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A popping sound.

The alloy steel needle was pulled out with some blood beads.

Looking at the needle, Jiang Shaoliu was silent slightly.

He had already felt it when the needle rushed out from the perfect cyclone as it broke through the fist defeating the monsters.

It was not because this fist was not enough, but there was a slight movement bias when he punched out at that moment.

"Well, it needs to practice to test my actual strength." He blinked and said to himself.

It was just invulnerable fist of defeating the monsters with the muscle power and the genuine qi inside, however, it was not so smooth when he used it since some minor meridians were not through completely.

He could also show it without the help of genuine qi though it was not just he wished and it was also the moment when the steel needle from Gui Hu came to pierce into the skin and the muscles.

As he threw the needle away, the iron bar rushed out from the mind, then it smashed the weapon from the heaven of Mr. Wolf and Gui Hu and absorbed it.

Mr. Wolf's weapon was a long sword, which was exactly the same as his that was silver all over with good quality.

Gui Hu was just a thin needle in black light.

"Well, his weapon from the heaven is really this needle." Jiang Shaoliu just murmured to himself.

And it would be possible that he learned the martial arts later and that was by no means coincidental when this needle could break the fist of defending the monsters.

It seemed that the scars on the iron bar became less after it took the sword needle.

"Those people from Gangxing really disturb me a lot." Jiang Shaoliu gathered up and was about to leave.

He could go back when it would take long time to get through the minor meridians and he could also do it in the city.

The top floor of the office building of Gangxing Group.

A young girl with good figure and horsetail was facing the French window and sat quietly in crossed legs, her palms were on the kneels and the curtain was blowing as she breathed.

A fat middle-aged man sat on a broad and striped ebony chair, he said with a smile in a warm and affable voice: "Man, take a rest, I will prepare a cup of your favorite drink for you."

As he said so, he walked to the liquor cabinet.

"The drink contains too much energy, just a cup of water is ok." The girl stood up and showed her amazing beautiful face, it was thin eyebrows and big eyes with curved lashes as well as red lips, then she smiled in a clear and sweet voice: "Daddy, your belly became bigger again, you need to lose weight."

This middle-aged man poured the water, stretching his hand and touched the tummy, then he shook his head helplessly: "Those guys from Li Hongfa are not good enough, their weight-loss drugs are not so effective and they need to improve the bio-technology."

The girl smiled sweetly: "Daddy, I mean you need to do more exercise, what about doing Yoga with me?"

"No, never." The middle-aged man shook his head violently: "It make me pain a lot when you told me to bend last time, well, I'm really appreciating when you love your father."

She grinned then it became bright and beautiful in the whole office: "Daddy, you're so lazy, I just…"

Before she finished, someone was knocking at the door, it was slight but urgent.

That middle-aged man frowned: "Why are you so impolite?"

The girl was silent, then she walked and opened the door, it was Wei Wei, the female assistant from the emergency handling center, she was panting for breath with sweat on the face in a trembling voice: "Mr. Yi, we lost contact with Mr. Liu and Gui Hu half an hour ago."

"Lose contact?" the middle-aged man walked behind his daughter with cold light flashing in her eyes: "I need the accurate result."

The female assistant trembled and looked at that girl for help.

"Daddy, take a rest, let me deal with it." The girl took the middle-aged man's arm and sat on the sofa, then he turned around and glanced at the assistant: "Follow me."

It was the freeze frame on the screen in the center, Jiang Shaoliu was sitting in the center of a group of wolves and eating the meat around the bonfire.

That was the last scene taken by GIui Hu.

"Who's that?" Yin Manshu stared at Jiang Shaoliu on the screen and asked.

It was becoming coldly suddenly in the room while some frost began to form on the surface of the cup on the table, and everyone was abject and silent.

The female assistant bite the teeth and trembled: "Mr. Yi, his name is Jiang Shaoliu, he killed Wang Wenlong and his team three days ago in the dangers region 4. There's close relation with him since Sha Xing has died."

As he said so, she shivered, she was feeling rather cold.

"Go on." Yin Manshu continued, then it was warm again in the house.

The assistant nodded, she felt warmer and became neat as she spoke: "Mr. Liu has sent four fighting groups and Lei She was the leader, they all lost contact one day ago. Mr. Liu and Gui Hu went out to kill him but they also got lost half one hour ago."

Yin Manshu was in silence.

She didn't know about this big event till now, how foolish those staff were?

"It's all because of Mr. Liu and his fellows were bad too. How can they kill Jiang Shaoliu since Lei She is there to cover them?" Yin Manshu sneered and said in a rather cold voice: "Show me all of Jiang Shaoliu's files within 10 minutes. I need all."

Then she turned back and left.

All the staff in the center took a deep breath and one of them poke the female assistant's shoulder: "Mr. Xia, don't just stand there, go and get files for Mr. Yi now."

But Mr. Jia fell down to the ground.


That guy covered his mouth and screamed out, she looked ghastly pale.

Mr. Jia's body was as cold as the ice berg, her face was stiff and the heart had stopped beating.

Liu Jingcai had already died and there must be someone who would take the blame for him.

That's why she died now.

It was the CEO of Gangxing group, Yin Jianglian's dauther, her name code was Bing Lian with three silver rings. Her name was Yin Manshu.

"Attention, salute."

It was close to the enclosing wall, the second Lieutenant Chen Fusheng lead the team and welcomed by dozens of soldiers.

They had already heard about the story of Jiang Shaoliu, and they showed great respect for those masters like him.

"Doctor Jiang, why are you doing this since the military will come to pick up those monster bodies?" Chen Fusheng came to with warmly: "I've informed Liu Guang and Mr. Chen and they will come to pick you up soon."

As he called him doctor Jiang, Jiang Shaoliu felt so warm inside, which narrowed the gap between them.

Before the disaster, other would call him doctor Jiang frequently, and now it made him go back to the times when he made treatment for the pets, well, it was really a nostalgia.

"Well." Jiang Shaoliu loosened the big wolves and scratched his head with embarrassment: "I've bundled them in dozens and drag them here all the way, but I've eaten them so many and they are the rest."

Chen Fusheng got so surprised, he looked at Jiang Shaoliu's belly, then the wolves on the ground and asked incredibly: "Did you eat them by yourself?"

Jiang Shaoliu nodded and replied: "Yes, I do, but I didn't make myself so stuffed. They are the wolves with two bronze rings that can exchange for many contribution points and I want to exchange for a combat suit."

Chen Fusheng rubbed his temple and didn't know what to say.

It would take 2 days for his more than 30 team members to finish one huge wolf, how long did it cost Jiang Shaoliu to finish those more than 10 ones?

One day, or two?

His stomach wouldn't stand even though he was such a piggish eater.


As they talked, one military armored vehicle whistled and approached, Chen Anguo and Liu Guang came together with joy on the faces.

"Mr. Jiang, that black bear for Mr. Chen is really good, it recovers so fast. Xiao Hui is a little afraid of it and doesn't dare to get close to it." Liu Guang pat Jiang Shaoliu on the shoulder: "I've a gift for you, it's on the car, I will show you later."

Mr. Jiang? Did we know each other so well?

Jiang Shaoliu didn't care since he was just meeting an old friend. And he giggled hearing that there was a gift for him.

Chen Anguo saluted and said seriously: "The medal is still in the headquarter in the city center and the political commissar will award it by himself, well, Mr. Jiang, you will be rich this time."

Why you called me Mr. Jiang? It was not so good since we didn't know each other well enough.

Jiang Shaoliu returned the pledge and shouted loudly: "Thank you for you appreciation."

They looked at each other and laughed.

When they got on the vehicle, Liu Guang took out the gift.

"Wow, that's so nice." Jiang Shaoliu unfolded it, it was a pair of specialized customized combat suit, whose key parts were protected by alloy materials and the joints had been used with the monster's skin, which was so flexible enough.

Chen Anguo explained to him: "It will cost 15,000 contribution points to exchange with this suit and there was a wide use of memory metal lines that can be stretched and pulled, and it can resist small caliber sniper rifle. The hamlet is too expensive and Liu Guang begrudged spending so much points on that."

"How many?" Jiang Shaoliu glared: "Damn, it costs 15,000, but a villa can only cost more than 10,000, well, why is it so expensive?"

Liu Guang waved his hand: "Don't mention it, the villa is only for those ordinary people and it cannot be compared to those for the masters. I've exchanged some points for the medicine before and my points are not enough, or I will give you a superior combat suit, it can even resist the rocket bomb."

Jiang Shaoliu felt so surprised.

He had experienced the power from the rocket bomb and it was really powerful.

And it must be so expensive since the suit can resist the rocket bomb.

"The science and technology is developing at an amazing speed during the special period, and most great inventions have been created during the years of wars." Then Chen Anguo said seriously: "Mr. Jiang, don't look down up its power, it's still on the experiment stage for the individual soldier thermal weapon and the monsters will soon all die once they are in use."

Jiang Shaoliu nodded and thought so.

He was strong, but not enough to ignore the thermal weapons and he couldn't even resist the rocket bomb.

And the new individual soldier thermal weapon could be stronger than the rocket bomb.

Or he could be stronger so that there would be less threat for him, but it was still necessary to remain awe of science and technology in the current stage.

As they talked, the scenery on both sides of the armored vehicle retreated quickly, and the three giant monsters gradually became clear in the front

"Xiao Bai." Jiang Shaoliu's eyes light up.

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