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Chapter 48: Burning Heart (end)

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“I can’t listen to this any longer!”

The Fire Tar vice-chieftain burst into flames. His large body shook as the surroundings burned.

All Fire Tars respected the Poom tree. For them, the Poom tree was an existence they could never live without.

The Fire Tars could only live by neutralizing their fire with the branches of the Poom tree.

However, Muyoung said that it was the opposite for the Poom tree.

Of course, they were mad.

“It has already been more than 50 years since we lived here. If we move after listening to a goblin, we’ll become the laughing stock of all Fire Tars.”


Vice-chieftain stepped forward.

As if he was going to kill Muyoung if he said another word.

Fire Tars were warriors who had a very high sense of pride.

If they were ever looked down upon, they would have to leave their territory.


Muyoung clapped his hands once.

Then, the Blazing Spear Soldier brought tens of different types of bugs in a box.

“If you can’t believe me, I will prove it to you.”

Muyoung spoke as if he was doing them a favor.

Would anyone refuse when someone said they were going to provide them with proof?

Vice-chieftain calmed his flames for a moment and spoke.

“If this is your last excuse, then let’s see.”

Even if he was mad, he never acted out.

He tried hard his best to listen to what Muyoung had to say.

The title of vice-chieftain wasn’t just for show.

‘This should be worth doing.’

At least he was willing to listen.

That meant that he was more open-minded compared to the other Fire Tars and that it would be likely that he would be willing to acknowledge Muyoung if he understood his explanation.

If vice-chieftain was stubborn, the process of making him understand would have been filled with obstacles.

“First, I need to explain to you the relationship of natural predators.”

“Relationship of natural predators?”

As Fire Tars had no natural predators, it might have been hard for them to fully understand this.

It seemed like Muyoung’s thoughts were right.

He continued.

“It’s the relationship where one eats another. You guys might not have experienced this before but it is present in all mammals, bugs and living things that make up the ecosystem. Because of the fire attribute you let out, weak creatures aren’t able to get close.”

“Us, Fire Tars, don’t hunt the weak.”

Muyoung shrugged his shoulders.

“Technically, the natural predators of the Fire Tars are those large weak aphids. Those huge aphids are the only ones that can move around in the presence of the Fire Tars’ fire attribute. You can see that, unlike those aphids, these bugs can’t even move.”

“Just a mere bug…”

“These mere bugs were killing the Poom tree. And you guys weren’t able to dispose of these bugs.”

Vice-chieftain closed his mouth.

It was extremely insulting but he was still interested in why.

If it really was nothing, he could later kill him painfully.

Muyoung continued to talk.

“The huge aphids suck the sap of the tree. The roots especially seem effective in neutralizing the fire attributes. The aphids that suck on the sap weren’t affected by the fire attribute. On the other hand.”

Muyoung touched the bugs that didn’t move as if they were frozen.

“The other bugs are stricken with fear and can’t move. Normally, these would eat the huge aphids and keep a balance in the ecosystem.”

“These small bugs?”

As if the vice-chieftain couldn’t believe what Muyoung had to say, he bent over to take a look at the bugs.

Muyoung said these could eat up the aphids that they couldn’t get rid of.

However, it was only natural that the vice-chieftain didn’t know anything about this.

There were no Fire Tars who had any interest in the ecosystem.

They believe that strength was the best and didn’t bother to exchange any knowledge with others.

If they had deepened relationships with other races, things might have been a bit different but Fire Tars were predators who had no natural predators themselves.

Who would dare try to deepen their relationship with them?

Of course, even if they were to visit them, it would be rare to find someone who would analyze the situation like Muyoung.

Afterwards, Muyoung took his time to help them understand as he slowly unveiled the secret.

On the other hand, the vice-chieftain didn’t seem enthusiastic.

He thought that there was a chance that Muyoung might be sweet-talking him with believable words to trick him.

However, he had definite evidence.

“If you won’t believe me, I will show you.”

As if it wasn’t hard, Muyoung took out a small bottle from his sides.

“It is the sap I have gathered from the Poom tree. If I pour this in the wooden box.”


Muyoung poured the entire bottle full of sap into the wooden box filled with the bugs.

Then, the scared bugs that were unable to move started moving.

Afterwards, to fill up their starving bellies, they attacked the huge aphids.

“Now that they aren’t as heavily affected by the fire attributes, they see the aphids as food and start to move. The problem is, once the sap dries, the effect disappears. That’s why you Fire Tars need to move your village.”

“You mean our existence…. harmed the Poom tree?”

“That is so.”

Muyoung was completely cool-headed.

As if he was stabbing a knife into their hearts, he continued to talk.

“You Fire Tars move to another territory every few decades. I assume it’s because of the Poom tree. Am I right?”

The Fire Tars didn’t live in this area 5 years later when Hedley’s Kow was found.

If monsters like Fire Tars were spotted, the information would have already been spread.

Muyoung believed they moved their territory once the Poom tree dried up.

As he expected, the vice-chieftain nodded.

“You are right.”

“Same problem continuously occurs when we move to another region near a Poom tree. We concentrate on killing the aphids but we never thought about using the natural predators to naturally restore them.”

“That is also true.”

“You will be able to see fast results when you move your village. Afterwards, you need to make sure that no other Fire Tars stay near the tree.”

The Plutonian Beetle which was bearing eggs was waiting in a safe place.

He was planning to release it once the Fire Tars moved away.

However, he didn’t hear an answer he wanted.

“Both are impossible. Even if your answers were correct, no Fire Tar is going to listen to a normal goblin.”

“I proposed a method to solve your problem as promised. To act upon it or not, is entirely up to you guys.”

Muyoung really did what he could.

The vice-chieftain bit his lips as he looked at Muyoung’s confident attitude.

‘It doesn’t seem like he is a normal goblin.’

All the goblins he knew were scaredy cats.

However, Muyoung was filled with confidence that all other goblins he had seen so far lacked.

Of course, there were few who bragged and called themselves goblin kings but no goblin could confidently stand in front of Fire Tars and express his opinion.

Honestly, he didn’t understand half of what Muyoung had said.

However, he understood Muyoung’s sincerity.

And saw proof.

A new method using the natural predators to solve a problem.

Existing Fire Tars couldn’t accept it. If it wasn’t for him, they would have already cast him away.

However, he saw hope in this new method.

“…Tomorrow, at this time, come to this place. I will tell you the results of a meeting with the tribe.”

The vice-chieftain made his decision.

Only he could deliver these matter to the chieftain and open a meeting.

Since he was the one who made the promise, didn’t he need to take responsibility for it?

Muyoung turned away after he coolly nodded.

‘A war will start.’

The vice-chieftain who was gazing at Muyoung’s back inwardly felt confused.


“You’re telling us to move our village because a mere goblin said so?”

“Do you, the vice-chieftain, truly believe this nonsense?!”

The resistance was strong.

It was a meeting which was commenced with difficulty.

The 6 elders flatly disagreed with his suggestion.

“He isn’t a normal goblin.”

However, the vice-chieftain firmly shook his head.

“He’s still a goblin! He’s an existence ranked way below us, Fire Tars.”

“However, if that goblin can defeat one of our warriors, we will have to acknowledge that he isn’t a mere goblin.”

A goblin to win against a Fire Tar?

It wasn’t possible.

It would be the same if a goblin king showed up.

The Fire Tars were the peak existence among the creatures living here.

There was no one who could fight against them unless they were mirage rank monsters which were rare.

“In other words, elders believe that the goblin isn’t ‘qualified’?”

As the vice-chieftain gathered others’ opinions, the chieftains agreed.

“You’re right. The goblin isn’t the same rank as us.”

“Who would believe in the words of a goblin who didn’t prove his qualifications?”

Qualifications. Qualifications, they say.

It was impossible for a goblin to win against a Fire Tar.

However, if they wanted qualifications, it wasn’t like there wasn’t a way.

“Then, will you change your minds if he takes and passes the ‘Warrior’s Trial’ and prove himself?”

“A goblin is going to partake in the Warrior’s Trial?”

“Hmm… it’s something that has never happened before.”

It was a negative response.

The Warrior’s Trial was one of the processes a Fire Tar had to pass to be acknowledged as a true warrior.

There was no precedent of a goblin taking it in the past.

Just when the vice-chieftain was feeling frustrated.


Everyone’s gazes all turned towards a certain part of the table.

The possessor of the fiercest flames. The grand-chieftain spoke as he looked around.

“Let’s let him partake in the trial. We will try to listen to what he has to say when he passes the trial.”

The chieftains were all quiet.

The grand-chieftain’s words were absolute.

At least, in this tribe.

“We need to respect those that have passed the trial. On the other hand, if he doesn’t pass, he will not gain any power even if he is right. If what the vice-chieftain saw is true then that goblin will pass but if he is wrong, he will die inside.”

The grand-chieftain was testing the vice-chieftain’s judgment.

The vice-chieftain clenched his fists.

“However, if you just send him as he is, it’s the same as just telling him to die. Let’s lower the standard a bit and allow him to use the ‘storage room’ once like the other users.”

“I will allow that much.”

The storage room was a place where the tribe had stacked up all the equipment they have earned from hunting and battles over the years.

It was custom for the one taking the trial to choose an equipment from the place to use for the Warrior’s Trial.

Although there was only a slight chance for a mere goblin to pass the trial, he would still take that chance.

The meeting concluded as the vice-chieftain heavily nodded.

And… the next day had arrived.


As soon as the day brightened, Muyoung returned to the entrance of the village.

At the same time, he was guided to a huge underground storage room.

‘It’s enormous.’

Muyoung’s eyes shined as he entered the storage room.

A countless number of equipment and accessories were lined up along the endless walls in the storage room.

“Choose one.”

While the vice-chieftain was watching him, Muyoung looked around the equipment inside the storage room.

There wasn’t a single one that wasn’t a masterpiece.

There were big weapons for Fire Tars to use but there were quite a lot that could be used by Muyoung.

‘An equipment to use when I attempt the Warrior’s Trial. Not bad.’

On top of that, it would become much easier for him to roam around the Demon God’s territory after this.

As of right now, it would have been impossible for him to fight against a Fire Tar but since this was much easier than that, Muyoung felt it was worth a try.

‘That is?’

Muyoung noticed a black aura coming from a direction after walking for a good while.

It was similar to the aura that appeared when he used the Art of Death skill.

As he walked closer, he found a belt made of bones lying on the floor.


Name: Wicked Belt

Rank: A

Classification: Equipable Type

Durability: 6,818

Restrictions: Only the user with a ‘Necromancer’ type classes will be able to check the effects.

Effects: The belt which a wicked lich used.

*Intelligence +4

*Wisdom +4

*All undead are strengthened by 5%.


After rechecking it a few times, Muyoung was astonished.

‘This is quite good.’

Only ‘Necromancer’ type classes were able to see the effects.

Equipment with restrictions like this were normally more effective than other equipment of the same rank.

‘Undead strengthened by 5%.’

It was definitely not a small percentage. Even more, there was no limit on the number.

After roaming around the storage room once, he grabbed the Wicked Belt as he realized it was most suited for him.

“I will choose this.”

“Are you sure you will be okay with that? It doesn’t seem so great.”

Vice-chieftain looked at him with disbelief.

There were much more sparkling treasures in the storage room. He couldn’t understand why Muyoung chose a shabby belt made out of bones among all of these great treasures.

“This is enough.”

“Don’t regret it.”

The vice-chieftain clicked his tongue as he headed out the storage room.

But on the other hand, Muyoung was very pleased.

‘I never thought that I would get a real treasure.’

For Muyoung, this belt was more valuable than any other treasure in the storage room.

Next, Muyoung headed towards a house right in the middle of the village.

When he entered, he saw a large marble.

Vice-chieftain spoke.

“This is the Marble of the Trial. When you smear your blood and touch it, the trial will begin. Only the ones who pass will return.”

“What happens when I don’t pass?”

“You will die or return insane.”

It was truly simple.

Muyoung took out a small knife and cut his finger.

Soon, blood drooled down.

“Do you have any advice?”

“No more, no less, just block it 10 times. A Fire Tar that just became an adult have to do it 20 times, but you don’t need to do more than that.”

His words were ambiguous.

Muyoung didn’t think long.

He nodded and stretched out his hand to touch the marble.

Soon, Muyoung’s body was sucked into the marble.




Muyoung looked around.

A large arena stood in front of him.

And from afar, 100 goblins all armed with weapons were charging towards him.

It was a sudden situation.

However, Muyoung wasn’t taken back.

Instead, the words that instantly appeared were more of an eyesore.

‘The Endless Battlefield!’

This was also a place he learned about once humans started to explore this area.

However, the Endless Battlefield was a place that would be discovered at least 10 years later.

From what he remembered, many people challenged this place because they would be rewarded following the Laws of Solomon depending on their results.

Especially, since the specific rewards were limited, the huge groups who knew about this basically monopolized it.

He never thought that the marble was a way to get to the Endless Battlefield…

‘Let’s try it.’


Anguish let out a small cry.

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