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Chapter 109 – A Directed Act

Liu Hao’s keyboard really did break. This smash was too ferocious and had broken the keyboard into a slope. Liu Hao was unable to deal with so much. After laying flat the keyboard, he grinded his teeth while typing: “I’m asking you, same-level matches or free-for-all matches!”

“Oh! That! You should say things more clearly. Free-for-all matches.” Steamed Bun Invasion said.

“What room number?” Liu Hao entered the Free Field and was about to howl.

“You create one. I’ll come look for you in a bit.” Steamed Bun Invasion was currently fighting someone.

As a result, Liu Hao created a room. After setting up a password, he sent the room number and password to Steamed Bun Invasion. A short moment later, Steamed Bun Invasion finally appeared in Liu Hao’s created room.

“Ready ready ready!!” Liu Hao madly urged.

Right when Steamed Bun Invasion clicked ready, he entered the field the next second.

Liu Hao chose the smallest map. There was no place to hide. After both characters joined the map, they each took one side of the arena.

The announcer counted down: 3… 2… 1…. Liu Hao didn’t say anything further and wildly hammered his keyboard and mouse. Hateful Sword lifted his Greatsword and rushed forward.

The map was small, so the distance between both sides wasn’t far. In only a few steps, he closed in. Across, Steamed Bun Invasion was Applying Poison to his weapon. How could Liu Hao wait for him to finish? He quickly moved his hands and Hateful Sword dashed up. A max range max damage max shockwave Collapsing Mountain chopped forward.

This sort of usage of Collapsing Mountain actually had a lot of holes. When normal experts used it, they wouldn’t stretch Collapsing Mountain to its limit. But right now, Liu Hao had been restrained for such a long time. If he didn’t show off his terrifying strength, he would cough up blood.

Liu Hao originally thought that Steamed Bun Invasion would get out of the way, so he had already calculated his following move. Who knew that the other side would just foolishly stand there without moving. Seeing that the Greatsword was about to hit him, Steamed Bun Invasion suddenly leaped backwards.

This leap was executed excellently. The Greatsword tip nearly swiped his nose. Right when Steamed Bun Invasion landed, he immediately jumped forward as if he were sending himself back into the sword’s path.

But with a look, Liu Hao knew that the situation wasn’t good. After Steamed Bun Invasion leaped backwards to dodge the chop, he jumped forward to dodge Collapsing Mountain’s following shock wave. In addition, this jump had closed enough distance for him to attack Hateful Sword. And because Liu Hao stretched Collapsing Mountain too far, he recovered too slowly and had no way of dodging Steamed Bun Invasion’s attack.

Just as expected, it was too late to withdraw and the Greatsword crashed onto the ground. Steamed Bun Invasion stretched out his hand and accurately grabbed onto Hateful Sword’s throat. He used the skill “Strangle” that had been used brilliantly in the dungeon this night. Immediately afterwards, his other hand flipped over and a Brick smashed onto Hateful Sword’s forehead.

Liu Hao was enraged to the limit. The keyboard and mouse were struck as if he was trying to break them. After he withdrew his Collapsing Mountain, he used a “Back Slash”.

“Back Slash” was a Berserker’s most basic skill. It was the same as a Battle Mage’s Sky Strike and a Blade Master’s Upward Slash knock-up skills. Although the effects were similar, a Berserker’s “Back Slash” did the most damage and had the strongest knock-up effect among all of the knock-up skills.

Liu Hao’s execution was accurate and fierce. Steamed Bun Invasion wasn’t able to dodge it in time and was slashed up into the air by the Greatsword. If this “Back Slash” had completely hit, then Steamed Bun Invasion would have basically become like a kite. But Liu Hao had made Hateful Sword stop mid-slash. He then leaped backwards and both hands lifted the Greatsword to his chest. A “Colliding Stab” charged forward and thrust at the midair Steamed Bun Invasion’s stomach. Hateful Sword swiftly rushed up was pushed into a V path in midair and his butt directly smashed into the arena’s ropes.

Liu Hao was just about to let Hateful Sword continue attacking when he saw that Steamed Bun Invasion, whose body had been smashed into shattered shrimp shells, suddenly lift his hands and throw. A handful of fine sand flew towards Hateful Sword’s face. Liu Hao was startled. He didn’t think that this rotten Steamed Bun would actually counter with a Sand Toss in this situation. He immediately made Hateful Sword roll to the side. Although he had been hit by quite a bit of sand, he at least avoided the Blind status.

Flipping over, Steamed Bun Invasion rushed forward to Hateful Sword’s back. His two hands grabbed onto Hateful Sword’s shoulder and used a Knee Attack. Right when the Knee Attack hit Hateful Sword’s waist, he let go of his hands and Hateful Sword couldn’t help but stagger forward a few steps. This was a hidden effect that was triggered when Knee Attack hit the back.

Steamed Bun Invasion didn’t stop. He ran forward holding onto a Brick and was about to smash it onto the back of Hateful Sword’s head, when Hateful Sword suddenly leapt forward. But his body turned in midair and a sword light slashed down right in front of Steamed Bun’s face. It was unexpectedly a Collapsing Mountain.

Steamed Bun Invasion hadn’t anticipated this. In the past few days, he had often soaked in the Arena and had fought against every class several times, so he had experienced all of these low-leveled skills. That was why he had been able to perform the back leap into the forward leap to dodge Collapsing Mountain. But Liu Hao had unexpectedly used it while jumping backwards. This was a move that Steamed Bun Invasion had never seen before. This was because a backwards Collapsing Mountain was extremely complicated. Normal players didn’t have the ability to use it, so of course Steamed Bun Invasion had never seen it before. At this moment, meeting a pro-player Liu Hao, although the Berserker wasn’t his most proficient class, using this sort of move wasn’t difficult.

However, because it was executed during a backwards leap, the backwards Collapsing Mountain couldn’t be completed. This move wasn’t to send an attack. It was to defend against the opponent’s pursuit. Only because Steamed Bun Invasion didn’t know of such a move was the sword able to hit him.

The two players fought back and forth and after a few bouts, Liu Hao had gradually calmed down.

He had always been a reserved and scheming guy. Previously, he had been in such a state of excitement because he had successfully stepped on Ye Xiu’s record. He had also been provoked by the noob Steamed Bun Invasion’s words and had wanted to beat Steamed Bun Invasion into a pulp. Now that he had calmed down, he definitely knew that he couldn’t continue fighting in the same way.

Steamed Bun Invasion’s skill truly wasn’t bad. Among normal players, he could be considered a rare expert. Even so, he hadn’t yet beaten Liu Hao. And if they continued to fight like this, then his Hateful Sword would for certain obtain victory.

But after calming down and thinking for a bit, he felt that he shouldn’t win. This Steamed Bun Invasion was already extremely strong. Those that could beat him were players that were almost at a pro-level. Liu Hao was afraid that if he revealed too much of his strength, then he would arouse Ye Qiu’s suspicions.

If he just barely lost to this Steamed Bun Invasion, then he would prove that his strength wasn’t ordinary without arousing Ye Qiu’s suspicions.

Liu Hao immediately decided on following this plan. He began to fight without fully exerting himself and showed openings. Steamed Bun Invasion really was an expert and immediately took advantage of these holes. Liu Hao didn’t want to be beaten too easily, so he tangled with him once again. In this way, the two looked as if they were locked in a difficult battle. Liu Hao knew that his Hateful Sword was slowly walking towards the losing path. The situation had been grasped.

In the end, Hateful Sword lost to Steamed Bun Invasion. Liu Hao sinisterly smiled. He pretended to not accept the outcome and once again challenged Steamed Bun Invasion. Steamed Bun Invasion happily took up the challenge and the two players fought again. Liu Hao continued his performance and slowly walked towards the losing path.

In this way, they fought a total of five rounds. Hateful Sword lost to Steamed Bun Invasion every time. Steamed Bun Invasion appeared extremely mighty. However, the situation had been completely under Liu Hao’s control the entire time.

After the five rounds were over, Liu Hao left the room and sent Steamed Bun Invasion a “I’m going to rest a bit.” Immediately afterwards, he sent Ye Xiu a message: “God, that Steamed Bun is really strong. I couldn’t beat him.”

“Ha ha, I heard him talk about it. He said that you weren’t his opponent at all!” Ye Xiu replied.

Liu Hao was furious. This rotten Steamed Bun, he wasn’t honest at all! Although he had lost all five rounds, how could he use “not his opponent at all” to describe it? He had only just barely won five times. In addition, the situation had been completely under his control. He had originally wanted Steamed Bun to tell Ye Qiu of his strength so that Ye Qiu would more easily believe it. Who knew that this stinky Steamed Bun had no sense of shame and had actually ignored the important details. If he had known of this, then he would directed a “I barely beat Steamed Bun” outcome and then directly went to look for Ye Qiu.

“That, I feel our skill levels are quite close. His luck today was a bit better.” Liu Hao could only explain it while feeling furious.

“Ha ha, he’s still waiting in the Arena for you. You guys should continue playing!” Ye Xiu replied.

Liu Hao wanted to cry but had no tears. He had only wanted to put on an act with that Steamed Bun. Who actually wanted to continue playing with that rotten Steamed Bun. So he immediately replied: “I’m not that good at PKing, but I really am very good at clearing dungeons. God, when are you going to bring me to set a record!”

“Right now there isn’t anything to set!” Ye Xiu replied.

“Really? But I saw that in the early morning, the record that you had set in Frost Forest just before had been broken. You’re not going to get it back?” Liu Hao asked.

“Oh that. Maybe later!” Ye Xiu replied.

He he he, because you can’t get it back! Liu Hao felt good again and continued to act: “Then God, what are you doing now? Bring me with you!”

“I’m leveling in Boneyard. If you want to come level, then you should come over too!”

“Okay.” Liu Hao replied and then let out a sigh of relief. He finally succeeded in getting close to this guy’s side. This time, he’d figure out what exactly that guy was planning on doing in the new server.

Liu Hao asked for the coordinates and then immediately ran towards Boneyard. When he reached the location, he looked around. He saw a male and a female, two characters. They were both carrying battle lances and clearing monsters. Among them, the female character had magical ripples flashing under her feet. It was clearly a Chaser, the Battle Mage’s signature skill. And even though that male character used Battle Mage skills, he had no Chasers. He was precisely Lord Grim, an unspecialized character acting as a Battle Mage.

“Hello hello!” Taking advantage of the fact that they were still far away, Liu Hao tested his voice and found a pitch that was different from his own voice. After experimenting a few times, plus considering that there would also be some distortion when he talked, Liu Hao felt that Ye Xiu definitely wouldn’t be able to tell it was his voice. He then calmly and composedly moved Hateful Sword forward.

“God.” Liu Hao went up and greeted. He was a bit nervous in his heart.

“You’ve come!” After replying, a party invite was sent to him.

Liu Hao accepted and then joined the party. Remaining calm and collected, he laughed evilly.

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