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He sliced off the fossa cub’s neck.

It all happened in a blink of an eye.

Muyoung was unwavering.

His movements were natural as if doing this was obvious.

The relationship between Muyoung and the fossae was already past the point of reconciliation.

He couldn’t leave any seedlings if he wanted this war to end.

Muyoung placed the head and body into a sack.

The woman blankly looked at the scene like an outsider.


‘He’s crazy!’

She shuddered.

The fossae moved in packs while everyone took care of the young. It was like they were all parents.

What was more, if a cub was within tens of kilometers, they would be able to find it.

As the thick scent of blood had spread, the pack of fossae should be on their way to the crater.

He acted this way even though he knew the consequences.

Actions without a hint of hesitation.

Did he have multiple lives?

As if he didn’t care, Muyoung summoned the Sorceress of Lightning.

“Sorceress of Lightning, protect the sack and the woman.”


The Sorceress of Lightning who had the appearance of a girl nodded.

She had incredible defending abilities.

It wouldn’t be easy for anyone to pass through an oncoming lightning storm.

She could definitely buy enough time.

“How can a goblin use an undead?”

The woman who silently looked at the scene asked.

Goblins were races who used natural forces.

They specialized in controlling fires and water.

On the other hand, the undead were monsters that went against the natural forces. The living dead. It was definitely quite a distance away from the powers a goblin could handle.

However, the goblin in front of her…

‘I don’t understand.’

The woman inwardly shook her head.

Although they were on the same boat, she had never heard of a goblin like him existing.

Even if she would occasionally hear rumors about an exceptional goblin king, it was unimaginable for a goblin to control the undead.

“Keep holding the marble. So that all who come can see it.”

Muyoung didn’t reply to the woman’s question.

He didn’t care about what others thought of him.

The woman’s eyebrows twitched when she heard those words.

“Are you telling me to die?”

To keep hold of the Marble of Territory.

It would definitely provoke Heidegger.

He would definitely kill her first.

As expected, Muyoung didn’t reply. Instead, he turned his back.

“They are coming.”


They were Heidegger and his companions.

The woman scratched her neck. Due to her intense nervousness, she wasn’t even able to gulp down her saliva.

Her thoughts were complicated.

There wasn’t a single thing that was normal.

It was simply a mess!

However, she understood one thing.

‘He’s out of his mind.’

The goblin in front of her had to be crazy.

If he wasn’t, he wouldn’t be taking such risks.

Most monsters would try to avoid a fossae pack.

And Heidegger was a veteran who had already lived in the Underworld for more than five years.

Although the people he kidnapped weren’t particularly strong, his ability to cross over to a Demon God’s territory without anyone’s knowledge was frightening.

No matter how strong the goblin was, it didn’t seem like he would be able to handle them both.

‘I’ll probably die the moment I try to escape.’

But the goblin was heartless.

It seemed like he had no emotions.

He didn’t seem like a goblin who would just watch her escape.

Like how he killed the fossa cub, he would kill her without blinking an eye.

The woman gathered her courage and asked another question.

“Goblin… sir, it’s strange to keep calling you that so please tell me your name. My name is Atasha.”

A human and a goblin exchanging names. It would be a funny scene but the woman was desperate.

If she could relieve a bit of the tension, she wanted to know even the insignificant details of the goblin. To not know anything and to wait was too frightening.

At the same time, the woman was finally able to hear a reply.

“You don’t need to know.”


Heidegger’s hair blew in the wind.

The death warrior’s sword barely touched the lines of his throat.


It was close.

However, no matter how strong he was, he was a death warrior. He couldn’t be considered very strong.

Heidegger was able to handle it himself.

‘His defense is incredible.’

The problem was his armor.

There wasn’t even a dent even after he stabbed and slashed at him.

It didn’t seem like he would be able to smash the armor with normal weapons.

‘He wasn’t created by a lich. There is no way a lich would put this much effort to make a death warrior.’

He kept his distance as he examined the warrior.

The rank of his equipment could widen anyone’s eyes.

Someone gave that level of equipment to a death warrior?

Liches were the lords of the undead. Although there were different levels of liches, they were existences who could create countless numbers of death warriors.

On the other hand, creating a top ranked undead like a death knight was complicated.

It was to the point where it was rare for liches to have more than one death knight.

Anyways, it was normal to give that level of skills and equipment to at least a high ranked undead.

Unless they were rich[1].

‘Quite funny.’

He smiled slightly before wielding his twin swords.


Light shot out of the death warrior’s back.

And for some reason, he started to back away.

“Are you running away?”


He lightly clicked his tongue.

However, his eyes were filled with interest as he looked at the death warrior.

As long as a lich wasn’t supporting him, it wouldn’t matter if he smashed him into bits.

With all his strength.

The moment he decided that, Heidegger stabbed his heart with his twin swords.



Heidegger dropped his head.

And soon after, red tentacles started to crawl out of the wound.

To be exact, the things popped out of his heart and wrapped Heidegger’s entire body.

Hundreds, thousands of tentacles formed to create a strong armor.

Heidegger lifted his head.

“Ru, run away.”

“Why did he transform without telling us…!”


He smashed the head of the man who spoke.

His head exploded like a watermelon and blood splattered everywhere.

However, Heidegger who had killed one of his companions acted like nothing happened and just frowned.

“I always think the same thing when I transform but it really feels disgusting.”

Crack! Craaack!

He warmed up.

Then he said to his terrified companions.

“You guys go get the Marble of Territory from that woman. Leave the undead to me.”

“Ye, yes.”

More than ten men left as if they were running away.

Heidegger turned his attention towards the death warrior at a distance.

With a disgusting smile plastered on his face.


It took a moment for Heidegger to approach the death warrior and slam him with his fist.

The death warrior flew up high before being nailed to the ground.

However, the death warrior stood up again like a roly-poly toy.

“Do you think that armor will be able to block the current me?”

His smile became even more disgusting.

In the Underworld, there were no laws.

A place for the strong. The world where the strong would survive while the weak would die out.

And in this world, Heidegger was known as an outlaw.

That just showed how evil the person named Heidegger was.

Kidnapping more than a hundred people was nothing.

Companions? The word companion was comical.

They were nothing but expendable items needed only to watch over the slaves.

Slam! Slam! Smash!

A one-sided beating began.

All the death warrior could do was to block.

“Blackie, look at me now. Am I not beautiful?”

Self-obsession. Heidegger had something like that.

He was very happy with his current self who had taken off the clothes of a human.

A feeling as if he didn’t conform to the standards and rules of humanity.

A mixture of liberation and excitement which was impossible to explain.



But, at that moment.

Somewhere behind him, an unknown man appeared denouncing his current self.

A mystery man wearing a red helmet and cape.

“Who are you? Did you start following my style?”

Heidegger’s body was completely covered in red tentacles.

He made a joke because the man showed up covered in red equipment.

However, the voice of the other had a flatness to it.

“Get up.”


All kinds of undead appeared around them.

Even Heidegger’s companion who had his head blown up got up.

Heidegger’s expression stiffened.

An impossible performance for corpse sorcerers.

There was only one monster who could do this.



Muyoung stared at Heidegger.

The Black Sun Warrior was not an opponent for Heidegger.

Although Muyoung rapidly became stronger over the 15 days, he was still around the same level as the Black Sun Warrior.

If all the undead combined strength with Muyoung, they would have about a 30% chance to win.

‘I am definitely weaker than I was in the past.’

Heidegger started to gain notoriety after the Great Calamity had started.

The power he showed then, while it might not be the top 10, it was definitely top 100 among humans.

If he still had the power he had before, the Black Sun Warrior would have already been smashed into bits. Because that wasn’t the case, he had a 30% chance of winning.

Plenty of things could change within 10 years in the Underworld.

It was obvious he would be incomparably weaker than his past self.

‘This bastard is careful. And knows a lot. That’s why he’ll mistake me.’

His thoughts were correct.

Heidegger took Muyoung for a lich.

Liches were the leaders of the undead who controlled top-ranked monsters and armies.

The people who could fight against a lich by themselves were almost nonexistent.

There were even stats that claimed it would normally take 50 Knights of Justice buffed with a high ranked sacred blessing to fight against one lich.

On top of that, Muyoung knew a little bit about Heidegger’s personality.

Heidegger never took risks.

So he wouldn’t recklessly rush into this.

“Why is a lich here? The undead don’t roam this place?”

Heidegger cautiously said as he kept his guard up against the more than hundred undead.

‘If he’s under a delusion then I need to use it.’

If he fought straight on against him, his probability of winning would go down further.

Instead of risking it, he believed using this misunderstanding to his advantage was best.

“Everything near the crater is my land. You attacked one of my undead here.”

“What? I’m telling you, that bastard attacked me first!”

Heidegger became frustrated.

It was like he was apologizing after getting slapped in the face.

Although he was a bit special compared to normal liches, since he could create and control undead, he couldn’t find any other conclusions.

And because Muyoung was completely hiding his spirit, Heidegger was unable to tell if he was weak or strong.

Honestly, the undead around him weren’t very high ranked.

So it was confusing. However, one mistake could be the difference between life or death.

‘I guess it hasn’t been long since he founded his own area?’

The crater was originally a territory that belonged to the pyroxes. No, it better to call it a hands-off area.

It seemed like it hadn’t been long since the lich took over the crater as it was his first time hearing about there being an owner here.

He could understand the low ranked undead if that was the case.

Of course, he couldn’t attack. Liches were strong even by themselves.

It was becoming more and more of a headache the more he thought about it.

Muyoung said something a step later because he knew this.

“Pay with your death.”

“Whoa, whoa! Calm down. I don’t have any desire to fight you. If you act like you didn’t see anything, I will quietly leave, how’s that?”

Heidegger lifted both his hands as if he had no intentions of fighting.

His expression showed hurriedness.

Heidegger was self-obsessed. So obviously he considered his life more important than anything else.

His creed was not to fight fights that he might lose.

His viciousness would always be biased towards weaklings.


Muyoung pondered for a moment before raising a single finger.

“Good. But I will only let one of you survive.”

“Only one?”

“The cats entered my territory. They are going towards the crater. It’s an insignificant and annoying task to get rid of each one.”

So you get rid of them.

He talked like he was acting out of kindness.

“Crater? Ah…!”

Heidegger recalled what his companion told him before.

That the person thought the woman went in the direction of the crater.

‘Damn it!’

An alarm rang out in Heidegger’s head.

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