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Chapter 993 - Well-Prepared

On the barren icy land, the cold gale swept in this region and a blue chill spread out in every part of this area. Along with the chill, the gale made this region seem like a dead land.

Under this harsh condition, not even a Sixth Grade or Seventh Grade Sovereign could stay here for a long time; otherwise, the consequence would be annihilation.

However, when those gales blew, a chill flowed in this cruel land and a slim silhouette was walking over from the distance.

That person walked extremely slowly, as if he was exhausting a huge amount of energy with every step he took. But despite his steps were slow, they were firm and steady to the point that even the gale couldn’t shake him.

That person was naturally Mu Chen, who had started to make use of the second level of the Body Refining Pagoda to cultivate his physique.


A strand of a gale and a blue chill swept through his body, leaving deep wounds on the surface of his body. They were so deep that even bones could be seen. But as his skin tore apart, there wasn’t a single bead of blood dripping down, since his wounds flickered with a faint blue.

Mu Chen’s silhouette had also come to a stop at this moment. He wasn’t bothered about the pain of his body being torn apart. But when his body was ripped open, the chill had penetrated into his wounds, which caused his muscles to be frozen and a stinging pain followed thereafter.

Mu Chen’s steps briefly froze in midair, before stepping down with his feet slightly trembling and his tightly knitted brows relaxed.

As the pain reached the limits, the stinging chill gradually disappeared and his dead flesh gradually awakened. Mu Chen could clearly sense that when his flesh was gradually awakening, it was even more tenacious than before.

Sensing the changes in his flesh, Mu Chen felt relieved in his heart. Shortly after, he couldn’t help bitterly smiling. The cultivation of the physical body was too tough and the pain that he had to bear surpassed cultivating Spiritual Energy. It’s no wonder why so many people would rather stay with cultivating the latter.

But sensing his physical body getting stronger was extremely splendid.

Pacifying himself in his heart, Mu Chen no longer hesitated and he continued walking once again…

On the barren icy land, the youthful silhouette walked forth as savage scars constantly appeared on his body. But even so, he still persevered as he bitterly pressed forth, refining his physical body through the torment.

While Mu Chen slowly walked across the second level of the Body Refining Pagoda, the atmosphere outside the pagoda was somewhat abnormal and the origin of it was due to him.

That’s because, on the screen of the second level, the light dot which represented Mu Chen had, once again, lagged far from the others.

This scene had caused the experts of the other clans to be puzzled. If it was in the past, they would naturally mock Mu Chen. But after the series of events, they no longer had such thoughts.

Even Liu Qing did not mock him out loud. Despite being a petty person, she wasn’t a fool. Previously, she already had her face slapped once because of Mu Chen, and she would be unsound if she went up mocking him again.

Therefore, she was bewildered as she looked at the lagging light dot. Her lips moved several times, but in the end, she still suppressed it and ferociously stared at Nine Nether, cursing in her heart that Mu Chen had returned back to his original state. Once Zong Teng gets through the third level, she would be able to embarrass Nine Nether to seek vengeance.

“Big Sister Nine Nether, Big Brother Mu Chen, he…” Mo Ling’s face was filled with bitterness. Mu Chen’s circumstances had made her feel worried. Even if she knew that Mu Chen had tons of means up his sleeves, she couldn’t help worrying that Mu Chen was knocked back down. If that’s the case, then those fellows might mock them again.

Nine Nether shook her head with a calm expression. “We’ll observe the situation for now. He should have his reasons for doing this.”

She understood Mu Chen too well. After all, she had witnessed how the weak youth caught up to her after all these years, and even… surpassed her.

Therefore, she did not think that the Primordial Body Refining Pagoda could truly obstruct Mu Chen.

Time swiftly passed under the attention of all the experts. But this time, the majority of their attention wasn’t on those light dots up ahead, but on the one that was slowly moving behind them.

They clearly wanted to see how Mu Chen, who had initially lagged behind and still managed to flip the table around and became the first to enter the second level, would show another dumbfounding miracle.

It would all be clear if the previous situation was due to luck or due to his own abilities not long from now.

“The first group is approaching the barrier of the second level…”

As time slowed, someone softly spoke up, which made everyone’s hearts tremble. Shifting their gazes, they had indeed seen the several dots of light up ahead reaching the barrier of the second level.

If they managed to pass through the barrier, then they would be able to get through to the third level.

“Mu Chen doesn’t seem to have any movements?” Someone had realised that Mu Chen was still slowly moving at the rear.

This scene had caused several gazes to lightly flicker and they were starting to doubt whether Mu Chen’s previous performance was because he had used some special method, and it had just failed him now.

Liu Qing had also felt inwardly relieved, before taking a glance at Nine Nether with a cold sneer. Looks like that fellow’s previous method isn’t effective now.

Regarding Liu Qing’s gaze, Nine Nether did not have any ripples on her face, but she was calmly watching this scene.

“Han Shan, Xu Kun, Zong Teng, Mo Feng and the rest have started to charge into the barrier towards the third level.” Exclamations swiftly resounded as they watched those light dots up ahead directly charge into the barrier to the third level, before they slowed down. Evidently, they were facing a great obstruction.

Everyone was paying close attention to those dots of light. Judging from the current situation, the first to reach the third level might appear from one of them.

As for the dark horse Mu Chen, he seemed to have lost all his lustre, since he was still far in the rear.

Half an hour rapidly passed and in the second level, aside from Mu Chen, all the other nine geniuses had already entered the barrier of the second level and they were slowly moving towards the end of the second level at a crawling speed.

“Zong Teng and the rest have entered the third level!”

All of a sudden, exclamations resounded, which shattered the suffocating atmosphere outside the pagoda. Everyone had abruptly raised their heads and saw dots of light starting to appear in the third level of the Body Refining Pagoda. Those dots of light had practically entered the third level at the same time.

“Big Brother Zong Teng has entered the third level!”

Liu Qing’s face was a little distorted from joy as she looked at the second level and saw the single light dot without any movements.

“Nine Nether, looks like you’re not the one that can laugh till the end!” All the grievance that she had previously suffered had, once again, burst out at this moment as she looked at Nine Nether with mockery.

However, Nine Nether’s face remained calm towards her mockery. She had not paid any attention to Liu Qing. Her gaze was still fixed on the light dot on the second level.

Mo Ling, who was by her side, gave Liu Qing a glare and felt that the tongue of that woman was as irritating as a crow.

“Looks like you guys are still not resigned to this fact.”

When Liu Qing saw Nine Nether’s gaze, she couldn’t help coldly snorting. After this Body Refining Pagoda came to an end, only then would Nine Nether experience a true blow.

She had no idea what method that brat used to get through the first level, but he would probably remain on the second level for the rest of the time now.

Did a mere human wish to compete with the genius of their Sky Roc Clan? How laughable.

Outside the Body Refining Pagoda, many gazes looked at the last dot of light with all sorts of emotions. It was somewhat pitiful that the dark horse would be so short-lived.

While the discussions were resounding, as the involved party, Mu Chen was not affected. He was currently on a peak in this ice land.

This peak was the only one on the second level that Mu Chen had encountered by fortune. When he ascended the peak, he was startled to realise that the blue ice flow and the cold gale were extremely erratic in this place.

In that instant when he ascended, he would have been reduced to a ground of frozen meat if his physique wasn’t strong enough…

However, bearing that inhumane pain, Mu Chen realised that it was more effective to his physical body’s cultivation. Therefore, he had chosen to give up on pressing forth and sat quietly down on this peak.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

One gale after another tore savage wounds on the surface of Mu Chen’s body. However, his body had only trembled for a moment as he endured the pain, before he raised his head and looked at the distance.

He could sense that the rest might have already been on the third level at this moment.

However, he wasn’t anxious, since he could sense that after he had completely adapted to this place, his body would be greatly improved, swiftly approaching the second level of the Dragon-Phoenix Physique.

At that time, it would be time for him to move out.

The so-called “being well-prepared” was as such.

“I’ll let you guys… go ahead first… we’ll meet up later.”

As the cold gale swept through, Mu Chen gently smiled on the peak.

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