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Chapter 38: Asura (2)

Two people were facing each other in a small room.

Before Muyoung said anything, Taehwan opened his mouth.

“They came yesterday afternoon. They said they would offer me a wide building and B ranked equipment.”

“It looks like they thought highly of your potential.”

“I don’t know. Only, if I had my own estate, could I not separate from everyone and bring them all to my estate?”

“Can’t you just do what you want? If the offer isn’t bad, there isn’t a reason for you to decline.”

Taehwan let out a long sigh.

“That is… Sigh! I heard that even the Sun Guild sent in a ‘Judge’ in the free-for-all fight. They consider human lives as ants. No matter how tempting their offer is, I don’t want to join people like them.”

There was no way everything would be good.

Taehwan’s face showed complete loathing.

“On top of that, I find their intentions a bit strange. It didn’t seem like they were simply looking at my potential but it also looked like they were searching for someone. Even asking weird questions.”

“What kind of weird questions?”

Muyoung’s gaze focused on Taehwan.

The Sun Guild was looking for someone. It was highly likely it was under Alexandro Quintart’s orders.

“That if I had my name in Solomon’s Hall of Fame from the Blue Temple, they would offer me an even better treatment. An A ranked weapon and talismans, even a small island. I couldn’t answer since I didn’t know what it was but similar questions were asked afterwards.”

The offer couldn’t be any better.

It was too much of an investment for just a beginner.

To get a small island and receive an A ranked weapon and talismans were something only the top ranking members of a moderately sized group would get.

Although the Sun Guild exceeded that of a ‘moderately’ sized group but to a single beginner, that amount of investment was excessive.

Even more… providing information on a top-ranked skill in the Sky Library was uncommon.

The competition for information on the Sky Library was fierce and if one mastered a top-ranked skill, it would disappear.

It meant it was impossible for someone else to get the skill.

They were going to give someone who wasn’t a high level or a rising star that kind of information?

Even if they were the Sun Guild, they were unable to give out that kind of information limitlessly.

It was hard to take it simply as good will.

They had a goal. They were straightforwardly luring people out with an offer no one could decline.

A reward no group could offer.

It was closer to a warning.

For no one to aim for their target.

The Sun Guild had sufficient power to do so.

Just why?

‘It’s regretful that I pretty much have no information about the Sun Guild currently.’

Even Muyoung couldn’t easily stay calm.

He didn’t have any concrete information about the internal affairs of the Sun Guild at this time.

Since there were no requests for assassinating Alexandro Quintart, he was one of the people Muyoung didn’t kill.

Rather he was one of the few who made the most assassination requests.

In reality, it could be considered as the pinnacle of these establishments’ power.

Since the Dragon Lord was assassinated by Muyoung per Alexandro Quintart’s request, for someone like him to intervene meant that it wasn’t due to personal feelings.

‘To find the one who entered Solomon’s Hall of Fame means they are looking for me.’

There was a chance that someone besides Muyoung entered Solomon’s Hall of Fame. Since there were many records besides the ones Muyoung broke at the Blue Temple.

However, there were probably not many records that had Alexandro Quintart of the Sun Guild’s name on it.

At most, he would have done the Boss Battles Muyoung had done or something harder.

Although he thought that someone could find him, for the first to be the Sun Guild was quite unexpected.

Muyoung was lost in his thoughts for a long time. At that moment, Taehwan said.

“Hyungnim. How about we just make one?”


“Something like a guild. I know that Hyungnim doesn’t like taking the lead but if you are the guild master, at least the people from the same temple would trust and follow you.”

Muyoung shook his head.

“I have no thoughts in joining a group.”

He thought to walk alone.

As soon as he joined a group, he could no longer blindly proceed looking forward.

There were too many enemies and they were too strong.

What was more, Muyoung was a human who didn’t associate well with group activities.

Since he knew himself well, that kind of suggestion wasn’t welcoming at all.

“Then we need to separate. Won’t everyone be nervous?”

“You do it.”


“Making a guild, you do it.”

Muyoung coolly said.

If he wanted to join the Sun Guild, he wouldn’t have stopped him.

Although he hoped for his hero qualities to shine, it wasn’t impossible for him to make his way up from the bottom.

However… if he wasn’t going to join, it was better to walk the path of a sovereign.

Of course, it was a thorny path that no one wanted to tread.

A tall tree would catch much wind.

However, if he could endure, he could make a small wave.

The small wave would become rough then become a tidal wave.

A hero was that kind of existence.

At least, it was different from the direction Muyoung was going in.


Taehwan blinked his eyes.

It looked like it had never crossed his mind.

Taehwan was oblivious to his hero qualities.

However, a stubborn spirit that wouldn’t easily change wasn’t something anyone could have. In Muyoung’s perspective, he had an imperceptible trait that no other hero he had seen until now possessed.

“If you really want to spread your values, you must. It will be hard but if you succeed, you will be able to harvest that much fruit.”

This was the most advice Muyoung could give.

The rest was up to Taehwan.

Taehwan continued to sit in his spot for a long time.

Muyoung looked at Taehwan for a moment before leaving the room.


He had no thoughts of taking the obvious bait.

If he didn’t have his past memories, he may have grabbed at the Sun Guild’s bait but since he knew how different Alexandro Quintart was on the inside, he was planning on not even showing any traces.

When the morning brightened the next day, Muyoung calmly walked around the Great City.

The building styles that reminded you of the Middle Ages.

There were countless individuals gathered and occasionally beginners were mixed in as well.


And among them, there were some who hid their traces and were observing the people around them. They were recruiters who were spread out to look for any hidden pearls that they might have missed.

Muyoung openly strutted along the path and showed everyone who spotted him that he had no ability.

“Various fried skewers that will never appear in this world again! We trade five for any magical treasure!”

“You will definitely need small cute hunting dogs.”

“I will draw you a photo-like picture. Leave one as a memory.”

The Great City was in the peak of celebrations.

The rush that would only happen once a month.

The time when tens of thousands of beginners entered the Underworld, items like talismans earned from the Blue Temple and rewards from trials would overflow.

Although the strong wouldn’t spare a glance, for those that had been here for only a few years or those who had given up on getting stronger, it was their livelihood.

The number of people that resided in the Great City was close to a million.

Not everyone could be part of a group or be strong.

And as for talismans, no matter how low ranked they were, they could be reinforced or combined so it was widely used as currency.

The beginners who didn’t know the importance of talismans had no hesitation.

In fact, they seemed to excited that the talismans they thought were useless could be used as currency.

‘There were blessings hidden within the Ancient King’s Castle.’

Muyoung ignored them and walked around the exterior of the castle.

The locations of each building were the same as his memories.

Although he walked at his quickest place, he was barely able to complete a circle by nightfall.



This was the hidden function of the Ancient King’s Castle.

Though there was a condition to start in the morning and end at night, there weren’t many people who knew this.

Like this, there were many hidden secrets about the Ancient King’s Castle.

‘Next, I meditate for two hours at the clock tower.’

There was a blessing that increased your stamina by one at the clock tower.

They were laughable conditional blessings but it was most likely that the Ancient King was an eccentric person who had a great interest in art.

It could be deduced by looking at the style of the buildings and their arrangement.

He couldn’t waste time by waiting to enter the Sky Library.

Muyoung moved diligently.



A few days later, a man wearing a Sun Helmet stormed into the inn.

“Muyoung, Bae Suzy and Leelawadee, please follow me.”

He called out three people.

Muyoung instinctively knew that it was time to enter the Sky Library.

Since only 300 people could enter at once, he thought he would have to wait longer. It was unexpected that he was called second.

“Mister. Let’s go.”

Suzy who had spent the past few days worrying confidently stormed out.

It looked like she had made a big decision.

Muyoung briefly looked at her before reminding himself of his goal once again.

‘Eye of the Sky.’

The skill he must obtain at the Sky Library.

He had to obtain that skill at the Sky Library no matter what.

A universal window of knowledge that could let you know all the information in the Sky Library.

Although information was limited to the skill rank, looking at a single aspect of the library would be of great help.

The Eye of Sky was something that could supplement things that Muyoung never realized.

‘No matter what.’

He slowly moved his feet.



The Sky Library was located on the west side of the castle.

Just like its name, the library was floating in the sky. Luckily, there were stairs made up of clouds that led to it.

300 people were gathered in front of the grand entrance and were waiting for the previous group to come out.

And a person among them.

‘There’s a kid from the Sun Guild.’

A boy who looked to be about 16 was standing at the very front.

He was a likeable boy wearing a Sun Helmet.

Around half the people, including the boy, looked very confident.

Those that had applied to guilds and clans.

They had changed their equipment and they knew information about the Sky Library beforehand.

However, the Sky Library was definitely not an easy place.

‘The trial would always change.’

There was no way they would just hand out free skills.

The higher ranked skills were set up to be harder to obtain and the trials would change each time.

The moment you let down your guard, you would lose your life.


Soon the door of the Sky Library opened and people popped out.

Around 220 people.

Most of them had their shoulders dangling down. The dark circles under their eyes indicated that they weren’t able to get a wink of sleep.

They walked down the stair like corpses.

Everyone understood.

That those who did not exit had perished.

“You can go in now.”

A man wearing a Sun Helmet was guarding the surroundings.

Once a person took the lead and put out his hand, everyone else lowered their breaths and started to entered the Sky Library.


<300 people can enter.>




The door closed and a long message appeared on the Status Viewer.

‘Shadow. So it’s the spirit affiliation trial.’

The surroundings were pitch black.

A light would come on and off repeatedly every 3 seconds.

“A low ranked room. 12 shadows?”

“Why is the light constantly going off and on?”

Although people tilted their heads in doubt, they were able to see that books were lined up all around them due to the blinking lights.

An overwhelmingly large area.

An endless supply of books like lined up in long rows.

It felt like it was wider than when they saw it outside.

“First, let’s mov…”

“Wait. It looks like there’s something on the floor?”


Before they could move, a person was already in his death throes.

It was because the person beside him had suddenly attacked.

“Is this bastard crazy?”

Since he acted in front of everyone, there was no way he was going to walk on his two feet again.

At the moment they were about the strike the attacker with eyes filled with anger.

“This is an order! Beware of the spirits on the floor! And be alert of people with two shadows!”

The boy wearing a Sun Helmet yelled.

‘His situational judgement is good.’

Muyoung silently looked at his surroundings.

’11 spirits left.’

There were spirits that would stop when the lights were on and moved when the lights were off.

The spirits could possess the people they touched.

The first one had died, so there were 11 left.

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