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Inverted Dragon Scale: Chapter 18-Suspected Puppy Love

Well, every time I do this it would always take me a long time. Anyway, hope you guyz enjoy cause this was hard to do so it may or may not be enjoyable for me it is. If anyone can help with the editing it would be appreciated. ENJOY!!!!!

Li Muyang left.

He proved to all the students in the class that he didn’t cheat, teacher Zhao Mingzhu even apologized to him after leaving.

“I don’t accept.”

This was his counter-attack, his roar, his unwillingness to back down.

He wanted an apology, because only an apology was the way to make her admit she was wrong.

However, he didn’t accept this apology—he carried a message of hope and dreams, wanting to tell the teacher who often ridiculed him in front of his classmates and make a good performance about it, he wanted to tell them that he was not without effort, he wasn’t a natural waste, he wanted to learn, he can learn—-

What kind of treatment did he get as a result of his achievement?

Slandered for Cheating!

As he puts it, it was like killing someone else.

How many innocent and simple boy, hearing the words of his teacher as a result ruined his entire life?

Li Muyang walked for a long time, but the classroom was still dead silent.

On Zhao Mingzhu’s face water could be squeezed out from it, staring at direction where Li Muyang left making it silent for a long time.

The student’s behavior was no doubt like a violent slap to her face, but was also an important life lesson, this slaughter would make people unable to forget this lesson for their entire life.

She looked at the door, as the rest of the class all looked at her.

They had mixed feelings, some people sympathized with Li Muyang, while others were in favor with Zhao Mingzhu—Zhao teacher already apologized, so why didn’t Li Muyang take off the gloves yet?

They thought that they understood everything, but seriously thinking about the time, the idea looked like a sly sea-monster sneaking in to their boundless mind, difficult to find the trail.

Years later, when they recall this past event, and once again brought to their mind, at that time they’ll realized that they’ve only witnessed the ordinary days of this one’s life.

It was a gorgeous take off, as if his innermost being had been reborn.

When Zhao Mingzhu turned around to look at her class, all the students panicked and lowered their head pretending to answer their paper.

However, the surge of fluctuating mood, didn’t subside for a long time.

Zhao Mingzhu opened her mouth to say something, but the words were stuck in her mouth as if it was being blocked by something.

“Well answered.” Zhao Mingzhu said to the students like this.

Cui Xiaoxin put the writing brush inside a box, and carried her examination paper as she walked towards the platform.

Zhao Mingzhu’s face revealed a happy expression while she looked at Cui Xiaoxin, and said with a smile: “Have you reviewed it? You can’t be careless.”

“I’ve checked it.” Cui Xiaoxin replied, and as she said so she turned around and walked towards the outside of the classroom.

“Cui Xiaoxin—-“ Zhao Mingzhu urgently shouted. “You forgot to write your name.”

Her thin body, under the bright sunshine her snow white skin looked almost transparent.

Cui Xiaxin didn’t turn around, she said: “Ms. Zhao who do you think answered the paper, whose name should you write there.”



In just an hour, the sun shone fiercely.

Cui Xiaoxin and Li Muyang walked side by side under the shade of the campus, the cicadas whining noise come one after another, accompanying the pace of the two.

“You shouldn’t have left.” Li Muyang said aloud, breaking the silence between the two. “The final exam is approaching, everyone went into their final sprint stage—-“

“As I’ve said, I’m ready.” Cui Xiaoxin said in a clear voice.

“It’s always a good thing to learn more, these days the teacher would definitely reference questions in the exam, if you’re not there, won’t you miss those questions? If because of my matter affects you writing the exam—-“

“Impossible” Cui Xiaoxin neatly interrupted Li Muyang’s words, and said: I will certainly enter Westerly Wind University.”

LI Muyang’s mouth twisted sideways forming a smile, he sincerely happy for his friend, said: “So confident, it seems you’re indeed ready.”

“I usually don’t like the behavior of burning an incense to make a last-ditch effort, because that creates too much uncertainty, this would make me very insecure. Cui Xiaoxin said. She then paused, and looked at the side of Li Muyang’s face and walked around him, “but you’re an exception.”


“Li Muyang, you must know that your progress is indeed amazing. After giving you supplementary lessons, I was astonished, even today Ms. Zhao having that kind of suspicion, was within my expectations—-however, I still don’t like her behavior. Her words were really too vicious.”

Li Muyang sighed and said, “Perhaps because of how I acted, I had always been not liked. Thinking that if I do well, Ms. Zhao would hold me in high regard. She would then pat my shoulder, and say that Li Muyang is good—everyone in class would also look at me with a smile and say, didn’t expect you to hide such profoundness. I wanted to make them know that I’m the same as them, I’m not an idiot, and did not only know how to sleep like a pig—-“

Cui Xiaoxin was silent.

She could understand for a moment Li Muyang’s feelings.

After all, he was only a child, nothing but a ‘poor’ child. He envied that the other students have beautiful clothes, have fun toys. He had waited until finally that day, holding his new toy wanting to show off in front of his classmates, wanting to tell them that ‘look I also have the same toy’, the result was that they accused him of stealing the toy of his classmate, how can that child not be sad?

After a long time of silence, Cui Xiaoxin made a noise to ask: “What are you going to do now?”

“I’m going home to study.” Li Muyang said. “I thought, that even if I stay in class, there’s no way for me to learn more things.Today, Ms. Zhao suspected of me cheating, then wouldn’t Chen and Jiang teacher also have the same suspicion? If so, it’s better for me to learn at home and at ease, and wait until exam to go to school.”

“Good. I’ll accompany you.” Cui Xiaoxin said aloud.


“I admit, your ability to learn is amazing, but how to learn, to learn something, you would need someone’s help to point that out—-besides your foundation is still too weak, wanting to make up for all previous knowledge is impossible. In this one month I can only teach you what you should study, which one’s can be temporarily discarded to the side. In that case, you can use your limited time on the most important ones.”

“Schoolmate Cui Xiaoxin—“

“Don’t be too moved.” Cui Xiaoxin said aloud.  Both her feet step on the ground being shone with a ray of light, her pair shoes embroidered white flowered seemed to have been caught by the light as it twinkled like the stars. “I’m doing this for a reason.”


“Hopefully, the next time I invite you to watch a movie, you won’t cruelly refuse.” The corner of Cui Xiaoxin’s mouth slightly raised, showing a charming radiant smile and said.


Father Li Yan went to school to ask for a leave for Li Muyang, without knowing the reasons, the school easily approved.

Li Muyang was reviewing at home. Everyday Cui Xiaoxin would go to Li Muyang’s courtyard for a one-on-one mentoring.

Li Sinian was the happiest, so long as she was on vacation from school she would come back carrying a tray of fruit and would non-stop eat at the side.

She would appear to Li Muyang as his gentle younger sister, but she was clearly very discontented, because in the past she had also wanted to help Li Muyang make up for all the lessons he had missed, wanted to help her elder brother raise his academic record. However, each time she talked, she would hear the sound of Li Muyang snoring.

She failed to do, what Cui Xiaoxin had easily done. This made her suspect her own charm, and for several times she would look at her face and body with the mirror in the bathroom—-her breast wasn’t small.

Li Muyang’s mother Luo Qi came back from the cake and pastries shop and each time, she would bring all kinds of cakes and pastries for Cui Xiaoxin. Seeing what Cui Xiaoxin liked to eat, she would bring some more for the second time.

Luo Qi was preparing food in the kitched, when her husband Li Yan came.

“Come back?” While Luo Qi greeted her husband, and looked outside through the kitchen window, and saw the two children studying, her eyes had a gentle expression while she revealed an intractable gentle smile.

“yes.” Li Yan looked towards the outside, and said: “that girl again? This can’t be love, right?”

“Truly puppy love is good.” Luo Qi sighed saying: “Good girl, good looking, temperament is also very good, good learning, good character, and very educated, everyday would help Muyang, but would never want to stay in our house to eat a simple meal—if such girl cannot be booked ahead in advance, what would happen to our Muyang?”

“But this kind of thing is not up to our family, Muyang is, after all—–“ Li Yan said aloud.

“Shut Up.” Luo Qi’s eyes stared back at her husband, as if she was protecting her cub. “Before Li Muyang, is my son, later is also my son. Before they didn’t want him, in the future no one would want to rob him from my side.”

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