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Chapter 178: The traces of Diablo (1)

Translation: Nadu

Edit: HungryPanda

The darkness that ate up the whole body had all disappeared.

In that state, Muyoung looked around.

Huge flames. These flames were all purification of Diablo. Only those who have overcome the flames had the qualification to live.

Muyoung had now earned that right.


That wasn't all.

Muyoung reaped the flames.

Then, Diablo's flames started to be sucked into Muyoung.

When it happened, his body bloated up as if it was going to explode, but Muyoung didn't show any expression.

'Diablo's fire is the start of all fire.'

The flames that existed immemorial.

That was the reality of the flames Diablo had.

There wasn't really a chance to earn a flame like this.

Even more, Muyoung would be the only one who would be resistant to Diablo's flames.

Even if it wasn't full resistance, it would be possible for him to resist a considerable amount of damage .

Diablo was strong enough to even block Baal's attacks.

Flames like them. How could he not want it?

Nevertheless, Muyoung was nothing more than ordinary.

At least by looking at his outer appearance, there was no trace.

If he had swallowed flames this size, normally the effects would reflect like a mirror and appear, but there was nothing like that at all.

'As you come close to extreme, you become ordinary.'

The Dragon Lord's sword was like that.

He threw away all kinds of ways and was able to gain a classless swordsmanship.

Although his movements were all over the place like a beginner's, the purification that was hidden within it was incomparably stronger.

Muyhoung was also like this.

If he was good, evil, strong or weak…

If it wasn't something Muyoung wanted to show, no one would be able to easily recognize it.

Then, Muyoung went towards the end of the room.

At that place, he was able to find a huge egg that was engulfed by a small flame.


Snow was the successor of Garuda.

Also, Garuda was a Sun Bird.

Yacha… So, when Wung Chunglin died, there was a message that popped up but when Snow died, there wasn't any.

The reason was right in front of his eyes.

'Did she not die?'

Maybe it was due to the influence as Garuda's successor, it seemed like she didn't die after one death.

The nature of the Sun Bird allowed it to resurrect if it was near the fire.

Bonghwang, Red Bird, and Phoenix were all the same.

Although their names were different, they were all concluded as the Sun Bird.

Muyoung looked at the egg for a moment.

The size was as big as most humans, but he heard breathing of a weak living thing.

He kept touching Anguish but then shook his head.

Didn't only light flow out of Snow's corpse and was engraved on this egg?

It seemed like… Snow continued to be born again like this as generations passed down.

So that's why no one in the past knew who Snow really was.

Muyoung placed his hand on the egg.

If an unauthorized person touched it, it would become a terrifying fire that would burn the person's whole body, but Muyoung was the Ruler of Flames.

These kinds of flames couldn't produce a large impact on Muyoung.


Then, greater flames engulfed Muyoung.

The flames poured on Muyoung like the time Gabrielle's spear did and reminded him of a new past.

In the past, Snow died when the demon gods invaded.

However, she was born again.

However, Snow was different in many ways from the previous Snow.

Snow who was born again had a lot of fears.

She didn't step up and just watched the world perish from afar like a 3rd person.

Among those people, 'Muyoung' was one of them.

The greatest assassin. The man who died after demolishing the Forest of Death.

He killed so many heroes.

Even the Dragon Lord who was considered the hope of humanity was killed by his hand.

However… there was definitely a chance to save Muyoung.

If Muyoung was saved, other people could have also been saved.

But, Snow didn't act.

The Forest of Death burned in flames, the great calamity started, the Dragon Lord died, the balancers of all direction died off one by one, and finally, even when Merlin the guardian of the world died, Snow just stayed quiet.

Snow watched the upheavals that happened afterwards.

After killing all living things, the demon gods wanted to remain as true 'gods' themselves.

And so, they summoned all other gods. Even including fake gods.

It was terrifying. As their upheaval was beyond one's imagination.

And so, Snow counted as everything she had seen as a 'dream'.

After the world was completely covered in darkness, Snow woke up after a small light broke out.

And afterwards, she started to prepare.

Diablo who she had seen when the gods were summoned.

She decided to summon his strong powers when something happened.

However, even in this lifetime, Snow had died.

Not by a demon god but by Muyoung.

Not a dream, but reality.

Crack! Craaaack!

As Muyoung placed his hand on the egg, the egg started to crack.

Then, the egg completely cracked and within it, a girl appeared.


A naked girl fell to the ground helplessly.

The body looked a bit younger than Snow he saw from the outside.

'It was this.'

Snow in front of him was the Snow he remembered in his memories.

The Snow he saw from the outside was for some odd reason older than the Snow in his memories.

She seemed a bit more mature that when he first saw her so he was a bit puzzled.

Perhaps, as generations were passed down, the age of their body seems to decrease.

Snow's body didn't age no matter how much time passed.

That meant, there was a certain number of lives she had.

However, he needed to keep an eye to see if only the age of their bodies decreased or not.

Boing! Boiing!

It was at that moment.

Armful's Cradle spirit came down from Muyoung's head.

And it entered Snow's body.


A gleam of light spread everywhere.

Afterwards, it gradually reduced in size and was fully absorbed into Snow's body.


A moment later, Snow gradually opened her eyes.

And as she laid there, looked up at Muyoung.

Then, with an innocent smile on her face, Snow spoke.



Muyoung frowned.

It wasn't because he wasn't familiar with the word.

It was because that word came out of Snow's mouth.


"I'm not your father."


Snow poked Muyoung's cheek with her finger.

And smiled shyly.

She was no different than pure white but it seemed like she couldn't understand well yet.


Muyoung took out Anguish.

Although he didn't have a lot of experience killing someone who died once, it wasn't like he couldn't do it again if he needed to.

To be exact, he took Anguish towards the middle of her forehead.


Then, Snow touched the sword as if it was a toy.

For her to not even know murderous intent and hostility.

Was it not Snow but Armful's Cradle?

Didn't Muyoung also see how Armful's Cradle entered Snow?

Perhaps the two might be mixed.

However, Armful's Cradle's awareness was very shallow.

You could say that it was the height of simplicity but its fondness towards Muyoung was similar.

He was unable to organize his thoughts because he was also able to see parts of Snow in the past who was pure white and sacrificed herself for humanity.

Muyoung clicked his tongue and sheathed Anguish.

And when he started walking after turning around, Snow tried her best to follow him.


The altar's door that was closed was opened.

Muyoung slowly walked out.

Then, Muyoung couldn't help but frown as he took a look around.

'It isn't Suicide Hill.'

The surrounding was filled with turquoise.

A place with a small park and a huge spring existed.

This couldn't be the Suicide Hill.

It was impossible to make the place that was bombarded by Diablos come back to life.

"Pa! Dad!"

Muyoung turned around.

Snow, whose age of the body became slightly younger, followed Muyoung and called him dad.

It seemed like her memories weren't perfect.

No, it seemed like all of it had been erased.

Of course, although she had forgotten all of her interactions with Muyoung, it seemed like she had the very basic knowledge to live.

What he meant was things like eating and pooping.

She was like a newborn baby who only had the instincts.

It wasn't an act. As there was no way Muyoung wouldn't be able to not differentiate.

And so, he decided to just leave her be.

She had no ill intentions and he even had the slight expectations that there will be a chance to find new aspects.

As no one really knew Snow.


Something flew through the wind.

Muyoung slowly raised his hand and caught the item that flew in.

'An arrow.'

A warning or a threat.

Muyoung looked towards the direction the arrow flew in.

Normally, he wasn't able to to see anything but Muyoung saw it clearly in his eyes.

A couple of elves with golden hair were hiding in the forest.

When elves hid in the forest, most people weren't able to find them.

The easiest way to find elves was to burn the forest down.

Muyoung raised his hand.


Then, fierce flames were created on top of Muyoung's hand.

Although it was nothing compared to Diablo's, he tried his best to create something similar to it.

It was Muyoung's own flames which he created after combining few skills, placing Gabriel's feather, and analyzing the source of flames.

It was called the 'Holy Fire'.

The Holy Fire instantly sprang up and burned the forest.

However, it didn't spread.

He just burned the place where the exactly the elves were located.

"This strength…!"

"You fire dragons?! Are you attacking to go after Shandalton's fortunes again?!"

The elves were naked.

They returned to their natural states because their clothes and weapons also burned when the trees burned down.

'Fire dragons?'

Muyoung smirked.

For a day to come when he was mistaken for a dragon.

Fire dragons were a type of dragons that was famous for its ill tempers.

They were able to use flames and lived near volcanoes.


Muyoung walked.

He went right in front of them and asked.

"Where is this place?"

"Are you saying you came without knowing?! This place, the Spring of Light is ruled by Shandalton! This isn't a place where a fire dragon could do what he wants!"

Shandalton and the Spring of Light.

Although he had heard of them, he couldn't remember them well.

As even in the past, the dragon and the area weren't well known.

There weren't any dragons who played an important role in the fight with the demon kings and the demon god, against all other species.

They have all acted alone and were destroyed.

Either way, the Spring of Light was very far from the Suicide Hill.

'I would rather be closer to the Noble City'

'Noble City' was a huge city that was comparable to the Great City.

Basically, all the Five Great Clans besides the Lawless Clan were here.

Besides them, all kinds of clans had their headquarters at the Noble City.


It was at that moment.

Snow all of a sudden bit the neck of the elf who spoke.


"Pa! Pa!"

Snow seemed to be very angry.

She grabbed the elf's whole body and bit his neck in a persistent manner that the elf was unable to handle it.

In the end, the elf was only able to continue speaking when Muyoung forcefully took her off.

"…ugh, I don't know what you, fire dragons, are after but while we are alive, you won't be able to take anything from Shandalton!"

Muyoung rubbed his chin.

He kept saying fire 'dragons'.

It seemed like there wasn't just one fire dragon who visited this place.

That meant there was something hidden here that the fire dragons wanted.

'I came here through Diablo's Temple.'

Muyoung concentrated.

However, he couldn't feel any signs of Diablos.

But, he was able to know about the remaining remnants of Diablo.

'Diablo had gone through this place.'

It was the reason why Muyoung arrived at Spring of Light instead of Suicide Hill.

It seemed like even in the future, he would have some kind of relationship with Diablo.

Also, there was a high chance that the fire dragons were also after the 'remnants' Diablo left.


It was at that moment.

Snow poked Muyoung's back.


When he turned around, a huge flame covered Muyoung.

They were unfathomable flames that a fire dragon shot from the sky.


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