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At the same time, the other place.

“Kazekage, the kid is interesting, right?” The Mizukage whispered with a smile.

“Oh? The Mizukage interested for that kid?” The Kazekage asked.

“The country of Qin is not far from the land of water. Recently we have some friction. I was been thinking of communicating with him.” The Mizukage said.

“this is really a coincidence, isn't it?” The Kazekage smiled.

“you can go with me, it is a good opportunity to discuss.” The Mizukage smirked.

After the end of the five-Kage Summit, the people did not have a reason to stay in the Land of the Iron. They all left and returned to their countries.

Qin Yi and his generals were running in the jungle at this time. Their speed is average and they were very calm.

Genjutsu with the Sharingan of Madara in an unexpected time is very effective even against a kage and then Hashirama and his brother stopped the confliction he was very lucky to all of this going without any troubles.

After an hour across the jungle, Fang Lan suddenly said.

“There are enemies ahead.”

In an instant, all of them stopped, and the three generals quickly gathered around Qin Yi.

“Qin ninjas strength is not bad. you have good sensory.” A voice of an old man and then a figure lashed out in front of the four people.

“Lord Mizukage?” Qin Yi surprised and I did not expect this person to appear here.

“I have to talk with you about an important issue, but there was no opportunity to discuss with the Qin Kage about the recent aggression of your ninjas against our territory,” Mizukage smirked and said.

“Aggression? I don’t know about this. As far as I know, no one in our country has reached the territory of the land of water.” Qin Yi said with a calm voice.

“So, Qin Kage will deny it? That is really not a good choice.” There was a high kill intent on Mizukage'eyes.

“you just signed the six-nation agreement, will the Mizukage start? If Konoha knows about this matter.” Qin Yi said.

“but if you die, no one will know, right?” Mizukage said.

At the same time, a figure leaped high behind Qin Yi and screamed.

“Wind Release: Great Task of the Dragon!”

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