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Chapter 179: The traces of Diablo (2)

Translation: Nadu

Edit: HungryPanda

Muyoung was also aware of this.

Before Snow noticed and warned him, he was able to instinctively sense the appearance of fire dragons.

Was this also due to Diablo's flames he had absorbed?


The surrounding area was burned up.

Muyoung was in the middle of it.

However, the flames poured out by the fire dragon didn't go pass Muyoung.

It was because Muyoung's whole body was 'absorbing' the flames.

<'Ruler of Flames' allows you to absorb flames weaker than yourself.>

< Strength increased by 1.>

The Fire Dragon Gurkha was younger compared to most dragons.

You could tell just by looking at its size. However, even Gurkha's flames helped raise his stats.

However, there was a limit.

No stats were raised after a few messages popped up.

"Did a fire dragon stop the flames of a fire dragon?"

"That's Gurkha…!"

The elves were terrified.

By Muyoung's appearance and the sudden attack of Gurkha.

In reality, there were a lot of dragons that were aggressive, but they were quite prudent.

They didn't just attack all of a sudden.

Perhaps a different kind of energy Muyoung had offended Gurkha.

Muyoung slowly stretched his hand.

He absorbed the fire Gurkha had.

As he opened his mouth slightly and ate up the flames in his mouth, he felt an astringent taste.

'The taste of fire.'

The tip of Muyoung's lip lightly went up.

For a fire to have a taste.

However, Gurkha's flame was bitter. It hadn't ripened yet.

On top, it meant that he was able to absorb flames…

'A fire weaker than me.'


The Holy Fire was created in Muyoung right hand.

The holy fire absorbed Gurkha's flames and surrounded the place.

In an instant, its size increased, and in that state, Muyoung's Holy Fire was thrown towards Gurkha.


Clank! Clank! Clank!

Just because they were fire dragons, didn't mean they only used fire.

Fundamentally, the dragons were able to use specialized true 'magic'.

A net made out of the fire was spread around Fire Dragon Gurkha.

A barrier like a web was placed.

However, the Holy Fire ripped the web apart.

The dense and strong web instantly became tattered by the invader.


Soon, the Holy Fire was carried onto Gurkha's wings.

As Muyoung opened his fist, the Holy Fire burned Gurkha's entire body.


"A fire dragon… is burning?"

"This is ridiculous…"

The elves who were watching widened their eyes.

They couldn't speak any further.

The fire dragons were creatures that were born from fire.

Of course, they had the immunity of fire.

They occupied and lived in one volcano. They also absorbed fire and created them.

Their scales that covered their entire body was especially strong against heat.

That should be the case.


Gurkha fell towards the ground.

He didn't die.

Just, he was screaming out loud as he twisted his body.

'Maybe it's because he is a young dragon, but hunting isn't difficult.'

Currently, Muyoung's fighting power was already above the top 10 humans.

The Dragon Lord Hansung. Only about his level would be able to stop Muyoung.

However, if he was to fight Hansung with all he had, Muyoung thought his win rate would be around 90%.

If Arkisa fought with Hansung then the probability would be 50%.

You would be able to hunt a young dragon like Gurkha with a well-made party, even if you weren't in the top 10.

'I should be able to create a bone dragon.'

Muyoung hasn't made a bone dragon yet.

There was no reason for him to not be able to make a bone dragon if he took away Gurkha's life right now and left just its bones.

However, it was true that he felt a bit disappointed.

Whatever it was, if you created it 'first' you would gain that much more.

Gurkha was young for a dragon. It wasn't fully grown.


It was right then when Snow poked Muyoung's side.

When he turned his head, Snow was drooling as she looked at Fire Dragon Gurkha.

'They say Garuda ate dragons.'

Muyoung rubbed his chin.

Although it was only a story, Garuda was a dragon eating being.

Garuda's successor would therefore also be in a close relationship with the dragons.

'As they called them fire dragons, one should be okay as an experiment.'

Muyoung was planning to stay in the spring for a bit.

He was going to find the rest of Diablo's traces and hunt the fire dragons that invade and make a bone dragon from the one best among them.

Also… he was curious about Snow's true identity.

Like Muyoung, Snow was also from the past.

Was that why?

As he looked further into Snow, he thought he was able to find certain 'truth'.

Muyoung nodded his head.


Snow smiled brightly.

Then, she ran towards Gurkha.

At the same time, a huge white crow image appeared on Snow's back.

However, the head and wings were bright gold.

As the crow-like image popped out, it opened its mouth and tried to swallow Gurkha.


After seeing this, Muyoung gulped his saliva.

The size was smaller than the stories but there was definitely 'godliness' in that crow.

Perhaps, bigger than Luciferre's.

So, Muyoung was unable to help but think it was Garuda.

It was hidden cleverly that even Muyoung was unable to sense it.

But, as it tried to swallow the fire dragon, it showed its form without hesitation.

He hasn't seen anything like this even in the past.

'Does it mean she wasn't just simply a successor?'

The past has changed, and Snow had also faced a lot of life-changing events herself.

Although it probably wasn't real, she had earned the powers that Garuda's form had.


Then, Garuda swallowed Gurkha.

Literally, Garuda swallowed it in one gulp.


After, Snow fell to the ground and let out a scream.

Soon, something that wiggled in her back popped out.

A pair of small red wings sprang up.

'It seems like she didn't lose all her wings.'

Snow lost her wings as she was born again. No, Muyoung thought she did.

However, as she absorbed Gurkha, a pair of red wings appeared.

It seemed like that sort of wing appeared when she eats a dragon.

Although it was at most the size of an adult arm, it was a surprising change.

Later, Snow got up.

And then looked at Muyoung.


As if she wasn't in pain at all, she quickly approached Muyoung and stood in front of him.

She certainly didn't seem to have any ill intentions.

Perhaps it was due to the assimilation with the Armful's Cradle spirit, but she had only infinite goodwill.

At least, he was able to trust Armful's Cradle.

"Who… who… are you guys?"

The leader of elves alternately looked at Muyoung and Snow.

However, his tone was different from the past. He became politer.

As Muyoung didn't just make a blow on the fire dragon but even ate it up, in their eyes he could only be seen as an 'overwhelming being'.

An ancient class dragon. Or, something similar to that.

'It seems like they don't know about Diablo.'

If they did, they would have made a reaction when they saw Muyoung's fire.

That meant that they were clueless about Diablo.

It seemed like he had no choice but to look for its traces alone.

Muyoung made a short reply.

"I'm going to stay here for a little while.'

Then, he turned around and walked towards the forest.

The flames that were burning in the surrounding instantly returned to Muyoung.

After seeing this, no one was able to say anything regarding Muyoung's reply.

The elves with the golden hair gathered at a huge house.

Their number was about 300.

However, the mood was very serious.

"Wouldn't it be an ancient fire dragon? That has at least lived 10,000 years… I'm certain by looking at the transformation magic it was using."

As one elf asked, the old elder elf replied.

"I'm not sure. If he is really a dragon, or not. However, as I can feel a similar purity as Shandalton… if he was a fire dragon, it is odd why he would attack another fire dragon."

"Perhaps it's because he is after the same thing the fire dragon is after? As you know the dragons don't normally stick together. They don't go easy with each other just because they are the same species."

"However, we don't even know what they are after."

That's the biggest problem.

That even they themselves didn't know what that was.

If they did, they could prepare for what they knew but because they didn't know, they couldn't help but just fight.

Then, someone had another opinion.

"Let's give it to him. Although we don't know what it is, he would be able to find it. And if it is him, wouldn't he help stop other fire dragons?"

The elder closed his eyes.

"The fire dragons are selfish beings. We don't know when they will make this place a sea of fire."

"So, we need to let them know that this isn't a place they shouldn't burn down."


"By giving them the sense that you are happy at this place. Just until Shandalton comes back if we pretended to serve them…"

It was a shocking opinion.

The elder grunted as he crossed his arms.

It was basically a choice to select the lesser evil to stop the worse.

The elf persuaded the elder.

"We have lasted this long because of Shandalton's blessing and Spring of Light. But, if we continue like this we would lose both. Shandalton's place and the place we have worked on for over a thousand years will be lost. A moment. If we forsake our pride for just really a moment, we can save them both."

"I don't think this is a choice I can make on my own."

The elder shook his head in the end.

And then started to speak.

"Gather all the elves. We are going to start a vote. We will decide if we are going to serve him or be enemies with him afterwards."

There were about 4,000 golden elves that resided near the Spring of Light.

They started the vote quicker than any other time.

After only half a day, the result was given, and they came to a decision.

The house given to Muyoung was a house made by weaving large trees.

The inside was clean and there was a soft bed and a variety of decorations.

Muyoung first sat on the bed and then touched his Status Viewer.

It was to check his changes so far.

The very first, the achievement effect he earned by absorbing Diablo's flames.

Achievement Effect  Ruler of Flames (S++, All pure stats +40)


Muyoung nodded his head.

It was almost impossible to find an item that was greater than an S rank.

The achievement effect was more so.

But, ++ was added to it. This was incomparable to just an S rank.

The fact that it raised its pure stats meant that there was that much meaning.

However, this wasn't the only change.

To check the rest, Muyoung turned his Status Viewer.

Class Effect

Death Lord (Lord class)                  King Slayer (Lord class)                  Archangel (Lord class)


Strength 540 (325 + 215)   Agility 537 (333 + 204)

Stamina 510 (340 + 170)   Intelligence 539 (284 + 255)

Wisdom 500 (315 + 185)   Fighting Aura 375 (215 + 160)

Magic Resistance 565 (165 + 400)   Spirit Ability 450 (300 + 150)

Evil Tendency 490 (360 + 150)   True.Divine Powers 544 (444 +100) True.Fire Attributes 490 (390+98)

Total Level: 542

Special Note: Luciferre's strength is sealed. You have succeeded Gabriel's strength. You are creating Muyoung Sword. The God Killing Spear is engraved in your heart.

Not just Fire Attributes but True.Fire Attributes!

Even Divine Powers had that sort of name attached.

Muyoung smiled.


Thank you Jonathan Hurd for the excellent explanation of Muyoung's past. I have posted his comment below for those who are still confused about Muyoung's past:

So my understanding of things is the real world events went like this….

1) Muyoung Comes to Underworld and is kidnapped by Wung Chunglin.
2) Muyoung starts his training/brainwashing.
3) Muyoung picks up a habit of reading the Status Viewers of people.
4) Number 0 catches what Muyoung is doing.
5) Number 0 gives Muyoung a few Status Viewers of the people number 0 killed.
6) Battle at Suicide Hill (first time line not the one we're reading) happens.
7) Wung Chunglin sends out Number 0 and a few others as sacrifices to save his own skin.
8) Number 0 wins battle and revives dead Muyoung with Gabriels Spear.
9) Muyoung is revived and takes the name Muyoung for himself when Wung Chunglin finds Muyoung standing there.
10) Muyoung is now trained to be the ultimate Assassin by Wung Chunglin.
11) He spends the next 40 years fighting for the Forest of Death till he breaks free and destroys the forest of death.
12) Story we're reading now….

So the way I see it is Wung Chunglin messed with Muyoung's memories but not as extremely as you might think. What Wung Chunglin changed was steps 2-9. Muyoung really did fight for 40 years and kill all those people and read their status viewers. Muyoung was the one who killed Dragon Lord and the other prominent heros in the past life. All Wung Chunglin really took from Muyoung was the memory of Muyoung's only friend in the Underworld, the reason why Muyoung had a habit of reading status viewers, and the Origin of Muyoung's name.

Honestly if you think about it only messing with those things makes sense. If Muyoung really didn't accomplish any of the kills, but just had the memories infused into him and still managed afterwards to be able to train to his current level of badassitude. Then that would mean that Wung Chunglin should of been able to mass produce killing machines like no ones business. Really all Chunglin did was take out the pieces in Muyoung that stimulated his humanity and would get in the way of the Brainwashing. He couldn't strip the name or the habit of reading the status viewers. Those were too deeply ingrained and honestly didn't seem like they would interfere. He took out the emotional connection to the actions though.

What has been unlocked for Muyoung is now his origins. All the power he acrued before has always been Muyoung's own. The skills and knowledge is the same. It was stolen but Muyoung rightfully stole it from those he killed and pieced it together.

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