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Chapter 107 – Testing Staff

The Frost Forest record was once again broken. Another discussion was brought about in the game.

New players didn’t think nothing much of it. They didn’t really understand what was so abnormal about it. But the veterans of each of the big guilds all sucked in a cold breath.

This time’s competition for the Frost Forest record was unprecedented. The records that came out one after another were even more ridiculous than the last. Last time’s record was already the highest in all ten servers, already making people feel that it was too high to reach. Who knew that in just a few days someone would break it again. Moreover, this record improved the time by a large amount. It seemed like there was even more space to improve too.

“This tenth server really is full of hidden dragons and crouching tigers…….. Besides Lord Grim, who are those other players?” Currently in a dungeon, Blue River was muttering to a player next to him. These experienced players all knew that the current record couldn’t have been made with just a single great expert. It could only have been done with several great experts working together. The list of names in this time’s record, besides Lord Grim, they were all unfamiliar names. They had absolutely no idea where these players came from.

“Only one of them was from Tyrannical Ambition. The others were only temporary additions.” Bound Boat answered. They were the same as Excellent Dynasty. They had little spies in Tyrannical Ambition. This type of information was extremely easy to find.

“Steamed Bun Invasion? It seems like I’ve seen this name before.” Blue River mumbled to himself. Steamed Bun Invasion’s name was quite unique.

“Blood Gunner’s first kill.” Bound Boat recalled.

Blue River stared blankly: “That…… didn’t Lord Grim just randomly run into those players?”

“I thought so too……”

“Then just like this…… he just brought them and set that record?” Blue River was puzzled! He really was puzzled, so he simply sent a message to Lord Grim: “Brother, congratulations! You broke the record again.”

There was no reply for a long time. Ye Xiu was currently delivering Cola to the guests……

After a while, a reply popped up. Opening it, it was Herb Garden’s Plantago Seed: “What exactly is happening? I don’t really understand. It’s just a Frost Forest record, that’s all. How’d it become like this?”

“Why ask me? You should be asking Tyrannical Ambition.” Blue River said.

“I don’t have him added as a friend.” Plantago Seed’s simple reason made Blue River at a loss for words. He closed the message and ignored it. He was only waiting for Lord Grim’s reply.

After a moment, he finally received a message: “Ha ha, lucky lucky.”

“Brother, where did those experts come from? I’ve never heard of them.” Blue River didn’t beat around the bush.

“Oh, they were all players I found on a short notice.” Ye Xiu said.

“They’re all amazing!” Blue River praised.

“Ha ha.” Blue River wasn’t praising him, so Ye Xiu didn’t make any modest remarks on behalf of them.

“Brother, hurry up and level. I’m waiting until you’re Level 27!” Blue River said.

Ye Xiu stared blankly, but immediately recovered. This Blue River really knew how to learn from experience. Level 27, that was the highest level for Boneyard. Although players could enter this dungeon at Level 23, it looked like no guild would urgently appoint for him to set a new record then. As it turned out, they were all waiting for him to get to Level 27 and then get it done all at once. It appeared that everyone was afraid after seeing this record being broken again and again. Just relying on their own strength to set one didn’t really matter. But by paying for Ye Xiu’s external help, wouldn’t it be best to wait for the last moment to make the final killing blow?

“Ha ha, when the time comes, let’s talk again!” Ye Xiu once again ended the talks. He was a bit puzzled right now. Of the Three Great Guilds, Blue Brook Guild and Tyrannical Ambition had all looked for him several times. But that Herb Garden never contacted him. Moreover, the other big guilds could also come look for him if they needed anything too. Were they all too embarassed to do so?

Ye Xiu was pondering over it when Tyrannical Ambition sent him the rewards. After several days of madly clearing Frost Forest, they had finally found the Ice Crystal Staff and ten White Wolf Bristles. Cold Night didn’t go back on his word and gave them all to Lord Grim.

After the record was set, the next step was to continue leveling. That Crowd Lover also didn’t leave the party and continued to dungeon with the four of them. In theory, they could continue to challenge the record, especially since Tang Rou was extremely eager and completely earnest. But Steamed Bun Invasion would make a mistake every so often, so breaking the record again was already like fleeting clouds.

Ye Xiu let out a sigh. He found that having Steamed Bun Invasion wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Honestly speaking, he was tired. In this dungeon, he had to invest far more energy than the four of them combined together. From teaching them in the beginning to madly leveling for himself to helping Tang Rou level to bringing Su Mucheng to level, he basically had no free time. Just then, in those ten minutes in the dungeon, he had to lead, pay attention to everyone’s playing, and control the most amount of monsters. It was all extremely taxing on his mind and body. Right now, he just wanted to casually play and relax.

After Steamed Bun Invasion made a mistake, everyone relaxed. They didn’t need to pursue the greatest efficiency and casually chatted while playing. Crowd Lover was still not crowd loving and didn’t have much to say. Of course, no one knew that this guy was currently talking with Cold Night.

“Soft Mist and Steamed Bun Invasion. These two are new players.” Tyrannical Ambition’s guild leader Jiang You, who was currently using Crowd Lover, was one of Glory’s old generals. After observing them for two days, he was quite confident in his judgement.

“New players?”

“Yeah. But they have a good foundation. After learning for a bit, they’ll quickly become experts.” Jiang You said.

“And the other two?”

“Lord Grim. This player has skill, tactics, knowledge, and experience, but to say how strong he is exactly……. Frost Forest is only such, so I can’t really tell. It’s very likely that he’s at a pro-level. But hearing you, it seems like this person is online for a long time every day! Pro-players shouldn’t have so much time to play on a low-leveled account, right?” Jian You said.

“Could it be…… a just recently retired pro-player…….” Cold Night heard the guild leader’s analysis and could only think of one such person.

“Are you talking about God Ye Qiu…… If it really is him, then I’d really be honored. But there is one thing that I’m not sure whether you’ve noticed or not.” Jiang You said.


“His weapon.”


“Yeah, I’ve payed attention to it for these several days. When he fights, he doesn’t ever switch weapons, rather that weapon of his can change forms at any time. Right now, the ones I’ve noticed are Battle Lance, Sword, Gun, these three forms.” Jiang You said.

“How can there be such a weapon?”

“That’s why I’m saying that it must be self-made. That’s why I’m thinking that this person could likely be someone from a Club testing a Silver weapon.” Jiang You said.

“Oh…….” Cold Night almost couldn’t respond. Talents flourished in a pro Club. Even if they were researchers, their skill levels in Glory were all extremely high. Among them, some were former pro-players that stayed after retiring. Some of them weren’t at a pro-player level, but their theorycrafting was considerably solid. These people might not be as good as pro-players, but in the game, they were more than enough to easily beat the content, especially at the current low-leveled stage.

“This sort of transforming Silver weapon is something I’ve never seen before. That’s why I think he’s testing to see whether it can be used practically. He’s using it right now which means that this weapon is at most Level 25. If this weapon’s practical value is limited, then they obviously won’t spend the time to continue waste their energy, financial resources, physical resources, and continue to research how to upgrade it.” Jiang You said.

“Then it’s no surprise that this guy hasn’t changed classes.” Cold Night said.

“This weapon……. looking at if from its design, truly is specially made for unspecialized players to use.” Jiang You said.

“Because he’s testing the weapon, he needs to try it out with different types of parties. Challenging records and so on are all just for testing this weapon’s might.” Cold Night was very satisfied with his judgement.

“But…… in the new server, there aren’t too many materials. How did he make it in the beginning? I can’t understand this point” Cold Night said.

“He transferred from the old server!” Jiang You said.

“How can you carry a weapon and transfer?” Cold Night didn’t understand, “Only level 1 blank accounts can transfer to a new server!”

“Self-made equipment can be stored in the equipment editor. It doesn’t count as an item on you.” Jiang You said. As a guild leader of a big guild, he could also be considered a Club member, so he was a bit more experienced and knowledgeable. How could normal players have access to self-made equipment? Of course they wouldn’t know about how they worked.

“So it’s like this…….” Cold Night said, “Then like this, the reason he’s crazily demanding for materials is probably for this Silver weapon.”

“These things I’m not too sure about……” Jiang You was helpless. If he could make self-made equipment, then he would be a technical talent. Right now as a guild leader, he was more of a manager talent.

“In short, keep paying attention to him! If he really has this sort of background, then don’t waste your time trying to rope him in.” Jiang You said.

“Okay.” Cold Night didn’t say anything more.

The two stopped messaging each other for awhile. Jiang You was currently dungeoning with the party, when Cold Night suddenly whispered to him: “You still haven’t talked about the last one? That one called what is it…….” Su Mucheng’s name, which came from a verse, “Cleansing Mist” (TLN: = Feng Shu Yan Mu) really was weird. It was far harder than Steamed Bun Invasion (TLN: = Bao Zi Ru Qin), which was quite catchy.

“Oh, this person, this person’s just okay. Just before, she accidentally did a Delivery Gun. That scared me. But besides that, her playing was just average. She was just a steady player that didn’t make any mistakes.”

“Should we rope her in?”

“This person is probably someone who was temporarily found to substitute in. It looks like she’s very close to Lord Grim, so it’s quite probable that you won’t be able to rope her in. In short, first pay attention to Soft Mist and Steamed Bun Invasion, these two important players. These two have overwhelming potential. They’re also new players, so Lord Grim probably found them in the game. Try your best to fight for them.” Jiang You instructed.

“Okay. I understand.”

The two closed the messages. Jiang You used Crowd Lover and followed the four players to finish clearing Frost Forest and Boneyard. After carefully observing them, he saw that those four looked the same as before. So he was confident that he didn’t make an error of judgement.

After they finished clearing the dungeons, Jiang You said goodbye. Su Mucheng also went to rest. Steamed Bun Invasion hadn’t went to the Arena to bully other players and show off his strength for an entire day, so he ran off to bully others. The remaining two, Ye Xiu and Tang Rou, went to a leveling area and silently leveled.

Meanwhile on Club Excellent Era’s side, Chen Yehui finally found suitable account cards for Liu Hao and his party and sent them to him that very night. In the tenth sever, Excellent Dynasty was personally managed by him, so finding an account was much easier compared to the Three Great Guilds.

“Ye Qiu, I’ll let you see my strength!!” Liu Hao called for manpower. He malevolently sat in front of a computer. Bringing his party, he rushed into Frost Forest. This time, he went all out without a trace of negligence.

After a short moment, another system announcement popped up in the tenth sever. Excellent Dynasty had broken the Frost Forest record, time: 12:55:42.

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