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Chapter 164: The God-Killing Spear (End)

Translation: Tay

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At that moment, Hansung withdrew a sizable sword fragment from his chest.

Just a sword fragment. It had no other characteristics.

The fact that it was so big suggested that it was a fragment of a large sword.

However, it was strange. The power felt from the fragment was beyond imagination.

"Saintess of the earth. Do you know what this item is?"

As Hansung handed over the sword fragment, the saintess received it.

The saintess of the earth had the power to know and feel anything that came from the earth.

The saintess shook her head after touching and looking at the fragment for a while.

"I do not know. I feel that this substance is not of this world. Hansung-nim, where did you obtain this?"

"The king of the dragons. I received it from him. And he asked me to go and find out who the owner of this fragment is."

The king of the dragons!

The transcendental being that ruled all dragons.

It was said that his power was easily comparable to the demon gods.

He just didn't move. It was because he was the size of an enormous island, and whenever he moved, the entire earth trembled.

If the king of the dragons requested it then it was anything but a simple item.

After thinking for a while, the saintess reluctantly gave an answer.

"Time. I feel countless streams of time in the fragment."

"Time, you say. Oh well, if the saintess doesn't know then only the 'Sage's Room' remains. Even though I promised I would never see those backroom elders again…"

Hansung clucked his tongue and shook his head.

But Muyoung was among the viewers of the fragment.

For some reason that fragment was familiar.

'King Slayer.'

His sword. It was precisely a fragment of the sword he had.


For what reason did the king of the dragons have a fragment of King Slayer's sword?

King Slayer had disappeared after teaching Muyoung about grains.

Suddenly. As if he hadn't existed from the start.

Muyoung also hadn't really looked for him. However, he had found traces of King Slayer in an unexpected place.

Eventually, when Hansung took a step back, only Seraphina remained.

"What kind of job do you have for me, Seraphinnim?"

Seraphina turned her head.

She looked at Pendragon, who was overflowing with confidence with his chest puffed up, and Muyoung who acted as if he wasn't even there.

"For both of them, the test of the 'First Knight'.

"First Knight! Aah, you're finally going to keep your mate."

The saintess gave a sigh of relief as if it were her own business.

They both knew each other very well since Seraphina had also been a candidate for saintesst.

And the truth that only Seraphina among the seven cult judges had no First Knight so far was quite a promising story.

The First Knight was also called a 'mate' because it was only possible to keep one.

There was a great deal of interest, even in Mulalan, as to who would be Seraphina's mate.

The saintess approached.

"Nice to meet you, saintess of Earth. I am Pendragon."

Pendragon hit his chest with one hand.

The saintess smiled at his confidence.

"A pleasure. You're quite manly. I can feel the earth welcoming you."

"Of course, since he is my student."

Once again, Hansung boasted about his student.

At this point, even if he was a dimwit it would have been okay.

The saintess sighed and nodded her head.

"Aah, a disciple of the dragon lord. You are truly a blessing for humanity."

"I'm flattered. Haha…"

Pendragon frowned slightly at Hansung.

He didn't seem to be too pleased at the use of his teacher's title.

Soon, the saintess reached out her right hand and touched Pendragon's forehead.

Then, a light flowed out and his body's impurities were washed. His mind was cleared and the light in his eyes became increasingly intense.

"May the grace of the Earth be with you."

"May the grace of the Earth be with you."

The saintess spoke, and Pendragon received it,

It was the celebration and blessing that the saintess gave to the candidate for First Knight.

Muyoung remained.

The saintess moved her feet and stood before him.

And the moment she looked into Muyoung's eyes, the saintess lost her words.

An endless gaze.

She couldn't distinguish between good and evil.

"Please tell me your name."

A long time passed before she barely managed to ask.

However, it was Seraphina that responded.

"Saintess, that person's name is Gael. He cannot speak well, so please be understanding."

"I understand."

As if she understood, she raised her hand to Muyoung's forehead.

"May the grace of the Earth be with you."

Muyoung too was penetrated by the clear light.

But no matter how much the energy came out, his eyes weren't cleaned or filled with vigor.

They just stayed as they were.

There was already nothing that could be called an impurity in Muyoung's body.

It was because he had experienced multiple special awakenings and had expelled all bodily waste.

Furthermore, thanks to 'Great Harmony, every cell of his body moved to create balance.

Muyoung could release toxins from his body just by breathing alone.

The saintess hesitated for a moment then turned around.

"Well then… please follow me. There is a separate place where you can take the First Knight's test."

The highly valued virtues for a First Knight were purity, strength and righteousness.

If there was shortage of any of these three things, the First Knight was disqualified.

Naturally, purity was the purity of divine power.

A nobler and more ceremonious form.

It had nothing to do with quantity. No matter how little there was, if the purity was high, it could overturn everything.

Of course, the first thing to check was precisely this 'purity'.

Although anyone who became a devotee had divine power, evil people never had high purity.

You had to truly place your faith to be baptized more greatly.

A transparent bead. A bead the size of an adult's head was placed in the center of the room.

It's a bead that can measure the purity of divine power. If you put your divine power here, you can find out its purity."

Pendragon took the lead in the saintess' explanation,

"I will try first."

Taking the initiative.

It was an attitude that did not fear a challenge.

The saintess glowed and looked at Pendragon.

If it was to that degree, even if he was to be compared to other First Knights he would not fall short.

He hadn't taken the test yet, but the saintess saw that.

"Please place both hands on it. After that you will naturally be able to know what to do."

As the saintess explained again, Pendragon put both hands on top of the bead.

He had received the baptism of the mother of all, 'Idea'.

It wasn't only the saintess that was curious about what degree of purity would appear; Seraphina was quite curious as well.


Soon, the bead was submerged in a bright light.

Then, the light began to emerge from the bottom of the bead.

It climbed past the centre without stopping.

When the light stopped shortly after, everyone had no choice but to be greatly surprised.


The saintess was in awe.

Because his purity was almost at the standard of a saintess.

It was very rare for a man to have such a high purity.

Seraphina too looked at Pendragon as if seeing him anew.

Pendragon swiped his nose.

"I guess it came out alright."

"It's not just okay. Even among saints you are worthy of being in the upper ranks…"

According to the purity of their divine power, women could become saintesses and men saints.

Of course, a high purity alone did not guarantee becoming a saintess or saint, but that much meant that he had outstanding potential.

Next, it was Muyoung's turn.

Muyoung quietly approached the bead and placed his hands on it.

Then, his back tickled.

He forced his wings from popping out.

'It must be a device that induces divine power.'

The manifestation of divine power stimulated his wings.

Muyoung inwardly clicked his tongue.

After roughly figuring out the usage of the bead, Muyoung poured his divine power in.


It was a bright light that couldn't even be compared to Pendragon's.

Although it was a small amount, but it was enough to blind everyone.

At the same time, the bead was filled up.

It passed halfway in an instant, and passed 70%, 80%, and 90%.

Seeing that, everyone excluding Muyoung's eyes glazed over in astonishment.

When the light finally stopped, the entire bead was brightly heating up.


Unfortunately, it didn't fill it completely.

However, no one was disappointed.

It was a phenomenal figure.

He had far exceeded the human limit of 89%.

Was this possible?

The saintess looked at Muyoung. Seraphina also turned her attention to him.

However, the reaction of the two gradually changed.

The saintess was unable to believe it, and Seraphina was able to feel a bit of relief.

'He is an angel.'

The purity didn't lie.

No one but angels had a purity this high. If he was called a god it could be believed.

The doubts she had up until now waned all at once.

When the doubts vanished, a sense relief was formed. On the contrary, she felt sorry to Muyoung.

"My goodness…"

The saintess sputtered in continuous disbelief.

This hadn't happened in decades.

She had never seen a human with this much purity before.

However, one had now appeared before her eyes.

"Is… Is the bead broken?"

It was a joke. The saintess too knew that the bead would never break.

All the priests, saintesses, saints and the sage king had poured their heart and souls into making it.

"Is that figure possible?"

Pedragon immediately frowned and asked.

He had been certain of his victory. 86% was easily saint level. Who would think he would lose while having that degree of purity?

But he had lost.

By a wide margin, at that!

He didn't believe it. Even the dragon lord was silent.

"It can't be. That's the established theory."

The saintess told the truth.

89% had never been exceeded before. She had never seen it.

The bead measured purity, but over 90% had been a purely imaginary area.

As there was no one to compare him with, the comparison was meaningless.

It was probably natural for distrust to come in.

Pendragon glared at Muyoung once and said.

"Please prepare for the next test."

"The next test will take place when the moon comes out. First… I will guide you to the palace where you can rest."

The saintess put her hand on her forehead.

Her face began to glow as if it was on fire.

If this was true, it was a serious matter.

She had to report it to the sage king immediately.

The saintess looked at Seraphina.

Seraphina shook her head.

And she slightly changed the shape of her mouth.

'Please don't report for now,' Seraphina was saying,

The accommodations assigned to Muyoung were quite large.

Muyoung was quietly sitting on the bed.

'Is this Gabriel's influence?"

He was going to adjust accordingly.

However, it seemed like purity wasn't something that could be controlled.

Lord class, Archangel.

Furthermore, it was the power of the archangel Gabriel.

There was no way that the power to only pursue 'justice' could be hidden.

It was even strong enough to make  Luciferre stay quiet.

Knock, knock!

Soon, someone knocked on the door.

From the sound of the footsteps, it was Seraphina.



The door opened, and as expected, it was Seraphina.

Seraphina was dressed lightly. In a white dress he had never seen before.


Then she came straight toward Muyoung and knelt before him.

"Please forgive my foolishness, for not recognizing you as the  great person you are."

"It's good enough if you've realized it now."

"I will cut out these two eyes, which were full of doubt. If that will make you forgive me…"

Seraphina pulled out a short dagger.

When she tried to stab herself in the eyes without flinching, Muyoung kicked her in the stomach.


With a sound, Seraphina fell to her side.


The dagger fell to the floor.

Muyoung stood up and looked down at Seraphina.

"Do not thoughtlessly harm yourself."

"Then… What should I do about this distrust?"

"We have plenty of time. You can pay it off slowly."

Gabriel was also the angel of mercy.

Seraphina was also a talented person, capable of helping in many ways. He couldn't let her die like this.

He shouldn't let her thoughts run wild here. Muyoung immediately changed the subject.

"In order to keep the Demon Gods in check, I need the God-Killing Spear. You know this as well."

"…Yes, the God-Killing Spear is on  'Suicide Hill'. Currently, numerous priests and paladins are on their way there."

Seraphina told the truth as it was.

She did not seem to be hiding more.

However, Suicide Hill?

The moment he heard the name, Muyoung felt as if he had been hit in the head with a hammer.

'The place where Diabolos' Altar is.'

He hadn't thought that perhaps the God-Killing Spear would be there!

That wasn't all.


That was also the place where she called Muyoung.


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