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Chapter 99 – Nine Territory Meeting

The news about the Liu Territory holding a Nine Territory Meeting quickly spread like the wind throughout the entire Northern Spiritual Realm. Moreover, everyone in the Northern Spiritual Realm was astounded by it.

The Nine Territory Meeting. It was known as the most extravagant affair within the Northern Spiritual Realm. Normally, it would only be held when there was an extremely important matter. The last time a Nine Territory Meeting was hosted within the Northern Spiritual Realm, the Nine Territories had decided on their positions of power and boundaries of their domain. Furthermore, it was due to this setup, of the Nine Territories within the Northern Spiritual Realm, had continued until the present time.

And now, the Liu Territory had suddenly called for a Nine Territory Meeting. Why would they do that?

Although many factional forces were in doubt, they could feel a surging and turbulent presence coming from the Nine Territory Meeting. It was likely that peace within the Northern Spiritual Realm would disappear…

Mu Territory, Within the Mu Estate.

A serious atmosphere filled the meeting room. Mu Feng’s complexion changed, as he sat on the seat of honor. At the same time, Mu Chen, Zhou Ye and a few higher-ups from the Mu Territory were present at the scene.

“Why did the Liu Territory suddenly call for a Nine Territory Meeting…” Mu Feng’s eyes were sharp. He slowly lifted them up and asked, “What are they planning to do?”

Everybody at the scene was silent. The Liu Territory’s actions were too abrupt. Nobody understood what they were planning to do. The Nine Territory Meeting, this certainly wasn’t something that could casually be hosted…

Mu Chen also frowned. His instincts told him that the Liu Territory must have some sort of goal. Moreover, this goal should be extremely unfavorable to the Mu Territory.

“The Liu Territory acted too suddenly, and it makes me feel a bit uneasy. Should we just ignore them and not participate in the Nine Territory Meeting?” Zhou Ye pondered for a moment before asking.

“I’m afraid that wouldn’t work. The Nine Territory Meeting was set as a compulsory obligation that was personally decided by the nine territories. No matter who calls for it, all of us must attend. If we were to break the rules, there will be no benefit for us.” Mu Feng shook his head and said, “Furthermore, if they were coming at our Mu Territory, it would be impossible to avoid it, even if we did not go there. Instead, the Liu Territory might use a method to alienate us from the other territories…”

Zhou Ye sighed and said, “What should we do then?”

“Gather the troops tomorrow. We will convene the strongest force we can from within the Mu Territory and participate in this Nine Territory Meeting.”

Mu Feng’s hands smashed onto the table as he said in a cold voice, “I do not believe that the Liu Territory could eat up my Mu Territory in one gulp.  Also, please send a message to the Territory Lord, Tang Shan, and the other territory lords. I believe that they must be feeling a bit uneasy at this moment. If the Liu Territory dares to do anything funny, let’s see what they are capable of when the remaining 8 territories are against it!”

Zhou Ye nodded. Although it was unclear what the Liu Territory was planning to do, they wouldn’t dare offend all of the other 8 territories at once.

Mu Chen stared at Mu Feng, who was currently wearing a tense expression. His eyes also became serious. It seemed that Mu Feng could feel the danger from this situation as well. But no matter what, Mu Chen would not let the Liu Territory go that easily, if they dared to attack the Mu Territory…

The location of the Nine Territory Meeting was at a city known as Nine Territory City, located deep within the center of the Northern Spiritual Realm. The previous Nine Territory Meeting had also been held at this location, and thus this city held the perfect precedent for playing the host.

This area was considered neutral territory. It did not belong to any particular force, so, whenever a force calls for a Nine Territory Meeting, they will become the host and entertain the other forces.

Normally, this city was not that festive. However, it had instantly been thrust into the limelight, after the Liu Territory had sent out news about the Nine Territory Meeting. It was even livelier when compared to the Entry Competition held by the Northern Spiritual Academy a while ago.

After all, only a few people were eligible for the Entry Competition. Although many would yearn for entry, the notion of victory or defeat would be meaningless to most of them. Therefore, they were really only seeking a kind of fantastic and lively entertainment, when they headed there.

However, the Nine Territory Meeting was different. It was a setup related to the Northern Spiritual Realm. Once any kind of turbulence broke out, it would be impossible for all the forces within the Northern Spiritual Realm to avoid it.

Thus, it was likely that everyone within the Northern Spiritual Realm would be paying attention to this matter, as it would affect them personally.

When Mu Feng and his troops arrived at the Nine Territory City, the city was already flocking with people. They could vaguely see numerous forces bring their men and surge within the city in waves.

This time, all the elites within the Mu Territory were sent out. Not only did Mu Feng lead the team personally, Zhou Ye, Mu Chen and the other 4 City Lords had followed as well. Even Wen Ling, who had recently advanced to a Rank 2 Spiritual Array Master, had followed along. Coupled with the hundreds of men, their imposing manner was quite powerful and mighty.

And just like that, a commotion broke out through the entire Nine Territory City due to the Mu Territory’s troops arrival. Countless forces quickly moved to greet them, while Mu Chen returned the greeting as he laughed.

The Mu Territory’s men stopped when they arrived at the stone temple located in the center of the city. Then, the 4 City Lords personally kept them in check as Mu Feng’s gaze swept around. Afterwards, he seemed to have noticed other squadrons of elite troops. They were probably brought by the other Territory Lords. So it seems that those guys were also quite vigilant.

“Brother Mu.”

As Mu Feng looked around, sounds of laughter rang out nearby. Mu Feng quickly turned his head around and saw Tang Shan coming over with his most trusted group of men.

“Brother Tang.” Seeing this, Mu Feng quickly headed forward. At the same time, Mu Chen also followed and glanced behind Tang Shan. He was immediately startled. This was because he noticed that Tang Qian’Er had also followed Tang Shan over.

When Tang Qian’Er noticed Mu Chen, delight emerged instantly within her eyes. She blinked at him in amusement.

Mu Feng and Tang Shan quickly grouped up together. They whispered to each other with a serious expression.

“Why did you come as well,” Mu Chen who was following behind Mu Feng asked the girl beside him.

“Dad seemed to place a great importance on the Nine Territory Meeting, this time. Since I would have been bored if I stayed in the Tang Territory, I followed him out here.” Tang Qian’Er smiled. However, she immediately frowned. She glanced at the surroundings, before leaning over to Mu Chen and whispered, “I heard that the Liu Territory is planning something.”

“En. Otherwise, why would they spend so much effort to call for a Nine Territory Meeting?” Mu Chen smiled and said, “Although the Nine Territories all possess the right to call for a Nine Territory Meeting, no territory has ever called for it, since they established the Nine Territory’s power structure.”

“Have you heard of the name, Liu Jingshan, before,” Tang Qian’Er whispered. “My dad seemed to speak in earnest about him…”

“Liu Jingshan?”

Mu Chen’s heart jumped as his eyes narrowed. He whispered, “Liu Jingshan is Liu Qingtian’s father. Back in the day, he was the strongest person within the Northern Spiritual Realm. However, he seemed to have disappeared 3 years ago. Why would your father suddenly be mentioning him?”

Tang Qian’Er shook her head and said, “I don’t know either.”

Mu Chen frowned. An uneasy feeling filled his heart. Liu Jingshan was the strongest person within the Northern Spiritual Realm back then. His strength was at the Spirit Stage Late Phase. Moreover, it was said that he had been only a step away from advancing to the Three Heavens Stage. However, before that could happen, he suddenly disappeared one day. Rumors were spread about how his cultivation had gone wrong, and he had died due to serious injuries.

“Could that old man still be alive?”

Mu Chen’s heart shook. If Liu Jingshan was still alive, wouldn’t the Liu Territory have 2 Spirit Stage Late Phase powerhouses if he came? If he included Liu Zong, there will be 3 Spirit Stage powerhouses. No Territory within the Northern Spiritual Realm could fight individually against this obscene strength.

Furthermore, the most disturbing fact was that Liu Jingshan already possessed Spirit Stage Late Phase strength 3 years ago. If he was still alive… no…If he improved, wouldn’t he have advanced to the Three Heavens Stage by now?

Thinking about this point, Mu Chen sucked in a breath of cold air. Three Heavens Stage. It had not been seen within the Northern Spiritual Realm in many years. If a powerhouse at this stage appears within the Liu Territory, no force could compete with them within the Northern Spiritual Realm.

Thoughts rapidly filled Mu Chen’s mind, and he didn’t look good. Seeing this, Tang Qian’Er secretly stuck out her tongue. She placed her hands behind her back and did not dare to say anything more.

When they entered the stone temple, Mu Chen saw Mu Feng looking over towards him. The latter’s eyes were quite serious. Beneath that seriousness, there was a even a hint of uneasiness. It had been many years since Mu Chen had seen Mu Feng reveal such an expression.

It seemed that he too had obtained a bit of information from Tang Shan as well.

Within the stone temple, the area was extremely spacious. Numerous important figures were walking around. At the same time, the other territory lords had already arrived and were talking with each other. However, Mu Chen could detect that the atmosphere was a bit unnatural from their laughter sounds.

It seemed that this news had already been secretly spread out…

Mu Feng sat down on one of the stone seats as well. Mu Chen and Zhou Ye stood behind him. Then, Mu Chen glanced at the opposite side. At that location, there was a beautiful woman wearing a red dress, and her smile attracted numerous gazes. Moreover, Mu Chen was able to see a familiar figure behind her. It was Hong Ling. He had never expected that even she would follow her mother over to this place.

Hong Ling smiled when she noticed Mu Chen. Her peach-like eyes were moist and she displayed the enchanting aura that she inherited from her mother.

“Little girl, did you take a liking to the boy from the Mu Family?”

The beautiful woman’s gaze had fixated on Mu Feng ever since he entered. She gently gritted her teeth before glancing at the handsome boy beside Mu Feng. Then, she directed a question to Hong Ling.

“Mom, what are you saying,” Hong Ling blushed wildly as she said in embarrassment.

“That Mu Feng isn’t a good person. Thus, his son cannot certainly not be much better. If you don’t like him, then it’s best not to have any dealings with him,” The beautiful woman said in faint voice. A trace of resentment was slipped into her tone.

“You have obtained the entry to the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy ,and you will have a promising future. When the time comes for you to attend, you will meet many youths that are far more outstanding than that boy from the Mu Family.”

Hong Ling glanced strangely at her mother. She was vaguely aware of her mother’s affair when she had been young. Back then, her mother seemed to have pursued Mu Feng, yet she never succeeded. In the end, her mother became too discouraged and married her father as she was disheartened. However, her father had died, due to a grave injury from a battle. After all these years, her mother had maintained being single. Although time could change a lot of things, her mother still possessed a little bit of resentment towards Mu Feng.

“Mom, I just want to enter Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy, so I can train properly. As for the other affairs, we’ll talk about it later,” Hong Ling said in a faint voice. She glanced once more at the handsome boy beside Mu Feng, yet she had complex feelings within her heart.

The beautiful woman patted Hong Ling’s petite hands. Then, she stared bitterly at Mu Feng, who avoided looking over to that location, before retracting her gaze.

“Dad, that side has been looking at you ever since you’ve arrived.”

Mu Chen was also aware of the situation over there. He gently coughed and spoke.

“Shut up.” Mu Feng glanced fiercely at Mu Chen. This boy, he really is being insensitive.

Mu Chen smirked. It seems that his father was quite popular when he was young.

Within the temple, other territory lords gradually arrived as time passed. Aside from them, a few well-known forces within the Northern Spiritual Realm had also arrived.

As more troops arrived, the scene within the temple gradually quieted down. Then, sounds of footsteps came from behind the temple. At that location, the curtains were raised and numerous figures walked out from behind it. At the same time, laughter rang out from Liu Qingtian.

“Haha, I would like to thank everybody for giving face to my Liu Territory. Since everybody has arrived, I feel extremely honored!” Liu Qingtian had a big smile plastered on his face as he walked into the temple. Then, he sat down on the seat of honor. Behind him, Liu Zong, Liu Ming and Liu Mubai followed him closely.

When Liu Mubai entered, his gaze fell on Mu Chen’s form. A hint of coldness emerged within his eyes, and he curled his lips at Mu Chen.

Mu Chen. Today, this place will become the burial ground for both you and your father!

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