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Chapter 994 - Showing Force


This was a dull-grey region with lightning wreaking havoc between the heavens and earth like silver pythons. Lightning flickered above the black clouds, which filled the entire heavens and earth with an extremely violent aura.

In this place with violent bolts of lightning, there were several silhouettes carefully flying at a low altitude with spiritual lights flickering around them. They were constantly dodging those flashes of lightning, which made them look to be in a somewhat pathetic state.

This was the third level of the Body Refining Pagoda.

Those few dots of light were naturally Zong Teng, Han Shan and the rest that had entered the third level.

Previously, they had entered the third level as the first batch. But after stepping into the third level, their speed had slowed down by a lot. Clearly, the violence in the third level was even more troublesome than the first two levels.

Spiritual light surged around Zong Teng, which formed into a golden feather before him. That feather was filled with profound and ancient runes that were vaguely emitting an overbearing fluctuation.

This feather was a treasure of the Sky Roc Clan, refined with the golden feather of the Gold Winged Roc. Although it did not have powerful offensive abilities, it was a powerful defensive gear that could be comparable to a Peerless Rank Divine Artifact.

Clearly, Zong Teng had come fully prepared to get through the Body Refining Pagoda.

“Looks like that brat has been left far behind by us.” As he pressed onwards, Zong Teng indifferently cast a glance towards the rear. Even until now, he couldn’t sense any Spiritual Energy fluctuation from Mu Chen. Clearly, the latter had yet to pass through the second level.

This fact had caused a mocking smile to rise from the corner of Zong Teng’s lips. That Mu Chen was pretty interesting. Previously, Zong Teng didn’t know what method Mu Chen had used to get through the barrier of the first level to get to the second level ahead from them. But it was a pity that he had been reverted back to his initial state.

“Courting mockery.”

Mu Chen’s actions had caused such an evaluation to rise in Zong Teng’s heart. If that brat stayed firmly behind, perhaps no one would pay any attention to him. But instead, he was greedy and wanted to take first. So at this point, he would fall greater the higher he climbed and the Nine Netherbird Clan would be mocked with him.

“But that Mo Feng is a difficult person.” Zong Teng cast a glance from afar. There were blazing scarlet flames and in those scarlet flames, Mo Feng’s silhouette vaguely appeared. Although every single bolt of lightning would cause Mo Feng to pause, the lightning was also absorbed by the scarlet flames, which couldn’t pose any obstruction to Mo Feng.

Although Zong Teng had not fought with Mo Feng, he could vaguely sense that the threat coming from him wasn’t any weaker than Nine Nether. So if they fought, it would be a little troublesome.

“The rest should be able to reach the deepest part of the third level. But it should be their limits over there.” Lightning streaked across the region and Zong Teng’s gaze lightly flickered.

That’s because according to the pieces of information that he knew, it wasn’t hard to get through the third level of the Body Refining Pagoda as long as one came prepared. But as for the fourth level, the elimination rate would be a little terrifying.

Perhaps only half of these people would be able to enter the fourth level. But Zong Teng wasn’t too worried about this matter. Although he might have to fight Han Shan, Mo Feng and a few others to strive for the first with his strength, he was absolutely confident in dealing with the other half.

“When we reach the fourth level, we’ll see who can smile till the end. My Sky Roc Clan doesn’t fear any challenges!”

Zong Teng cast a glance at those figures with a smear of a chill flashing in the depths of his eyes. Shortly after, he no longer hesitated and increased his speed. The golden feather before him streaked out a golden light, which lured away the descending bolts of lightning.

“Not long from now, Zong Teng and the rest should be able to reach the deepest part of the third level. Although it’s also the most crucial part in the Body Refining Pagoda, at least half of the people will be eliminated.”

Outside the Body Refining Pagoda, many gazes were looking at the screen on the third level and all sorts of discussions spread out.

“There still isn’t any movement coming from Mu Chen… If the other nine reaches the deepest part of the third level and he still hasn’t reached the third level, he will be immediately eliminated.”

Someone glanced with pity at the dot of light that remained on the second level. Perhaps not long from now, Mu Chen would be eliminated and forced out of the Body Refining Pagoda.

In another corner, Liu Qing felt the resentment in her heart greatly dissolving. That impudent fellow charged so high previously and fell down now. Not only did he embarrass himself, he even embarrassed the Nine Netherbird Clan along with him.

Liu Qing turned to look at Nine Nether and saw the latter maintaining as calm expression as always. But Nine Nether’s fist was gradually clenching, which revealed the nervousness in her heart.

After that fellow is eliminated, I’ll see what face you guys will still have!

Liu Qing sneered in her heart. Although there would be half that had to be eliminated, Mu Chen was the only one to be eliminated before even reaching the third level.

Standing beside Nine Nether, Mo Ling’s face was also filled with worry, since she knew that if Mu Chen was eliminated this way, then god-knows what ridicule their Nine Netherbird Clan would have to face. If the matter was brought back to the clan, then wouldn’t those geezers who cared about their face so much go crazy…?

“Big Sister Nine Nether…”

Nine Nether paid no attention to Mo Ling. Her gaze was fixed on the sole dot of light on the second level. At this moment, she still refused to believe that Mu Chen would be stopped at the second level.


When Nine Nether’s attention was focused, her pupils suddenly contracted because, in that instant, she had sensed that the dot of light was rapidly flickering.

On the barren and icy land filled with cold gales and icy currents, a slim figure still sat quietly on a lone peak like a boulder.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Those gales were like blades that streaked across Mu Chen’s body. But what was unexpected was that they did not tear a wound on his body, his flesh was slightly whirling before it was swiftly recovered under a faint golden light.

If someone was to look carefully at Mu Chen’s body, he or she would realise that there was a layer of a faint blue lustre beneath his skin, which was filled with an extremely cold aura. If it was some other time, it was sufficient to instantly freeze up a Sixth Grade Sovereign. But as it flowed in Mu Chen’s body, it appeared to contain a vigorous vitality and a powerful surge of energy slowly entered his flesh.

On Mu Chen’s face, the blue chill slowly dissolved at this moment. When the cold aura completely disappeared, he had suddenly opened his eyes.

A cold blue aura gathered in his pupils and the atmosphere before him started to freeze into ice and crystalised patterns died after a flash in his eyes.


A lump of blue mist exited from Mu Chen’s throat. When the cold aura rolled out and faded away, the sharp gale that came from every direction had been frozen the moment it touched the cold aura.

A golden light blossomed on Mu Chen’s body and the chill that filled his body had completely disappeared. It was replaced with a comfortable sensation.

It’s as if the extreme cold between the heavens and earth could no longer pose a threat to him.

He slowly raised his head and saw that not only did the True Dragon Tattoo on his chest expanded by a ring, its slightly opened eyes started to move once again and was gradually opening up.


The dragon had opened its eyes. Although they were only half-opened, the sudden burst of the True Dragon’s might made cracks to appear on the peak that Mu Chen sat on.

At the same time, the True Phoenix Tattoo on his back had slowly unfolded its wings to about halfway.

As the might of the dragon and phoenix swept out, this peak could no longer bear it and it crumbled down from the cracks.

As the peak crumbled, Mu Chen stood upright with his upper body bare without any Spiritual Energy fluctuation around him. When the gale that could split apart Sixth Grade Sovereigns swept over, it had only left a white mark on his skin.

His body had been greatly improved after this period of refinement.

He could already sense that he was endlessly approaching the second level of the Dragon-Phoenix Physique.

But he could no longer obtain any improvements to his physique in this place.

“Finally finished…”

Mu Chen slowly clenched his hand and he could sense the explosive energy within his body. A satisfied smile appeared on the corner of his lips as he looked into the distance. Those fellows must be trying to charge to the fourth level by now, right?

It looked like it’s time for him to go full force. If he was to be eliminated this way, then he would be wasting the quota that Nine Nether gave him…

Once he thought this far, Mu Chen no longer hesitated and flicked his finger. A golden light blossomed on his back and a massive pair of golden wings slowly unfolded.


The wings flapped, which instantly blew a violent wind, tearing apart the gale in this region and the blue current also couldn’t pose any obstruction to Mu Chen’s silhouette, which had turned into a streak of light, and was rapidly charging out of this region at an indescribable speed.

It was a speed that exceeded Zong Teng and the rest by many folds!

In that instant when Mu Chen moved, everyone outside the Body Refining Pagoda could also sense it and they immediately shifted their gazes, before their faces slowly froze.

Liu Qing, who initially had mockery written on her face, had also stiffened up at this moment.

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