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Chapter 189: The Banquet (2)

Translation: Nadu

Edit: Sephtair

However, not everyone seemed to welcome the idea of Banya attending the banquet.

"Isn't it too soon?"


The man who sent Bansan, his disciple, to fight against Tacan.

He, who was one of the highest authorities of the Command Clan, was opposing him.

The fact that Banya would participate in the banquet was a sign that they had accepted Muyoung as Banya. Therefore, it couldn't be helped that Banjoong would feel reluctant.

If Banya became the official successor, Banjoong's status would be jeopardized. He would have to return the privileges he had gained when there was no successor.

"Banjoong, why do you think it is too soon?"

As Bango, the head of the clan, asked, Banjoong made a slight smile.  

"Doesn't he need to visit the 'Godmother'? When Banya was young, she was the one who cherished him dearly. I think that is the correct procedure."

At that moment, Bango's expression became fiercely puckered.

That Bango wasn't happy with Banjoong's comment was strongly shown.

"Godmother isn't mentally well."

"Isn't it because she lost Banya and Moonang? She will be greatly pleased when she knows Banya has returned."

The reason why they didn't have a successor until now was simple.

It was because when Bango's wife Moonang and Banya went missing, he didn't remarry.  

Also, there was a problem with his private part.

The Command Clan controlled death. There were a lot of times they got addicted to poison by touching corpses.

And through that poison, his private part lost its function.

Bango was unable to produce any more offspring. Most people in the clan knew that this was the biggest reason why he didn't remarry.

So, it was true that the focus was shifted to Banjoong.

But, after Banya returned, the focus was shifted again to Bango.

If the Godmother was to see Banya, the results would be unpredictable.

'Even if he was really Banya, she wouldn't be able to recognize him.'

There was one thing Bango and Banjoong were certain of.

Everything was shut out by the Godmother as she became mentally ill. And so, she spent her days deep within the royal palace as if she was exiled.

Additionally… if things went wrong, Banya could also die.

She was a true 'master' who had even faced battles against demon kings.

She was a true heroine who raised the Command Clan, and achieved everything on her own.

Even if she hadn't used her strength for a long time, she still had the appearance of a master.

Although no one said anything, the atmosphere seemed to be agreeable.

It seemed like people thought the Godmother would recognize him if he really was Banya.

Bango had no choice but to decide.

'He has seven bone dragons and 3 strong allies. Banya's skills should also be above average.'

It was about appointing a successor. He needed everyone's consent.

If he was to refuse, he could receive a counter blow.

However, what if he was to lose Banya?

From what Bango could tell, Banjoong was full of greed. Although Banjoong suppressed it well until now, if Banya died, he would fully express his lust for power.

Real or fake, it was the reason why he needed the current Banya to be his successor.

"I will go see the Godmother."

Then, Muyoung, who acted as Banya, spoke.

There was only one person known to be the Godmother of the Command Clan.

'The Dark Commander Seo Eunsae!'

Although she was well known in his past, she was someone who Muyoung didn't meet in person.

She was a mysterious master who was known to have greater skills than Wung Chunglin.

Although she was already dead when Muyoung was active, the footsteps she left behind were enough for others to admire.

To be frank, she was a retired former master.

She was secretive enough that she was known as the Dark Commander, and was also known as the 'Textbook of Death' as she faced thousands of devils on her own.

He never expected for her to still be alive.

He thought she had already passed away.

If she was alive, he would like to meet her once.

It was like aspiration towards someone who achieved a master level in a similar field.

"See? Doesn't Banya also agree? How beautiful is this sight! The Godmother will also be very happy."

Banjoong made a move first.

Bango's expression hardened even more.

There was no reason to stop if the person in the matter was okay with it.

As there was no way to win the case that the eldest person must first be greeted, Bango had lost this fight.

A palace that seemed nothing short of a 'royal palace' was visible.

At least, in terms of the size of the palace, it seemed to be similar to the Reign Clan's.

It was an example of how much prosperity the Command Clan possessed when the palace was built.

However, now it was almost empty and was like a dead palace.

Bango walked with Muyoung.

Only those who were selected could enter the palace.

"The Godmother is stronger than anyone else here. But, as she is mentally unstable, she will be on high alert if more than one person enters. So, you must enter alone, but… if something goes wrong, you might die."

Bango spoke.

It was a result that was already decided and as they could not reverse it, this was like advice.

"You mean, me?"

Muyoung shrugged his shoulders.

Certainly, the Dark Commander Seo Eunsae was strong.

If she still had the skills of her prime days, the list of the top 10 would also change.

There were a few former masters who were like that, and Seo Eunsae was among them.

However, even if those former masters were to barge in, they couldn't win against the current Muyoung.

He didn't even need to let out his military power.

Muyoung's confidence of this sort worried Bango.

Bango was already half certain that Banya was really his son.

"If I could, I would go but…"

This place, the royal palace, could only be entered by those who had permission.

However, there were people watching him in the surrounding.

Although it was a secret location, there were still people openly observing him. They would most likely be Banjoong's men.

It was obvious that if Bango showed any signs of helping Banya, Banjoong would push them into a corner by criticizing them about tradition and rules.

"I will enter alone."

However, Muyoung was comfortable going in alone.

A meeting with a former master he wanted to see.

The great figure who was known to be comparable or stronger than the owner of the Forest of Death!

Muyoung went into the much deeper parts of the palace alone.

It was no different than a maze.

The surroundings were dark, and spider webs were everywhere.

It was evident that it wasn't maintained. It was left alone for that long.

Muyoung walked forward as he passed the broken debris that was everywhere.

Finally, he reached the deepest room.

"Who…is it?"

The owner of a head of long white hair leaned against a wall.

The body was full of wrinkles, and the eyes had lost focus.

By looking at her appearance, she seemed to have lost her mind.

The Dark Commander Seo Eunsae. For the woman who used to be portrayed as a tremendous master to be in a state like this.


Muyoung spoke briefly.

Then, Seo Eunsae raised her head and looked at Muyoung.

"No… You are not Banya!"

Seo Eunsae lifted her long fingernails.

When she got up, she instantly reduced the distance between her and Muyoung and attacked him.

It happened in one-third of a breath.


Muyoung was holding Anguish in that short moment.

Anguish cut off Seo Eunsae's fingernails.


Then, he kicked Eunsae who ran towards him.

Muyoung spoke as he looked at Eunsae who was pushed to the wall.

"Yes, I'm not Banya."

He didn't think he needed to wear a mask.

And so, Muyoung removed it.

Then, Eunsae's body became indistinct.

Like a shadow, she started to assimilate into the darkness.

"I will kill you. I will chew on your flesh and break your bone into pieces!"

Although he wasn't able to see her, the whole room rang with her voice.

But, Muyoung threw Anguish at one corner of the room.


With a sound, Anguish was dyed red.


As she made an animalistic sound, she once again disappeared.

He was unable to see her as if she, as if she had turned into an invisible person.

Muyoung stretched out his hand.



Eunsae's neck was grabbed.

Even if she hid her appearance, she couldn't deceive Muyoung's senses.

It was like teaching a bird how to fly.

She was comparable to Wung Chunglin, but Muyoung had already greatly surpassed him.

In other words, it was like holding a candle to the sun.

"Dark Commander."

Muyoung looked at Eunsae's face as he grabbed her neck.

A distance where their breaths could reach each other.

And Muyong released all his strength.

"Ah! Aaaaacckk!"

Eunsae started to struggle.

It was because when she looked at Muyoung's eyes, she felt the same darkness as the abyss.

As if she was struck by lightning, she was scared out of her wits.

The darkness and holiness, flames of purification, and Luciferre's soul!

Eunsae couldn't help but struggle in front of that chaos.

However, Muyoung felt a strangeness as he felt and saw Eunsae's soul.

Her soul was too unstable.

He had also received this sort of feeling once before.

"You have met Dantalion."

The Demon God of the 71st seat, Dantalion.

He took away everything in exchange for a sweet truth or a lie.

When Muyoung met Murdurdun, he also was killed by Dantalion.

Although they said Eunsae had lost her mind after losing Banya, Muyoung didn't think that was the case.

Then, what did the Dark Commander find out before she lost her mind?

"Tell me what you know."


Muyoung dug through Eunsae's soul.

There wasn't much known about the demon gods.

If he could find out, he needed to know.

He was very curious about the truth the one who was called the Dark Commander had heard.  

He forcefully opened the door that was locked. Eunsae's eyes rolled up and as she showed only the whites of her eyes, she started to talk.

"The Earth has… already been destroyed. There is no place… for us to return."

Muyoung frowned.

What was this all about.

Even now, the gate opened once every month. The people on Earth came through the gate into the Underworld.

It was proof that the Earth was fine.

If it was already destroyed, people wouldn't be able to come to the Underworld.

There was no way for that truth to not have spread.

And if the Earth did fall, Alexandro Quintart wouldn't have wanted to go back to that extent.

"Earth didn't fall."

"Ellarsigo… is a weapon to destroy Earth. Ellarsigo will once again lead humanity to fall…"


Eunsae's head fell.

Although she was breathing, it seemed like she lost consciousness.

No, it seemed like she forced herself to lose consciousness on purpose.

'Self-defense mechanism.'

It was the reason why she was alive until now.

Also, it was certainly the reason why she was dying.

Wung Chunglin excelled at brainwashing, but Eunsae seemed to excel at self-defense mechanisms.

It could be understood by seeing how she maintain her faint soul after being attacked by Dantalion. She became blank afterwards though.  

For her to be in a state where Muyoung couldn't even do anything.

It seemed like this was her limit.

There was no piece of memory left. From what Muyoung could tell, Eunsae's soul had already reached a limit.

'When the Reign Clan's Castle was built, she was also there.'

By seeing how she mentioned the Ellarsigo, it seemed she also knew of their existence.  

But, through her self-defense mechanism, it made her forget them all.

It meant that it was information she knew, but wanted to erase.

It also implied that the memory shouldn't be recalled.

He was lucky.

If Muyoung didn't pull out the last remnants of the memory that faintly existed, it would have all been erased.

'I must participate in the banquet.'

All the important people gathered at that place.

There would be more people who would know about the Ellarsigo.

Also, it seemed like he needed to break the Ellarsigo's seal in order to understand what Eunsae was talking about.  

Chapter 190: The Banquet (3)

Translation: Tay

Edit: Sephtair

Of course, he had no intention of leaving Seo Eunsae like that.

'It's a good body.'

She was a woman that had become known as the Dark Commander.

Her body was now old and weak, but it would be a different story if he made her an undead.

Since his Art of Death skill reached the S Rank, the strength of her prime could be restored intact.

In any case, if he didn't stretch out his hand, she would soon become a complete idiot and die.

She had not been there in the past when Muyoung had been active. She had already died and her skeleton had become dust.

However, he'd never made an undead from a living subject before. Usually, he would make people that were just on the brink of death into living corpses, but presently, Dark Commander Seo Eunsae was not greatly injured.

But he had a good feeling.

Having tried many kinds of extremes, Muyoung was continuously increasing his limits.

He noticed his changes, and he also knew they were leading him in the right direction.

So, Muyoung was no longer scared of change.

When he had just returned, he was merely an awakened killer.

He turned his attention to the Demon Gods because he grew tired of killing people.

But now his goal was clear. He was clearly aware of what he had to do, and the reasons for which he was alive.

"Seo Eunsae, look at my eyes."

Muyoung unleashed all his power.


The entire palace began to shake.

The intangible energy that poured out of Muyoung was extremely distinct and overwhelming.

Seo Eunsae, who had fainted, opened her eyes involuntarily.

Then her body trembled.

She was sealing herself and erasing her memory.

She was now in a state closely resembling an idiot. A clean soul was like a kind of mirror, reflecting everything that was seen.


All she could do was open her mouth and make a small scream.

Muyoung forcibly seized her soul.

Then, he started to create.

<'Soul Exploitation' skill rank has greatly increased: F → A>

Soul Exploitation was the inherent skill of the Death Lord Class.

Even when his general skills ranked up, this didn't increase.

Unfortunately, Soul Exploitation was not something that could be used often.

So, the rank hadn't gone up.

However, when the understanding of a soul that had already reached this stage and personally recreating a soul were combined, it had caused a steep rise in the rank.

However, Muyoung had no intention of exploiting and absorbing Seo Eunsae's soul.

The border of life and death. He merely wanted something that stood on that border.

'The Art of Death.'

After confirming that her soul had been completely subjugated by him, Muyoung used Art of Death.

Soon, black air began to spread out from Muyoung's entire body and quietly devour Seo Eunsae.

'I don't need it.'

Muyoung immediately refused.

The Masters of Darkness would try to turn Muyoung into their successor however they could.

However, Muyoung now understood them to some degree.

They ended up being defeated.

They had become the Masters of Darkness as they were defeated!

So, they wanted an absolute being that could never be defeated.

Muyoung was a person that was optimized for those desires.


'I have not been defeated.'

It was the same.

Muyoung had no thoughts of being defeated, not even once.

He would only win.

To do so, he needed to completely walk his path alone.

They had only laid Muyoung's foundation. He could not grow up in their arms forever like a baby bird.

Muyoung personally sculpted and created her skills.

If her level of death was insufficient, his power was enough to fill the gap.

Muyoung rammed the entirety of the Power of Death that he had into Seo Eunsae's body.

There… he added a sacred flame.

Diablo's power was mixed in, hiis flame symbolic of both life and death.


Seo Eunsae's body was burnt.

She was swallowed by the fire.

However, this flame was like a caterpillar's cocoon.

Shedding her skin!

She was shedding her cocoon in order to make beautiful wings.

The black flame burnt and reconstructed Seo Eunsae's body.

No less than five times.

She became younger each time she shed her skin.

Little by little, she recovered the image of when she was in her prime.

And finally, when she finished shedding her skin for the fifth time…

<'One Who Stands at the Boundary' has been completed.>

Name: Seo Eunsae

Level: 550

Type: Chaotic

Strength (520) Agility (605) Stamina ( 510)

Intelligence (440) Wisdom (440) Magical Resistance (500)

Inherent Tier 15 Shadow Ability (510)

Current successor to 'Zero Innocence'. Potential to use a top mysterious technique to run on wind. Excellent camouflage Unparalleled Knife of the 12 Stars Destroyer of all battle formations Supreme Command Skills Chance of growing by soul assimilation.

She was strong.

Firstly, her agility was over 600.

After passing 500, a difference of 1 point was significant, so if hers was 600, nothing more needed to be said.

In terms of agility, at least, she was superior to Muyoung.

She was able to achieve this absurd ability because she had recovered the strength of her prime and had been further strengthened after shedding her skin five times.

Seo Eunsae's face was certainly tinged with color.

She looked somewhat cold, but she was a typical Asian beauty with black bobbed hair.

Also, finding out she was an 'undead' certainly would not be easy.

Her heart was still beating.

"Are you my master?"

Muyoung nodded his head.

Then, Seo Eunsae grinned.

It was a freshness that could not be found in any other undead.

Seo Eunsae knelt.

She put her head to the floor in the typical posture of obedience.

Then, she looked up and spoke while looking around.

"My memory is not intact. I only remember that I was Dark Commander Seo Eunsae and that this place was my house. I pray that my skills and remaining memories will be helpful to you, Master."

She was definitely different.

It didn't seem as if she had a simple mentality like an undead.

At the very least, she was the closest to a human being among all the normal undead Muyoung had made.

The corners of Muyoung's mouth tilted upwards.

The first challenge. The first step was a success.

Without anyone's help or advice, he had made his own way.

Now, Muyoung was completely able to step forward.

Bango was in shock.

Two people came out of the Palace.

Banya's flawless exit was fortunate but not surprising.

The problem was the person that followed behind him.


Godmother, who had lost her sanity, was back!

Bango's pupils shook tremendously.

In addition, Godmother looked like she had in Bango's first memories.

Her old and sick appearance had disappeared, leaving only a beautiful and young one.

How was this possible?

Seo Eunsae disappeared for a moment.

Then, she appeared in front of Bango.

Bango stumbled because he was unable to read her expression, but Seo Eunsae didn't care.

"I heard it from Banya. The clan is a major wreck."

She sent him an incredibly cold look.

Clan leader Bango's entire body trembled.

Soon, she spoke again.

"Now that I have returned, I will rebuild from the foundation. I will not permit arguments."

Dark Commander Seo Eunsae.

She had taken an active part in the war with the Demon Kings in the past, and had erected the Command Clan on her own.

She also had a presence that caused her to naturally be called a female general.

A woman like that had returned.

To the Command Clan as an enormous typhoon!

The original clan leader, Seo Eunsae, was back!

The rumor quickly spread.

Something no one could have foreseen.

Additionally, she had recovered the strength of her prime.

Her gaze had become colder, and she had become more beautiful than in pictures or photographs.

As soon as she returned, Muyoung, as Banya, was declared as the true successor of the Command Clan.

Even the great Banjoong was like a frightened mouse in front of Seo Eunsae.

The name Seo Eunsae was that strong.

Although she had been locked away, the fact that she had taken possession of that incredibly huge royal palace by herself was a testament to her power.

Now that Seo Eunsae was there, no one could touch Muyoung.

In the Command Clan, at least.

However, the clan finances had already been declining.

"I can't believe the clan is this weak. What have you been doing all this time?"

Seo Eunsae's expression wasn't good.

At least the memories that ruled the clan were still there.

In the early days when she built the clan, its power came close to the Reign Clan's.

Now, though, it had crumbled away beyond comparison.

Seo Eunsae was extremely displeased with this condition.

At this time, Muyoung was willing to throw away money readily.

Numerous B-grade talismans.

They were part of the more than ten thousand pages in the slush fund Muyoung had robbed as the 'great thief'.

However, ten thousand B-grade talismans were enough to stop the immediate decline of the clan.

"Even combining all of you would not be equal to one of the successor!"

The rumor that Seo Eunsae cherished Banya spread even more.

There were many that wondered where the talismans came from, but Muyoung remained consistently silent.

They were illegal funds anyway.

Who would proudly reveal the source of that?

'There is a lot left.'

Even though he used ten thousand talismans, the remainder was several times more.

The rest of the money would be used when he returned to his real territory.

Still, this led to Muyoung becoming the true successor.

The return of Seo Eunsae, the original clan leader, and Banya the heir was not only the Command Clan's problem.

The heads of the other large clans, who knew Seo Eunsae's true character, were also affected.

They started to pay attention to the Command Clan.

This was because they knew how great the things Seo Eunsae achieved by herself were.

The banquet, which used to be a place to moderately meet face to face, smile, and make conversation turned into a huge gathering that attracted everyone's attention.

Seo Eunsae and Banya were at the center of that.

'With the maximum splendor.'

Muyoung dressed in glamorous clothing and jewelry.

It was his first time doing this, but it didn't feel difficult to adjust to.

A royal palace that seemed to rise to the sky.

It was an enormous place with many landscaped gardens that stretched for miles.

While others rode in coaches led by twelve horses, Muyoung rode in a large coach led by seven blazing Bone Dragons.



The seven Bone Dragons arrived in the garden, uttering horrible shrieks.

All the surrounding birds fled, and even the insects went silent.

Meanwhile, they caught the attention of everyone who had been in the garden enjoying the banquet.

Their eyes widened in an instant.

It was inconceivable that he would come by dragon.

Their gazes were mixed with astonishment, anxiety, and jealousy.

There were people who, outside of horses, reared powerful monsters and used them as mounts, but no one was able to come in a coach led by Bone Dragons.


The door opened.


Muyoung walked out.

It was a flamboyant introduction.

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