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Chapter 21: Blood-Red Tower (3)

TL by Yoni

Edited by Yoni & Myoni


He had killed them all.

25 days had passed since he had been summoned to this strange world.

Just a few days ago, there were about 4 people who had survived. But even those few survivors were killed by him two days ago.

‘I killed them all.’

Tang Shaolei grinned.

Just thinking of the expressions people made just before they died were enough to make him stiff.

The loud cries and pleas of his victims.

The pitiful look in their eyes excited him.

Since he acted as secretly as he could, no one knew that Tang Shaolei was the murderer, even in their last moment.

When there were only 4 people left, it was a bit difficult as people had their doubts, but even that was amusing in its own way.

Either way, they all died at the end.

‘More… I can kill more.’

With glittering eyes, he licked his dagger.

He could still remember the thrill he felt when he found out that there were others inside the tower.

A tower full of murderers, just when he was feeling sad that there wasn’t anyone else left to kill?!

He was like a fish in water. This was truly the place where he was meant to be.

‘No one can stop me.’

Was it at the time when he had killed 10 people?

The rare class, ‘Slaughterer’, he received then, suited him perfectly.

It was like a perfect gift god had prepared for him to kill other humans.

Slaughterer allowed him to enhance ‘all abilities by 3’ when he faced other humans.

So he knew that when he faced other humans, he had the confidence that he will not lose to anyone.

No, it was impossible for him to lose!

On Earth, he was just one of billions of Chinese.

However, things were now different.

The reaper who brought death upon humans.

The reaper of death.

Thump. Thump.

At that moment, he could hear footsteps nearby.

Like a person who found something delicious to eat, Tang Shaolei ran across the hall, drooling hungrily.

“Kwahahahaha! Be my first victim!”

The opponent was a man.

A dark haired man with a long sword in his hand.

The weapon seemed quite decent, just in time.

He was going to kill him and take his weapon.

That’s what he thought when he approached him and stabbed his body with his dagger.



Tang Shaolei realized his vision was lowering very rapidly.

It was strange.

The man was expressionless.

The dagger didn’t even reach him in the first place.


Only then did Tang Shaolei see the face of the reaper who stood behind the man.

The real reaper who sentenced deaths, a number incomparable to himself, stood there.

‘That person… That person is real…’

The wailing of thousands of souls!

It was the last thing Tang Shaowlei heard before he died.



Muyoung climbed the tower.

The tower had a total of five floors. The first floor was very large and it had too many ways that led up that it was inconvenient to search for all of them.

And it wasn’t like he had the time.


<1,337 people>


It was the message that appeared the moment he killed the Chinese man who was running towards him.

It told him the number of people who entered the tower.

However, the number was quickly decreasing.

Nearly one person was dying every 10 seconds.

‘200 people among them.’

It wasn’t going to be easy.

Even ‘Ben the Slayer’ had to work with 10 people to help each other out to get 200 kills each and for him to get the Lunatic Sovereign’s Ring.

He had heard that they used nine people to lure the prey, which Ben would then kill.

So it was very time consuming for someone to find and kill 200 people on their own.

However, Muyoung did not mind it.

Muyoung was an assassin.

He had successfully assassinated people better than anyone else.

It was his specialty was to sense people nearby and to sneak up on them.

Even the slightest tremor in the air, or a small vibration.

If he didn’t pass up even the smallest trace, he believed he could kill 200 people within 5 days.

Muyoung closed his eyes.

Soon, not far from where he was, he was able to detect his next prey.

“Please help me!”

A man and a woman were running away.

They were sweating profusely as murderers were chasing them down.

Even if they screamed, no one was willing to help them.

From behind, they could only sense the people coming to kill them.

“O, oppa, I’m tired.”

“No. We can’t stop now.”

“How did this happen? If, if we didn’t kill those people back then…”

“Cut the crap! Then should we have just let them do as they please? They deserved their deaths.”

The man and the woman were lovers.

They were summoned together and had been barely able to survive until now.

However, her beauty was the problem.

Late at night, two men tried to rape her, but before they could succeed, the man found them and killed one of the two men with a rock. And the other man was killed by the woman.

As a result, the two were branded as murderers and were banished into the tower.

If anything was unfair, it was the situation... But, it wasn’t like these murderers were willing to listen.

“Leave, leave me behind, they are after me. If we go on like this, we will both die.”

The woman realized that she was holding him back.

However, the man could still remember the look on those crazy murder-driven bastards, how they smacked their lips when they saw her face.

His face crunched up.

“I told you not to say things like that!”

“Then just die? You want to just die?”

“If you’re exhausted, then just get on my back. We can still run away.”

There was no time to waste.

Even at that moment, they could hear many footsteps approaching them.

The woman bit her lips and got on his back.

The speed was a bit slow, but they had no other choice.

At that moment.



“Mo, monster!”

A scream echoed behind them.

“Oppa, this sound is…”

It was the sound of the people who tried to kill the couple.

It couldn’t have been a mistake.

“Someone must be fighting them. Shouldn’t we go back and help?”

The woman cautiously made an opinion.

If someone was really helping them, then it might be better to help the person.

But, there was also the danger that they might still get tracked down if the murderers won.

The man pondered for a moment and nodded his head.

He felt that they had a better chance on surviving if they combined their strength with that person to fight against them.

And besides, it was human nature to help a person who was in danger.

They turned their footsteps.

And… in a moment, the couple were able to witness a scene that was hard to believe.

“Sa, save me! Please!”

“My arm, my arm!”

The murderers were a group of seven.

Just a single man was fighting against them.

As there was a saying that all things yield to numbers, a minority couldn’t win against the majority.

However, no common sense worked for him.

He was strong.

In an instant, he finished off all seven of the murderers.

Afterwards, he looked at the two couple.


The bodies with their arms and legs cut-offed were lined on the floor.

At the moment when their eyes met, the two were unable to move.

They had met a countless number of people, but they had never seen a man with that kind of aura.

The man next to the woman tried to sweep his fears away and started to talk.

“Are, are you okay?”

“Why didn’t you just run away?”

“We came to help you.”

It wasn’t like they were lying.

They didn’t realize how the man knew that they were running away from the murderers.

Eventually, he, Muyoung, scrunched up his eyes.

‘Affection could only be given by the strong.’

It was a truth they should have realized by surviving the 25 days.

The affection spared on the weak could make the situation worse.

Also, seeing the conditions of the couple, it didn’t seem like they could last the 5 days.

The women had sprained her foot and even if the man tried not to show it, his face was blue as if his internal organs were twisted.

They probably had entered the tower because they killed someone, but in here, there were a lot of crazy people, craving to kill. If they were caught by them, they would experience all sorts of terrors before they die.

To meet Muyoung at that moment, it was hard to say if they were lucky or unlucky…

‘Kill everyone.’

It was the reason why he decided not to wear a mask.

He thought there was no need for it as he was going to kill everyone he faced.

At least in this tower, he planned to be a reaper who brought forth death.

That meant that he was not willing to go back on his thoughts.


Anguish screamed.

Muyoung gave off an icy cold expression.




You could find a map of the tower with the Status Viewer.

And on the map, Muyoung’s location appeared as a red dot.

About now, everyone would have received a similar warning message.

‘I can’t just run around blindly.’

A normal person would try to avoid where a red dot appeared.

After 24 hours had passed since he had first entered the tower, a new message appeared.



A bleak smile appeared on Muyoung.

The tower had a total of five floors.

Everyday, a floor will be filled with water and closed off.

If you didn’t want to drown, you had to climb up to the next floor.

Even if Muyoung’s location was exposed by the red dot, even if someone wanted to avoid him, there were sections where there were no other escape routes.

‘The entrances leading to the 3rd floor.’

There were 2 entrances that led to the 3rd floor from the 2nd.

And Muyoung was planning on blocking one of the two entrances.

The other entrance would be clear, but it still won’t be easy to pass by.

‘Skeleton of Fire and Ice.’

Muyoung took out a talisman. And as he shook it like he was shaking off some dust, the Skeleton of Fire and Ice appeared.

Crack. Craaack.

The skeleton rattled as its bones creaked.

Muyoung pointed towards an entrance that was about 5m wide and quietly spoke.

“Kill everyone who passes by.”

Two entrances.

And one of the two was blocked by the Skeleton of Fire and Ice.

People needed to make a choice.

To face Muyoung or to face the skeleton.

Or to die from drowning!

Whatever choice they made, it would not be an easy decision to make.

‘Now, I just need to wait.’

Like a fisher who waits patiently after casting his line.

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