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Qin Yi smiled slightly and suddenly his body transformed a white smoke.

everyone present surprised by this scene.

“Is it just a clone?” Hashirama said.

He should reassess Qin Yi’s strength.

In the conference room, four people walked slowly, and ahead them was Qin Yi, with a steady breath.

After he arrived, he glanced at the five Kage and then smiled.

” can you give me a place?”

The five corner table for five Kage, and there is no position for another kage. But when he came, he Stopped the Kazekage with a clone and showed his strength. 

At this time, Qin Yi put forward such a request, so that the Kages in the room are staring at him, especially the Kazekage, he was so angry.

“Kid, there is no place for you here!” Qin Yi heard that and his face also became gloomy.

“Kazekage sama, I hope that you think about what you'll say and then open your mouth, I would like to use your blood to honor our dead soldiers.”

Kazekage surprised: “Who are you?”

Qin Yi smirked and didn't answer.

Hashirama scratched his head and said: “Then add a place, Qin Yi is a friend and ally of Konoha, I hope we don't start a fight.”

“The theme of our meeting is for sake of world peace.”

The rest of the Kage were silent for a while then they are sat down.

he could simply defeat the Kazekage just using a clone, this person’s strength is unfathomable.

he five corner table was changed to six corners, and Qin Yi sat down with a smile.

The three generals behind him slowly drew back and stood in the corner.

Qin Yi and the four Kages were suspicious, especially the Kazekage.

His enter make them respect him but so suspicious about him.

“It’s a great honor to be here to meet your five Kage.” He had put his hat on the table and smiled lightly.

“Now that we are here, let’s begin our negotiating!” Tobirama said.

There was no action from the five Kage, the Kazekage stared at Qin Yi then he said.

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