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Chapter 29: Free-for-all (1)

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Muyoung could easily tell who the other four Judges were.

At the same time, he figured out the location of where they may be.

Vast plains. Although there were the sky and the Sun, this wasn’t the Underworld.

Muyoung noticed that the atmosphere and the concentration of magic power were completely different from the Underworld.

‘Box of Trials.’

The ‘Box of Trials’ was an item that allowed people to set up their own trial and rewards.

It would automatically transport people who enter a particular area and it was set up behind the gates so that people who passed through would be forced to enter.

By seeing how elaborate the setup was, Muyoung could tell that they put in a lot of effort.

Those Judges… Kids from each group probably entered beforehand.

‘All rising talents were occasionally tested with trials like this.’

The system wouldn’t have given trials to only the newcomers. Clearly, a similar message had to be given to those five kids as well.

Of course, the situations of those five kids and the thousand newcomers who gathered here were completely different.

It was because the establishments that have dominated the Underworld for about 50 years had spent all their mind-boggling treasures to create these five people.

Especially, due to the nature of clans, the clan heads would have more authority than guild masters. This could lead to a more drastic difference in allocated resources.

In fact, the meaning of clans was different from the general term.

Clan members would normally be related to each other by blood, however, the clans in the Underworld weren’t like that. They were tied together with bonds thicker than blood.

Even if these bonds had degraded over time, because the bonds still existed, it was possible for those of higher ranking to pool their resources together.

Muyoung gazed at Fire Dragon Woo.

The Fire Dragon Clan could not be part of the Five Great Clans and were very displeased with that fact. In a few words, they were just a lump of inferiority complex.

It was certain that they wanted to take advantage of this chance to prove that they were superior.

Unlike Fire Dragon Woo, the other four people seemed to be members of the Nine Guilds or the Five Great Clans.

“You bastards lower than bugs! Remember! If you stay still, you’ll all die!”


As his spear moved, a blazing fire spread around him.


“My body, my body!!”

And in an instant, seven people were burned into ashes.

What should he do?

Fire Dragon Woo was overwhelming. The little monster was crazily blasting fire everywhere.

However, the people who were gathered here all survived a month at a temple. It was unexpected, but they weren’t taken back.

“Let’s stick together!”

“Let’s beat this kid first and think later.”

The equipment they were carrying weren’t that bad. Of course, it wasn’t comparable to the five Judges, but, if a thousand newcomers fought together, it was definitely possible.

Some people within the group were even willing to risk their lives.

Literally, those people realized on their own that they need to fight with their lives on the line.

Every person realized themselves that they need to fight with their lives on the line.

Although Woo was a direct descendant of the Fire Dragon Clan, he was still only in his mid 20’s.

He couldn’t be experienced in fighting against a number this big on his own.

He wasn’t losing the fight, but he could only be taken back as the majority of the people who he called lower than bugs were grouping up against him.

“Hyungnim, shouldn’t we join them?”

Taehwan who was behind Muyoung asked.

Muyoung shook his head.

‘The four haven’t made their move yet.’

The four Judges near Woo.

Two boys, two girls.

They haven’t made their move yet.

However, they wouldn’t just watch Woo suffer.

Even if they didn’t really care for him, that didn’t mean they would allow people to gossip about how a descendant of a Fire Dragon Clan died in the hands of newbies, as this will lower their status as well.

It was foolish to fight against the five Judges when they were all gathered in one place.

“Why is he showing off?”

“Ah… I don’t feel like it.”

Finally, the rest of the four started to make their move.

As expected, they weren’t going to just sit and watch Woo get attacked.

They looked very relaxed as if they were all going on a walk, but as soon as they grabbed hold of their weapons, they turned into yakshas.



A transparent sword split someone apart, some people were burned by a widespread lightning that came out of nowhere and there was even someone who ran on all fours like a beast.

The people who acted against the Judges were killed first. As the center fell apart, the rest could only follow suit.

Deserters cropped up on after another… Muyoung raised one of his hands.

“Fall back.”



Even the plains had an end.

After walking straight for about 30 minutes, a wall blocked their path.

As Muyoung stretched out his hand to touch the transparent wall, he shook his head.

This was probably the limit of the Box of Trials.

‘Besides those five, no one else seemed to be different.’

Muyoung sat on a nearby rock.

He carefully examined the thousand people, however, excluding the kids who were Judges, no one else looked foreign.

Although Muyoung returned from the past, he still kept his unique sharp senses. It seemed unlikely that someone who could deceive Muyoung’s senses could be in a place like this.

‘It’s difficult to target them when the five are together. I need to take them on one by one.’

Like how Woo was in danger by acting by himself, there was a chance if he removed them one by one.

“Hyungnim. Are we just going to stay here and wait?”

Taehwan seemed a bit mad.

He didn’t seem satisfied in drawing back and not joining forces with the rest.

In fact, it wasn’t a bad idea to run away until there were 300 people left.

“Do you think something will change if we joined the rest?”

“How do we know if we haven’t even tried.”

“The price for recklessness is death. Not just one person, but everyone here will die.”

Knowing how to be objectively rational was the best way to survive in the Underworld. If Taehwan was skilled and strong, things might have been different, but for now, it was nothing more than nonsense.

Muyoung got up from the rock and approached Taehwan.

“About 100 people died over there. 900 people are scattered. It is realistically difficult to target 900 people with just five people. What do you think will happen next?”

“…I’m not sure.”

“They will create and release hunting dogs. There will be some who surrender themselves to a more powerful force.”

The Judges weren’t stupid.

They were young, but they were rational.

They would most likely know that it would be much more efficient if they created hunting dogs and released them out to hunt.

Muyoung walked forward.

Everyone, including Taehwan, looked at him.

“Where are you going?”

“This is a safe place. If you stay put, you will last until there are only 300 people left.”

It was a suitable area as there were many rocks to hide under.

Muyoung thought he did what he had to do by evacuating them to a safe area.

“If you truly want to win, gather people who have the same goal as you. I will move by myself.”

Again, the position of the leader was given back to Taehwan.

If the description of the trial was a free-for-all fight and if there were only five Judges, Muyoung still had a chance. However, to seek that chance, he needed to move alone.

‘Fire Dragon Woo.’

That lump of inferiority complex wouldn’t get along with the other Judges.

A baby monster who was away from his group.

He was the perfect prey for Muyoung.

Muyoung’s eyes sunk in as he walked his path.



As Muyoung said, the Judges looked for hunting dogs.

They knew that it was realistically hard for the five of them to hunt down everyone.

“I want to end this fast and get out of here.”

“What is he saying, Code?”

“His usual bad habits like always.”

The three carelessly yawned as they had their hands clasped behind their back.

The girl called Code gathered up about 20 people and spoke to them as she zapped a corpse nearby.

“You guys are dogs. You know that as a dog you need to be loyal to your owner, right?”

“Woof, woof!”

“If you listen well, I will specially let you guys live.  I will allow you guys to be my pets.”


Code shot out circular electric fields from both her hands and embedded them on people’s necks.

“This is a ‘Lightning Rune’. If you guys don’t listen, then this will blow up and you will die. Like this!”


A person’s neck and head blew up.

It wasn’t a corpse. It was a living person.


People’s bodies shivered in fear.

In front of them was a real monster, incomparable to the monsters they had faced in the temple.

Code smiled coldly.

“It’s not only a bad thing. The Lightning Rune strengthens your body. So… Scatter and step on those bugs. If you don’t want to die.”

“Wow, woof, woof!”

They desperately barked to try and stay alive somehow.

Afterwards, these improvised hunting dogs went out to hunt.

Behind them, the Judges talked as they watched the scene.

“Where did Woo go?”

“Isn’t it too much to ask for him to cooperate?”

“Let’s leave Woo for now and increase our number of hunting dogs. It will be fun to watch them dispute and fight against each other.”



Woo was tracking down a prey by himself.

While the other four were taking their time, he didn’t stop.

‘Stupid bastards. You will be killed for taking it easy.’

As a descendant of Fire Dragon Clan, he had lived his life in constant competition since he was young. To become a core member in the future, he had to endure harsh training and sufferings.

To Woo, the four looked lousy.

There would be no development for those who lived their lives relaxingly as they thought they were strong.

He was going to quickly end this trial and prove that he was superior.

Just then, when Woo was walking in between dried up trees.


He stepped on something and numerous of daggers flew towards him.



Woo quickly swung his spear and quickly rotated it to block all the daggers.


As flames fiercely lashed out, all the flying daggers dropped onto the floor.

But, that wasn’t the end.


The Fire Dragon on his helmet roared out loud.

At the same time, a fire protective shield appeared over his body.

It was the ‘Protection of the Fire Dragon’ which alerted and protected the user when their life was at risk.


Instinctively, Woo rotated his spear towards the approaching danger.


But, he could only hinder the swords that approached him from behind and could not block them.

His shoulder was cleaved.

If it wasn’t for the Protection of the Fire Dragon, he would have been seriously injured.

“You have sharp sense. Also, the Protection of the Fire Dragon?”

A deep voice.

The middle of Woo’s forehead shivered slightly.

Before he realized, a man was standing behind him.

“You bastard… what the fuck?”

The activation of the Protection of the Fire Dragon meant that his life was in danger.

His death was confirmed even before the sword touched him. His whole body was covered in goosebumps.

His skills in setting up a trap that would immediately aim for his life.

He was an expert.

He definitely wasn’t a beginner that could be found anywhere.

However, there was no reply.

Eyes layered in darkness.

Woo didn’t recognize his face.

The man was wearing a red helmet, a fluttering red cap and was just gently holding a sword.

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