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Chapter 177: Exist Alone(End)

Translation: Nadu

Edit: Lesurous

'If it is now…'

The barrier was punched through.

Everything that made him suffocate, disappeared.

Muyoung tried to make his own skills in this place.

To do this, he needed to accept himself.

Muyoung was right now going through that process.

Although he had just inherited his name, he now knew how heavy the weight of this name was.

He recognized that everything he had worried about and wanted was true.

His past self who had killed numerous heroes and took their blood was also still there.

All the memories before he inherited the name had just disappeared.

In other words, memories were added in place of the memories that were forgotten.

The rest was all true. He was no longer shaken.


Muyoung turned his head and looked at the status viewer.

Howl, the words written on it.

This viewer was truly Number 0's watch.

Number 7's real name was Howl.

After Number 0 had died, Muyoung took off his status viewer and wore his.

He didn't know why he put this on even now when he had returned from the past but, it meant that this status viewer was that important to Muyoung.

Muyoung held the spear and closed his eyes.

And slowly, he melted into his own world.


The Fighting King's close combat skills were at a master's level.

Whenever he stretched out his hand, the air lurched and created a rough wave.

And finally, he tore off the whole body of the masked man.

"This is the strength of the Mystery Door. If the rank 12 sage acted, don't you think he would even be able to rip apart a god?!"

The Fighting King raised his chin.

A strength that could even kill a god!

That was the Mystery Door's distinct martial skills.

Since from the beginning, it was a place made to become a god.

Just that, because the succession of the Mystery Door was always a single student, not much was known.

"Even the great Forest of Death would be destroyed like this if they were caught by me."

"What is the Forest of Death for you to be so determined?"

For the first time, Bae Suzy showed interest.

Until now, she hated to even share a conversation with him, but she spoke as she felt that the Fighting King's emotions were out of the ordinary.

The Fighting King instantly hardened his expression.

"The Forest of Death took my wife and daughter. It is my goal to kill all those who are related to them."

"If that is your only goal, you can just send me back right?"

"However, now one more goal is added. Since a successor who could inherit everything about the Mystery Door has appeared before me! You need to become a sage and kill Demon Gods."

Bae Suzy pouted her lips.

"They say a man shouldn't go back on his word."

"Say whatever you want. I'm fine with you resenting me. However, you need to be the successor of the Mystery Door."

The Fighting King was strongly persistent.

From Suzy's point of view, the Fighting King was definitely a bad person.

But, besides when he taught her something, he tried his best to accommodate her.

Of course, even now, she had people she missed.

She was especially worried about her real father, Bae Sungmin and if he was doing well.

She even cried and whined but Suzy realized that those things wouldn't work on him.

The only way to be free from the Fighting King was for her to quickly achieve the 8th rank of the martial skills.

"But, where are we going?"

"Heavenly Maid Clan."

"Heavenly Maid Clan?"

"It is a place made up of just women. At that place, you will learn to be a woman."

"But I'm already a woman?"

Suzy tilted her head as he spoke of his disingenuous words.

Then, the Fighting King spoke.

"All the martial skills of the Mystery Door start by knowing yourself. Also, as a benefit, other martial arts skills can be naturally learned. Depending on what you learn at that place, your learning speed from now on will be greatly swayed."

Bae Suzy's eyes widened.

Getting stronger by quickly learning!

For now, that was her only goal.

Arand frowned.

Territory Guardian Baltan's expression also hardened.

As two shadows invaded the territory, they were repulsed but someone who shouldn't have died was dead.


Baltan quietly spoke.

The one who directed and was responsible for the dokkaebis, the one who was most enthusiastic in reinforcing the territory.

The one who had no doubts while following their Lord, had died.

Also, he was in a good rivalry with Baltan.

"Something like this cannot happen again."

Arand spoke.

Arand was the one who won first place in the competition of ranking Muyoung had hosted.

From the beginning, he was the one who became stronger by just watching Muyoung.

Before then, he just survived each day in the underground arena by living as a slave.

However, now he was in charge of important duties within the territory.

When he orchestrated Seohan's funeral, the veins of his neck bulged.

"There is a need for us to grow our strength more fiercely."

It was possible.

Especially in Muyoung's territory, it was dependent on their resolution.

Asura's temple and Merlin's dungeon acted in a very good way to develop.

On top, this was the Demon God's Territory.

A place where you needed to always win fights!

"Let's get stronger. Let's increase our territory. We cannot let Seohan's death be for nothing."

Seohan was more passionate than anyone else.

He was more worried about the territory and loyal to Muyoung than anyone else.

Arand and Baltan were going to inherit that mindset of Seohan.

When they looked back, there were a lot of flaws. They were slowly becoming lazier and didn't really try to take the lead.



And it was at that moment.

When Arand's short speech ended, a huge pillar was placed on Asura's Temple.

However, this wasn't the first time they had seen this occurrence.

It was already the second time.

When Muyoung had killed Moon, the cult leader of the Sky Devil, something like this had also occurred.

And the guardian of the territory became much stronger.

But, if something like this had happened again…

"Did the Lord destroy another great enemy?"

"Ahh, Hoom and Oom have given us a gift!"

All kinds of flowers were fully bloomed on the new pillar of the temple.

Then, small letters appeared in front of all the citizens.

"Is this a wreath…?"

Baltan quietly murmured.

It was so.

This pillar was like a wreath Muyoung sent for Seohan's funeral.

The Dragon Lord Hansung went straight far west.

All the land in the west were floating in the sky that it was also called the 'floating garden', and the owner of this place was the 'King of the Dragons'.

The size of the Dragon King was colossal.

A huge creature that seemed like it would even pierce through the sky.

In front of it, Hansung and Arkisa seemed very small.

"I found it. The owner of the sword fragment is one of the Masters of the Darkness, named 'King Slayer'."

It was a piece of information he barely found as he wandered in the Sage's room and other places.

The Dragon Lord was also familiar with the Masters of the Darkness. As he had received rewards from them a few times.

- King Slayer… If he had stepped up, this means that we need to prepare for an upheaval. As the sword fragment is a warning.

"What kind of upheaval will happen?"

"The birth of the 73rd Demon God. His name is Diablos. He is a wicked Demon God who has the fire of creation and destruction. Also, a few Demon Gods are looking for the 'Ars Nova'.

"Ars Nova, the Remington's?"

73rd Demon God!?

It was definitely a surprising event but Hansung read as an ominous sign while he was coming here.

Perhaps, it was linked to the birth of Diablos.

However, more than that, he was more focused on Ars Nova.

All Demon Gods were sealed by 'Lemegeton'.

However, their seal broke and they had settled in this Underworld.

Among them, it was known that Baal had the cover of Lemegeton.

But, there were a lot of contents that were missing.

Among them was 'Ars Nova'.

It was told that miracle like strong spells was engraved on the 'Ars Nova'.

- If they can find the Ars Nova, they can break the wall of the Blue Temple. If Merlin, the guardian at this place and the balancer of this world, died, then the world would accelerate into destruction.

"Then is King Slayer looking for Ars Nova?"

- It was a routine procedure for the demon gods to look for Ars Nova. As long as Baal has the cover of Lemegeton, King Slayer can't stop him. He would also know of this truth.

"Then? Why would someone who needed to be within the darkness appear…?"

- King Slayer can manipulate time. Only he can figure out about abnormalities regarding 'time'. If he had acted firsthand, this would also be related to 'time'.

Even the King of the Dragons didn't exactly know about all the truth.

He was omnipotent, but not all-knowing.

Hansung once again nodded his head.

"Please lead me to the path I need to go."

- Gather the Fragments of Fissures. Although it won't allow you to stop them from finding Ars Nova, it will help you delay them. Arkisa will lead you.


Arkisa made a loud roar.

Then, the King of the Dragons finished speaking.

- However, Arkisa alone will be difficult. Although you have earned a mighty sword, you still haven't earned a shield yet. Go to the 'Spring of Light' right away and make the dragon of light 'Shandalton' submit to you.

Hansung widened his eyes.

The King of Dragons granted him the right to make a contract with a second dragon.

To prepare for the upheaval, the King of Dragons had started to make a strong move.

Including the King of Dragons, the four beings with divinity…

The Master of all the Mountains, the Death Lord, and the Child of Moon were balancers that kept the balance in all four directions.

In the middle of it, there was the Blue Temple and Merlin.

They couldn't act on their own. And so, like this, they gave others their strength and made them prepare.

Of course, it was only Hansung's responsibility to make Shandalton submit to him.

Shandalton was one of the greatest dragons that could even easily face Arkisa.

If he wasn't careful, Hansung could even die.

"I'll go right away."

However, Hansung didn't care.

He was a Dragon Lord.

A man who did not know when to give up.

And here, there was another man who didn't know when to give up.

Muyoung swung his spear within the flames of Diablos.

Gabriel's Spear told Muyoung many things.

It was also a great help in making Muyoung's own skills.

The state of selflessness.

He forgot about himself and everything else, and only perfected his skills.

He created, discarded, and then recreated.

He didn't even know how much time had passed.

However, this process was something that was necessary for Muyoung.

For him to forge his own path.

And to finally find his own true uniqueness!

Now, he wouldn't wander around.

Muyoung would only go one path.

And finally, he saw true 'essence' within the flames.

A swordsmanship that was extremely pure and showed Muyoung's colors to the maximum.

'Muyoung's swordsmanship.'

He placed his name.

The name Muyoung was like his own proof that couldn't be removed even if he wanted to.

Also, although it was a sword skill, it was like the combination of all the skills.

It was the final product after he combined his knowledge and the knowledge he learned later through Gabriel.


As he used his swordsmanship, the flames of Diablos split.

The flame's essence that didn't budge once it started to burn was moved by Muyoung.

A moment later, Muyoung took a step out of the flames.

When he came out of the flames, Muyoung's vigor was more organized than before.

His outer appearance didn't show anything.

He was like a normal person.

The eyes that looked like the abyss and his murderous spirit, everything was erased.

However, the power hidden within it was incomparable to the past.

At last, he had won over the trial and found his own path.

With this, Muyoung was able to exist alone.


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