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Inverted Dragon Scale: Chapter 19-Old Stories

With disobedient sons everywhere, it’s rarely seen for a mother’s child to treasure her.

Li Yan understood his wife’s feelings. He patted her on the shoulder, calming her down. Then he said, “Wasn’t he our child the very moment we held him? Even if we didn’t give birth to him, don’t we still love him even though he isn’t ours? At that time, we were worried Muyang would suffer from being alone, instead he had become better compared to before. Together we thought of Muyang, and even in our hearts we raised him as if he was of our own regardless him not being our biological son?”

“But you must also understand, that Muyang has the Lu Clan’s blood running in his veins. In the past after Muyang was struck by lightning they thought that he didn’t have any chance of survival; and was worried that he was incompetent. Then later they staged a plan to change the heir. In order to avoid getting the incident exposed, they forced us to leave that night to the south. At that time, you also didn’t want to exchange the children. Who would want to get their newly born daughter taken away from them by someone else? But, in the end we could do nothing else but comply.”

“Afterwards they discovered that Muyang was still alive, and looked at his body again. When Muyang was five years old, a nameless wanderer came to visit. Did the Lu family not invite him? Otherwise, how could he have possibly found us? And how did he know that we have a child with a chronic illness? If the old daoist hadn’t helped remedy him, we could only guess whether or not Muyang would live—you should also know his physical state at that time. We terrified every day, we would have nightmares and wake up countless time in fear that Muyang’s heart would suddenly stop. It was too fragile and weak, as if at any time he was ready to leave us—“

“The nameless old daoist lived here in the southern city for six years. Only until Muyang’s body was stable and slightly recovered had he left. The nameless old daoist left, don’t tell me the Lu family still has their eyes on him? It can’t be. I fear that the Lu family is still possibly looking at Muyang’s growth, merely now Muyang’s health is still worrying, as he still hasn’t displayed any extraordinary event take place, and they also have no means to bring him back.”

“Certainly, now there’s no way for them to take him back. If they brought Muyang back to the Lu home, what name would he use? Distant relatives? Outside bastard? — Or the abandoned eldest grandson? Isn’t that hitting their own face? The grandfather of the Lu family attaches importance to face, it’s impossible for him to make such an unwise decision.”

Luo Qi understood that her husband’s analysis was very reasonable. Then she whispered, “Since the Lu are unable to meet him anymore, Muyang would still be our son, what are you worrying about?”

Li Yan smiled bitterly, his resolute face revealed a trace of distress, and said, “I say that would naturally be the best result. The Lu family unwilling to bring him back, and he will always be our son. Although our side is ordinary, but easily and comfortably content. There doesn’t exist a day where the nobility aren’t in constant strife with each other.”

“They are all ruthless and cold-blooded,” Luo Qi coldly said and continued, “What would they not do just to rise?”

Li Yan smiled at his wife. He knew that Luo Qi was full of resentment towards the Lu Family.

“But, what if the Lu family wants to meet him? The Lu master is aging year by year; doesn’t he want to take a look at his grandson before he dies?  Lu Qingming is now already the province governor, he’s now a historic government officer, his power in the Lu family is growing more and more, don’t tell me that he wants to take back his own biological son? What’s most important is Miss Gongsun—The young lady doesn’t understand what exactly happened before, don’t tell me that she doesn’t even know what happened?”

“As the matter stands, if the Lu family wants to bring him back, it would be a logical thing. At that time, do we even have the strength to resist? The Lu family is a huge, powerful, and rich family. They could even discharge the whole western empire. Furthermore, miss Gongsun, miss Gongsun definitely cherishes her son in her heart, surely even after all these years her worry would still be hard to eradicate. If she looks for your important person, would you return him or not?”

This time, Luo Qi was silent.

She was hostile to the Lu family, and thought that the men of the Lu family were callous, and would resort to anything just to reach their goal.

However, she doesn’t hate Gongsun. She knew that if Gonsun finds out the truth, she would be unable to endure herself and would be feel ten times pain or even a hundred time than she did.

Also, Luo Qi was Miss Gongsun’s maidservant. Miss Gongsun had also lend a hand with the injustice that her parents were in and reverse the verdict. Otherwise, she feared that she would have already had fallen into her enemy’s hand.

It was also because of this, that the best students of the Imperial Academy of Arts were willing to serve as Miss Gongyun’s slave for their entire life. She saw that Miss Gongyun was the kindest and most gentles woman, but—-

“Young lady has a cruel fate,” Luo Qi whispered.

“Yes, the young lady had a cruel fate, and our lives were also painful. But none of us has a worst life than Muyang—what did he look like from birth to this day? From infancy to maturity, he was almost entirely soaked in a medicine jar. From the moment he was breast fed, he needed to drink medicine, and for several years, he had to  drink three large bowls of it every day. —His appearance is unsatisfactory, everywhere he would always be ridiculed. Because of his illness, his intelligence is inferior of one-tenth of a normal child’s. Although his body had become a little better over the years, and his intelligence has slowly regained, but the most worrying thing—“


Li Yan looks gently at the courtyard where Cui Xiaoxin, Li Sinian, and Li Muyang chatted, then said, “A big child like him, has the most sensitive self-esteem, as during his childhood others would often call him black or ugly, he can’t take those children seriously, I don’t even understand how those children act that way towards him? If he likes a girl, would the girl like someone like Muyang?”

“What to do?” Luo Qi clenched her fists, grieving. “We must find a way to help the child. Do you want to talk to him? Try and teach him?”

Li Yan shook his head and said: “Muyang suddenly wanted to leave, it made me wonder, when I went to the school to ask for a leave, I kept it in mind, and asked a boy in his class about him—it was because the teacher suspected him of cheating in the exam, so he was reluctant to go to school again.”

“What?” Luo Qi was irritated, angrily shouted: “Which teacher said that my son cheated? My son’s condition I can’t know? Every exam he would be at the bottom—would she need to suspect him of cheating even if his in the bottom of the class?”

“Not so. I heard that Muyang did well in this exam—“

“So it can be said that my son cheated? Muyang this time has been putting a lot of effort, we the parents can see that. In his injured state, he still held a book and read all day, so he should be ready for a few papers—no, I just can’t let this matter go, I’ll go to the school to find the teacher. My son was bullied silly, us as parents can’t let them get bullied, otherwise the child in their heart would feel wronged.

Li Yan held on the excited Luo Qi, said: “Don’t be impulsive. You go to school noisily complaining would be of no help, what is most important now is that the child is trying—do you see?”

“See what?” Luo Qi asked.



“Hope. Muyang’s expression reveals that he still believes that he still has hope.” Li Yan said. “Look at Muyang’s eyes, hasn’t he been eagerly learning?”

Luo Qi carefully looked at and found her son with a big smile on his face, eyes sparkling, just like the suspended night stars in the sky.

“Muyang wants to attend college.” Luo Qi said.

“Muyang doesn’t just want to go to college, he even wants to go to Westerly Wind University.” Li Yan said.

“How do you know?” Luo Qi’s face had a shocked appearance. “Westerly Wind Univesity is the empire’s best well-known college and university, with Muyang’s achievements—perhaps it would be very difficult to be accepted?”

“I overheard Sinian say, that her elder brother of going to Westerly Wind University to know about his situation, she said that he’ll have an entrance exam one year from now—“ Li Yan gestured with his chin pointing at Cui Xiaoxin, said: “Heard that girl will also go to the Westerly Wind University.”

“How can this be good?” Luo Qi’s face revealed a worried expression. “If Cui Xiaoxin tested, and Muyang actually failed on the admissions exam, what kind of blow would he experience? He managed to go all out to do one thing, but he can’t fail.”

Li Yan sighed and said: “There’s nothing we can do, Muyang can only rely on his own efforts.”

Luo Qi’s eyes flashed, pondered for a long time, and whispered: “or, do we ask the Lu family for help?”

Li Yan was greatly surprised, said: “Didn’t you want to not have any contact with the Lu family? Still a moment ago you were worried that they would take your son away, not your thinking on your own initiative to deliver to them your son?”

“If the child doesn’t get hurt—“ Luo Qi’s eyes were reddening, said: “Wouldn’t me suffering be enough?”


Cui Xiaoxin closed the textbook, said to Li Muyang: “The empire’s history can stop for now, you have grasps this one the best and also most familiar with schoolwork. Starting from tomorrow, we’ll review economics, which is regarded as your weakness, needs to spend more time—-“

“No problem.” Li Muyang smiled, said: “I’ll listen to teacher Xiaoxin.”

Cui Xiaoxin stood up and said: “It’s getting late, I’ll come again tomorrow.”

Li Sinian ran over to hold Cui Xiaoxin’s hand, said: Does Xiaoxin elder sister, want to have dinner with us before going home?”

“No.” Cui Xiaoxin refused, smiled and said: “Elders are waiting at home, I can’t make them worried.”

“Xiaoxin elder sister—-“

Cui Xiaoxin just smiled, not agreeing to Li Sinian’s request, she had come to the Li’s home everyday to give him extra lesson, and hasn’t actually had a plain meal in Li Muyang’s home.

Luo Qi and Li Yan came out to invite her to stay, but Cui Xiaoxin had turned down their good intentions, then carried her bag and walked towards the door.

“Muyang—“ Luo Qi grabbed her son’s ear, had expected too much and said: “Little fool, why are you busy tidying up now? Go and walk student Cui home.”

“—-“ Li Muyang responded and threw down the books to pursue Cui Xiaoxin.

He rushed to the courtyard entrance, and saw a luxurious carriage stopping at Cui Xiaoxin’s side.

A man wearing a blue robe quickly opened the brocade curtain, guarding the head of Cui Xiaoxin asking her to sit inside.

The curtain closes, Li Muyang glanced at the blue robed man, and then the luxury carriage slowly went into the dark night.

Li Muyang stood under the dim light created by the tree’s shadow, feeling a sense of loss.

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