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Chapter 174: Wung Chunglin (End)

Translation: Tay

Edit: Ren

The Snow in front of him had the appearance of the Snow in his memories.

But that was all.

Her substance was completely different.

He wasn't saying she was fake simply because her arguments were different from in the past.

Muyoung sincerely thought that the person before him was 'not' Snow.

Then, Snow's face stiffened.

"You could become an even stronger light. Didn't we dream the same dream? Do you want history to repeat itself?"

History repeating itself.

Humanity would be destroyed once again.

If she said that the Demon Gods gained power and killed even Muyoung, of course Muyoung would change the past.


"I am not the light. Furthermore, it's not a dream."

"Don't you want to know about your true self? I mean, yourself before you came to the Underworld."


Muyoung stopped in his tracks.

Himself before he came to the Underworld.

Certainly, even the name 'Muyoung' that he was using right now was not his real name.

He had absolutely no memories of before he came to the Underworld.

He would be lying if he said he wasn't curious.

Even so, Muyoung shook his head.

"I don't want to know."

The present moment was important.

A resolution that he had made ever since the Forest of Death had been erased and he returned to the past.

The name Muyoung was enough.

He didn't need anything else. He could create his true self from now on.

Also, now Muyoung was taking on his own 'uniqueness'; the only one that existed in the world.

Nothing else could replace Muyoung.

Snow's expression changed subtly, to a face that wasn't smiling, crying or even hardened.

"What do you want? Do you really want to become a shadow?"

"Why are you trying to judge my identity?"

"Because I saw everything about you. Therefore, I can tell."

Muyoung grinned.

He knew the reason for her frustration.

The self-titled Snow might certainly know Muyoung better than he knew himself.

But no matter how far she had seen, she was talking only about the 'surface'.

Snow didn't know what kind of mind Muyoung lived with day by day.

She didn't know how frantically and how stingily he lived.

Even breathing was often painful.

Flashes of the past tormented him when he closed his eyes.

However, Muyoung never expressed himself.

As the saying goes, the past was important.

The fact that the present Muyoung had been created by the past could not be denied.

However, he couldn't make the mistake of forgetting to move forward while looking only at the past.

Therefore, Muyoung always only faced forward.

Forcing himself to pretend that he didn't know that the past was gripping his shoulders from behind, he was only concentrating on running forward.

"You don't know."

Snow didn't know this.

However, if he had to decide on one identity, there was one word Muyoung liked.

"I will become neither light nor darkness."

Not good, not evil; a definition that was Muyoung's alone.


Snow's body shivered.

Could something exist while being neither light nor darkness?

The world was formed in those two. Of course it was fundamental to base things on those two.

However, Muyoung's response was a little different.

"The Absolute."


His wings sprouted.

Muyoung had three pairs of wings.

From the top there were white, grey and black wings; and now, those three pairs of wings were starting to be harmonious.

Eventually, all three pairs would be grey.

It was corrupt but not corrupt.

Muyoung had simply established his own 'justice'.

Due to Gabriel's authority, Muyoung would never be corrupted.

Snow, who saw his wings, shouted in amazement.

"I beg you! The path you want to take is chaos! There is nothing at the end of it and nothing can come of it!"

"Did you say you saw the future?"

Step. Step.

Muyoung walked.

If the path he wanted to take right now was chaos then her words wouldn't be wrong.

However, he didn't like that confident tone of her voice.

The future changed. It was not decided.

So Muyoung asked one question.

"What will you look like in 3 seconds?"



Muyoung's body disappeared.

And the place he appeared was directly above Snow.

Before Snow could even react, Muyoung's Anguish cut the top of her head.

Indeed, something that happened in a flash.

When Muyoung landed on the ground, Snow's entire body was split in two like firewood.


He didn't even need 3 seconds.

Muyoung wiped off Anguish as Snow fell to the ground.

'The energy of death.'

But soon, Muyoung couldn't help frowning, because a large amount of death's energy could be felt coming from Snow's body.


Black smoke rose up from out of Snow's corpse.

Blood seeped into the floor and created a six-pointed shape.

Crack. Craacckkk!

The ceiling started to crack, an indication that the cave was going to collapse.

But Muyoung was focusing on the altar.

'Is this your answer?'

Rumble rumble rumble. Craaaaaccckkk!!

The ground shook. Cracks appeared here and there.

The six-pointed shape was like a symbol of the Demon God's token. And Muyoung had seen a six pointed shape like that multiple times before.

'The Star of David.'

A mark that came out when the Demon Gods were summoned.

When he had entered Gremory's temple at the Blue Temple, that mark had been there.

Snow had used even her own existence as a medium, so an extremely dangerous being had been summoned.

Its body was well over 10m tall.

It had red skin and giant goat horns.

At first glance, it looked like a dragon, but it was quite different.

As it stood on two feet and let out an eerie shriek, flames hotter than hell soared up everywhere.

Muyoung seemed to know that being.


The 73rd Demon God was born into this world.

The ground ruptured.

As the sky turned red, it was like a sign of the end of the world.

The other 72 Demon Gods felt the wave of the violent soul.

They knew it was the emergence of a new Demon God.

At the same time, they could also tell how destructive of a Demon God Diabolo was.

Like water and oil, they could not be mixed.

Diabolo was going to destroy everything.

Of course, he would have no choice but to confront other Demon Gods in the process.


As the 1st Demon God, he sat on a great throne and 'saw' that place for the first time.


As he tapped the throne with his finger, a black bolt of lighting burst out and struck Diabolo.


As the size of the lightning bolt was to the extent that it covered a mountain, Diabolo was forced to stagger.

But he was unscathed.

Tap. Tap.

Baal tapped the throne twice.

Then a tidal wave, which seemed like it could cover the world, approached.

The tidal wave swallowed Diabolo.

Everything around him was cleanly devoured.


However, Diabolo broke through even the tidal wave.

Red wings unfolded and he rose up into the sky.

At that moment, the sky became even redder.


Soon, many fireballs poured down like rain around him.

Everything was aflame and even Baal's eyes were disturbed in the blaze.

Even the flames of hell were no match.

Diabolo's flame was like an extremely pure source.

Eventually, when Baal tapped the throne three times, Diabolo suddenly disappeared like smoke.

Baal closed his eyes, as if nothing had happened.

After 10 minutes at most…

Following the mountain-sized black lightning bolt and the tidal wave that seemed to cover the world, everything was evaporated by Diabolo's flames.

All that remained was an infinitely burning land.

Muyoung cleared away the wreckage and got up.


Muyoung could sense that it had been Baal who had attacked the 73rd Demon God Diabolo.

He was the only one that could attack at this scale from an unseen location.

No one had ever seen Baal, but his attacks were dared to be associated with the word 'extraordinary'; A level that could overpower the Great City with one attack.

'Baal attacked Diabolo.'

Muyoung noted that fact.

Baal, who could be called the true king of the 72 Demon Gods had made a move.

It meant that Diabolo's emergence had offended him that much.

Because Baal had noticed as soon as Diablos appeared and attacked.

'Fight fire with fire.'

Suddenly, those words came to mind.

A way to suppress poison with another poison.

He had made a powerful move to contain the 72 Demon Gods.

However, Muyoung, who had suffered from Diabolo for just a short moment, had no choice but to shake his head.

Even if Diablo was keeping the Demon Gods in check, he would only continue to be a destructive being.

Muyoung could feel Diabolo's desire to paint this world with his fire.

'He's extreme.'

Muyoung looked around.

The six-pointed shape had been left in the place where the Demon God had emerged.

It was called the Star of David and it was left behind at trials related to the demon gods.

The staircase heading beneath the altar caught Muyoung's eye.

A soft light was there.

The black light escaped from the place where Snow's body was and the small light left at the end flowed towards the staircase.

Ppyorong! Ppyororong!

The Armful Cradle's spirit that had been hiding in Muyoung's hair reacted.

The Armful Cradle wanted Muyoung to go down the stairs.

'You mean there's something down there?'

The world was engulfed in flames.

Diabolo's flames made the skin burn just by being next to it.

He certainly didn't know what was in there, but…

Muyoung slowly took a step forward.

As he continued down the steps beneath the altar, another large temple appeared.

It looked magnificent, as if it had been made beforehand.

Sculptures of Diabolo had been erected everywhere.


At that moment, Muyoung turned his body like a top.

It was because someone behind him had tried to assassinate him.

The back of his neck was cold.

It was clear that he had almost lost his neck, just like that.

There was not even a 0.1 second difference.

As he hastily withdrew Anguish, Muyoung stepped back and looked at his opponent.

"Diabolo carries the Origin's Flame so the rewards will also be beyond imagination. Do you not covet it?"

The opponent, who had tried to assassinate him, spoke in a laid-back manner.

However, when Muyoung saw his opponent, he trembled slightly.

In that state, he darted forward as he was.

"Wung Chunglin…!"

No reply was needed!

There was no need for words between them.

The shadow, Wung Chunglin appeared.

With his face as it was in Muyoung's memory.

How could they speak gently?

It was indeed the state of meeting an enemy on a single-log bridge.

Muyoung had waited and waited for this moment.

Wung Chunglin stopped when Muyoung emerged.

But he was bare-handed.

Instead, his hands were shining white.

'Minority Ball.'

It was a technique that most firmly supported the hands. It shined white like that if one was a sage.

Muyoung had also mastered it in the past but he had been unable to become a sage.


Wung Chunglin's smile revealed his teeth.

Jjeooong! Jjeeonngg!

It was an extremely violent collision.

Muyoung's sword narrowly cut Wung Chunglin's collar.

The long black traditional jacket that Wung Chunglin was wearing shook precariously.

"Really…! Can you see my attacks?"

Wung Chunglin glanced down at Muyoung with slight admiration.

Muyoung's attack was extremely fierce.

As Muyoung's horns appeared, it was not the collar, but the skin that started to be cut.

Muyoung knew about all of Wung Chunglin's movements.

It was a matter of course.

He had seen it for dozens of years so he couldn't help but know.

Furthermore, Muyoung's skills now slightly exceeded the past.

Even in the past state he had killed Wung Chunglin, so couldn't he just kill him now?


One of Wung Chunglin's arms flew into the air.


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