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Chapter 11: Boss Battle (End)


TL by Yoni

Edited by Yoni & Myoni


Taehwan lifted his Shield of Eradication.


However, Rellaka’s strength was beyond his imagination.


Taehwan, who was holding the shield, just bounced away.


Behind him, Baeksoo stabbed Rellaka’s side with his dagger.

But, it wasn’t deep enough.

It was like making a light scratch on a tough leather.


After Muyoung figured out Rellaka’s movement patterns, he started to move.

Then Rellaka instantly turned its body to face him.

From the start, Rellaka knew that Muyoung was the strongest out of the three.

If it could kill Muyoung, then killing the rest wasn’t going to be a problem.

‘Its smart.’

Indeed, it wasn’t an ordinary monster.

While holding Anguish, Muyoung spurred from the ground.

In an instant, Muyoung swiftly jumped for one of its three necks, but Rellaka’s speed was second to none.

But, Muyoung also knew that the Rellaka was going to dodge.


As he landed on the ground, he lowered himself and extended his foot to trip it.

Like tackling, the smooth attack by Muyoung led Rellaka to stumble and lose its balance.

Afterwards, it turned into a fight of speed.

Either Muyoung was swifter with his sword, or Rellaka was faster at recovering its balance.

By a narrow margin, Muyoung’s sword sliced one of Rellaka’s necks.


Rellaka, writhing in agony, quickly backed off.

Although it was a critical attack, surprisingly, the wound quickly recovered.

‘All the heads need to be cut off.’

Even if the head that dropped on the floor wasn’t going to recover, he knew that it was going to be hard to land a fatal injury with most of his attacks.

‘I’ve also suffered.’

As he slightly tilted his head, he looked towards his right shoulder.

The instant Muyoung went for its neck, one of Rellaka’s claws must have gotten stuck on his shoulder.

Blood was gushing out and it was hard for him use his full strength.

If you think about the amount of damage, Muyoung suffered a loss.

“Hyoungnim! I will block it!”

Taehwan came to the middle and made a wall.

Taehwan probably wanted Muyoung to stop the bleeding.

Muyoung nodded.

This will probably be a long fight.

It was unwise to leave a wound unattended during a fight.

He rubbed on some herbs that were good for hemostasis, which he had brought.

It felt like his skin was burning off, but he gritted his teeth and endured it.


The enraged Rellaka started to fight more aggressively.

Even if Taehwan kept trying to block all of its moves, it was impossible.

And it has already been a while since Beaksoo had been knocked out.

Muyoung picked up Anguish again while rotating his shoulder.

What Muyoung felt was excitement.

He was aroused by the fact that he could freely express all he had against a powerful prey.


While ignoring Taehwan, Rellaka jumped high above the ground and went straight for Muyoung.

It seemed like it knew it was going to die if it didn’t kill Muyoung. And, therefore, made a desperate attempt to kill him.

‘Okay. Bring it on.’

Muyoung firmly grabbed hold of Anguish.



‘Son of a bitch. How dare you humiliate me.’

Juyoung moved out of the temple with a group of people.

“Will, will this be really alright?”

“It’s not too late to return back…”

Besides Juyoung, the 5 people who were with him were all uneasy.

It was because they were unsure if the job they were trying to complete while abandoning their post was going to go well.

“Just shut up and follow me. I’m sure he’s probably exhausted by now.”

Juyoung was overflowing with confidence.

‘That bastard said that he was going to kill the boss. It’s probably a formidable opponent since he needed to prepare for days.’

The bastard he was referring to was Muyoung.

Muyoung was continuously preparing for days for today’s battle.

The guy who continuously murdered monsters like it was nothing.

It meant that the ‘boss’ they had to kill today was that much stronger.

But, it didn’t seem like Muyoung was going to lose. Instead, he had to be exhausted.

Juyoung was planning on eliminating Muyoung when he was worn out.

‘I’m going kill him, take his weapon and the prize he was suppose to earn.’

If Muyoung and Taehwan disappeared at the same time, no one could stop Juyoung’s advancement.

This was the jungle.

It was the place where the strongest became the righteous.

Oh Juyoung.

Before he came to this place, he was a gangster.

After being expelled from high school for violence, he hung around crappy friends and committed crimes.

Besides continuously committing violent acts, he stole and threatened others. He was even an agent of an underage prostitution by using juniors from his past high school. He was definitely not a guy who would live by obeying the law.

But, Juyoung was always filled with dissatisfaction.

He was dissatisfied that he had to always crawl on the floor in society.

And then one day.

His life was turned upside down and he was summoned to this ‘Blue Temple’.

Getting attacked by monsters, living the true life in the wild where life is considered worthless. He was there.

Everything was perfect.

He thought that he could finally live how he wanted with no one to stop him.

Kim Taehwan?

He was a rookie.

He was clueless about the bloody underground world.

Even if Taehwan had the skills, Juyoung knew he could get rid of him if he really wanted to.

But… Just one person.

Juyoung couldn’t do anything about just one person.

Just by his appearance, he seemed to be like a bomb.

When he fought against monsters, he didn’t seem like a wolf, instead he resembled more closely to a lion.

‘Muyoung. I just need to kill him.’


He heard sounds of an intense fight nearby.

Injured Taehwan and Baeksoo were both sprawled out on the ground.

It was only Muyoung who was fighting the great monster.

But, the fight was about to end.


Muyoung had sliced off the last head of the monster.

Haaa! Haaa!

Muyoung dropped on the ground and was heavily breathing.

From a far, it seemed like he had suffered injuries all over his body.

‘Today’s going to be the last day you’ll get to act like a mad dog.’

A smile formed on Juyoung’s face.

If he was so exhausted that he had to fall onto the ground like that, even if he was the mighty Muyoung, he wouldn’t stand a chance against six men.



Rellaka was strong.

It was strange.

When he thought of his past memories, he was sure three people were going to be more than enough, but instead they could have been the victims.

‘Are my memories wrong?’

Of course, he couldn’t have been able to remember everything perfectly.

But, at least they won.

He will use these mistakes as a stepping stone in moving forward from today.

Hoo! Hoo!

Muyoung sat down for a bit after he cut Rellaka’s last head off.

There wasn’t a place on his body that wasn’t sore.

There were traces of Rellaka’s claws all over his body.

However, he couldn’t just continuously rest there.

Taehwan and Baeksoo, both fainted after receiving injuries.

It wasn’t good to leave them unattended.

Even the Shamba’s attacks weren’t finished yet.

“I will be back soon.”

He had to kill all the Shambas for him to have an opportunity to treat them.


He stood up using Anguish for support.

Even if Anguish absorbed the blood of Rellaka, whom he had killed, the amount was small.

Instead, the wounds he had received from Rellaka’s attacks were much greater.

Maybe it was because Muyoung had lost so much blood, but his face was white as a sheet.

When he was too exhausted to move properly.

“Mister! Be careful!!”

Suzy’s urgent cry struck Muyoung’s ears.

He then looked around.

“That crazy bitch!”


The six men who were hiding behind a nearby tree came out.

It was Juyoung and his group.

Muyoung sorta figured out why they showed up there.

Far behind Juyoung, there was Suzy who seemed to be out of breath from following Juyoung from the other side.

If Suzy didn’t warn him, he would have been helplessly ambushed.

‘Even if my body was in this state…’

He didn’t think he wouldn’t be able to not notice people who weren’t even properly hidden.

It was the limit to the body he returned to.

Oh Juyoung.

Muyoung didn’t think he would be that reckless.

Muyoung thought he had at least some sense in him.

Was his thirst for revenge so strong that he lost all reason?

Did Juyoung really think that he could win against him just because he was exhausted?


Muyoung pierced through the chest of a person who ran up to him first.

Then using Anguish, Muyoung absorbed the blood flowing from the person’s body.

Juyoung didn’t know the effects of Anguish.

He probably just thought it was a weapon with an extremely sharp edge.

If he knew that it allowed him to recover his stamina like that, he wouldn’t dare to challenge him like this.

Even without Anguish, as his skills were far superior than the six men, there was probably nothing they could do.

One should not be screwing around a lion just because it was injured.


As he pulled out Anguish, he looked at Juyoung.

“Stop struggling and just quietly die. You son of a bitch!”

This was probably the last frantic attempt for Juyoung.

“You first.”

Muyoung positioned himself again.

He gained the stamina to move after killing the guy who thoughtlessly approached him.

Then, he slowly spoke.

“I will tear out your tongue which doesn’t have a shred of responsibility.”

“Crazy bitch!”

Juyoung wasn’t as composed as his words made him out to be as he tightly held his sword upright.

The reason why monsters were a threat was because of their fast speeds and their attack power. They were specialized to risk their life in order to kill their opponent.

However, Juyoung didn’t match any of the above criteria.

He was just strong in terms of strength, but that was all.



After their swords had clashed, Muyoung quickly turned his shoulders to smack his elbow against Juyoung’s chin.


Juyoung fell on the ground after suffering from a concussion.

Muyoung shoved his hand inside Juyoung’s suspended jaws, which was disjointed.


Unable to resist Muyoung’s strong grip, his tongue was pulled out.

Because of the grotesque scene that just happened, the other four were unable to act rashly.


“Next, I will slice off your wrist since you don’t need it.”

He wasn’t going to kill him right then.

Muyoung was the best assassin who completed even the hardest training.

He knew how to kill a person while allowing them suffer and make them feel extreme fear.

It wasn’t the most pleasant experience, but since Juyoung stuck out his sword against him, he was an enemy; not any more or any less than that.



Juyoung writhed in a desperate agony.

His wrist which was holding the sword was cut off.

“I’m not really the type to enjoy torture. Lastly, I will slice your head off.”

Giving him a warning before completing the task.

Juyoung was in complete fear just by that.

However, Juyoung shook his head as he still desperately wanted to live.

He seemed like he was pleading for his life, but Muyoung had already given him a warning.

It was Juyoung who ignored his warning. Now it was time for him to pay for his choices.



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