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Chapter 31: Free-for-all (3)

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Was it because he turned into a Blazing Spear Soldier?

However, the bright light was floating above other undead as well.

‘It’s the effect of the skill.’

He thought he was seeing the lights because of the ‘Soul Exploitation’ skill.

Muyoung immediately turned his Status Viewer and read his newly acquired skill.


Skill Name: Soul Exploitation (F)

Description – Absorb undead with an art score above 70 to increase your stats. There is a very low possibility of obtaining one of the skills the undead possessed.

The efficiency varies depending on the Art Score, Skill Rank and the material of the undead.


Muyoung’s eyebrows twitched slightly.


He wasn’t this surprised when he created the Blazing Spear Soldier.

Fire Dragon Woo could be classified as a top ranked material, but due to the property of the undead, he wouldn’t get stronger.

Unless it was strengthened by the necromancer personally using his magic or through equipment or fusion.

Although it couldn’t be said that all undead couldn’t develop, it was very rare. So eventually there would be a time when the undead would be discarded and when that time came, Muyoung could use this skill.

‘I could even gain their skill.’

Muyoung concentrated on the last part of the description.

Even though the possibility was low, there was a chance to obtain one of the skills the undead possessed.

That meant, if he was to create someone with a really good skill, he could cast Soul Exploitation to obtain that skill.

Although that was only when that low possibility worked to his favor…

However, once he cast the spell, the undead would become useless. This skill seemed to be best used when the undead was about to be discarded.

‘The Skeleton of Fire and Ice.’

Muyoung raised his head.

The half-collapsed Skeleton of Fire and Ice had its head completely lowered next to him.

But, there definitely was a bright light hovering above it.

It meant it was possible to use Soul Exploitation.

The light started to slowly dim and it looked like after a period of time, he could no longer use it.

‘Soul Exploitation.’

Muyoung approached the skeleton and cast the skill.

Soon a blue light appeared out of Muyoung’s hand and stole the light above the skeleton’s head.


[It is a work of art with an art score of 71.]

[After examining the material and the skill rank, you have exploited 4% of its stats.]

[The Skeleton of Fire and Ice has a total of ‘187’ stats.]

[‘7’ of the stats will be randomly distributed to your stats.]

[Strength +1, Agility +2, Intelligence +1, Fighting Aura +1, Magic Resistance +2.]


Sadly, he wasn’t able to obtain a skill.

Well, it would have been weird if he was easily able to obtain a skill when it said the possibility was low.

The fact that the skill used the total amount of stats as the standard drew his attention.

There were many cases where the undead made with top quality materials would develop multiple stats.

If Muyoung was to use this skill on those undead, he would be able to gain more stats with the same effect.

‘My stamina is recovered.’

Another thing.

He could feel his body getting stronger through his skin.

However, there was another effect.

The wounds inflicted during the fight with Fire Dragon Woo healed at a visible rate.

‘Looks like the Soul Exploitation skill can even heal my wounds.’

Muyoung slowly nodded his head.

The skill he obtained after ranking the Art of Death skill to C rank, it could be incredibly useful depending on how he used it.

He was positive that his skills were one or two levels above a normal necromancer at the very least.

As his movements became more natural, Muyoung turned his Status Viewer to see his increased stats.


Achievement Effect -> Gremory’s Anguish (A, +3 to all abilities)

Class Effect -> Death Lord (Lord Class, Ruler of Death)

Stats ->

Strength 67 (41 + 26) Agility 61 (43 + 18)

Stamina 67 (39 + 28) Intelligence 36 (18 + 18)

Wisdom 35 (17 + 18) Fighting Aura 42 (24 + 18)

Magic Resistance 30 (12 +18)

Special Note: Fighting Aura has been awakened.

Equipped and Invoked Equipment: Anguish (Strength +5), Herculean Strength Leather Armor (Strength +3), Lunatic Sovereign’s Set (All Stats +15, Stamina +10)


‘My basic stats have increased. Magic Resistance as well.’

Normally, stats increased by skills or equipment were considered ‘support’ stats.

Curse-type skills would usually reduce the ‘support’ stats by a percentage and if people went into high ranked ‘Anti-Magic Fields’, they would not receive an increase of stats from skills. However, there was no problem if his basic stats increased.

On top of that, Magic Resistance was a stat he wasn’t even able to increase by one until now.

Although he did develop the stat, methods to increase it were almost nonexistent. Usually, it could only be raised with the help of equipment or an achievement, but now there was a way to increase it without difficulty.

The strong who placed at the top would normally pay a lot of attention to Magic Resistance. Due the characteristic of the Underworld, they didn’t know who would use what skill to threaten them.

No matter how strong you were, if you were careless, you would die. It was because of this, Muyoung was able to successfully complete his assassination against someone with a large difference in stats.

While he rubbed his chin, thinking about something momentarily, the Blazing Spear Soldier regained his original appearance.


Muyoung glanced towards the Blazing Spear Soldier.

“You can talk?”

“Please give, me orders.”

Was it because he was only half-dead?

Or was it because he had more intelligence and wisdom than his other undead.

Muyoung couldn’t help, but ask.

“Do you have any memories of when you were alive?”

“I only remember, a little.”

Hmm. Muyoung crossed his arms.

His intelligence was enough, but his memories weren’t completely intact.

If he still retained his memories, it would have been a big help in dealing with the other four judges, but the problem was his memories were too ambiguous.

If they found out that he was an undead, Muyoung would lose his Blazing Spear Soldier and arouse their attention.

‘I can use him.’

However… It wasn’t like all paths were blocked.

Muyoung started to design a small plan.

A story that could be used even outside the Box of Trials.

A method that could keep suspicions at a minimum while gaining all the profit!

“You will act like Fire Dragon Woo from now on. Do you at least remember his way of speech?”

“I, remember. I will, do as you command.”

Although he did pause his words, it was enough.

Muyoung put everything in order and moved out without any hesitation.



Taehwan had to choose.

To be satisfied or go out.

As a leader, he had tremendous responsibilities. His decision could decide whether more than ten people lived or died.

‘Was staying here really safe?’

Rocky formations. It was an ideal place to hide.

However, they had no way of knowing when there will only be 300 remaining.

And he didn’t feel like hiding either.

If they used the death of others as a stepping stone for survival, it was certain that they would continue to use it. The first time was hard, from the second, it was easy.

‘I can’t assume everyone besides the Judges are on the same side.’

Muyoung had told them.

That there would be some who would submit to their power.

And if they had endured a month in a temple like them, there was no way of knowing for sure they were nice people.

‘He said if we want to win, we have to combine our strength.’

Muyoung would never say anything that was impossible.

If Muyoung mentioned ‘winning, it meant that the possibility of winning wasn’t zero.

The result would change depending on their actions.

That was what Taehwan thought.

“I am gathering those that are willing to fight against the Judges. It is dangerous, so I won’t force you. I hope that those who are willing will follow me.”

Taehwan would always respectfully state his opinion.

He believed that he couldn’t force anyone to follow when it would lead to a deadly situation.

Of course, everyone could only try to read what was on each other’s minds.

They would be safe if they stayed hidden, so would there really be people who would risk their lives.

“I’ll go with you. It’s not like we’re a 100% safe staying here either, right? If that’s the case, it’s better to make a last-ditch effort.”

Kang Baeksoo.

He was the man who Taehwan had been through the Star of David and two Boss Battles with.

Although he was a bit sleazy, he was someone he could trust.

Kim Taehwan and Kang Baeksoo were the real big shots of the temple. If those two both left at once, there would be too big of a gap.

As Baeksoo acted, the atmosphere slowly started to change.

Finally, 7 people including Bae Suzy gathered and Taehwan didn’t scold the rest.

‘I can’t force their decision.’

Let’s try to change the progression of the battle with these 7 people.

Taehwan left the rocky formations with a heavy heart.


Although they started with vigor, it wasn’t easy to find people.

Even when they did, people didn’t want to follow Taehwan.

Only 7 people. There wasn’t anyone who would believe in a group with a child and wounded people.

They just couldn’t understand.

The force displayed by the Judges were beyond their imaginations.

At that time, it did look like they were going to gather their forces to attack, but once they felt the difference between them, they all lowered their tails.

In reality, the people’s reactions were all the same.

“Why would I take that risk? When I could hide and wait for it to drop to 300 people. Can’t I just leave then?”

“How can I believe you enough to follow you? How are you going to do something with 7 people when we couldn’t do anything with a thousand? It’d be a relief we all died a dog’s death.”

They were right.

Didn’t Taehwan just barely resist that temptation?

“Cowardly bastards.”

Baeksoo ground his teeth.

‘It’s because I’m not good enough.’

However, the first thing Taehwan felt was remorse.

It was because he wasn’t able to get people to trust him.

Maybe if he had the same strength as Muyoung, it might have gone differently.

He would have been able to lead the crowd with his overwhelming charisma.

Taehwan still didn’t give up. If he could just increase the numbers, it would also increase their strength. He wholeheartedly believed that there was someone out there with the same thoughts as him.

However… the hunting dogs were a problem.

Those who submitted to power had spotted the group of seven and started their attack.



Baeksoo raised his dagger.

The number of hunting dogs was well above twenty.

“Just why are you doing this, you damn bastards!”

Baeksoo suddenly shouted.

The situation really wasn’t great.

A blood bath.

It was to the point where Taehwan was just barely able to block the front.

However, the enemies were frantic.

“You guys need to die for us to live!”

“I-I don’t want to die!”

They acted like if they didn’t kill they would be the ones to die.

There was no way they could start a conversation in a situation like this.

So the only way for them to live was to kill their enemies.

And… the side to die had been decided.

‘Is this the end?’

Taehwan felt the sky turn yellow.

It might have been best just to hide in between the rocks.

And it looked like people were going to die because of his reckless bravado.

‘I have to let at least a person escape.’

He felt responsible.

Taehwan was willing to die.


He pushed the hunting dogs away with his Shield of Eradication to force a path.

However, no matter how many dogs he pushed away, more would come and take their place.

‘Please, please!’

Taehwan gritted his teeth. Even when he received a wound or a deep slash, he wasn’t fazed.



Strength poured in.

The shape of the shield changed.

But, it was inadequate.

If he didn’t kill everyone, he would not be able to leave this place.

It didn’t matter if he was willing to die or if he obtained a unique class, the current Taehwan was unable to handle the strength of the masses.

The shadow of despair covered everyone’s face.

At that moment, they instinctively realized that there was no way out and that their deaths were approaching.



A red spear flew down from afar.

The hunting dog’s head which was hit by the spear exploded like a firework.

And as if it was planned, everyone’s movements stopped. At the same time, Taehwan mumbled after looking to the direction the spear flew from.

“Fire Dragon Woo…? Hyungnim?”

The Judge, Fire Dragon Woo!

He was calming walking towards them.

What was more surprising was that the man next to Woo was Muyoung.

And more than 100 people were trailing behind them.

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