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Chapter 106 – What Exactly Is He Trying to Do?

In Club Excellent Era, Liu Hao was in his room comfortably watching TV.

Although yesterday night’s encounter with Ye Xiu at the Internet Cafe made him extremely angry, thinking of how that guy had fallen to being an Internet Cafe manager, Liu Hao’s mood quickly turned back into delight.

After driving out Ye Qiu, he was still Excellent Era’s vice captain, but he was now extremely pleased with his situation.

Right now, he was looked highly upon by everyone in the club from top to bottom. That Sun Xiang was just a newcomer. At the present time, his vice captain position was in charge of all of the team’s affairs. Moreover, that guy was only a youngster. With just a few words of flattery, he no longer knew what was going on. He just so happened to be an empty shell of a captain. Whenever something happened in the team, the team captain was the first person to be blamed. Bad things go to you, good things go to me. What a beautiful and harmonious duo.

Speaking of him, that Ye Qiu really was hard to deal with. Unmoved by force or persuasion, it took him a lot of effort to get rid of him.

Right when Liu Hao was dreaming of his beautiful situation, his cell phone suddenly started ringing. For such a phone call to come late at night, if it wasn’t anything urgent, then no one would call him. Liu Hao grabbed his cell phone and looked. It was Excellent Dynasty’s guild leader Chen Yehui.

Liu Hao was also a veteran pro player and a team vice captain. He clearly understood the importance of the in-game guild that they supported, so he had made contact with Excellent Dynasty’s guild leader Chen Yehui long ago.

In Glory’s competitive league, characters didn’t just suddenly pop up out of nowhere. No matter how strong the god-like characters were in the Professional Alliance, they all started with a normal account card, a normal character, and then slowly leveled up one step at a time. Clubs had their own account cards, that wasn’t wrong. But the data from these account cards were all stored in the game’s database just like everyone else’s.

The Club’s research and development in self-made equipment still used the game’s universal equipment editor. The materials used in the research all came from in-game.

With regards to the club, the guild acted a way to publicize them and also as a logistics department. Occasionally, they might even find a seedling with high potential to be a pro-player. Sometimes their guild might be the weapon to attack other Clubs . Every Club fostered their own guild’s power. For those without guilds, just talking about self-made equipment, all of the materials needed for research would have to be bought with money. Once or twice was still okay, but continuously spending money wasn’t good. The owners of every Club were all operating their Club for profit. They were trying to make money, not continuously throw away money.

Chen Yehui was Excellent Dynasty’s guild leader. Although the majority of the guild members were normal players, there would definitely be players with relations to the Club. No matter what perspective he was looked at, Chen Yehui could be considered a manager level person in the Club.

Liu Hao grabbed his cell phone. His face showed an erratic expression. Chen Yehui treated him with an extremely respectful attitude. In his eyes, it was even a bit excessive. Although pro-players could have some influence on a guild’s operations, there wasn’t a clear top and bottom relationship between them. More accurately, it was more like a type of alliance between these two people. But Chen Yehui’s attitude towards him seemed like he was below him. This was enough to make him mull over it. This sort of attitude was very much like how he was dealing with Sun Xiang.

With these sort of thoughts in his heart, Liu Hao answered the phone.

“Liu, have you rested?”

“I haven’t yet. Did something happen?”

“Frost Forest’s clear record was broken.” Chen Yehui said.

“What? Broken?” A trace of surprise flashed across Liu Hao’s face. It was just a mere dungeon record. He wasn’t going to jump up all of a sudden as if it was an extreme emergency. He was surprised because even though he hadn’t went all out for that record, it was still at least a record done by pro-level players. Breaking it required a certain amount of strength. Which Club’s pro-player ran over to help?

“Which guild broke it?” Liu hao asked. The guild also signified the Club behind them.

“Tyrannical Ambition.” Chen Yehui replied.

Players from Tyranny? Liu Hao was puzzled. Club Tyranny was the Club behind Tyrannical Ambition. The players under Team Tyranny were the ones who had originally stopped Excellent Era from becoming League Champions four times in a row. Team Tyranny’s trump card was Han Wenqing. His account Desert Dust, a Striker class, was known as the “King of Fighting” in Glory. It was a god-level character like “Battle God”. Although Excellent Era and Tyranny were old enemies. They were unlikely to go as far as to bother about such a small dungeon like Frost Forest. They would specially send out pro-players to break this relatively difficult record? Not likely! If it was in the Heavenly Domain, then they might reluctantly do it…….

“The guild is Tyrannical Ambition, but the players that did it aren’t.” Chen Yehui said.

“What do you mean?” Liu Hao didn’t understand.

“One of the characters in the party is called Lord Grim. This player is quite famous in the tenth server. In beginner village, he took three first kills and the previous Frost Forest record that been held for some time was set by him and Blue Brook Guild. And later, he brought a party and stole away the Blood Gunner first kill right from under the Three Great Guilds’ noses. He then helped Tyrannical Ambition first kill the Goblin Merchant. And right now, he helped Tyrannical Ambition set a new record in Frost Forest. In that party, four of the players had only temporarily joined Tyrannical Ambition. It looks like they were all Lord Grim’s helpers.” Chen Yehui attached a lot of importance to pioneering in the new server. He personally directed the work there. He had snuck in spies into all of the big guilds, so he understood the general situation of all of them.

Liu Hao carefully pondered over what Chen Yehui said. His expression changed greatly: “So you’re saying…..”

“This Lord Grim, is he Ye Qiu?” Chen Yehui said.

Liu Hao was also thinking about this. He suddenly recalled his encounter with that guy in the Internet Cafe. Wasn’t that Glory on his screen?

“Ye Qiu was playing Glory that day. Did you notice his character’s name?” Liu Hao asked.

“I noticed it….. but I couldn’t see it too clearly.” Chen Yehui expressed his regret.

“It’s not convenient for me to go there. Don’t show your face there either. Randomly find a stranger and ask him to go and look. It shouldn’t be too hard to find what his character’s name is, right?” Liu Hao said.

“I’ve already arranged for it. Someone is going over right now.” Chen Yehui said.

“Okay….. then let’s first understand the situation clearly before talking again.” Liu Hao said.

“Wait for my call.” Chen Yehui said.

After hanging up the phone, how could Liu Hao be in the mood to watch TV. Ye Qiu had already been driven out, but every time he heard his name, he always felt worried. Especially now that Ye Qiu appeared in Glory again, he felt even more terrified.

“F*CK!!” Liu Hao got up, ran to the bathroom, and ferociously washed his face.

These were just suspicions. What was there to worry about? Even if it was Ye Qiu, so what? He had already retired. He’d just be playing Glory to pass his time, right? If not, then besides playing Glory, what would he do?

Liu Hao kept thinking this in his heart. But he didn’t know why. His mind always spiralled around what Ye Qiu had said just before he left the conference room.

“I haven’t given up all hope yet. I’ll be back.”

Liu Hao paced about in his room, frantic and worried. After a short moment, he felt that the air in the room wasn’t fresh, so he opened the window. After a short moment, he felt that he thirsty, so he went to drink some water. After a short moment, he felt that it was too hot, so he turned on the air conditioning. After tossing from side to side for a long while, his phone finally rang again. He impatiently picked it up.

“He’s Ye Qiu…….” That short phrase was like a splash of cold water.

At once, Liu Hao forgot his pile of comforting thoughts. He quickly lost self-control: “F*CK! This guy, how could he still be haunting me! It’s already like this and he’s still trying to fight me? I understand! He saw us that day, so he immediately thought that Excellent Dynasty’s record was done by us. That’s why he immediately joined Excellent Era’s sworn enemy Tyranny’s guild and then he broke our record. So he really knows his stuff! But isn’t there something wrong with this guy’s head? It’s just a Frost Forest record. Does he really think I care?”

“But if he keeps on fighting against us like this……” Chen Yehui said.

“Don’t panic. What was the time for his record?” Liu Hao asked.

“13:05:47.” Chen Yehui said.

“Ha ha ha ha.” Liu Hao heard this and then laughed: “That’s nothing much! And I thought he was good! Don’t worry. I’ll set a new record for you immediately. We weren’t focused at all last time. And that wasn’t the most optimal class combination for Frost Forest last time either.”

“Then what’s the most optimal class combination? I’ll pick out the accounts for you guys like last time.” Chen Yehui said.

“No need, just last time’s accounts will be fine.” Liu Hao said.

“But last time’s accounts have all already leveled past 25…….” Chen Yehui said, “I’ll look again!”

“Right, for that party you were talking about. The four that just temporarily joined Tyrannical Ambition? Besides Ye Qiu, who were the others?” Liu Hao asked.

“I’m not sure who they were. One of them was called Soft Mist, a Battle Mage. One was called Steamed Bun Invasion, a Brawler. And the other was called Cleansing Mist, a Launcher.” Chen Yehui said.

“Launcher!!” Liu Hao confirmed this. He had already thought of someone. Except he had no proof, so he didn’t dare to be certain.

As for the other two, he had no clue. From his view, to be able to break that record meant that the helpers had to be pro-level. If not, then just relying on Ye Qiu wasn’t possible.

“Right, what is Ye Qiu’s class this time?” Liu Hao suddenly asked.

“No class.”

“No class?”

“Level 25, no class.”

“This guy…….. what exactly is he doing?” Liu Hao was puzzled again. Was this guy planning on playing unspecialized? That wasn’t possible! Although it was in theory possible to get past Level 50 as an unspecialized, in the pro-scene, it was already accepted that unspecialized characters had no value. Even excluding the burden of carrying many weapons, switching equipment had a cooldown and the confusing amount of skills……. Unspecialized characters had originally been something made up by the players. It wasn’t a class that Glory had set up, so there were a lot of impossible-to-overcome obstacles. The game company wouldn’t set up any adjustments for this type of made-up class. There were no prospects at all!

But, if there was someone that could play unspecialized in the Glory community, then the first name that popped up in Liu Hao’s mind was the name Ye Qiu. Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but be uneasy.

“Hello? Liu, are you still there?” The person on the other side of the call, Chen Yehui, asked.

“Yeah……. I’m here, help me find an account. It’d be best if it hadn’t yet joined a guild and was around Level 20. The class doesn’t matter.” Liu Hao said.

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