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Chapter 49: Endless Battlefield (1)

TL: Yoni

Edited: Yoni, Myoni

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A group of goblins screamed out loud from afar.

Goblins were the lowest ranked monsters that lingered in the very bottom and were nothing but a prey to others.

Muyoung would be sufficient in handling 100 of them alone.

However, Muyoung tried his best even when killing the goblins.

He instantly killed the goblins approaching him with all his undead.

“Try to keep as many corpses intact.”

Like the name, Endless Battlefield, implied, this was a place where an infinite number of monsters appeared.

The more he blocked, the more difficult it became and if he didn’t end it at the right time, he could die in vain.

It meant that he had to be good at hit-and-run but Muyoung was curious as to how far he could go.

‘I have the Six Paths and Art of Death skills.’

From the Six Paths, the Asura Path was a skill that allowed him to handle the crazy spirits.

Even though he didn’t have many under his control, using it with the Art of Death skill will allow him to display a much greater strength.

Muyoung was planning to make undead out of the monsters that appeared to prepare for the next wave.

From just this, anyone could tell that the Endless Battlefield was a place meant for Muyoung.

“I accept, your orders.”


All the undead including the Blazing Spear Soldier massacred the goblins.

“Leave one alive.”

A mere 100 goblins. It was like a light exercise after a meal.

Although it took a bit longer as he ordered them to try and kill them with their bodies intact, most of the goblins were lying on the floor in less than 20 minutes.

Screech! Screeeech!

Muyoung cut off the arms and legs of the last surviving goblin.

After, he applied medicine to quickly stop the bleeding before he tossed it on the floor.

He wasn’t the type to enjoy torture but it was necessary.

‘A trick.’

The next wave would start when either all the monsters were killed or when a day had passed.

When he partook the Endless Battlefield, one of his tactics was to keep the last monster alive.

What was more, Muyoung couldn’t make many undead in a single day.

Even if he used the C rank Art of Death skill to the max, he could only use it a 100 times.

Afterwards, he needed to rest for at least a day.

Muyoung sat down for a moment after making the 99 monsters into undead.

‘The monsters will strengthen greatly every 10 waves.’

Technically, Muyoung never entered the Endless Battlefield.

But, Muyoung knew that one had to enter the Endless Battlefield a different way each time as that person would not be able to enter the same way again.

‘I need to beat the 10th wave at least to get a good reward.’

In 5 years, the Great Calamity would be prophesized and the giant group would then finally get off their asses.

Full-scale exploration of the unknown territories would start and even then the Endless Battlefield would only be found after a good while later.

After the discovery, the giant groups completely concealed the information and monopolized the rewards.

Normal people found out about this much later when the groups had already swept up all the ‘limited rewards’.

That was why information was important.

Knowing was a strength and not knowing was a sin.

‘I was lucky.’

He chuckled.

It wasn’t on purpose.

He just thought he could get their favor by helping the Fire Tars.

He never expected to enter the Endless Battlefield.

However, he was only given one chance.

He couldn’t enter the Endless Battlefield again by using the marble.

He needed to make the most out of this opportunity.

“We need to make traps by digging up the ground. Drag rocks to make a place for the Avengers to hide.”

As he ordered them, the undead worked in an orderly fashion.

Then, Muyoung sat down and tried to calm his body down.

He was about to faint after using the Art of Death skill to the max.

‘Slowly. Let’s go as far as I can.’

It was an extremely advantageous battle for Muyoung.

It was foolish to purposely push himself too far.

Muyoung looked far past the 10 waves.


The fifth wave were ‘orcs’ with gray skin.

Orcs were low ranked but were very powerful. They were violent and fierce and even lived in groups.

They were quite difficult to fight against unless the person lived in the Underworld for at least a year.

Grrawwl! Grraaaawwwl!

However, the orcs couldn’t help but be confused as soon as they appeared.

A number of undead several times their size were gathered around them as they greeted them.


Muyoung dominated them with his numbers.

He finished the orcs off before they were lined up for battle by waiting for them at the starting point of the waves.

The initial number of more than 300 undead finally increased to a number over 400.

‘The numbers are starting to drop.’

After massacring the orcs, Muyoung counted the number of undead that were left.

Overall, the number increased but it didn’t increase exponentially like it did so far.

It was because he had lost a significant number of undead when fighting the orcs.

‘But the effects of this Wicked Belt’s good.’

Muyoung tapped the belt made of bones.

One of the effects of the Wicked Belt was ‘strengthening undead by 5%’.

Someone might think ‘only 5%’ but equipment that raised something by a percentage were extremely rare.

A strengthening of 5% was considered quite a high level.

It was like 100 monsters having the strength of 105 monsters.

It was simple calculations but as of now when he had over 400 undead, it was like having 20 freebies.

As the numbers increased, the effect of 5% would shine further.

Besides, it wasn’t like this wasn’t the only equipment of its kind.

If he could just obtain a Bone Dragon, Death Knight or Over Lich level top-ranked undead…

Muyoung nodded as he thought that far.

‘There’s a long way to go.’

He could never say that the Muyoung right now was strong.

He needed to become strong. His thirst for power hasn’t been quenched.

Muyoung had to face monsters.

To kill a monster, they say that you had to become one.

That was why Muyoung tried to become one.

“Let’s clean up the corpses and reorganize.”


The ninth wave were gargoyles.

Gargoyles were flying type monsters.

The damage was considerable and the over 600 undead all of a sudden dropped to about 450.

‘The 10th wave is the boss.’

The monsters that were known as bosses were always strong.

Truthfully, if Muyoung was alone, he would have surrendered at the 7th or 8th wave.

However, he was confident that he could fight the boss battle as he had hundreds of undead.

“Gather the bones.”

Muyoung gathered up all the bones of monsters he had killed so far.

Muyoung gestured as he looked at the mountain made up of bones.

Soon, dark aura surrounded the bones as he used the Art of Death skill.

‘Let’s make a golem.’

When the rank of Art of Death skill was low, he needed to sculpt them himself.

However, now he could shape them just by drawing a mental image of it.

Soon, the bones assembled on their own to form a shape.


Level: 76

Type: Bone Golem

Strength 88   Agility 45   Stamina 90

Intelligence 15   Wisdom 15>


A truly idiotic golem had been created.

Muyoung was quite pleased.

It was created into a figure he had in mind.

He wished for it to pass an art score of 70 but as expected, it was a score that couldn’t be easily broken with the materials and his imagination.

‘Normally, bosses are prearranged unless if it was a special case. There is a high possibility that an Orc Warchief or a Troll Watch would appear.’

To fight against an Orc Warchief or a Troll Watch, a golem-like this was necessary.

Even if it was simply used to compete by strength and to buy some time.

‘I will dominate the boss with the Black Sun Warrior.’

Muyoung turned his head and looked at the Death Warrior in full armor.

The Black Sun Warrior was clearly managing the workload of many by himself.

He was currently Muyoung’s strongest card.

He was currently strengthened with the Sorceress of Lightning’s rune buff and the Wicked Belt and was much more powerful.

Any decent mid-ranked monster wouldn’t be able to do anything in front of him.
<10th wave.>


After a day passed, another wave had started.

Orc Warchief!

Its entire body was dark red and was 1.5 times bigger than a normal orc.

It was holding a massive greatsword and covered its face with bear hide.

‘Dark Red Orc Warchief?’

It wasn’t a typical orc.

Dark red. They seemed to be a level stronger than a typical orc group.

He didn’t know why it was unusual but it was very different from what he expected.

Muyoung frowned as he gave out an order.

“Bone Golem, go. The rest suppress the surrounding orcs.”

However, he couldn’t just wait and see.

Muyoung took out Anguish and fought against the Dark Red Orc Warchief with his 450 undead.

The Bone Golem shattered.

The Black Sun Warrior was dangerously fighting against the Orc Warchief.

The resistance was stronger than he thought.

‘Not to the point of losing.’

However, Muyoung made objective judgements about the situation.

Although the impact was bigger than he expected, it wasn’t enough for him to be defeated.

It was definitely enough to be handled.

“Sorceress of Lighting, use your Rune Explosion.”

Then, tens of undead bloated up and exploded.

And on top of that, Muyoung placed ‘spirits’.

Asura Path. The crazy spirits and the explosion was an amazing combination.

It was enough to make a low-rank undead suddenly change into a mid-rank.

Of course, the drawbacks were that he could only use it once and that his body wouldn’t be able to handle it if he used it on an important undead but for now, it was enough to raise his military strength.


After losing about half of his undead, Muyoung was finally able to pierce Anguish into the head of the Dark Red Orc Warchief.

Soon after, the Black Sun Warrior stabbed its side.


A black light appeared as the Orc Warchief fell on the ground.

‘This is?’

Muyoung grabbed hold of the light as he stretched his hand out.


Indeed, there really was a spirit of dark light.

Like this, it seemed like he could add spirits if he killed special monsters.

The conquest rate was terrible but it was more important that the rate was constantly increasing.

“Who are you?”

At that moment, Muyoung stepped back as he heard a voice next to him.

‘A fairy.’

A small figure with two sets of dragonfly wings.

The cute appearance was definitely a fairy.

“It’s not yet the time for a human to step in here. Please, stop here.”

“Who are you?”

“I’m the fairy who’s in charge of the Endless Battlefield. In here I’m unbeatable so it wouldn’t be wise to be hostile towards me. And.”

The fairy cleared her throat.

“The tuning of the Endless Battlefield isn’t completed. We are testing with monsters but how did you enter here?”

And then she tilted her head.

Well, it did seem a bit odd that Fire Tars had a marble that led to the Endless Battlefield.

Even if they did call it the ‘Warrior’s Trial’, it didn’t they seem like they didn’t exactly know about the marble themselves.

It seemed like they were tuning the level of difficulty with monsters like the Fire Tars.

This was the reason why humanity could enter the Endless Battlefield about 10 years later.

However, Muyoung never heard that there was a fairy in charge of the Endless Battlefield.

The fairy placed her hands on her hips and continued.

“If you get out now, I will give you a nice necklace. Let’s see…”

She looked into her pouch and repeatedly took out different items and put them back in.

Different items continuously came out as if it was an Infinity Pouch.

Among them, there were some that were special and others that were normal.

Fairies tended to be a bit dense. The fairy in front of him was the same.


“I don’t need it.”

Muyoung shook his head right away as the fairy took out a necklace.

The fairy pouted her lips.

“Ah, why. This is really good. It’s a B++ rank and a set item… I never knew you would be able to beat the Dark Red Orc Warchief. That’s why I was specially giving it to you, so take it. After all, this will be your limit as a human.”

“How many waves do I need to stop before I can earn a Little Wish?”

The fairy was startled and her eyes widened.

However, Muyoung caught a glimpse of the item when the fairy was looking through her pouch.

The item that was shaped like a cloud!

Little Wish.

It allowed 3 small wishes to be made.

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