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Muyoung took out Anguish and a talisman.

‘Ogre’s Strength.’

It was one of the rewards he received from stopping the 18th wave in the Endless Battlefield!

He placed it aside as he didn’t need it at the time but going forwards, it would be an all-out war.

The pack of fossae and the Outlaw Heidegger were both opponents he couldn’t take lightly.

He now had no choice but the use the talisman for an immediate increase in military force.

‘I need to be careful when I strengthen an equipment.’

Not everything was good when strengthened.

Strengthening via a talisman could lead to a loss if he didn’t use it properly.

There was definitely a possibility that a bad characteristic could be upgraded or the durability could be decreased.

Muyoung carefully looked at his talisman.

Soon, information about it popped.


Name: Ogre’s Strength

Rank: A

Classification: Single Use

Effect: A talisman with ogre’s strength.

*Equipment strengthening

*Strength 5~10 increase

*A characteristic of an ogre is randomly revealed


There was a chance it would receive a random characteristic.

There was also another problem.

Which equipment to use it on.

There were equipment that had better compatibility with a strengthening talisman.

And there was a good chance the equipment would influence the characteristic.


And Muyoung chose Anguish.

He thought the only equipment optimal for the Ogre’s Strength talisman was Anguish even though a lot of the durability was used up and it was unrepairable.

From the start, Anguish was the only one that increased his strength.

It showed how much it leaned towards strength.

It was the same thing with the Ogre’s Strength talisman.

Also, no other equipment was more destructive than a weapon.

Muyoung placed the Ogre’s Strength talisman on Anguish.

As he battered the talisman against Anguish, it was absorbed into Anguish.



Anguish was lifted from his hand.

The color of Anguish slowly changed.

No, you could say it became a shade darker.

It was to the point where he didn’t believe it could get any darker.

Muyoung clenched his fists.

There was no way for him to be always right.

Although it did say the compatibility was great, it might have strengthened something unexpected.

With a slight tension, shortly after the transformation of Anguish was complete.



A short message.

He immediately grabbed Anguish that was dropping to the ground.
Name: Anguish

Rank: A+

Classification: Equipable Type

Durability: 16,344(Unrepairable)

Effect: Star of David, A sword given to a person who had completed the trial of Gremory.

*Strength +5

*Ability to steal blood from the opponent and recover the stamina of the user.

*Strength +9

* Ogre’s Cruelty (As you kill more enemies, the strength increases slightly. Active for 30 minutes.)



He clenched his fists.

The results were better than what he imagined.

Strength +9!

It was at most 10 but there barely was a time 10 was achieved.

It wasn’t just a problem of chance.

If you strengthen it a 100 times, maybe it will result in a single maximum increase.

You could say it was an amazing result to get 9 and above all, its rank increased.

Although only a plus sign was added, this showed the class of the equipment.

It was divided into three different types, + meant rare, ++ meant unique and +++ meant epic, even if only one was added, it was an excellent improvement.

What was more, these kinds of improvements were almost non-existent A rank and above.

Even the characteristic wasn’t bad.

‘Like the word states, it’s very ogre-like.’

The more he killed the better. He understood why it was very compatible with Anguish.

As Anguish had the basic ability to steal blood from its victim to recover the stamina of its user, both improved each other’s effectiveness.

Muyoung held Anguish.

It felt much smoother in the hand than before.

‘Let’s begin.’

He walked slowly.

His footsteps felt a little lighter than before.

He entered the fossae’s blockade.

Some could ask if he was going in to die but Muyoung had a plan of his own.

“Black Sun Warrior, go to the other side and find the people who move in a group. Attack them and lure them to the designated location.”

The Death Warrior in full armor started to move right away.

If it was the Black Sun Warrior, he wouldn’t be damaged by most attacks.

As he was not only strong but also swift, there was no better bait than him.

Face-to-face combat was forbidden as Muyoung didn’t know how strong the current Heidegger was.

Muyoung turned his head after the Black Sun Warrior left.

He took out a talisman.

‘The Spirit of the Fossa.’

Like how he enchanted talismans from killing the shrewmice, the same thing was possible with the fossae.

However, it was rare for the talismans to appear unlike the time with the shrewmice.

They were monsters on a different level.

Hundreds of shrewmice wouldn’t be able to do anything against a fossa.

This was the one talisman he was able to get until now.

‘It’s impossible to trick all the fossae with this one talisman but I should be able to do it.’

Muyoung had already experienced becoming part of the ground, the wind and a weak living creature.

Imitating them should be simple if he could just detect them and use the Spirit of the Fossa.


Muyoung ripped the talisman.

At the same time, his senses were enhanced as they became more alert.

He erased his scent by rubbing the blood of a dead fossa over his body and matched his heartbeat to that of a fossa after recalling their movements.

He closed his eyes and slowly remembered each detail.

He needed to believe that he wasn’t a human to trick the fossae.



The fossae that formed the blockade ran towards him.

The few fossae that came very close to him smelled him with their noses.

They raised their ears to listen then played around as they tapped him.

However, Muyoung didn’t move.


In time, the fossae could only be confused.

There was definitely a prey here but it disappeared into thin air.

They recognized Muyoung as part of their ‘pack’.

‘I can’t maintain this for long.’

Muyoung placed his hands on the floor. He moved on all fours and hung around with the fossae for a while.

However, the duration wasn’t long. At most, an hour.

He didn’t really use it until now as it was impossible to completely lose the fossae within that time.

An hour. He needed to accomplish what he wanted within that time.

Muyoung quickly scanned the pack.

‘There they are.’

His eyes flashed as soon as he saw the fossa cubs.



A bushy beard and a wide-brimmed hat.

His figure as he walked on the wasteland resembled a typical outlaw from the West.

About a dozen subordinates were following behind him.

“Chief, didn’t we come in too deep?”

A nearby subordinate asked.

However, Heidegger grated his teeth and scrunched up his face.

“I don’t know why but the territories of the monsters have been rearranged. It’s fine right now. Rather… Alex! Where did you say that bitch was?”

A man named Alex answered while he held half of the Marble of Territory.

“If we go this way, it’s the direction of the crater.”

“Crater? Is she trying to fall down and kill herself?”

“Isn’t it possible that she is trying to get rid of the marble by going there?”


Heidegger slapped his forehead.

‘Unless that bitch is crazy!’

When he went out for a bit, a crazy woman took half of the marble and ran.

It happened as one of his subordinates fell asleep while guarding the marble.

He killed that subordinate out of anger but he didn’t regret it.

Just, it became troublesome to find the Marble of Territory.

Either way, he was nervous.

His rule was perfect.

He allowed them to fully experience the terror of a superhuman with military strength.

Unless they were crazy, how could they possibly decide to run away?

He kidnapped 100 weaklings from a city and took them to a Demon God’s territory.

He killed all those who resisted along the way.

As no one would really care about the deaths of a few weaklings.

That was how Heidegger built his own castle.

The surviving slaves faithfully carried out his orders.

‘I was almost there…!’

Heidegger clenched his fist tightly.

Soon, he could have proclaimed this territory as his.

He needed a special symbol that suited him if he wanted to proclaim a territory as his with the Marble of Territory.

In other words, like the Sky Library in the Great City, he needed something that would be the ‘center’ of his city.

As there was no way something like that would exist in a Demon God’s territory, he had to make one himself. And it was almost complete.

He never thought a crazy woman would appear and take it away when he was about to complete it.

‘If you lost the marble, I won’t let you die easily. I will make you regret being alive.’

Heidegger grated his teeth.

How much time had passed since they started to walk.


Heidegger stopped.

Behind him, the rest of his subordinates became quiet.

“Something’s approaching.”

“Is it a monster?”

“It’s not a living creature. This feeling… it’s an undead.”

Heidegger was certain.

He could feel the strong aura of death. In this situation, it could only be an undead.

“What? An undead?”

“Did a lich appear from somewhere?”

Everyone was making a fuss.

Liches were monsters that were as strong as the fire tars but harder to fight against.

The ones they deemed as an enemy were annihilated using few hundred, few thousands of undead.

A story about a lich being an equal match against a decent sized army didn’t exist for no reason.

If they got caught?

Of course, they wouldn’t survive.

Even if Heidegger was there, it would have been the same.

“Not a lich. Much weaker than a lich.”

However, Heidegger shook his head.

He was able to instinctively classify things that were stronger or weaker than him.

That was how he was able to survive for such a long time while committing all sorts of crimes.

And from what he could sense, the undead was strong for an undead but still weaker than him.

However, he needed to be careful. He felt this was fishy from some odd reason.

If it passed by, maybe… but it was approaching them as if it was aiming for Heidegger from the start.

“Raise your weapons. It’s coming this way.”

From afar, an undead wearing black armor appeared.

‘A death warrior?’

The undead charged at Heidegger the moment he came to sight.

He had black wings on his back and was holding a black sword.

He had never seen a death warrior that looked like that.

However, they would inevitably clash.


Heidegger held a sword in both hands.


Muyoung lured and kidnapped a fossa cub.

And changed his direction towards the crater.

“You, you came.”

The woman shivered as she held the Marble of Territory as she waited on the top of the crater.

It wasn’t that big of a crater but it was still active with lava boiling inside.

Above it, were monsters the size of humans flying around.

“Pyroxes aren’t combative monsters. You don’t need to be afraid.”

“S, still…”

The woman looked towards the crater.

Lizards with wings of a bat. These were pyroxes.

One of the few peaceful monsters.

There wasn’t a lot of information about them as they were quite mystic creatures that lived inside craters.

From the start, there weren’t many either since they were rare.

However, as the woman didn’t know this, she could only wait for Muyoung as if her life was on the edge.

“But… what is that cloth?”

The woman asked as her gaze turned towards it.

Muyoung was holding something wrapped with a cloth.

As if it wasn’t anything unusual he casually replied.

“It’s fossa’s cub.”

“What? W, what would you do if fossae came because of it?”

The woman was terrified.

The fossae cherished their cubs. The whole pack will attack if you touched one of them.

“I brought it because of that reason.”

Muyoung also knew that very well.

Wasn’t he unintentionally engaged in a chase because of it?

However, this time, he was planning to use the fossae’s revengefulness.

‘They are coming.’

He was able to sense the Black Sun Warrior approaching. Although it was quite a large distance away, it was like something similar to the authority of the Death Lord.

Muyoung opened up the cloth.


A newborn cub the size of his wrist cried out loud.

Muyoung took out Anguish.


As the woman screamed, Anguish quickly moved.


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