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Chapter 180: The traces of Diablo (3)

Translation: Nadu

Edit: Lesurous

It seemed like that sort of name was added because the fire attribute and divine powers Muyoung had were purer than others.

The divine powers of Gabriel and the fire attribute that was added when he absorbed the flames of Diablos were definitely different from the normal.

His main stats were all over 500.

Luciferre's sealed power was the only thing that concerned Muyoung.

'Only if I could fully absorb Luciferre's power…'

The demigod like power Luciferre had was tempting for Muyoung.

If he could absorb that enormous power, he was 100% certain he would be able to win against both Arkisa and the Dragon Lord. Luciferre's strength was that great.

As Muyoung got stronger, he was able to feel Luciferre's strength through his skin.

However, Luciferre was silent.

It was because there was nothing Luciferre could do about Muyoung who earned Gabriel's strength.

He was just doing his best to keep his own strength.

'However, this was also just a matter of time.'

Muyoung was certain that he would be able to use Luciferre's strength in the near future.

As Muyoung's divine power and soul became stronger, Luciferre's position gradually disappeared.

So, Lucifierre chose silence.

Would he cooperate with Muyoung or lose even his soul?

Muyoung got up from his seat.

Lots of people were gathering in the surrounding.

'Sign of elves''

More than four thousand!

About that number of elves surrounded the house Muyoung was staying in.

They didn't even try to hide.

They bluntly surrounded the place.

Perhaps they decided to make Muyoung their enemy?

Certainly, the golden hair elves weren't weak. If about four thousand gathered, they could kill an average fire dragon.

But… if they did decide to go against him, he could only say that they were really stupid.

The godliness Muyoung showed was unstoppable, with the strength to just kill 'an average fire dragon' being inadequate.

They would have also witnessed it as well.

Muyoung softly opened the door.

Then, a magnificent sight appeared before him.

All elves started to kneel one by one.

And the only elf with white hair, the elder, approached Muyoung and kneeled right in front on him.

"Our race has decided to serve you. Please tell us your name."

He felt a heavy mood but was it because of this?

Muyoung looked at the elder with interest.

They wouldn't have just suddenly decided to serve him.

When Muyoung looked into the elder's eyes, he could get a glimpse of his years of experience and his wisdom.

He wasn't fascinated by Muyoung's strength. This was a deal.

He had made a choice after seeing how Muyoung didn't kill them when they first met.

At first, they killed depending on their gains but now, when Muyoung didn't think of them as his enemy, they learned to show tolerance.


"Muyoung, are you an ancient dragon?"

Dragon. A dragon!

It was natural to make such mistake by watching the strength Muyoung had shown.

It was a place he needed to stay for a while.

On top, he didn't want any hindrance while he was hunting the fire dragon.

"Think whatever you want."

He didn't care how they thought of him.

Muyoung wasn't the type to be swayed by how others thought of him.

He was the type who strictly walked his own path.

"I'm late in introducing myself. I'm the elder of the village, Dexter. If there is anything lacking, please let me know. We will try our best to find what you need."

He was able to feel his heart and soul.

It felt odd to just ignore his words.

'The materials to create Immortal King's equipment."

He earned the essences of the Immortal King when he faced Moon and Doppelganger.

However, he just had the essences and didn't have anything else to complete the foundation.

He didn't really have the materials to complete it.

Undoubtedly, the heart and bones of a dragon should be enough but Muyoung decided to pursue a greater greed.

"The high elves who oversees the Spring of Light should have it."

He spoke as if he already knew what he was talking about.

High elves were divine beings.

They were like the emotional anchor of the elves.

Because they were told to have the blessings of the moon, they had the tattoo of a moon symbol on their body.

However, their numbers were so small that the elves had to protect them.

The elder was just a figurehead.

The true leaders were the high elves.

If the elder shook his head right then, he would have no choice but to find it forcefully.

But, thankfully, the elder didn't do this.

"We do."

He spoke calmly without any confusion or surprise.

As expected. Muyoung nodded his head.

"Bring it to me."

As Muyoung spoke, the elder gave a look to an elf behind him.

The elf behind him instantly got up and quickly disappeared to someplace.

'The Spring of Light became known through high elves.'

The Spring of Light. And the Light Dragon Shandalton.

They were all not very known in the past.

They were mentioned sometimes just from someplace.

Nonetheless, they were known due to the high elves who manage the Spring of Light.

An adventurer passed out near the Spring of Light after a grave wound when a high elf approached the man and gave him a potion.

But, this potion wasn't ordinary, it was an elixir.

An elixir.

A treasure among treasures that was told to save a life as long as the person wasn't already dead!

The more surprising thing was that the high elf didn't just have one but a few bottles of it.

The adventurer got greedy but after looking at the place where the moon tattoo was engraved, he gave up.

"I'm Ain."

A beautiful woman who graciously bowed her head.

She had a moon symbol engraved on her forehead.

As the moon tattoo got closer to the head, it meant that the high elf was that much stronger.

Because she was given that great of a blessing, she couldn't help but be that strong.

Muyoung looked at the woman who introduced herself as Ain with a slight surprise.

"This place was safe until now because of you."

The fire dragons were hot-tempered.

There would be nothing weird if this place was already razed to the ground.

As they didn't have respect and have a reason, they wouldn't have left this place alone just because it was the land of Shandalton.

However, the reason was right in front of him.

Ain. She was a superior high elf.

A being who was able to fight even a fire dragon.

Nevertheless, although she can't be an opponent against an ancient dragon like Arkisa, if Ain was to collaborate with the elves, they would be able to easily take down the fire dragon Muyoung had faced.

"My strength has all been exhausted. At most, I can stop once or twice more."

Ain pointed towards her pattern.

The pattern had lost most of the light.

There was circumstantial evidence that greater strength was used than gained when receiving the moonlight.

She spoke with a serious look.

"I heard there was something you wanted from me."

Ain looked at Muyoung.

A nobleness no other elf could come near.

It would have been difficult for a normal person to even meet her eyes but Muyoung's eyes were the same as hers.

"I need a 'leather that received the blessing of the moon' and some clothing made with that leather. I would like it if you would make them yourself."

There was no better leather to patch an armor than this.

The blessing of the moon. Even more, if it was from a high elf like Ain, the concentration itself would be different for that blessing.

The moon was also the strength of yin, so it would be a good match with the strength of the Immortal King.

However, it was very rude for him to ask about this.

Elves normally didn't weave clothes for others.

They were known to make only their own clothing and the ones for their children and their spouse if they find someone they want to live the rest of their life with.

"That's… not possible."

The elder stepped up.

Muyoung frowned.

"I wasn't speaking to you. This also isn't a favor."

Muyoung's whole body was in flames.

Then, a strong murderous spirit surrounded the place.



The elves fell one by one as they grabbed their chest.

However, Muyoung's eyes only looked at Ain.

Then, Ain replied.

"I understand. I'll make the clothes for you myself."


"Elder, it's alright. It's just weaving clothes. He isn't an elf, no?"

Ain also didn't put too much meaning behind it.

This type of tradition only applied to elves.

Muyoung wasn't an elf and therefore, wasn't accountable for tradition.

Muyoung didn't care what kind of interpretation was given.

He just cared about whether or not she would make the materials for the Immortal King's equipment.

Muyoung once again absorbed the flames.

He also killed his murderous spirit.

Then, the elves were able to breathe.

"However, to do this, I need to measure your size. Would it be okay if I touch your body for a moment?"

"You may."

"Then, I'll visit once I arrange everything I need."

Muyoung nodded his head.

Then, turned his body and went back into his house.

The elves worked hard to make Muyoung as comfortable as he could be.

The fire dragons didn't invade every day.

Thanks to this, Muyoung was able to rest although he didn't plan on doing so.


Muyoung cast a fishing line on the Spring of Light.


He was in thought for a moment as he hanged a fishing rod made of bamboo.

Fishing for fish and not humans.

From his memories, this was something he hadn't done before.

While Ain measured his size and made his leather, she asked Muyoung to get her a sacrifice needed to place the blessing of the moon.

'The fish caught is different depending on whose fishing at the Spring of Light.'

He wasn't sure if this was true.

When it was decided, he would always catch a certain fish.

So, Muyoung needed to catch his own fish.

He wanted to just smash down on the spring and pick up a dead fish, but this fish was necessary for a 'sacrifice'.

He needed to find a fish that matched him, and was alive.

However, no matter how much time had passed, the fishing rod didn't move at all.

Was it due to the energy flowing from Muyoung?

However, from the outside, Muyoung looked very ordinary.

Unless he forcefully lets out his strength, no one would know of Muyoung's true strength.

It wasn't different for a fish.

That was why Muyoung had sat on one place for hours while looking at his fishing rod.

"Pa! Paa!!"

Snow joked around beside him.

After making a crown by weaving flowers, she placed it on top of Muyoung's head.

At the same time, butterflies flew towards Snow.

Among them, a few butterflies sat on top of the crown Muyoung wore.


Muyoung was greatly surprised by this phenomenon.

Normally, no living thing would come near Muyoung because of his murderous spirit.

No matter how hard he tried to hide this energy, it showed that even small bugs avoided him.

However, now it could be hidden even if he was conscious of it.

By seeing how butterflies approach him and sit on his head, it certainly seemed to be true.

A suppressed stat?

Muyong tilted his head for a moment and soon realized.

'Did I just run too much until now?'

He just ran crazily until now.

Thanks to this, he became that much stronger, but it seemed like he needed a rest.

Nonetheless, there wasn't a time he rested like this after he had returned from his memories.

Muyoung tried to enjoy this rest although it may be short.

'It's hard.'

Despite all this, he felt anxious as he stayed still.

Laughter came out as he thought he couldn't even fully enjoy a period of rest.

At the same time.


The fishing rod shook.

Muyoung quickly raised the fishing rod.

'It's big.'

He could feel the size of the fish as soon as he grabbed hold of the fishing rod.

A heavy feel.

Thud! Thug!

At long last, when he raised his fishing rod, a huge fish collapsed in front of Muyoung.

The size was so big that it seemed that it was at least 20m long.


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