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Chapter 175: Exist Alone(1)

Translation: Nadu & Tay

Edit: Ren

Muyoung raised up to three horns.

In a world that had been accelerated 8 times, he could see Wung Chunglin's movements clearly.

For decent humanity's 10 strongest, three horns would be enough.

Wung Chunglin was still smiling.

There was no sign of alarm, even when his arm flew off.

This was a completely different face from the past.

At the time when Muyoung had just wiped out the Forest of Death… Wung Chunglin had asked why he had erased the place where they had spent 40 years together.

But actually, while his life was at stake he was calm.

"Be happy. Most of the shadows I sent died. You won and I lost."

Yes. It was precisely that attitude.

The reason why Muyoung continuously became ensnared.

'It's different.'

It was strange.

The image of Wung Chunglin that Muyoung knew and his appearance now didn't coincide.

It was doubtful to say that it was because he had met Snow; because it was not easy to change human nature.

So, if he thought of Snow as 'fake', then the Wung Chunglin before his eyes was real.

But he seemed to know of his defeat early.

Was it resignation?

"You look disconcerted. Because I look different now from how I did in your memory."

Muyoung didn't respond.

He only looked at Wung Chunglin with a gaze similar to an abyss.


Wung Chunglin stepped on his own fallen arm.

Then he spoke to Muyoung.

"Do you know this? My name is not Wung Chunglin."

Muyoung's eyebrows furrowed instantly.

Wung Chunglin. It was his name that Muyoung remembered.

In fact, perhaps Muyoung was the only person in the Underworld who knew his real name.

But the person himself said it was not so.

Muyoung shook his head.

"You are Wung Chunglin."

"What is the basis for that? The past you experienced?"

Coincidentally, Muyoung knew Wung Chunglin's name.

But he didn't remember how he knew.

"Your name is in Solomon's Hall of Fame."

Wung Chunglin chuckled.

"Stupid. Solomon's Hall of Fame only shows names you recognize. Certainly, your real name would not have come out there. Isn't that so?"


Those were the only two characters that came out in Solomon's Hall of Fame. [1]

However, Muyoung had not been left even that.

All that had been left was Muyoung - 'No Name'.

"Haven't you ever thought this way? Have I really returned to the past? Perhaps isn't it that I am thinking of another person's life as my own?"

"What does that mean?"

"In the Forest of Death, there was another assassin that was more powerful than me. Number 0. I named the person 'Muyoung'."

Number 0?

There was no Number 0 in the Forest of Death.

If so, Muyoung had erased Wung Chunglin and became Number 0 himself.

The great assassins have existed as Number 0 to Number 10.


Suddenly, a masked man appeared beside Wung Chunglin.

He slowly took off his mask.

"And the status viewer you are wearing… that is that child's. If you look at the bottom of the status viewer, you will be able to see his real name. The real name of Muyoung whom you have not recognized."

The man's face was completely unfamiliar to him.

However, for some reason, it felt familiar.  

Muyoung returned his horns and then took out the status viewer.

Then he checked the other side of it.  


Muyoung's eyes shook greatly  This was something that could not be.

When you arrive at the Blue Temple, it was normal to receive a new status viewer.  

But, for some reason, Muyoung's status viewer had a name on the other side.  

When he recalled, he remembered opening his eyes faster than everyone else in the beginning.  

Wung Chunglin also knew that Muyoung was shaken.

Wung Chunglin looked directly at Muyoung and said, "And so, I want to ask."


He came closer by one step.  

He hadn't been planning to win against Muyoung through fighting power from the beginning. It was the reason why Muyoung couldn't become his pupil.  

Also, he was certain that Muyoung would be shaken by the truth. Snow had asked him not to reveal the truth but Wung Chunglin had no plans to conceal it.  

Wung Chunglin.

No, now he who had become just a shadow had asked, "Bastard, who are you?"

After receiving the order, he assassinated someone. A complete stranger. He ha taken away the life of a person who he didn't know at all.

That's who he collected the status viewers from; the people he had killed.  

He took a peek at their lives, which were written on the status viewer.  

That was how Muyoung was able to protect his consciousness.

He thought he had protected it.  

'Kehaha! You are no different than Doppelganger,' Luciferre chuckled.

His stomach really hurt so much that he couldn't withstand it.  

It was because Muyoung's state was no different than Doppelganger, who stole other people's lives.  

'You can become anyone.'

'You can't become anyone.'

This was the faith of a doppelganger.  

The ability to become anyone but unable to keep one unique nature.  

If the past was all a lie, Muyoung couldn't help but rethink about his own nature.  

'Who am I?'

It wasn't a philosophical question.

Muyoung just sincerely thought about his appearance.  

If the words Wung Chunglin spoke of were true, for what did he run towards for so long?

Perhaps, this might be related to the reason why Muyoung places so much effort into acquiring his own 'uniqueness'.

At that moment, Muyoung's body started to be sunk into darkness.  

"You could have become a much deeper shadow than anything else. As no one knew you, and even you didn't know about yourself!"  

Wung Chunglin opened his eyes widely. He could have become whatever he wanted but among them, the one most fitting was a shadow, as a shadow was also just an imitation of others.  

Perhaps you could say that a shadow reflected Muyoung the best.  

"If it is you, you could have become the greatest shadow. Then you would be able to understand the desires of this world. If you listen to the sounds of the world, you would be able to walk the same path as me."  

The sounds of the world.  

It was a collection of all kinds of desires.  

By following the world's desires, Wung Chunglin created the Forest of Death and killed people.

All of it wasn't Wung Chunglin's will.  

Only the world's will.

If Muyoung was also to become a shadow, he would walk the same path.  

Wung Chunglin was anticipating the birth of the greatest shadow!  

For him, he would give up his life.  

If he could bring out the shadow in Muyoung, he was happy to be a sacrifice.  

'I won.'

Wung Chunglin's smile deepened.  

Although Snow had lost, Wung Chunglin had won.  


Of course, he could become light but it didn't suit him since birth.  

Snow had really dreamt of it. The dream existed to be awakened.  

From the beginning, it didn't make sense for a trial to be made to persuade someone.  

Snow's thoughts had been too one-sided.   

On the other hand, Wung Chunglin was strictly based on reality, as Wung Chunglin's goal from the beginning was 'creating a shadow'.

Muyoung's body was soon wrapped around complete darkness.  

Five horns rose up.

Normally, at most 4 was possible but one had been added.  

The horns soon merged into one.

Only a huge horn was left on Muyoung's forehead.  

Also, a black haze even covered Muyoung's eyes.  

An overwhelming presence scattered the area!   

A black energy dominated all of the surrounding areas.  

'Yes, it's that appearance! A true shadow's appearance!'

Wung Chunglin was thrilled.  

He was truly at the climax.  

The pinnacle point of his plan.  

If he was just a shadow, Muyoung could be seen as a king of shadows.  


Muyoung suddenly made a move.  

In a blink of an eye, he took away Wung Chunglin's life.  

And he also took away Number 0's like a fly.  

Swoosh! Swish!  

The sword didn't stop. Then, Muyoung ripped apart two corpses with his two hands.  

The two bodies couldn't even maintain the shape of a person.  

They were lumps of meat.  

Humans had become lumps of meat.  

Muyoung, who had covered himself in blood, started to quietly walk towards Diablo's Trial.  

The world was submerged in water.  

Afterwards, water evaporated and the world was once again submerged in the fire.  


Seraphina stood up from her spot.  

As she looked around, most people had died.  

It was pure luck for her to be alive after all the suffering.  

In the end, if Bae Sungmin didn't save her, she would have also had no choice but to be dead.  

'What in the world had happened?'

Something that had suddenly happened.  

As she got up fully from her spot, a few who had survived also opened their eyes.  

Fortunately, Ramielle was among them.  

"What had happened?"

Seraphina let out a sigh of relief.  

Bae Sungmin made a serious expression while he held his wand.

"All connection with the master is disconnected."

Seraphina spoke quietly.  

"When you refer to master, do you mean Muyoung?"

"Yes, the master told us to protect you. And he headed towards the altar by himself."

"That, that had happened…?!"

Seraphina's eyes widened.  

When he suddenly disappeared, she thought something might have happened but he had headed towards the altar alone.  

"Even the series of events that happened right now should be related to my master. But then, the signal had suddenly been disconnected."

It was a disappointment for him to leave without a word but she couldn't blame him.  

What seemed like an explosion of the century that happened just now was a bit understandable as he pointed out that it was related to Muyoung.  

Even in the meantime, he made his servants act to save Seraphina.  

How could she not be moved?  

However, she was uneasy as he said the connection with Muyoung had been disconnected.   

"Th, then shouldn't we try to find him quickly?"

"My comrades are already looking for him. But…"

Bae Sungmin shook his head.  

Instantly, Seraphina's heart raced.

She never thought of Muyoung's absence.  

At least to Seraphina, he was an angel and a truly strong man.  

The justice to keep in check with the demon gods by getting the God-Killing Spear.  

Also, he was also the man who touched her heart.  

But for him to disappear.  

Bae Sungmin spoke the next words bitterly.  

"The altar has disappeared."


The holy cloth had moved.  

The paladins who moved the holy cloth under Seraphina's order tilted their heads.  

"This is moving?"

"I told you we can never take it off. Let's go quickly."

However, that was all.  

Seraphina's orders were absolute and even more, this was an item they were sending to the sage king.  

It wasn't something that the paladins could decide on their own.  

Wiggle! Wiggle!  

But, as time passed, the cloth moved more fiercely.  

"Why is it being like this?"

"Wa, wait, the cloth is…"

Afterwards, when they were in proximity to Mulalan, the cloth had come off completely.  

Within the cloth, a beautiful girl appeared.  

The person seemed to be on the borderline between girl and woman; her name was Hyacinth.  

When the paladins saw Hyacinth, their eyes loosened.  

Their bodies shivered and their legs shook.  

They couldn't get ahold of her senses.

'I want her.'

I want to touch her. That girl's body!


Hyacinth touched each cheek of the paladins.  


Then, they fell down on the ground and their bodies shivered endlessly.

They had continuous seizure and their energy flowed out like rainwater.  

A man, even a woman, wouldn't be able to withstand Hyacinth's touch.  

Hyacinth then turned her gaze to the holy cloth.  

As she touched the holy cloth, it turned into a beautiful white dress.  

"We have to prepare. And we have to welcome him."

Hyacinth who quietly murmured, turned their gaze to look at Mulalan.  

[1] - Referring to the two syllables of Mu-Young (무 영), which could also be shown using two Chinese characters, as with most Korean names.


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