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Chapter 22: Blood-Red Tower (4)

TL by Yoni

Edited by Myoni & Yoni



As he stood with his arms crossed, he waited for people to walk by the entrance.

Prey started to flood in sooner than he anticipated.

Even if he was identified as a ‘Slayer’ and his location was exposed by the red dot, not everyone tried to avoid him.

“I came hoping to see how strong the so-called ‘Slayer’ is, but aren’t you just a weakling?”

Foolish people wanted to prove their strength.

There were quite a few people who came, curious to see the face of the Slayer.

And curiosity killed the cat.


He cleanly cut out the wrist of a muscular man who was holding a sword.

In an instant, as blood gushed out, he grabbed hold of his wrist and screamed out loud.

“Gaaaah! This, this bastard!”

And as his eyes met Muyoung’s cold eyes, he quickly quieted down.

He couldn’t move either of his feet. It was similar to when you face a lion and your feet get all tied up.

“N, no, I said it wrong. Friend, yes? Give me just one… Gukk!”

Anguish, which squeezed into his organs, started to suck out all the blood.

Shortly, the man dried up like a mummy and dropped on the floor.

Like him, there were others who disregarded Muyoung’s first impression and fought against him. Usually, these types of people didn’t even last a minute or changed their words after one of their body parts was cut off.

In front of Muyoung, corpses were piling up neatly.

As the smell of blood overpowered the surroundings and thick blood was splattered all over the floor, Muyoung cut up the corpses into smaller parts, as best and as cruel he could, and arranged them in front of the entrance.

‘Warning and division.’

Even Muyoung, himself, would be no match if dozens of men started to force their way in.

Although he was certain he was the strongest within the tower, it was only in a one-on-one scenario.

Although a strong person being able to overwhelm a 100 people was the reality in the Underworld, he was not at that level.

Muyoung coldly recognized the reality.

Overconfidence was poison and was the main culprit for destroying one’s self.

Against monsters, he would transform into a beast to slaughter them. However, against humans, who knew how to think, he would have to use that to his advantage.

The people who see these corpses would think they would not be able to tread further by themselves.

So they would try to gather together, but would it be that simple?

‘If I kill five people, I can leave.’

It was one of the conditions to leave the tower.

It was the easiest condition to make people stricken with fear to divide.

Unless someone who possessed an unrivaled charisma dropped down like a comet, it was certain they were going to divide.

It would be the same at the other entrance.

And because the Skeleton of Fire and Ice was not human, they would get a taste the most primitive feelings of fear.

Within these people, there will be some who would try to force their way through.

Although humans were rational, if they lost that rationality, they will act recklessly.


Muyoung closed his eyes as he leaned against the wall of the entrance.

It was to know if someone approached him.

Either way, it was a battle against the time from now.



36 hours had passed since they had entered the tower.


<‘Slayer’ has killed 100 people!>


The same message appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

The Slayer was blocking the two entrances.

It didn’t take long for everyone to realize that it meant that all the courageous people have been killed and that they needed to kill that Slayer to pass through the entrance.

“We need to stick together to live.”

One deadly strong opponent.

It gave people a reason to group up.

If someone with a special trait appeared, it was obvious they were going to group around him.

And Collin was one of the people who had a special trait.

A Prince.

It was a unique class, but he was also the Prince of England before he was summoned.

At most, he could confer ‘knighthood’ upon 30 people at most and, depending on their conferred knighthood, their abilities will be strengthened. Loyalty was just an extra benefit.

‘If the majority became his enemy, he would die.’ This penalty existed, but even with it, it was definitely an attractive class.

Usually, the greater the class, a greater penalty existed.

And Collin entered the tower with ten loyal subordinates.

However, the Slayer was strong.

Even if he didn’t face him face-to-face, he knew how strong he was.

It was logically impossible for him to kill 100 people by himself.

Collin who believed that even 10 wasn’t enough, decided to increase his numbers a bit more.

“I will not kill you guys. Instead, work with me.”

Collin spoke to a group of five collapsed on the floor.

Out of the five, the one who seemed to be their leader spat at Collin’s face.

“Puh! What kind of crap are you trying to pull?”

“These bastards! You’re all desperate to die, aren’t you!”

A man beside Collin, who was wearing a full plate of armor, walked out.

While holding a sword, he tried to cut off their necks, but Collin stopped him.

“Sir Swin, I’m fine.”

“However, Prince. These rude bastards.”


Collin’s fist smacked the chest of the man named Swin.

Even though Swin was wearing a full plate of armor, the armor caved in as he flew back.


As Swin cough up blood, Collin spoke.

“Sir Swin, I told you I was fine.”

“…I, I’m sorry.”

Swin’s face was filled with fear.

Even besides the unique class, Collin knew how and when to use his power properly to put others under his control.

It could be said that he was born with the ability to rule over others!

Therefore, in reality, the penalty was non-existent for him, as it was unlikely for more than half of his followers to betray him.

The five who witnessed his strength only gulped their saliva.

And then, Collin resumed negotiations, smiling as he pressured them.

“Work with me. If you do, you will be able to enjoy all the glory.”



First, it was just one person.

Muyoung sliced a man who was wildly running towards him.

Next, two people came at him.

Afterwards, five. By then, Muyoung noticed what they were up to.

‘Someone is testing me.’

Who was this person?

Muyoung was very interested.

A man with considerable leadership had appeared.

He had been rallying up people and cornering them into a deadly situation.

Only to measure Muyoung’s strength.

He could slowly feel the killing intent of the person who would try to kill him after measuring his strength.

‘Their abilities were strengthened; I wonder if they have a priest class.’

And those who attacked Muyoung were all consistently strong.

Of course, even if he said strong, it was all the same to him. However, they were still above average.

He was certain after seeing how they were unfamiliar with their own strength and were just randomly swinging their weapons.

If they were a complete party with a priest class, Muyoung might have fought a bit seriously.

But, Muyoung only made a small smile.

It was like something was tickling him.

It was similar to the feeling he had when he was appointed with a difficult mission.

The habit he gained while living as an assassin for the longest time didn’t disappear.

It wasn’t the type of habit he could fix if he wanted to.


It was unlikely for the person to appear unless he was certain of Muyoung’s strength.

If he had a brain, it was more than likely for him to just watch from afar.

Muyoung couldn’t approach him.

Since he became a ‘Slayer’, a warning will sound on the Status Viewer if he was to approach him.

If he did, the enemy would hide even deeper.


After Muyoung had killed seven people, the last person to survive had stabbed Muyoung through his abdomen.

“Ah, ahhh…!”


As if the man who stabbed Muyoung couldn’t believe it himself, he cried out a weird sound, dropped his sword as he ran away without looking back.

Just after the man disappeared from his sight, Muyoung pulled out the sword from his abdomen.

‘My organs aren’t damaged.’

He purposely got stabbed with the sword.

He moved so that the sword would pass by all his organs.

He couldn’t do anything about the blood that was spilling out, but there were lots of dead bodies nearby.

Gulp! Gulp!

As Muyoung thrust Anguish in a corpse, it started to absorb the blood.

His wound was healing at a noticeable pace.

‘Now, what are you going to do?’

Muyoung looked towards the direction the man ran.

Since he asked the question, a reply will come soon.

It wouldn’t be weird if the man decided to make a full frontal attack against Muyoung after learning that Muyoung was injured.

He knew that the battle would be tough if the numbers were great.


Muyoung gathered all the scattered corpses.

‘Alone, but not truly.’

Lord Class.

Death Lord!

That was right.

He could just make allies.

Soldiers of Death who would never betray him and were willing to fight with all they had for Muyoung.


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