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Chapter 30: Free-for-all (2)



Muyoung made a trap in the location where most of the people ran towards.

He waited quietly at a location where he believed Fire Dragon Woo would pass by.

Fully armed.

‘Lunatic Sovereign’s set.’

The effect of increasing all stats by 15 and stamina by 10 and becoming a Lunatic Warrior when close to death. It was better than most A rank items combined.

Information about the ‘Lunatic Warrior’ was given below.


Lunatic Warrior – Become enraged by the continuous consumption of stamina. Three random stats will increase by 15.


By collecting the full set, there was no consumption of stamina. It meant that he was able to ceaselessly become an ‘Enraged Lunatic Warrior’ when he received a certain amount of damage.

It might have been a perfect fit for Muyoung’s style.

From the beginning, didn’t Muyoung continue to fight dangerously?

If he just pushed himself further to just activate the Lunatic Warrior, he would be able to grow stronger at a faster rate.

Anyhow, Muyoung wore the Lunatic Sovereign’s set before he made his surprise attack on Woo.

Honestly, he thought there was a fifty-fifty chance.

Woo was a second generation, born in the Underworld. Since he was young, he had grown up with monsters, unlike the first generation who were summoned into the Underworld.

It was obvious that Woo was significantly more developed than Muyoung’s current state when they looked at the overall factors.

But, he still considered it a fifty-fifty chance because he was certain that Woo wouldn’t suspect of an ambush attack.

But… the Protection of Fire Dragon.

‘They are really supporting him.’

Muyoung clicked his tongue knowing how much of a blessing it was to have that item.

Descendants really were descendants.

The past Muyoung also dealt with the Fire Dragon Clan.

The one who assassinated ‘Fire Dragon In’, the clan leader, was Muyoung.

Even then, it was difficult because the Protection of Fire Dragon had been activated. I thought I heard somewhere that it took about a year to make an item with the Protection of the Fire Dragon.

A blessing that could protect your life once couldn’t have been easily obtained.

He could tell how much the Fire Dragon Clan was supporting Woo by the amount of resources they have given him, even for a trial to kill beginners.

“Talk. Who sent you? The Blue Dragon Clan? Maestro Guild?”

Woo asked with a stiff face.

The tips of Muyoung’s lips were slightly raised.

Of course, it would be hard for Woo to accept that a newbie would be able to injure him since he would also know that the beginners have only lived in a temple for just a month.

“So you’re not going to respond? Fine, you bastard, I won’t let you die so easily.”

Woo rotated his spear.

It changed into a different form of a spear as it started blazing with fire.

“Did you think you could do anything with your mere B ranked equipment? Most of my skills and equipment are A ranked…”


Muyoung made the first move.

Muyoung tilted Anguish and smacked the head of the spear.

Woo’s body shuddered after sensibly blocking Muyoung’s attack.

He never thought that Muyoung would attack him before he finished what he had to say.

“You talk too much.”

Muyoung put an end to the conversation.

The prideful Woo was obviously pissed by Muyoung interfering with what he had to say.


Even if his skills and equipment were good, all of Woo’s movements were within Muyoung’s assumptions. It couldn’t be helped as Woo was too young.

If only he was a bit older and could be more rational… After thinking to that point, Muyoung secretly laughed.

Muyoung remembered that Woo still had an inferiority complex even when he took over the Fire Dragon clan when Fire Dragon In died.


Countless numbers of blazing spears dropped all around.

Muyoung avoided them all, but still his whole body was covered in soot.

‘Rain of Fire Dragon. It had better range that I thought.’

Even if Muyoung knew most of Woo’s skills because of the overall difference in stats and skill rank, he didn’t think it would be easy.

If he didn’t wear the Lunatic Sovereign’s set, it would have been difficult.

Woo mocked Muyoung after casting a few more Rain of Fire Dragon on him.

“You little squirt!”

Muyoung shrugged as he took out two talismans.

‘The Skeleton of Fire and Ice and the Prince and his subjects.’

Crack. Craack.


In an instant, the undead appeared and surrounded Woo.

“Necromancer? Foolish! Do you think undead could survive my blaze-!”

As if it was ridiculous, Woo laughed and attacked with his blazing spear.

But, it was completely blocked by the shield produced by the Skeleton of Fire and Ice.

Basically, the element of fire was offset by the element of water. The Skeleton of Fire and Ice had both characteristics of fire and ice elements and wasn’t bad against Woo’s element.



The Dark Ghoul and 30 other ghouls joined up and followed right away.

Showing both these undead meant that Muyoung was certainly going to kill him.

“These half-dead corpses!!”

Woo’s face became completely red.

He wasn’t used to a situation like this where things didn’t go his way.

The shield created by the Skeleton weakened Woo’s blazing spear and the Dark Ghoul and his reinforced ghouls persistently harassed Woo.

Meanwhile, Muyoung moved soundlessly.

Free-for-all was the type of fight assassins enjoyed the most. In a fight where people couldn’t tell who was who, they liked approach them like a shadow to slit their throats.

Slowly. Piercing through their weakness.

Muyoung was clearly right in front of him, but was outside his sight.

Even if Woo had lots of great equipment and skills, he was still young and had little experience. He wouldn’t have had time to learn how to face a real assassin.



He barely avoided a critical injury. However, he was able to precisely deepen the wound he made earlier.

‘As expected, he really does have sharp senses.’

Woo had outstanding senses in evading death. If Muyoung was in his prime, this wouldn’t have happened, but still, it was amazing.

As the same situation continuously occurred, he couldn’t contain his anger and raised his spear high.

“I will kill you all! The Cry of the Fire Dragon!”


The sky turned red. Blazing clouds were created and warmed the ground with hellfire.

The Cry of the Fire Dragon was a unique skill only the Fire Dragon Clan had.

However, that skill was a double-edged sword. It had monstrous destructive power, but didn’t allow for the user to be safe.

‘Cover me.’

Right away, Muyoung ordered his undead.

The ghouls hurriedly ran toward Muyoung and covered his body.

Thump! Blaaaze!

Hellfire continued to drop flames onto the ground. The Skeleton of Fire and Ice used its shield, but it was useless. The ghouls were all burnt and Muyoung wasn’t completely safe.


<‘Lunatic Warrior’ has been activated.>

79, agility 59 -> 74, and magic resist 40 -> 55. >


Muyoung pushed the burnt up ghouls and came out after the duration of the Cry of the Fire Dragon had ended.

With his wrecked body, Woo looked at Muyoung.

As if he was tired of this.

Including the Dark Ghoul, 6 Ghouls were still fine.

It was sad, but the Skeleton of Fire and Ice broke apart.

Tsk! Muyoung clicked his tongue and grabbed hold of Anguish.

Was it because the Lunatic Warrior was active?

The world seemed to be stained red and he was filled with the will to fight.

He didn’t feel pain even though he had an unavoidable injury.

Want to fight.

Want to kill!

“You bastard…”


Muyoung moved.



Muyoung was like a typhoon.


Woo got scared after seeing how Muyoung didn’t die, even after pouring out everything he had.

It was like the fight had already ended at that moment.



Woo was unconscious.

His whole body was mangled.

It was amazing how he didn’t die yet; it was as he planned.

Muyoung was barely able to not kill Woo.

He had to force himself to withstand the strong murderous intent he had while in the Lunatic Warrior state.

Muyoung’s endurance wasn’t that weak to give in to such desires.

‘Creating with a living corpse.’

A living corpse. Muyoung was planning to make Woo into an undead when he was still half alive.

It was never done before, but he believed it was worth a try.

If he could turn Woo into an undead when he was still half alive, it would be very useful for Muyoung.

‘The Box of Trials could be tricked.’

Muyoung had a complete understanding of the weakness of the Box of Trials.

Unlike the normal trials, the Box of Trials allowed people to set up their own trials and rewards. Of course, they lacked in detail.

If Woo who was a living corpse killed the other four Judges, the reward would go to Woo and not Muyoung. Muyoung could then hide his identity and still get the reward. It was like killing two birds with one stone.

Woo was currently still on the boundaries of death.

Could he possibly make an undead with Woo in this state?

After removing Woo’s Status Viewer from his wrist, Muyoung quickly scanned his history.

‘Nothing much is here.’

Simply, Woo walked a path that someone else laid out for him and mistakenly believed that he had built up his own path.

Like father, like son.

He had a complete inferiority complex, only overestimating himself, and didn’t realize the reality. This crooked personality was similar to Fire Dragon In.

Therefore, there wasn’t much he could learn from his history.

Inevitably, Muyoung activated his ‘Art of Death’ skill.

Soon a dark aura touched Woo’s body.


Level: 78

Type: Dark Warrior

Strength 87 (77 + 10)   Agility 85 (75 + 10)   Stamina 88 (78 + 10)

Intelligence 71 (61 + 10)   Wisdom 76 (66 + 10)   Fire Power 80 (70 + 10) >


+ Incredible Equipped State (All stats will increase by 10).

+ High tolerance to fire.

+ High tolerance to light.

+ Following skills are available: Rain of Fire, Cry of Fire, and Spear of Fire.

+ Able to detect danger.

+ Half alive, doesn’t rot.



Muyoung was quite surprised by the stats of the newly created undead.

He knew that the basic stats were going to be better than his.

Muyoung would have lost if he couldn’t read Woo’s movements or know about his skills.

But, he was completed without much of a loss compared to when he was alive.

Normally, it was rare for the skills or stats to be transferred over when a Necromancer made an undead. It was only possible with materials like the Death Knight to make something similar.

The Death Knight.

A top ranking undead.

It was an entity that had attained death and was simply a powerful knight without a match.

However, there was a limit in finding materials like the Death Knight.

Maybe they had to be at least a leader of a large guild or clan?

If you could make one, you could be fearless against an army of over ten thousand…

Of course, Woo’s material fell short by a lot compared to that.

It seemed like it was a result of a high art score and an increased rank in the Art of Death skill.

‘Exploitation of the Soul?’

What was more, a new skill was created.

A name he had not heard of before.

Just when Muyoung was feeling strange.


Woo’s injuries were rapidly recovering and his body was slowly raised.

A bright light appeared above on top.

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