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Chapter 987 - Might of the Heaven Grade Spiritual Array

“Heaven Grade Spiritual Array - Sky Mount Divine Seal!”

The light seal carried a divine mountain, then pressed down, causing a terrifying undulation to swept out, instantly causing even space to shatter. The pressure of the ten foot-sized divine seal was something that even made the countenance of a Seventh Grade Sovereign change.

This was a genuine Heaven Grade Spiritual Array!

As the divine seal pressed down, it charged towards the nearby Zong Yan. Zong Yan’s face turned extremely unsightly, with a hint of fear in the depths of his eyes.

He had already felt how terrifying the ten foot-sized divine seal was, the might of it was something that even a Seventh Grade Sovereign like him would feel extremely threatened.

As everyone knew, despite the Spiritual Array set up by Spiritual Array Masters being powerful, there was a flaw as well: the preparation time to set up the Spiritual Array. As for the confrontation between experts, it could be determined in an instant. Thus, under normal circumstances, a Spiritual Array Master wasn’t threatening.

But the current situation was different. When Mu Chen appeared on the Receiving Stage and stood without moving, they ridiculed that he was relying on Nine Nether’s help. But secretly, he had already hidden such a powerful Spiritual Array beneath the ground.

As everyone knew, when a Spiritual Array Master had enough time, they would become extremely tough to deal with… And at this moment, Zong Yan was bearing the bitter fruit.


As thoughts flashed in Zong Yan’s heart, he could only furiously curse out before tossing the panic in his heart and gnashed his teeth. In a flash, the Spiritual Energy in his body had exploded forth without holding back.

At this moment, if he wanted to protect himself, then he had to go all-out!


A boundless Spiritual Energy erupted like a volcano that had quickly exploded from Zong Yan’s body. It formed into a Spiritual Energy shock wave that dominated out. It detonated even the atmosphere in this region.

As Zong Yan circulated all his Spiritual Energy, a flaming roc appeared behind him, flapping its wings, which caused a torrential sea of flames to spread out across the horizon.


Zong Yan’s expression was grave as his body jolted and the flaming roc had issued a cry, turning into scarlet flames that had swept down, before fusing together with his spear. Instantly, countless flaming feathers appeared on the body of the spear and, vaguely, a terrifying temperature emanated forth, causing space to distort.

“Great Roc Annihilation!”

Zong Yan roared. He no longer hesitated and his spear whistled out. In an instant, under countless gazes, it had slammed against the descending divine seal.


In that instant of the collision, the atmosphere in the sky had frozen and, in the next moment, an inscribable tornado of Spiritual Energy suddenly wreaked havoc, causing cracks to appear on the Receiving Stage down below.

Mu Chen’s gaze was calm as he looked at the overbearing Spiritual Energy storm. His seals suddenly changed and a faint voice resounded, “Sky Mount Demonic Suppression!”


Along with the change of his seals, he saw the tip of the scarlet longspear in Zong Yan’s hand was trapped within the immovable divine seal. The divine seal had swiftly expanded and in just a few breaths, it had become a thousand feet in size, enveloping half of the Receiving Stage.

Along with the Sky Mount Divine Seal’s expansion, the majestic mountain above it was gradually revealed and its massive state had caused the hearts of many experts to feel suppressed in their hearts.

When the divine seal changed, Zong Yan’s face had instantly turned pale. He could sense that this time, the suppression force that came from the divine seal was actually multiplying.


On the scarlet longspear, the flaming feathers shattered and even the longspear was slightly bent. Clearly, he was having a hard time enduring it.

Beads of sweat dripped from Zong Yan’s face and his face distorted. A brief moment later, he released the longspear, which was on the verge of shattering, and his silhouette burst back in retreat.


As he retreated, the scarlet longspear had shattered into fragments from the divine seal.


While Zong Yan was retreating, a mouthful of fresh blood spewed from him and the Spiritual Energy in his body had immediately diminished. Clearly, he had suffered heavy injuries. However, he was still gnashing his teeth with a dark gaze. Although a Spiritual Array set up by a Spiritual Array Master was powerful, they were at their weakest the moment the Spiritual Array disappeared. So if he had the opportunity, he only needed a single move to kill Mu Chen.

However, Mu Chen seemed to know what Zong Yan was thinking and a cold smile appeared on the corner of his lips. Since he had made his move, then he would naturally not leave any threat lying around.

Mu Chen stomped his feet and appeared above the divine seal that had not dissipated yet, before slamming a palm down onto the divine seal under Zong Yan’s dumbstruck gaze.


After sending a palm out, the divine seal instantly flew out like a massive mountain and crashed down at the retreating Zong Yan with a huge patch of shadow.

As the shadow enveloped him, Zong Yan’s face instantly changed. He could only gnash his teeth and poured Spiritual Energy into his arms, then slapped the divine seal in an attempt to push it away.


However, when both of his palms came in contact with the divine seal, his legs instantly softened and his entire knee dug deeply into the ground with cracking sounds coming from his arms, causing both of his arms to slightly distort.

The divine seal actually seemed to be carrying a massive divine mountain. The weight was something that even he couldn’t bear!


Mu Chen’s silhouette appeared above the divine seal, then he heavily stomped his feet. Instantly, waves rolled out and the entire divine seal had descended, causing Zong Yan, who was beneath it, to be in an even more terrible state. Both of his arms were close to breaking with blood dripping down, dying his clothes, which made him in a terrible state.

When Mu Chen saw this scene, he did not take any pity on Zong Yan. His gaze was still indifferent as he stomped his feet once again. He was intending to cripple Zong Yan.

However, Zong Yan seemed to have felt Mu Chen’s killing intent, so he did not dare to hesitate any further. Unleashing a roar, scarlet flames instantly swept out and clashed with the divine seal.


Both of his hands slammed against the ground as fresh blood shot out. His blood was like flames and, in a flicker, his silhouette had appeared a thousand feet away and landed outside the Receiving Stage.


As his silhouette landed outside the stage, a mouthful of blood spewed from his mouth. His hair was dishevelled, without the slightest look of confidence he once had back then. The fear and panic in his eyes even made him look like a stray dog.

When Zong Yan’s silhouette had escaped from the Receiving Stage in a pathetic manner, a commotion rang out in this region and many experts looked at Mu Chen with shock in their eyes. Their gazes had slightly flickered, since they never expected that a human that only appeared to be at the Sixth Grade Sovereign Realm would be so tough to deal with.

In the Sky Roc Clan, Liu Qing and the rest had unsightly expressions when they witnessed Mu Chen defeating Zong Yan. Right now, their faces were even turned ashen and filled with disbelief.

No one expected that the situation, which was initially in their grasp, would come to this in the blink of an eye…

“That brat is actually a Heaven Grade Spiritual Array Master, he has hidden himself so deeply!” An expert of the Sky Roc Clan gnashed his teeth as he spoke. Looking at Mu Chen, there was an additional fear in his eyes. If a Heaven Grade Spiritual Array Master was prepared, it would be an easy matter to kill a Seventh Grade Sovereign.

Liu Qing clenched her fist and grounded her teeth as green and white complections were alternating on her face, but she couldn’t say a single thing.

Under countless shocked gazes, Mu Chen still maintained a calm expression on his face, then he stomped his feet, causing the divine seal to gradually dissipate.

At the same time, he raised his head and looked at the confrontation between Nine Nether and Zong Teng with indifference and faintly said, “If you want to stay here, then don’t blame me for making my move a well.”

As he spoke, spiritual light danced out of his sleeves and swiftly integrated into this region. Instantly, light runes vaguely appeared and formed into another Heaven Grade Spiritual Array.

Feeling the sharp killing intent rising below him, Zong Teng had contracted his pupils and his face couldn’t help turning more unsightly, before he lowered his head and deeply looked at Mu Chen, then he coldly said, “I have belittled you this time.”

In the past, he had never put Mu Chen in his eyes. But at this moment, he understood that the threat brought to him by Mu Chen was even greater than Nine Nether. It was no wonder why Nine Nether was so confident.

Mu Chen did not speak, but the light runes grew even brighter with astonishing Spiritual Energy undulations gradually forming.


Zong Teng took in a deep breath and a cold light flashed in his eyes. However, he was also a decisive person and knew that he did not have much of a chance against Nine Nether and Mu Chen. Thus, he had immediately decided to retreat.

“You’re Mu Chen, right? I remembered your name and if there’s a chance, I will personally taste the strength of your Spiritual Array. I hope that at that time, you will not disappoint me.”

As Zong Teng retreated, his cold voice resounded. He was clearly extremely unwilling to accept this loss.

However, Mu Chen paid no attention to his threat. He raised his head and exchanged a look with Nine Nether with a light smile, then he swept his gaze around at those preying experts.

“Everyone, I, Mu Chen want this Receiving Stage, I wonder if anyone of you has any opinion about it?”

As he spoke, he flicked his finger and a torrential spiritual light gathered on the Receiving Stage. Judging from the complicated runes, no one knew how many Spiritual Arrays were hidden on it.

After all, everyone was clear that this Receiving Stage had already been well fortified by Mu Chen. Forcing their way through, there weren’t many that were confident amongst the experts here.

When Mu Chen saw this scene, he had inwardly felt relieved, then he gave Nine Nether a smile. It looked like there wouldn’t be anyone coming to seize this Receiving Stage.

He had finally obtained the quota of the Primordial Body Refining Pagoda.

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