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There were dDozens of ironback wolves stood with iron back in a big cave, with they have blood in their eyes.

The front leading alpha wolf looked particularly fierce with and the biggest tusks it's gleaming white fangs were up to one a meter long, which were white and cold,. they were squatting and bent their hind legs Its hind legs were bent slightly, preparing for the battleready to charge.

And there was aA human was standing dozens of meters at the mouth of their caveaway from them.

"Wow." ," Jiang Shaoliu was carrying the rocket launcher in bright eyesunshouldered the rocket launcher with bright eyes, drooling: , "So so many big wolves here."

To him they were not ferocious, deadly monstersThey were not big wolves for him, but pieces chunks of delicious meat waiting to be cooked, . well, hHe was so starving nowhungry.

All the wolves except the leading alphaone were trembling.

It was not only due to the terrible demeanour from of this human and the strong thing intimidating weapon that he was carrying carried on the his shoulder, but because he was a master.

What was more terrible was that tThey subconsciously wanted to surrender, unconsciously just like as if they were facing the true king of the forestone from the forest...

As the real king..

The leadingalpha wolf growled, its terrible sound voice was so terrible that was reverberating in the valley and made the water splashrippling the water of the little spring that bubbled up from the floor of the cave.

"Stop that, it's so noisyloud. ! Just take this." ," Jiang Shaoliu hummed and pulled the trigger.

Following the thick Followed by a thick trail of smoke, the rocket-propelled grenade bomb headed veered into the mountain spring, where the wolf was more than two meters away from the alpha wolf.


The A huge waterspout shoot up to the sky to the roof of the cave and splashed down and it seemed to be raining at the whole creek like rain. even the air became so fresh tooEven the stale air inside the cave seemed fresher.

Jiang Shaoliu giggled in embarrassment: "SorryOops, I missed it."

The wolf wolves shook its their bodyhides, and the beads sprayeding tiny water droplets everywhere, it had bright hair and bloody eyes.

"I've to punch Guess I have to use my fists again." Jiang Shaoliu dropped the rocket launcher and walked thereinto the cave.

The group of wolves wolf pack began to retreat to the back of their den, and the leadingalpha one walked slowly walking backwards, slowly with the saliva running off from the mouth and puffedgrowling and panting.

This human gave them so much pressure,This human was so terrible which almost let them they almost give gave up resisting.

They were growling.

It was in But the a momentary panic and then soon ceased.

In a flash, the whole wolf pack turned to Jiang Shaoliu and charged madly, All the wolves squatted with sharp claws exposed and rushed out crazilysharp claws and fangs exposed.

This human was rather strong; , howeverbut, in the end, they were giant wolves.


It was only dozens of seconds Less than a minute later when all the wolves diedwell dead, some of them were seriously injured and . the The leadingalpha one had a big hole on the in its head, with the its front leg broken and swollen, . it Its was lying corpse lay in the spring and the flowing water had washed away its blood away.

It was so freshy in the valley and the creek became bloody red that had formed a blood riverThe creek flowing from the spring ran down to the valley like a river of blood, . there There were mangled so many broken limps limbs and blood everywhere, turning the valley into a horrid hellscapethat made this valley like a hell.

Jiang Shaoliu came up to walked among them and punched them again to make sure those huge wolves all diedwere all dead, then he turned back to the forest and cut down some big trees brought back a pile of firewood to make a barbecue and fireto cook them.

He had roasted 10 wolvesskinned and prepared ten of the carcasses, thinking to take some meat with him that he might feel hungry againin case he got hungry again.

"I shouldn't waste time now let me No time to waste. Better start practicinge…" Jiang Shaoliu sat with his crossed legs crossed, he was practicing meditating while waiting for the dinnerhis dinner cooked.

There were still a few minor meridians that were not throughcleared out, and according to the pithy formula of great sagethe Great Sage's Formula, it would come to the most important golden stomach after they were all throughhe would attain a golden stomach once he cleared out the last of the impurities from them.

And this was the so-called stomach mentioned.

When it was createdthis was done, the stomach would become the an abyss of gold and iron, with strong ability to absorb that a huge capacity that would make him eat more, but at the same time, he could would be able to stand for go a long time without food.

"It will be easier for me to get hungry I'll keep being constantly hungry while it's in the stage of abyss creation during the process, but when all the meridians all throughare cleared out, and I can will get be rid of this feeling when I complete thisnuisance." Jiang Shaoliu breathed inhaled slowly and the pores of the his body were openopened, he was breathing in double waysallowing his to suck in double the amount of heavenly energy.

The genuinetrue qi was running inside gushed violently inside him and the meridians that had already been through cleared had become were strengthened further, greedily absorbed by each and every cell. T in his he internal organs, vessels, muscles and skin, skins and even each cell were absorbing those pure genuine qi greedily, which strengthened himself.

It was washing away those The white grey-white impurities rather slowly in those his minor meridians were slowly washed away that were not through , and his this genuinetrue qi was running flowing a little quite slowly through them, but it would let him become stronger when they were all throughonce the process was complete he would become much stronger.

As Once the gold abyss was created and the his stomach ring was firmedstabilized, it would come be time to the obtain his third ring.

"WhooshPhew." !" Jiang Shaoliu finished and had went for a dip a bath on the upstream in the spring - upstream of the blood., he He stretched out the his arms and the bones sounded his joints popped like the thunder, with suffused with infinite power.

It was so smooth under the white skin and seemed not to be able to resist the alloy warhead at allWho could imagine that his soft, white skin could stop a sniper's bullet.?

"So, how strong is about my skin now?"

Jiang Shaoliu picked up a pointy rocket bomb fragment and stabbed himself in the armonto his skin of the arm: "Try a little hard.".

The skin flexibly began to sink gave way under the fragment sharp point and a small white point spot had formedappeared. , it was so flexible and became whitened around, tThe muscles below was were so elastic that couldn't be stabbed innothing could pierce them.

"Try harder." Then he gained his efforts and triedHe pressed harder.

The sharp tip of the fragment couldn't resist and its top became to distortmetal fragment began bending.


He threw away the fragment at a rock and frowned: "What kind of injection material should be used for my How am I going to get medical treatment if a needle can't pierce my skinsickness in the future? What if I get sick or need an infusion?That's a big trouble."!"

Then he smiled.

Any germs or poisons except those the most extreme toxics toxins would be eliminated by the genuinetrue qi once as soon as they entered his bloodstreamthe body because of his present capability.

He was satisfied about his skin strengthwith the strength of his skin, but it was a little pity since unfortunately, it would still take more time to get through some of the his minor meridians.

AndNonetheless, he could feel that those the impurities began beginning to loosen and it would take only short time to get it throughprobably wouldn't take much longer to get through.

"Well." His nostrils flaring in disgust, the fragrance greeted the nostrils that made him swallowA fragrance that made his mouth water greeted him now, his nostrils flaring as he sucked in the air.

The wolf flesh became had become browned on the barbecue, and the oil fat was not dropping now dripping out anymore.with good smell coming out.

Jiang Shaoliu felt so happyhappily, he rushed there over with joy in his heart: "Dinnertime now."!"

Guo Gui Hu was hanging himself half on to a strong vine, he was a holding a telescope pair of binoculars in his hand and smoking the cigar which almost burnt his moutha half-burnt cigar in his mouth.

"Mr. LangWolf, I've can find found Jiang Shaoliu now. Wow, there's a big group pile of big giant wolves deadf carcasses there, and he's enjoying the meathe seems to be cooking enough meat to feed an entire village."

He Mr. Liu nodded, then held the non-sheathing and unsheathed his alloy sword, and said saying in a low voice: "Ready nowGet ready, Guo Hu, we're going to startin."

"All right."

Gui Hu fell to the ground along the vineslid down the vine to the ground, then he took off the beret and took out a bag box of fine alloy steel needles.

He spitted spat out the his cigar cigarette and swallowed poured the steel needles into the down his throat, . his His body was silvered completely inside and out, that couldn't be hurtso they couldn't hurt him.

"You use the cCattle needles, ? well, aAre you going to be serious this time?" The two fists came Bumping his fists together, Mr. Wolf's Liu's eyes shinnedshone: "Let's go."

Then they went burst forth like a two bats out of hell.

When Jiang Shaoliu stopped finished eating, he stood on the stones on bar feet barefoot in the spring and let the spring water wash the his feet. He was looking at the deep forest in bright eyesas he stared deeply into the forest.

They showed moved with great momentum and each of them could compare with Sha Xing.

"There're two strong masters heading this way." Jiang Shaoliu took a deep breath and prepared himself to fight as the warm flow filled himheat was flowing inside.

It was the strong fire mind burning inside and genuine qi was also tyrannous, which was exactly one of the two conceptions through this practice, the crazy ape minds.

The scratching noises.

Mr. Wolf Liu and Gui Hu dropped to the ground together.

These three people's look was just like the material that hit each other in the sky that almost caused the sparklesThe looks the three men gave each other practically made sparks fly.

Gui Hu contracted the pupils narrowed his eyes and squatted down, his was clinging to the ground but didn't fall down low,.

He bent the his fingers bent like the claws while as the silver light flashed brightly around him.

Mr. Wolf Liu was rather slowmoved slowly, he played the sward smoothly like the water running which was so simple and clear that showed some sense of killing, but it was not so obviousflourishing his sword as smoothly as flowing water in vaguely menacing motions.

"They have very good breathing guide tricktechniques." ," Jiang Shaoliu was gaining more efforts and wanted to kill them two since he didn't want to losethought.

Each time they took a breath, there was so much air inhaled that went into their lungs that there was caused the an audiblewind whistlineg.

Mr. WolfMr. Liu and Gui Hu were getting more increasingly nervous.

They couldn't imagine such a young man like Jiang Shaoliu could form the air turbulenceblasts, since he could inhale the total same amount of air amount that they did.

But whey wasn't he metalized?

Was it Confidenceconfidence, or arrogance?

"Don't be so fierce when you fightGo easy at first, Gui Hu, let's try his trick firstI want to see what he's got." ," Mr. WolfMr. Liu said in a low voice, his wrist shook and was gong to cover Jiang Shaoliu with this sword.

Gui Hu nodded, then he rushed dashed forward at extreme speed, instantly he was crossing more than 20 the twenty meters distance and came to between him and Jiang Shaoliu in a moment.

Jiang Shaoliu blew out exhaled sharply and Gui Hu took back raised his silver claws, turning his body slightly sideways immediately and turned on half of his side while he was going to cut slantingly from up to down to cut to slice diagonally across Jiang Shaoliu's belly.

Mr. WolfMr. Liu followed him quickly directly after, and pierced into the tip of his sword aimed at Jiang Shaoliu's throat.

Jiang Shaoliu's squatted slightly went low as his foot rose up and kicked to kick Gui Hu's silver claws away, at the same time, he stood up immediately springing back suddenly to suddenly hit and punched Mr. WolfMr. Liu's chin with left fiston the chin with a sucker punch left.

Mr. WolfMr. Liu was so surprised and nervoustaken by surprise by , then he tightened the his leg muscles and bowed planted his feet in the ground, with the left hand resisting the sword top and block blocking Jiang Shaoliu's fist by the long swordwith the flat of his sword.


Jiang Shaoliu's punched fist struck the blade and on the long sword and the sword was curved bent with to an amazing arch that almost touched Mr. WolfMr. Liu's nose.

"I'm wanna gonna kill you."!"

Shouted Gui Hu, then he rushed out on the side as he made a move and grabbed to grab Jiang Shaoliu's wrist.

Jiang Shaoliu took back the his fisthand, he did and performed a backward flip to retreat, with so much splashing them all with spring water spray splashed then dropped before dropping to stably to the ground and breathed slowly until in a stable breathexhaling slowly and evenly.

The longsword bounced back straight in Mr. WolfMr. Liu's slightly trembling shook his wrist and the alloy long sword handreturned to be straight, he trembled on the arms slightly. and He felt was short of breath, while air flow was sprayed out of his nosesucking air in hard through the nose.

Gui Hu stood straightened up and panted.

They looked at each other in surprise.

How strong was Jiang Shaoliu? Obviously, he had higher level than them on the breath guide trick, which was so amazinghis breathing technique was more advanced than theirs.

Mr. Liu kneaded his sword hand until he felt better. He glanced at Gui Hu: "Let's use our last stance and kill him at once." Mr. Wolf tightened his wrist and the muscles on the arms, then he felt much better.

Gui Hu squinted his eyes and nodded, , and his Adam's apple bobbed in his throating quickly.

"The sword…" Jiang Shaoliu stared at Mr. WolfMr. Liu's long sword in the hand and said in a low voice: , "Is it memory metal?"

Mr. WolfMr. Liu didn't answer. then hHe began walked on strange stepswalking in a strange way.

Gui Hu rushed out suddenly, and formed forming an turbulence a whirlwind with his front silver claws, . the The storm rolled up so many beads sucked in the spring water, that created creating like an roaring, tinkling, floating, rotated rotating silver water ball that was whistling.

Jiang Shaoliu held his fists tightly in front of the his chest, with the double arms and leg muscles biceps trembling violently while the rocks on the ground cracked like the spider neta network of cracks formed on the cave floor beneath him, . then Then he took a deep breath and his chest raised rose slightly.


He shouted roared and gained much efforts on both legs that caused great splash of the spraykicked off the ground, showering the cave with debris as then he rushed towards Mr. WolfMr. Liu with a blast of air exploding out of his fistthe air exploded in front of the fist, which was so amazing.

A glimmer of fear appeared in Mr. WolfMr. Liu's eyes, . he He retreated immediately and draw a circle with the wrist, then he used the sword like the windmill began swinging his sword in circles in front of him like a windmill to stir up the air flow of dozens of defensive layers to defense.

ButHowever, it was uselessto no avail.


Jiang Shaoliu's smashed air blast smashed into all the airflow water the invisible wall in full force, and they all fell onto Mr. Wolf's swordscattering it instantly.

"You cannot get can't get to mehere,! this This is super a top quality memory alloy sword, you just…" Mr. WolfMr. Liu shouted crazily screamed and resisted with heavy forceall his power,. But but his arms and back cracked and his dug feet a deep pit of more than 2 meters on the rockdug a 2-meter trench along the stone floor of the cave, the sword retreated little by little and touched his head slowly as he was pushed back.

Jiang Shaoliu felt so hot on the armslike his arms were on fire, then but he strained again and roared: , "Die".!"

The scratching noise.

Jiang Shaoliu headed the Slapping the sword away, he clamped his hands over and clung over Mr. WolfMr. Liu's sidehead.

A tearing soundRip.!

Mr. WolfMr. Liu abruptly died outstopped shouting behind Jiang Shaoliu suddenly,. and aA big head rolled and flew across the cave, while the blood sprayed in the skyspraying a trail of blood behind it, its eyes were still in full of fear and anger. while tThe twisted sword fell into the water and splashed with waterwith a splash.

The silver water ball that Gui Hui create slowly flew toward Jiang Shaoliu. He himself floated inside the water ball, spitting steel needles at Jiang Shaoliu.

Jiang Shaoliu quickly switched to the Demon Fist and began throwing fists in all direction, whipping up a powerful cyclone around himself.

This was a high-leveled Demon Fist.

A popped sound.

The sliver water ball flew over and Gui Hu's body rotated crazily in the middle while the larynx shook suddenly that caused dozens of cold flashes.

Jiang Shaoliu changed his strength and punched so many times, there were so many turbulent round balls appeared outside the body while no flaws were found in the defense as a perfect cyclone of more than one person's height.

He had the mercy of the Buddha and showed the fist defending monsters.


Dozens of alloy steel needles were blown away, ricocheting wildly off the walls of the cave.

The great cyclone whipped up by The the infinite fist shadows from the fist of defeating demons of the Demon Fist caused great big perfect cyclones that made no retreat against Gui Hu's claws when it it faced the silver water balls, the dense explosions were so pressing as they fought with each otherthe cave erupting in explosions as they fought each other.

"I won't surrender! since it's impossible for you to be so strongYou can't be this strong."!"

Gui Hu screamed and was gaining put more efforts on into the his right claws with an angry look in the his eyes.


A punch fist shadow appeared from the perfect big burst through the watery cyclone, it first storm and broke the silver claws and headed before slamming onto into Gui Hu;'s chest and then dropped.


The stones The on the stone ground cracked exploded under him, with spatters splashing sending rubble more than ten meters away, as Gui Hu fell onto the deep pit crashed into the floor and trembled, . there was sSome blood mixed with the brains flowing flowed out of the back of his head.

The spring water flow ran flowed into the pit and covered his body.

Jiang Shaoliu was quiet, . then hHe walked approached slowly, squatting, and blew outpunched.


Gui Hu's head exploded, the brains, mixed with the blood, flew flowing away with the springdownstream. He was completely dead.

Jiang Shaoliu stood up and looked down on the at his chest.

There was a steel needle on stuck in his flesh above the heart, . it It was quivering.

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