, there was still a limit. Any pro-player could reach that limit. Could it be that there was some hidden strategy? There shouldn’t be one! He didn’t see anywhere that could be improved on!

Liu Hao’s soul left his body. He could only feel anguish swamp his heart. He left the room and wanted to walk around, when he accidentally bumped into Su Mucheng.

“Hi!” Su Mucheng greeted Liu Hao. This was unprecedented. Su Mucheng never gave face to the people who had driven out Ye Qiu. She was never polite to them.

“Thanks for your help!” Su Mucheng smiled and then swiftly walked away.

Help…… what does that mean? What help! How did I help!! Liu Hao’s face fell deathly pale. He clenched his fists so hard that his bones almost popped out.

“You……. halt.” Liu Hao growled fiercely.

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