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Chapter 110 – Waiting and Seeing

Of the two players in the party, one was Lord Grim and the other was Soft Mist. Although the two were in a party, they each fought their own monsters. There was no teamwork or coordination. After Hateful Sword joined the party, the two greeted him and then continued on with their own business. Once Liu Hao began killing monsters, three players were now minding their own business. No one went up to fight together with him. In the end, Liu Hao could only hack at monsters alone.

What made him even more depressed was when the other two players fought monsters, none of them talked. Although Liu Hao had disguised his voice, he still didn’t dare to talk too much. He had originally been pretty happy when he saw that Ye Qiu was leveling with someone else. He felt that by listening in on their conversations, he could perhaps obtain information he wanted. Who knew that besides a “Hi” after meeting each other, he wouldn’t hear another word.

After fighting for a bit, Liu Hao was unable to bear his depression. If he knew that these two wouldn’t talk, then he would have been a bit more active when he came. If he suddenly asked around after being so quiet for so long, would he appear suspicious?

Thinking like this, Liu Hao could only stay quiet. From time to time, he would pay attention to these two player’s circumstances. Gradually, he found that something was somewhat abnormal.

Lord Grim’s attack was really high!

All in all, Liu Hao was a pro-level player. He had this sort of basic ability to judge. Lord Grim wasn’t a true Battle Mage, but when he used Battle Mage skills, his damage output was even greater than Soft Mist’s. Liu Hao had also put that Soft Mist in his eyes. Her hand speed was quite fast, so the difference in damage between Lord Grim and her shouldn’t be from hand speed or technique. As a result, he only had one explanation: Lord Grim’s equipment was stronger.

A better weapon would obviously raise the attack. Although Liu Hao was a pro-player, he couldn’t recognize this Level 25 weapon. If it was a Spellblade type weapon, then he might have been able to. But he completely didn’t recognize the white tipped Battle Lance that Lord Grim had in his hand.

After noticing the issue of damage output, Liu Hao also began paying attention to his hand speed. He wanted to keep up the same tempo as Lord Grim and then use the amount of damage done to monsters done by both sides in order to calculate Lord Grim’s damage. Although the two were of different classes, to a pro-player, this sort of judgement was doable.

In the end, it made Liu Hao shocked. He had originally thought that Lord Grim’s weapon might have been an Orange weapon. But by seeing its damage output, it seemed to be even better than an Orange weapon. It seemed like a level 25 Silver weapon?

Liu Hao didn’t want to believe it. He once again made Hateful Sword keep the same tempo as Lord Grim for a while, but this was the only decision he could make. Moreover, it became more and more certain. Such a distinct difference in damage couldn’t be made by the other small equipment on his body. It could only be because of the difference in weapons.

Silver weapon. This guy actually had a Silver weapon. The new server had just started a few days ago and this guy already had a Silver weapon?

What Silver weapon is this? Could it be the Battle Lance Evil Annihilation? It doesn’t look like it…….

Liu Had obviously seen the Battle God One Autumn Leaf’s Silver weapon Evil Annihilation many times. It was completely different from Lord Grim’s weapon. Moreover, even if Evil Annihilation was Ye Qiu’s, it didn’t mean that he could make it. Self-made equipment were the top-secret information in the Club.

“This guy, could it be that he really hasn’t given up? If he’s really planning on returning to the pro-scene, then he’s going to use this account and this Silver weapon?” After knowing that the weapon in Lord Grim’s hand was a Silver weapon, Liu Hao thought like this. As a result, he began to be more cautious. He decided that it’s be best to lay low until he fully understood what exactly Ye Qiu was planning on doing.

The three players continued to silently fight monsters. The day gradually began to brighten. After Liu Hao got over his previous excitement, he began to feel tired. He didn’t have a habit of pulling all-nighters. Today, he had thoroughly endured the night. He now began to repeatedly yawn. But those two players didn’t seem to show that they were going to stop. He could only clench his teeth and persevere. He was afraid that if he left early, he might miss any news.

At seven in the morning, Ye Qiu suddenly went offline without any warning. Liu Hao stared blankly and was happy in his heart: he could finally rest.

But in the end, before he had even finished killing off the remaining monsters, Lord Grim suddenly went back online and continued to fight silently.

“F*ck……. how long are these two going to play?” With red eyes, Liu Hao struggled to hang on.

8 o’clock……

9 o’clock……

10 o’clock……

The two didn’t appear to have any intention of stopping. But even worse, these two still didn’t say anything. They just fought monsters like robots as if they never got bored of it.

11 o’clock, they still continued to fight monsters, when Hateful Sword suddenly stopped moving. Ye Xiu and Tang Rou hadn’t noticed in the beginning. After finding out, they immediately went to fend off the monsters surrounding him. While they protected him, they still didn’t see any movement from him.

“Where’d he go?” Tang Rou said.

“I don’t know……. he probably had something to do?” Ye Xiu said.


It was just a small matter. The two didn’t really care and continued to level.

After quite a while, Hateful Sword began moving a bit and struggled to fight against a few monsters.

“He’s back.” Tang Rou said.

“Yeah.” Ye Xiu replied.

It was still just a small matter. The two didn’t really care and still continued to level.

Liu Hao was in extreme suffering. He had actually fallen asleep at his chair. If he hadn’t almost slipped off the chair onto the ground, who knew when he’d have woken up. He struggled to fight for a bit more until he could no longer persevere any longer.

“God, you guys keep playing. I’m going to go rest first.” Liu Hao said.

“Oh, okay.”

“When are you usually online?” Liu Hao asked.

“All night.” Ye Xiu said.

F*CK!!! Liu Hao almost cursed out loud. Is he trying to kill me? Being a pro-player was also a job. Everyday, there were a lot of daily drills that he had to do, more so as the team captain. How could he have the ability to pull all-nighters everyday. Liu Hao cursed inwardly. He could only say: “I don’t have the chance to pull all-nighters often. But if there’s a dungeon, then you have to call me!!”

“Okay.” Ye XIu replied.

From start to finish, this guy seemed as if he never spoke more than five words. Liu Hao didn’t understand what type of plight he was in right now. He was too f*cking sleepy; his ability to think had already declined. After hastily logging out of the game, he climbed straight to bed. Right when he took off his clothing, he heard a knock.

“Brother Hao, are you there? The boss wants to talk to you…….”

“I’m coming……..” Liu Hao’s cheeks streamed with tears. He put his clothing back on and struggled out of bed.

At the Happy Internet Cafe, Ye Xiu planned on leveling until 12 o’clock before he went to sleep. Tang Rou had the morning shift today. She continued to keep watch at the reception desk, working while playing. Chen Guo stood on the side with a sinister face. These two people, after saying “I’m aware of my situation”, immediately went to play even more crazily all day and night.

“Did you guys break any record?” Chen Guo asked.

“Yeah.” Ye Xiu said.

“But someone took it back this morning.” Tang Rou added.

“Are you all still going to set records again and again?” Chen Guo asked.

“Waiting and seeing.” After saying this, Ye Xiu went to sleep.

When night came, Ye Xiu got up and went back to playing the game. Excellent Dynasty still held the Frost Forest record. No other guild went to go look for Lord Grim. Clearly, everyone had had enough of this dungeon. If they could rely on their own strength to beat the record, then it’d be fine. But if they had to always pay and look for people to substitute in for them, then their gains didn’t make up for their losses.

In comparison, Boneyard’s record had continued to be broken in these past few days. It was just that in the eye-catching whirlpool of the Frost Forest records, it was mostly overlooked by everyone. Now, the players of each of the big guilds were now Level 27, the highest level for Boneyard. Although Level 27 wasn’t like Level 25, where there were new skills and equipment that could make a qualitative leap, in the sort of fight over a few seconds of time for a record, a single level was enough to create a difference. Currently, in Boneyard, a Level 27 party had set a fairly impressive record, which had been retained for quite awhile. But Tyrannical Ambition, which had set that record, weren’t happy. This was because they knew that they wouldn’t be able to hold onto this record for long. Lord Grim? Or maybe the substituted in players from Excellent Dynasty? They could break the record at any time.

Tyrannical Ambition obviously couldn’t defend against Excellent Dynasty. Lord Grim, on the other hand, Cold Night was watching attentively to his level. Except…….. The current record was held by their Tyrannical Ambition. If they bought Lord Grim to break the record, wasn’t it a bit wrong?

Cold Night was a little hesitant. He thought whether or not to let it go and let other guilds set it first and then hire him. But the other guilds would also go and invite Lord Grim. For Lord Grim to set a new record and then invite Lord Grim to break it? This was kind of forcing him to do something. Unless this guy was despicable and sinister and intentionally leaving some space for the record. But anyone with a brain knew that he definitely wouldn’t deliberately do such a thing. This behavior was destroy his reputation. In addition, to help someone clear a record and then helping another set a new record, this sort of method would make others despise him. This guy probably wouldn’t do such a thing, right?

This didn’t need to be guessed. When the time came, he just had to ask. It was still too early. Cold Night looked at Lord Grim in his friends list. He was still Level 25.

Ye Xiu also knew that until he reached Level 27, no guild would hire him to set a new record. As a result, he could only level. When it was almost midnight and the dungeon entries were about to refresh, as usual, Seven Fields asked him if he wanted to dungeon with them. Ye Xiu naturally wouldn’t decline. He was just leveling, that’s all. he didn’t need to pick players.

Seven Fields was once again with just him and Sleeping Moon. Once Drifting Water and Sunset Clouds had been active for the two days after the new server started, they stopped appearing in the early mornings.

“Steamed Bun said that he’s in the Arena and won’t come for now.” Seven Fields said.

“Oh.” Ye Xiu answered. He had also received the message.

“Dungeon!” This was sent to Su Mucheng.

“Are you going to dungeon?” This was asking Tang Rou.

After the two agreed, the two arrived shortly. And the five player party was created. Seven Fields asked: “Brother expert, can we set a record?”

“We can try.” Ye Xiu saw that the current record for Boneyard was 25:14:32, Tyrannical Ambition’s.

Right now, this party had two pro-level players, him and Su Mucheng, and a player with a pro-level hand speed, Tang Rou. Adding in Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon, two experienced players, this party wasn’t the best, but it was still possible to beat a record set by normal players. After all, Level 25 and Level 27 didn’t have any big difference in equipment or skills.

Just as they were waiting for midnight to arrive, Ye Xiu suddenly received a message. He looked. It was that new friend Hateful Sword from the other day: “God, are you dungeoning?”

“So sorry, I’m in a party already.”

“Add me!”

“It’s full!”

F*CK F*CK F*CK F*CK F*CK F*CK!!! Liu Hao wanted to eat his computer.

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