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Chapter 28: Underworld (End)

TL by Myoni

Edited by Myoni & Yoni


Within the group of 15 people, only three actually understood Muyoung.

Kim Taehwan, Bae Suzy and Kang Baeksoo.

They were the ones who completed the trials of ‘the Star of David’ and the ones who were with him in the frontlines during Boss Battles. That was why they knew more about Muyoung than others, even though that was only the tip of the iceberg.

However, it was better to set up a small safeguard.

If someone took extreme measures to find information on him, it wasn’t impossible to expose Muyoung’s identity early.

He didn’t need a lot. Muyoung decided to do one last thing.

‘The subconscious.’

The subconscious was something that influenced a person’s actions.

Something that the person himself couldn’t notice. It was the territory of the mind that even one’s consciousness couldn’t approach.

The subconscious was something that would stay dormant until triggered by a specific action or thought. Then it would manifest in one’s consciousness.

The Chief of the Forest of Death, Wung Chunglin, used his strange skills and the subconscious of his victims to brainwash them into members of the Forest of Death.

He made them into puppets who didn’t fear death and skillfully erased his presence from their minds. Because of this, Wung Chunglin lived only as a ‘shadow’ that no one was aware of.

This was the decisive reason why no one knew the true identity of Wung Chunglin besides Muyoung.

As Wung Chunglin used vicious methods that would even erase one’s consciousness, Muyoung would have lived the remainder of his life as a puppet if he didn’t break through the limit.

To preserve his disappearing self, Muyoung instinctively read the history of his targets’ Status Viewers which helped him build up his mental defense.

Only because of these countless stories slowly bringing his subconscious back out was he able to break free from the brainwashing and annihilate the Forest of Death.

Didn’t stories play an important role in the ‘Art of Death’ skill as well? Perhaps, even getting the Death Lord class was unavoidable.

Anyways, Wung Chunglin used countless methods to erase the consciousness of his greatest assassin, Muyoung, and through this, Muyoung was able to understand his methods little by little.

‘I think it’s possible to execute the 2nd stage at most.’

Methods of manipulating the subconscious were divided into 3 general stages.

1st stage.

Manipulate the surface layer of one’s conscious to control their actions.

2nd stage.

Make a special action trigger a single idea that will change their conscious.

3rd stage.

Increase the boundaries of their unconsciousness and erode their mind.

Wung Chunglin was able to freely use any of the 3 stages to manipulate one’s subconscious.

Muyoung thought it was possible to execute up to the 2nd stage.

Up to the 2nd stage was still considered relatively easy.

It wasn’t impossible to make someone not reveal information about him or avoid certain situations when they see a specific action.

On top of that… it could also strengthen their mental defense in preparation for unlikely situations.

‘It is the only way to escape from Wung Chunglin’s evil influence.’

Although it wasn’t a method he particularly liked, it was the most optimal one.

It would be helpful to Muyoung and it wasn’t bad for everyone else as well.

Wung Chunglin was a master of manipulating minds. It might be of help when they experience even the slightest touch of his evil influence.

If they were strong with high intelligence, this would be useless. However, as they were weak, it was only obvious they had to prepare beforehand.

‘My real enemies are the Demon Gods that changed this world.’

Muyoung didn’t forget his original objective.

Although the hatred for the Forest of Death ran deep, Muyoung placed the Demon Gods as the root cause.

He believed that the world changed because there were Demon Gods that wanted to annihilate humans and that their deaths would be his final objective in living a ‘meaningful life’.

He regarded himself as a hero that wasn’t a hero because he wanted to remove all the obstacles in his path.

Even if he was someone who was called a hero in the past.

If they didn’t obstruct his way, he wouldn’t go out of his way to disturb them either. However, there was no reason not to move obstacles that were in his way.

That was why he didn’t hold getting his identity exposed in any regard.

It was enough if he could gain sufficient time to enter the Sky Library.

Muyoung fundamentally acted alone.

This wouldn’t change in the future.

If there were other heroes that wanted to kill the Demon Gods, he could provide some help, but would never join them.

Muyoung was Muyoung and they were them. As their methods were different, it was best not to bother each other.

Also… didn’t he personally witness human gatherings collapse frivolously?

This was the reason why Muyoung resolved himself to obtain everything himself.

On top of that, the Underworld was a place where the strong were able to defeat the masses.

He would become a true superhuman and annihilate his enemies.

‘I guess I have to get started.’

There wasn’t much time until the gates would open.



“Hehe, is it tasty?”

Muyoung and Suzy were sitting together.

Suzy was playing around with the Emperor of Shrewmice, Kking Kking, with her fingers.

She giggled as she watched Kking Kking chewing on a bean with gusto.

Taehwan, Baeksoo and everyone else would be nervous when facing Muyoung.

However, Suzy was different from everyone and wasn’t nervous at all.

It was probably due to her good senses that she realized Muyoung didn’t really have any bad intentions. She followed Muyoung based her instincts.

‘The best type for burrowing into one’s subconscious.’

Manipulating one’s subconscious wasn’t something that could be done to anyone.

That was if you weren’t at Wung Chunglin’s level.

First, there must be some trust and confidence towards the manipulator. It had to be to the point where if one was to claim that a regular stone was gold, the other would say, ‘it really could be gold!’.

“You’re enduring better than I thought.”

“Really? I always think I’m constantly making mistakes…”

“Everyone makes those mistakes.”

The moment was approaching.

The most important thing to do first was to get the target to open up their heart.

Although Wung Chunglin would use hallucinations, the side effects were too strong.

Also, there weren’t any lies in Muyoung’s words.

It was possible because Suzy’s adaptability was outstanding.

It might even be easier for her to comply because she was so young.

Also, her basic fighting strength was better than most adults.

A surprising level for her age.

It was definitely worth paying attention to her future growth.

“Then that’s a relief, hehe.”

Suzy smiled brightly. Her smile seemed to be more relaxed than before.

“Do you remember my warnings?”

“Umm, don’t show your watch to others, don’t try to show off until you have indisputable strength and if you’re going to do something, put all your effort into it?”

Although they were passing words, she had fortunately remembered them all.

As soon as Muyoung nodded his head, Suzy clapped her hands and held out her Status Viewer.

“Right. I got a weird skill. I read the description, but the words were too difficult and I couldn’t understand it.”

Did she forget the words she just said?

It didn’t seem that way.

It felt like she just didn’t consider Muyoung as an ‘other’.

Muyoung clicked his tongue as he accepted her Status Viewer and examined it.


Achievement Effect -> None

Class Effect -> Valkyrie of Dawn (Secret, There will be light after hardships.)

Strength 30  Agility 30

Stamina 30  Intelligence 30  Wisdom 30

Special Note: None


Skill Name: Sword of Dawn (D)

Description – Summon the Sword of Dawn

Skill Name: Shield of Dawn (D)

Description – Summon the Shield of Dawn

Skill Name: Suffering and Hardship (D)

Description – Soft on the Outside, but Strong and Firm on the Inside[1]. You cannot gain any stats from skills or equipment. However, all basic stats will rise quickly.


‘It’s a good skill.’

Like he expected, it seemed like the Valkyrie of Dawn was a class that raised all stats equally.

However, Muyoung admired her last skill.

It could be considered the best skill for those who didn’t have the ability to find outstanding equipment like Muyoung.

Unfortunately, since this skill wouldn’t be able to increase her stats limitlessly and due to the increasing importance of good equipment later on, he wondered how this class would overcome these limitations as it would be the determining factor of who was strong and who was weak.

Muyoung handed back her watch and told her what the word meant.

“It just means as long as you try hard, you will continuously get stronger.”

“Then I can be of more help in the future. Did you hear that, Kking Kking? You have to look up to me.”

Suzy yawned as she rubbed Kking Kking’s chin.

“Hmm, but why am I suddenly sleepy…”

Looking at her hazy partly opened eyes, Muyoung decided that this was the moment.

The faint sleeping scent he had released had finally taken effect.

“Look at my finger.”


After getting her to concentrate on his right index finger, he gently pressed it in the middle of her forehead.

It would serve as the link to her consciousness.

“Concentrate. You have to put all your consciousness into this finger.”

This wasn’t something that would bring forth a large change.

The best Muyoung could do was take out her consciousness and plant two commands in her subconscious which resided deep in her mind.

One was to not expose Muyoung and the other was to prepare for the unlikely situation by increasing her mental defense.

As Suzy nodded her head with a dazed expression, Muyoung continued on with his work.




The ground was shaking.

Countless shooting stars were falling from the sky.

A strong wind blew as a gate opened in the middle of the temple.

“Let’s go.”

Muyoung walked ahead.

The rest followed behind with very nervous expressions.


Once they passed through the gates, a wave of slight dizziness fell on them.

Muyoung held his forehead as the black surroundings changed and he returned back to reality shortly after.

“Wh-where is this?”

“Why are there so many people…”

Commotion erupted all around.

Muyoung looked around at his surroundings.

Around a thousand people were standing on a vast plain.

‘The pruning has started.’

It was different from the past.

In the past, almost ten thousand people from the Nine Guilds and 5 Great Clans received the beginners, including Muyoung.

However, this time, they were dropped on the trial grounds with no explanation.

What was more was seeing how there were only a thousand people. It seemed like they were divided into separate groups.

As he waited, fortunately, information about the trial appeared on his Status Viewer.




He tilted his head as he faced this unfamiliar word, however, shortly after he understood its meaning.

“I am the Judge! You trashy bastards!”


Maybe he had just turned fifteen.

The boy who was standing in the middle of the crowd, the one who called himself the Judge, had large flames surrounding his whole body.

He wore a shiny helmet adorned with ‘Fire Dragon’ and held an enormous spear in his hand.

Glittering equipment that was at least A-ranked.

‘He must be the direct descendent of the Fire Dragon Clan.’

His face was one that Muyoung remembered seeing in his memories.

Generally, guilds were founded by Westerners while clans were founded by Chinese and other Asians. If they excluded some traditional traits and the name, there weren’t any real differences between a guild and a clan.

Although the Fire Dragon Clan wasn’t one of the Five Great Clans, they were a large group that received the same treatment as them.

‘Were the Judges just the rising talents of various groups?’

Muyoung smirked.

Now that he thought about it, it seemed like each group sent their rising talents into the trial to show off their strength while pruning the beginners.

“My name is Fire Dragon Woo! If you don’t want to die, kill me! Or else, all of you will die by my hands!”


A coarse flame rose out of Fire Dragon Woo’s spear.

This was the symbol of wealth and power of an establishment that had built themselves for tens of years in the Underworld.

This was the roar of a young monster who was raised by spending an eye-popping amount of treasures.


[1] This word was in Hanja (Chinese Characters) so it was hard for Suzy to understand it.

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