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Chapter 12: Necromancer (1)

TL by Myoni

Edited by Myoni and Yoni

There wasn’t even the slightest hesitation.

In a blink of an eye, Juyoung’s head was separated from his body.

The scene was like a B-rated film, its lack of realism left the surrounding men speechless.



However, they soon realized that this was reality and they all dropped their weapons on the ground.

Then they raised their hands and tried to prove their innocence.

“I, I was forced by Juyoung, that bastard, to participate in this.”

“Same with me… Didn’t you know? If you didn’t follow Juyoung, you had no choice, but to starve…”


Muyoung laughed as if he found this whole situation ridiculous.

“Save your lame excuses.”

Since they have already raised their weapons against him, there was no need for any excuses.

In the past, Muyoung knew the reason why the Forest of Death was able to survive amidst all that ill-will.

The Forest of Death never let an enemy go.

It was the same for those who had the possibility to later become an enemy.

It was one of the few things Muyoung agreed with the Forest of Death.

It was foolish to leave those who could later become an obstacle alone.

“Raise your weapons.”

Muyoung’s eyes narrowed.

The men shivered at that sight.

And at the same time, they realized.

They should have never meddled with him.

Even if it was injured, a lion was a lion.

If they continued to stand there idly, they knew they were going to die.

As their instincts told them to move, they picked up their dropped weapons.


The man, who was the first to come up with an excuse, dashed towards Muyoung.



One exchange was enough.

To end this quickly was the only mercy Muyoung could show.

As an act of mercy, Muyoung swiftly ended their lives.



As he moved continuously like a stream of water, their heads fell to the ground.

Muyoung recovered some of his stamina as Anguish absorbed their blood.

The wounds received from the fight with Rellaka slowly began to close.

Although he wasn’t fully recovered, he still recovered enough to hunt the rest of the Shambas.

Shortly, he sheathed Anguish and started to move.


As the one who spectated everything from a far, Suzy was startled when Muyoung appeared in front of her.

Suzy has seen quite a few deaths, but this was the first time seeing a human dying at the hands of another human.

It was natural for her to fear Muyoung.

“Follow me.”

But Muyoung didn’t care.

If she learned something from his actions today, she would live, if not, she would die.

The Underworld wasn’t a kind place for a child.

As Muyoung took the lead, Suzy lowered her head and followed along.




After splitting the skull of the last Shamba, the above words appeared.

Solomon’s Hall of Fame.

In the past, he did have his name on there.

He was at the top of the ‘most humans killed’ rankings.

It seemed like this was a ranking of people with the highest level of contribution in a boss raid at the Blue Temple.

‘If I leave my name in Solomon’s Hall of Fame, the Demons will learn of my name as well.’

It was a fact found by the one with the most names on Solomon’s Hall of Fame, ‘The Adventure King Orgo’.

Although he didn’t know the exact relationship between Solomon and the Demons, the story of how the 9th seat Paimon went out to search and kill Orgo himself was famous.

There was even a secret rumor floating around that if one had many achievements in Solomon’s Hall of Fame, they would receive something that could harm even the Demons.

On top of that, it became much easier to get accepted into one of the Great Guilds or gather more people. Depending on the situation, it might even unlock a ‘Secret Mission’, however…

Muyoung declined.

He might have become famous more quickly once he revealed his name, but that was not what he wanted.

After all, revealing his name had very little to do with receiving secret missions.

There was also nothing good that could come from the Demons learning about him.

Of course, it couldn’t be said that it wouldn’t help him become a Demon Commander under Gremory, but the disadvantages outweighed the advantages.

‘I refuse.’

He didn’t even bother to say his decision out loud.


<1st place: No-name – 80.4%>

<2nd place: Alexandro Quintart – 78.7%>

< 3rd place: Ootsuki Yuka – 72.8%>


The names of 2nd and 3rd place were both very famous.

They had already established their influence and had been rising at a frightening pace.

That was especially the case for Alexandro who had already become the head of the Nine Great Guilds years ago.

‘Influential monsters.’

Which meant that for at least ten years, no one had broken his record and that Muyoung was finally the one to break it.

Even though he probably didn’t have any past experiences like Muyoung, the difference was less than 2%.

Although results weren’t everything in the Blue Temple, Alexandro definitely had the right to rank amongst the top 10.


<’Solomon’s Hall of Fame: Blue Temple (1)’ has been added to your history.>



His eyelids slightly trembled.

There were a few items that he had heard of within the list.

Tyrant’s Sword, Soul Shield of Avalokitesvara and the Boots of Hermes were especially famous.

These were items used by masters.

The Secret Medicine of the Sage was known as the epitome of alchemy and the Infinity Pouch spoke for itself.

There was simply nothing to discard.

But the item that peaked his interest the most was the Talisman of Asura.

‘Talismans of the Eight Deva Guardians of Buddhism.’

There were Eight Guardians that served under Buddha.

Among them, there was one called Asura.

Wasn’t this one of the items the Five Great Clans searched for day and night!

Muyoung didn’t know for certain, but he remembered reading a secret document that stated if someone collected all eight of the talismans, Buddha will descend.

The descend of Buddha, it might be hard to believe, but there really could be a calamity that significant.

‘I choose the Infinity Pouch and the Talisman of Asura.’

There was no need to agonize over it.

Anguish was enough for him as a weapon and Infinity Pouch was a treasure he might not get the chance to obtain again. For someone who was trying to change everything by himself, it was a vital item.

Not choosing the Secret Medicine of the Sage, which could raise the limit of a human, was a regretful loss, however, his growth would be determined by the four secret classes he would choose.

Not long after, a pouch the size of two fists and a talisman floated above his hands.

Although the Infinity Pouch had a limit to the size of the item that could fit, it was limitless in terms of the amount it could store.

Muyoung was quite interested in the Talisman of Asura.


Name: Talisman of Asura

Rank: A+

Type: One-time reinforcement type

Effect: Contains the strength of Asura, one of the Eight Deva Guardians of Buddhism. It can strengthen an equipment or a skill.


Aha, Muyoung nodded his head.

After reading the explanation, he understood.

The Five Great Clans had a few exceptionally incredible weapons.

They were probably reinforced by the Talismans of the Eight Deva Guardians of Buddhism.

‘Unexpectedly, it can also reinforce skills.’

It wasn’t that there were no magical items that could reinforce skills.

However, there were only a minute number of them. If one did not have heavenly luck, they would not be able to obtain one.

On top of that, the Talisman of Asura had no limitations so possibilities were endless.

“Damn it, everyone move! How long are you all going to be space out for?”

“Someone lend a hand here!”

People started to carry the corpses.

Though they won the battle, the damage was devastating.

Muyoung packed some medicinal herbs and went out to bring back Taehwan and Baeksoo.



17 people.

Out of 28 people, 17 were left.

But more than half the deaths were caused by Muyoung.

Five died from the Shamba raid while six died by his hands.

Everyone knew of this fact, but did not discuss it.

It was because a few people saw the six people escape from the battle to kill Muyoung.

There were a few that thought the consequences were too harsh, but they valued their lives.

It wasn’t like the monsters would stop attacking now that they were so few in numbers.

To survive, they had to get stronger and now, more than ever, they sought to unite as a group.

The death of Juyoung actually resulted in everyone gathering together as a group.

People started to follow Taehwan as their leader and the exploration was stopped.

However, Muyoung didn’t intend to explore any further.


The secret class that was able to singlehandedly kill thousands of people in the past.

After fully preparing to get the class, he headed out towards the forest.

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