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Chapter 37: Asura (1)



A new idea.

It wasn’t bad since it was another way for him to increase his strength. Muyoung took it positively.

Soon, the Dark Ghoul’s body became a bit bigger and moved with more agility.

Graawk. Graaaawk.

His nature seemed to have become fiercer.

By the influence of the Dark Ghoul, the Avengers’ eyes became more ferocious.

The name ‘Avengers’ really suited them as they craved for blood.

This was beyond Muyoung’s control.

‘The corpse aren’t intact.’

Muyoung knit his brows.

The almost mangled up corpses of low ranked assassins started to arrive.

Because of this, his frequency of casting the Art of Death skill had decreased but he didn’t mind it.

Either way, he was able to completely hold Wung Chunglin back.

The failure to collect beginners and the loss of his low ranked assassins had to be a blow for Chunglin.


At that moment, a signal in Muyoung’s head was cut off.

That meant that one of the Avengers had died.

‘They started to retreat.’

And the last few moments of the ghoul’s vision flashed through Muyoung’s head.

He couldn’t control undead which were spread out, but like this, information could be sent in when an undead died.

As he watched the memories that flew into his head, Muyoung found many groups.

About 30 assassins were moving together and leaving the Great City.

‘Number 400.’

And within the group, one caught Muyoung’s eyes.

Assassins whose number ended in a ‘00’ were remotely controlled by Chunglin

It was the same as a signal relay.

It was a method designed to move assassins more systematically and easier.

It was obvious that Wung Chunglin had noticed that something went completely wrong with his plan and ordered them to retreat and leave the Great City with the rest of the assassins.

Muyoung quickly made his decision.


He lit the corpses on fire with a cold blue face.

He was regretful that he couldn’t take all his past brothers with him but if they were to become Avengers in their current state they wouldn’t have been useful.

Instead… It was better to send them off peacefully.

Right after he put them on fire, Muyoung started to move with all the Avengers, his red cape fluttering behind him.



There were many ways to leave the Great City but there was only one path Chunglin frequently used.

The underground tunnel which changed its structure every 14 days.

It was a place no one entered because it was filled with filthy waters and rats but the only advantage of a place like this was that it was unguarded.

Normal underground tunnels had magical barriers in preparation for outside intruders.

Guards and traps were routinely placed to protect these tunnels.

It would be quite annoying for anyone who tried to sneak through secretly.

But this pathway which Muyoung was in, wasn’t known to anyone else. Even the top members of the two great forces, the ‘Sun Guild’ and the ‘Lawless Clan’, that ruled over the Great City didn’t know of this secret place.

Only Wung Chunglin knew of this place.

No, only Muyoung and Chunglin knew of this place.

However, Chunglin didn’t know that Muyoung knew about this place.

That little difference would lead Chunglin to failure.

“I was waiting.”


Muyoung pulled out Anguish.

As around 30 assassins who were heading towards Muyoung hesitated, the Avengers immediately surrounded them.

The originally low ranked assassins were currently strengthened.

The Avengers were enhanced as a couple of buffs overlapped. They were as strong as a mid-ranked monster.

Crack! Rip!

The enraged Avengers all started to go crazy.

Muyoung climbed a wall and darted towards Number 400.


“Who are you?”

A sword met with another.

Number 400 directly looked at Muyoung.

‘Wung Chunglin. You’ve personally decided to involve yourself in this.’

The tips of Muyoung’s lip started to go up.

He who was simply ordering them had borrowed the body of Number 400 and appeared.

Anguish violently slashed through the air as it craved for blood.

A detailed attack that a normal low ranked assassin wouldn’t be able to block was blocked by him.

If you put it simply, he was only possessed but, just by adding Chunglin’s fighting senses, he seemed like a completely different person.

“How do you know this route?”


From the tone of his voice, he could sense the composure that only the absolute strong could have.

However, Muyoung never exposed his full strength.

He was facing the opponent with pure technique.

And as the fight continued, he was sure of one thing.

‘I can win.’

He was certain that he could win against Wung Chunglin without much difficulty if he was to gain enough strength as he did in the past.

Chunglin’s skills were fast and detailed like a snake but Muyoung was able to break through all of it.

If they used the same skills, why couldn’t he break through?

“Those skills and movements. Where did you learn them.”

“Wung Chunglin.”

“…. How do you know that name?”

He, who was borrowing the body of Number 400, was speechless.

He never thought that there was anyone in this world who would know of his name.

Chunglin was a person who lived in the shadows.

As he never was projected in anyone’s conscious, there was no real person who knew of his name.

Except Muyoung.


His left shoulder was sliced off.

As he lost his balance and was staggering, Muyoung ended the fight by piercing Anguish into his belly.

“I know who you are but you don’t know who I am.”

“You bastard… who are you?”

His face was covered by the Lunatic Sovereign’s Helmet.

As of right now, there was no way for Chunglin to find out about Muyoung’s identity.

So, Muyoung spoke a short warning as if he was whispering.

“Wait for me. I will go to you.”




The kidnapped beginners only woke up the morning of the next day.

“Whe, where?”

“What’s that even?!”

However, blood was spread out everywhere and only burnt corpses were lined up.

It seemed like the situation had settled after the guards who were patrolling took them to their inns.

However, a doubt still remained.

Who kidnapped them and why they were lying down with a bunch of burnt up corpse.

Some testified that they caught a glimpse of a ghoul-like monster but, besides a few, most believed that they were just seeing things.

Great guilds and clans were secretly trying to find the culprit but there was no way they could find a person who had disappeared like a ghost.

However, a few people shivered in fear.

“The slayer… The slayer of the tower has returned…!”



Lunch, the next day.

Muyoung was listening to the explanation with a bunch of people on the first floor of the inn.

“We, the Paulownia Guild, are made up of a small number of about 50 elites. We can proudly say that we have been around for 30 years with our own tradition. Right now we have four spots available and we are seeking people who would fill in those spots. If you join us, we will fully support you. Oh, we are hoping to find people with stamina above 40.”


Out of the blue, a man showed up and started to talk.

While others were paying attention to the man, Muyoung slowly savored his soup.

‘The Nine Guilds and the Five Great Clans have already finished contacting people. The people who have been coming over were only small groups who were short on members.’

As he turned his head, he found Taehwan and Suzy blankly staring at the floor with a quite serious look on their faces.

Someone had already contacted them.

Even those great guilds and clans couldn’t help but covet people who had the potential to be great.

As it was good to have lots of outstanding slaves.

Of course, no one approached Muyoung who used the Information Distortion Talisman to hide himself.

Technically, an assassin approached him but it wasn’t to recruit him but to kidnap him. It was hard to say that he was a welcoming guest.

Actually, Muyoung could sense a magical scent on Taehwan and Suzy.

‘Indicator Skill.’

The people who approached them left an ‘indication’ on them.

That was why the assassins avoided them.

Muyoung knew that the beginners with an indication were removed from the list of people who they were to kidnap.

“Us, the Paulownia Guild, knows more about the Sky Library than anyone else. You should already know by now that you could earn a skill that you want from the Sky Library. It is really stupid to enter the library without any information. Since what you learn from there will determine your future path and your life span. It is necessary for you to learn a skill that’s right for you.”

Many people were interested in the man who was speaking in front of the entrance.

There weren’t just huge groups in the Great City.

There were small groups who were busily running around to recruit beginners.

Even if there were a lot of reasons, they were mostly after ‘the skill a beginner could learn from the Sky Library’.

‘They are probably trying to get people to learn a skill that could be useful to their group or will be helpful in having them pass a trial.’

There basically was no real group who had pure intentions on helping beginners and fully supporting them.

Most were planning on choosing the skill beginners had to learn and use it to their benefit.

The Sky Library was vast with many kinds of skills people could learn.

Even if they could only choose one, it was clear that that one skill will have a great impact on their future.

Of course, there were ‘kind groups’ who helped people with pure intentions and did not use them. However, you could count them on your fingers and even if they did exist, they didn’t last and disappeared after a few years.

And from the looks of it, Muyoung thought the Paulownia Guild was an outstanding bully.

‘Those who are truly willing to help don’t place any requirements.’

Why would they limit their recruitment to people with ‘stamina above 40’?

It was because the skill they had to learn had a specific requirement to meet and it was something they needed right away. It was obvious they were trying to use them.

“In detail, how are you planning to support us?”

As the woman who was quietly listening to them asked, the man nicely replied back.

“A full set of C ranked gear and basic talismans. We will also introduce you to a good hunting area for you to get stronger. Since we have a few priest classes, they will help you get stronger faster. And above all.”

The man cleared his throat and continued.

“There was nothing you could say is truly free. Remember that. Even getting water to drink is done by a trade. I promise that if you join our guild, food and shelter will be freely provided.”

“In this world, is there any common currency?”

The continuous questions could have irritated him but the man still answered with a smile.

“Umm, easiest way is by talismans. F ranked talisman can allow you to eat three meals. It’s not bad to join a crafting group to make food or items but because of the poor environment, it wouldn’t be easy to survive. I don’t really recommend it.”

The value of currency.

It was possible to trade with monster hides and meat but most commonly used were talismans.

And… It wasn’t like everyone fought.

Crafting groups truly did exist.

However, most the people who joined were scaredy cats and those with physical disabilities.

The exceptions were blacksmiths who were better treated but their work was twice as hard. Normal artisans were unfriendly towards outsiders and if they didn’t raise their rank by completing their associated skill’s workmanship, they were frequently cast away.

The man shrugged his shoulders.

“There are only a few guilds and clans that give an incredible offer when they recruit beginners. Even the huge guilds and clans, you know them right? They massacre beginners. Just because it’s big, it doesn’t mean it’s good.  So please properly think over it before you make your decision.”

As if there were other places he could look for people, he ended his talk and clasped his hands behind his back.

Everyone started to read each other’s faces.

One choice.

Everything will be determined by this.

But, there seemed to be no lies in his words.

If they were to lose this chance…

Could they get a place with better conditions?

All the people who suffered from the Blue Temple wanted a place where their safety could be assured.

Everyone knew that they needed strength.

“You said you will accept people with stamina above 40? I will join.”

As one raised their hand, a few others joined.

“Me too! Accept me too!”

“I’m missing 1 stamina but could you please accept me?”

The Paulownia Guild filled their four spots in an instant.

Even afterwards, a few guilds and clans came by.

Guilds were mostly made up of Caucasians and black people and clans were mostly made up of Asians. There were groups with a mix of different people but there was some racial discrimination going on behind the scenes.

And as the numbers in the inn decreased, the people could only become more nervous.

The group of 100 people had been reduced to less than 20 within half a day.

‘This tastes good.’

Muyoung didn’t care and was silently savoring the taste of the liquor.

He couldn’t remember the last time he drank.


As he heard a sound from his side, he turned his head.

Taehwan sat beside him and with a serious face, he spoke quietly.

“… An offer came from the Sun Guild. What should I do?”

The Sun Guild was one of the groups who took care of this Great City.

‘Alexandro Quintart.’

It was a guild where the guild master was also ranked in the top 10 among humans.

The Sun Guild was known to only take in less than 10 beginners every month.

And a place like this carefully looked at Taehwan and offered to recruit him.

Normally, Muyoung would have been inattentively glossed over it but a slight interest rose.

“Let’s talk upstairs.”

Muyoung placed down his liquor glass and stood up from his place.

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