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Chapter 41: Asura (5)

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The flying type monsters only existed in specific areas and they didn’t exist around the Great City.

However, if he made a flying undead in advance, there could be many places where it could be useful.

Of course, harpies had too many flaws to be considered strong monsters. Not only were they small, they lacked individual fighting power.

However, they lived in flocks and possessed a decent paralyzing poison.

The poison resided in their feathers and by throwing their feathers like darts, they were able to paralyze their prey.

The harpies were the type of monsters that would swarm in with overwhelming numbers to fight for meat and would not leave a single trace of it on their victim’s bones.

‘A good five thousand harpies.’

He estimated with a glance but it seemed pretty close.

Muyoung hid his body in a shady area under a bookshelf.

Suzy followed right behind him with her hands covering her mouth.

Since her figure was already small, she wasn’t the type to stand out even without the use of stealth abilities.

Like this, normal people would move from a bookshelf to another to avoid harpies’ eyes and protect their lives.

‘Normally, trials like this were probably made on the premise that people would hide…’

Muyoung lowered his body and took out a dagger as he moved slowly.

When it said that the library’s structure had been changed, it meant that there was a space provided somewhere for the harpies.

Muyoung’s primary goal was to raid that location and make harpies into undead.

Fighting many mediocre opponents was a golden opportunity for Necromancer-type classes to shine.

However, Necromancer was a secret class.

For example, Muyoung possessed a Lord Class.

That meant that an incredibly limited number could act the way Muyoung did and even that was impossible without strong determination.

Either way, the Sky Library was a place people couldn’t enter if one of their stats were over 100.

None of the challengers could move freely facing thousands of harpies.

‘As expected.’

There was a pond in a corner of the room.

About a dozen harpies were in a line, drinking water.

‘Stay here.’

Muyoung mouthed and gestured to Suzy.

As if she was nervous, she nodded her head.

A single mistake could produce a fatal result. There was no way Suzy didn’t know this with her keen sense of survival that was better than anyone else.

Muyoung picked up a small rock nearby and threw it as far as he could.




Like a crow, they gave out a loud cry and flew towards the sound.

They only sounded similar, harpies had a lower level of intelligence than the crows. Before he knew, only 5 harpies were left paddling in the pond.

Taking advantage of the timing, he took out 5 small daggers from his side.

It was one of the items he bought in the Great City to prepare for assassinations.

He held a dagger after placing four down.

By adjusting the speed and the timing of his throw, he needed to make sure that all 5 would collapse almost at the same time.

It was a highly advanced problem for Muyoung in his current state.

If it was him in the past, he would have been able to shoot out the daggers like flowing water and could have ended it before any of the five could react.

However, Muyoung objectively accepted the fact that his current body was different from the body he had in the past.

‘First, slowly.’


The dagger was well sharpened. Once it made contact with the harpy’s skin, it would easily rip into it.

The dagger was thrown upwards as it flew in an arc.

‘The second one, gently.’

He instantly picked up another dagger and stretched out his hand.

He crouched even lower as he shot out the dagger.

And so, that was how five daggers all flew at different speeds and angles towards their targets.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Almost at the same time.

The five harpies all died in an instant as their necks and heads were pierced.


Behind him, Suzy’s small admiration flowed out.

It was like watching the circus on a television or a movie.

However, the quality of his actions was different from that of a Pierrot’s. It was like watching a true master of daggers that exceeded those in the Chinese Opera.

Although she knew that she had to be quiet, the young Suzy couldn’t stop herself from making a remark.

After recognizing her mistake, she quickly covered her mouth. Fortunately, it didn’t seem like the harpies on the ceilings noticed her.

Afterwards, Muyoung stretched out his hand and used the Art of Death skill.

A dark aura flowed out from his hands and headed towards the five dead harpies.


The dead harpy awkwardly lifted its body.

Soon after, all five harpies came back to life in an awkward posture.

Maybe it was because he used his skill from a far but the harpies didn’t heal at all. However, they were still useful in creating a confusion.


Harpies were the type of monsters who lived in groups.

They probably never had been attacked by their group members, especially those who were turned into undead.

Cawww! Cawwwww!

As expected, the harpy flock became confused when the five harpies attacked. Tens of them tangled together and the paralyzing poison permeated into their scars.

Their weapons which they had to protect themselves became a weapon that would take their own lives.

One after another, the number of harpies that dropped onto the floor increased.

Like a shadow, Muyoung secretly approached the paralyzed harpies, stopped their breathing and diligently moved his hands to use the Art of Death skill.

‘I don’t think I can make too much.’

Muyoung lightly clicked his tongue.

The Art of Death skill was currently a C rank skill.

In the beginning, when it was an F rank, he barely had the strength to use it a few times.

Now, after increasing the rank a few times, he was able to use the skill more freely than in the beginning but 50 was the limit.

Muyoung just focused on ‘making undead’. If he did that, he was able to use the Art of Death skill double the times he normally could.


<100 roughly made harpy undead!>

Level: 34

Type: Undead

Strength 35

Agility 42

Stamina 28

Intelligence 5

Wisdom 5>


At last, once he created a 100 undead, the above message appeared.

The 100 harpies were recognized as if they were a single undead.

‘I can make it into a talisman.’

Muyoung stuffed in all the created undead into one talisman.

He thought that just having a few would be useful but this outcome was better than he had expected.

And the newly created harpy undead were definitely worth the price.

It was because the already dead harpies were no longer affected by paralyzing poison. It might be effective if it was a type of paralysis which affected the muscles, but the harpies’ poison was a type that affected the brain and nerves.

They only had a chance if they used their sharp claws to rip apart their opponent but because of the great confusion that rose from their own peers attacking them, they weren’t able to properly fight back.

Muyoung made the most of the commotion by taking out a couple of talismans.

The Prince and the Avengers, Blazing Spear Soldier and Sorceress of Lighting!

Soon, all the undead Muyoung possessed were summoned.

And as he turned his head, he saw Suzy who was looking towards him with a blank expression.

“I, I won’t tell anyone.”

As if she regarded it as secret, she quietly repeated her words.

There were rumors behind the scenes that Muyoung worked with the dead but this was the first time she had personally seen this.

Especially Fire Dragon Woo and Code, didn’t they slay people when they were ‘Judges’?

Their appearance and their mood were slightly different but she didn’t know why they suddenly appeared here.

Suzy couldn’t think any further.

Even if Suzy was smart, she couldn’t do anything about the limitations of her age.

Only, they gave her goosebumps.

‘I just need to earn the Eye of the Sky.’

Muyoung didn’t care.

If he achieved his goal in the Sky Library, it didn’t matter if his identity was exposed.

Either way, he was planning on leaving the Great City.

It was necessary to leave the Great City to continuously earn things like secret classes and to improve.

“What, should I do?”

The Blazing Spear Soldier.

A conversation was possible with the Fire Dragon Woo who was turned into an undead when he was still alive.

“Hunt down every last living bird.”

“I will follow, your order.”



Fire and lightning raged together.


It could be said that Muyoung cleverly avoided the limits of the Sky Library.

Since all the undead Muyoung had were extremely strong.

The strength of many following a single order was amazing.

It wasn’t like there weren’t people with summoner classes but the majority earned these things known as classes as they lived their lives in the Underworld.

It was a special case for Muyoung to earn a class so early. More so, because it was a Lord class.

As they finally killed all the harpies in the flock, something unexpected happened.


<200% fulfillment of the trial!>

Muyoung’s body gradually became transparent.


As Suzy noticed the change, she tilted her head slightly as she called for him, but Muyoung had already disappeared.

Muyoung realized that this forced send-off was for a reward.

However, he was secretly quite surprised.

The reason why the Long-distance Teleportation Magical Item was an amazing item was because it allowed the user to move to a place they remembered but also because teleportation was a movement through space.

Skills that allowed the user to move through space were rare and there were barely any items that could do this.

However, it teleported Muyoung for his reward.

Soon, the surrounding background slowly changed.

Muyoung was on top of a place similar to a temple.

The temple itself was totally murky and the whole area was only lit up a bit by a small fire hanging on top of the ceiling.

And Muyoung was able to find 8 huge statues surrounding the place.

A man holding a dragon and a spear, a man in the form of a beast, a bird with golden wings and hair… even a goblin with 3 heads and many long arms!

‘Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils.’

Muyoung was certain that the 8 statues had something to do with the Demi-Gods and Semi- Devils.

Even the name of the room itself was the ‘Room of 8 Ghosts’.


The Infinity Pouch emitted a light.

As he placed his hand inside, his hand naturally took out a talisman.

‘Talisman of Asura.’

The talisman he received after clearing the first boss in the Blue Temple.

It was given to him when he left a phenomenal record.

Muyoung was planning on using the Talisman of Asura later on when he obtained the S ranked weapon ‘Diablos’ as it allowed him to strengthen an equipment or a skill.

However, right now, the Talisman of Asura shined as it flew out of his hand and was absorbed into the goblin with 6 hands.

It was actually a statue modeled after Asura.

Thump! Thummp!

Soon, Asura moved.

Slowly, he stretched out his large hand and grabbed Muyoung.

Afterwards, Muyoung locked eyes with one of the three heads.

Muyoung felt like his soul was being sucked in as he looked into his eyes,

As the hand moved, he was able to see the rest of the eyes.

He felt like he entered a place deep inside an abyss.

Lightning raged inside Muyoung’s head as he looked at all 6 eyes the 3 heads had.

He couldn’t think about anything.

Muyoung was able to peek inside the world of horrifying demons and spirits in Asura’s 6 eyes.

The screams and anguish of ten billion, hundred billion, ringed in Muyoung’s ears.

A place where death was evident.

A place that was death itself…

Even Muyoung who killed thousands of people couldn’t understand everything in this world.

No, it was impossible for a human to understand all six places.

He just scooped up a very small part, a grain of something.

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