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Chapter 186: The Noble Castle (2)

Translation: Nadu

Edit: Sephtair

The Noble Castle.

The only castle that could compare to the Great City.

Just, if there was something different between the two, it would be that the great city was built by humans.

However, the scale was beyond one's imagination.

The Noble Castle was divided into a total of five districts: Blue Dragon, Red Bird, White Tiger, Black Tortoise, and the External Island that was located at the outskirts.

There was only one way to prove themselves in this place.


In reality, the zone of Noble Castle existed for strong people.

A structure where only the strong ones could climb up the ladder.

Of course, vested interests also existed at this place.

The four huge clans, including the Reign Clan that controlled the Noble Castle, could be more liberal than others in the logic of power.

Nevertheless, the creed that 'justice was power' didn't greatly change.

The weak died out for them. Only the strong were able to enjoy all the authority.

'Those who rose to power were drunk with authority and changed.'

But, power changes people.

Rather, when a person earns power, they show their true self.

Muyoung was definitely fond of this zone of strong people in the Noble Castle, but after people got strong, they didn't strive to become stronger.

This was also because people were stained with peace.

You were able to know by just seeing how the strength of the top 10 humans didn't change from when they fought the demon kings in the past.

Only the Dragon Lord Hansung was categorized as the number 1.

Either way, Muyoung was planning to earn a lot of the ancient weapons, Ellarsigo, while he stayed at Noble Castle.

Thus, he decided to be enemies with everything.

Muyoung was the enemy of Demon Gods, Diablo, and humanity.

He had decided to be that person. He was centered on that.

'It's just as I remember.'

The External Island was the only place where you could enter without permission within Noble Castle.

The External Island was like the name itself suggested, it referred to the location on the very outskirts of the city. But, Muyoung was greeted with a terrible stench.

In the outermost area, there was a scene like a slum that was surrounded by small wire mesh like barbed wire fences.

The External Island was the land of the weak.

A place that was abandoned.

This place was filled with remnants of defeated troops. Those who had even made names for themselves in the past were tossed aside to the External Island once they lost their strength due to injury.

They had to devise a way to somehow live in this barren place where nothing was really given to them.

Due to this distinction, they didn't try to move up to the zone of the strong, but also because they had one last hope.

'Advancement Test.'

Once every 3 months.

They took a test to climb up the ladder.

Everyone in the External Island was counting on this test.

Thinking they were different than others.

Everyone had that thought.

Despite the fact that there were only a few who could climb up.

Muyoung had experience infiltrating into this External Island for a year.

That was why he knew about the ecologyof this place better than anyone else.

However, he had no plans to go up the ladder slowly.

To Muyoung, time was more precious than gold.

He needed a much faster, much more preposterous method.

Muyoung got on a fire bone dragon.

The seven bone dragons were floating in the sky.

On top, Tacan, Snow, and Ain were each on adragon.

"What, what is that?"

"Bone dragon? Seven bone dragons…"

The people in External Island were in awe.

Rring! Rrrrring!

Even the ones within the actual castle quickly acted.

However, Muyoung didn't show any intention to attack.

Instead, he used a different name.

"Let it be known! That the legitimate child of the Command Clan, 'Banya' has returned!"

Muyoung became Banya.

The Command Clan was one of the Five Great Clans.

Although they had currently lost a lot of power, they still kept their place as one of the Five Great Clans with their tradition and their bizarreness.

However, because of the characteristics of clans, they needed someone to carry on the family line, and the only legitimate child, Banya, was currently missing due to an accident that happened in his childhood.

Large amounts ofmanpower and money were used to find Banya, but after seventeen years, they were still unable to find Banya.

The power was more tilted towards one side, and the Five Great Clans even debated whether they would take the Command Clan out.

In reality, if they were to continue this situation, another clan would take their place in the Five Great Clans.

They were in that dire of a situation.

Muyoung appeared then.

No, Banya appeared.

With seven bone dragons!

It was truly a glorious return.

'Even if they know I'm a fake, they wouldn't be able to cast me out.'

Many people knocked on Command Clan's door saying they were Banya.

Their heads were all cut off and were placed on a pole.

Legitimacy. Was it due to the fact that the clans placed importance on bloodline?

Muyoung shook his head.

It was 17 years.

Banya was too young and it had been too long since then to remember his characteristics.

They just didn't have anyone to substitute Banya.

It was indisputable information Muyoung had earned when he assassinated the head of the Command Clan in the past, 'Bango'.

That was right, they would never be able to take him out.

Rather they would try to use this opportunity however they could.

They could reveal Muyoung was a fake and kill him later on.

Murmur! Murmur!

Numerous people gathered at the castle wall.

As no one had seen seven bone dragons fly together.

They were half wary, and half surprised about Muyoung.

On top, everyone knew that Muyoung had no intention to fight.


"Isn't he another fake?"

"Do fakes ride a bone dragon, normally?"

They were suppressed by the dignity of the bone dragons.

They weren't even ordinary bone dragons.

Muyoung was standing on top of a bone dragon that was on fire.

"Banya? Are you really Banya?!"

Then, an old man wearing yellow clothing and a few masters appeared on top of the castle wall as they rode on a carriage pulled by 12 horses.

The great elder of the Command Clan, Banhaw.

His appearance meant that the Command Clan was seriously considering accepting Muyoung.

Muyoung forced a smile.

"Banhaw! It's been a long time. Are you still mad about Yugong's death?"

Yugong was a dog Banhaw had raised.

Banya had killed it.

However, there were only a very few who knew of this truth. It wasn't something that was announced publicly.

Banhaw's eyes greatly widened.

It seemed like they hadn't thought that Banya had really come back.

Indeed, there had to be differences from Banya in his memories and Muyoung's appearance.

Besides big characteristics, Muyoung did not use other disguises.

They would have thought the person was fake again, but if he knew about Yugong, it was a different story.

"I have returned. After gaining a much stronger power for the Command Clan! Quickly open the door, Banhaw."

Muyoung pressured Banhaw.

Seven bone dragons. Many were watching its status.

What wasmore, if this strength was all Banya's…. the clan would have another chance to thrive.

Banhaw seemed to be slightly hesitant.

It was because there were many scammers who knocked on their door.

However, he knew of Yugong and had that much strength. If someone had that much strength, there would have been rumors but Banhaw had never heard of him.

For him to control seven burning bone dragons.

Bone dragons were top rank.

By himself, he could destroy a small city.

"Open the door!"

Banhaw made a decision.

Although Banhaw didn't know whether he was real or fake, he decided to accept him.

A slight smile appeared on Muyoung's face.

Information was Muyoung's greatest weapon.

Creating profit using information others didn't know.

It was also the same right now.

Muyoung had used the information only he knew, the secret of the Command clan, in order to gain their trust.

And so, he had instantly skipped all the steps and was able to enter the innermost area, the 'Blue Dragon's District'.

Either way, Muyoung was going to use this Banya's name to gain the ancient weapons, Ellarsigo, and get rid of it, but until he finds the Ellarsigo, he was going to pretend to be Banya whether he liked it or not.

If there was anything that was fortunate, it was that Banya's personality itself was audacious.

Banya was similar to Muyoung in that he didn't read others.

The Command clan was large.

There were 30,000 masters belonging to the clan.

Although it was a small number compared to other huge clans, you could say they were all elites.

And now their master, 'Command Bango' was in front of his eyes.

It was strange for someone who he assassinated in the past to now be in the role of his father.

"Ohh, Banya! Were you truly alive?!"

Inside a grand venue.

Bango, who was sitting on his own throne, went down the stairs and tightly hugged Muyoung.

However, he didn't just hug him.

He was trying to send out an Energy Seedling in order to search Muyoung's insides.

Muyoung inwardly grinned.

Bango. If he knew Muyoung's real identity, he wouldn't do something like this.

There was no one who could control energy as well as Muyoung.

Although Muyoung couldn't show him everything, he couldn't show just any strength either.

Muyoung only allowed Bango feel the 'strength of death'.


Bango was very surprised after getting a taste of Muyoung's abyss-like strength.

His whole body shuddered and let out an exclamation.

"It seems like a lot has happened in the last 17 years. I'm glad your back."

After seeing Muyoung's strength, Bango considered Banya as his son.

But, Bango didn't just let his guard down entirely.

If he was fake, he would definitely want to find out the reason for it.

So, Muyoung first tried to gain his trust.

As he needed a place to hide until he finds the Ellarsigo.

"I now want to work for the clan."

"Of course, you need to! That way we can call you the legitimate son of the Command clan!"

Bango smiled happily.

"But, they are?"

Bango pointed towards those who were behind Muyoung.

Tacan, Ain, and Snow.

The three that had their own unique characteristics had also gained the gaze of others, besides Bango.


Snow watched the others, and when Muyoung looked at her, she ran towards him without any hesitation and hugged him.

Then Bango's expression slightly hardened.

"Is this your daughter? She seems a bit big to be your daughter."

Muyoung shook his head.

"She isn't my daughter. She is not herself."

"Are you saying she is a mentally challenged child? Why did you bring this child with you?"

Muyoung made up a reasonable story.

Either way, if the three just kept their mouths shut, they would never know the truth.

"These three are my colleagues who helped me survive the last 17 years. Additionally, they are stronger than anyone here beside the head of the family."

"Enough. Your words are too harsh for someone young!"

A man who just listened to their conversation popped out.


The one who led the largest military group, the 'Command Team'.

It seemed like he didn't like Muyoung.

Well, Muyoung was someone who suddenly appeared.

He was the one who had the second greatest influence after the head of the family.

However, there was a great chance that his status would be greatly shaken through Muyoung's appearance.

Muyoung looked at him and spoke.

"Would you like to fight?"


Tacan took a step out.

Tacan wore a black armor that covered his entire body.

He pulled out his sword without any hesitation.

Restrained movement. It was an appearance of a master to anyone.

"What are you doing in this holy venue!"

However, Tacan spoke without any hesitation.

"I will kill whoever insults my Lord."

A completely vicious tone.

In reality, it felt like chills.

Muyoung inwardly nodded his head.

Although he wasn't sure what had happened in 2 years…

Tacan's acting skills had drastically increased.


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