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"Young man, am I right?!"

Heavenly Sparrow Elder shouted like thunder, shaking the sky. His eyes were like a sharp sword, carrying a fierce aura that pierced through the space and directly enveloped Mu Chen.

Then, under his fierce gaze, Mu Chen suddenly perceived a terrible oppression sweeping through his chest. The gaze almost pierced his chest and caused his blood to be in turmoil. A hint of blood surged up his throat, but he stiffly swallowed it back. He looked up, but his eyes did not shrink back as he made eye contact with Heavenly Sparrow Elder. A sharp aura burst out from his eyes. Even if Mu Chen was not as strong as Heavenly Sparrow Elder, his willpower was not inferior.


Heavenly Sparrow Elder saw how Mu Chen, a mere Fifth Grade Sovereign, actually did not kneel down in submission but dared to look directly at him. He immediately snorted coldly and wanted to take a step to release even more terrible pressure to subdue the man in front of him.

Just as he was about to do so, Mandela's furious voice rang out. "How dare you strike in my Daluo Territory! Do you completely belittle my presence?" Heavenly Sparrow Elder perceived a horrible sense of oppression looming over him, and under that sense of oppression, he found himself unable to land his step.

Although he could have forced his foot down, he could sense the pressure in the atmosphere. He knew that once he stepped down, Mandela would strike, and when the time came, even if he could escape unscathed, he was bound to be extremely embarrassed.

At any rate, Mandela was only half a step away from ascending to Upper Earthly Sovereign. Compared to a Lower Earthly Sovereign like him, she was much more powerful than he was, and he had no chance of winning.

Heavenly Sparrow Elder's gaze changed. His robes that had been billowing despite the lack of wind eventually stopped, and the terrible oppression emanating from his body gradually subsided.

As the oppression dissipated, Heavenly Sparrow Elder's angry, cold eyes turned directly to Mandela. He murmured, "Dominator of Daluo Territory, this matter is of great importance to the Nine Netherbird Clan, and I hope that the Dominator of Daluo Territory can respect that. Hand this man over to us, and the Nine Netherbird Clan will be immensely grateful!"

Mandela looked at Heavenly Sparrow Elder and remarked nonchalantly, "That's absolutely impossible. Mu Chen has achieved great accomplishments in battle for Daluo Territory. Whoever wants to touch him in Daluo Territory will be declaring war with us!"

Although her voice was calm, the steely intention was quite clear. Heavenly Sparrow Elder's eyes narrowed. He had apparently not expected Mandela to reject his request so vehemently.

"Dominator of Daluo Territory, would you rather start a war with my Nine Netherbird Clan for the sake of a small Fifth Grade Sovereign?!" Heavenly Sparrow Elder's voice grew shrill. Although Daluo Territory was somewhat unexpectedly strong, it was only a force with a shallow foundation and could not be compared to their long-standing spiritual beast race. Thus, if they truly wanted to clash, it would definitely be a disaster for Daluo Territory.

"If Daluo Territory cannot even defend someone who has achieved great accomplishments for us, how would we be worthy to have standing in the North Territory? I would rather dissolve it sooner than later." Mandela sneered.

"Moreover, although your Nine Netherbird Clan has a long history, if you want to devour Daluo Territory, I'm afraid you'll have to prepare for some of your Earthly Sovereigns to fall, which perhaps would include you, Heavenly Sparrow Elder!"

At this point, murderous intent surfaced in Mandela's eyes. Her domineering words made her position clear, causing Heavenly Sparrow Elder's face to turn steely with rage. Despite the fury, he was also secretly alarmed. In his view, the Dominator of Daluo Territory was simply insane and defied all expectations. With merely words, she was ready to drag the other party down and cause casualties on both sides… They may have a stronger family background than Daluo Territory, but they were absolutely unable to withstand the fall of several Earthly Sovereigns.

The Nine Netherbird Clan had accumulated their Sovereigns over thousands of years. They could only cultivate a handful, so losing one would result in severe damage to the clan.

"Heavenly Sparrow Elder!"

As Heavenly Sparrow Elder's expression oscillated wildly and was full of signs of renewed vigor, Nine Nether roared furiously, "If I had not met Mu Chen, I would have been burned into ashes. He is also a benefactor of the Nine Netherbird Clan. Do you intend to return his kindness with malicious intentions now?!"

Heavenly Sparrow Elder said in a deep voice, "Nine Nether, I know you have great affection, but there are different ways to give thanks. You are the purest bloodline in my family for a thousand years. Even if you want to make a Bloodline Bond, it should be with the same rank of Divine Beast with a high-ranking bloodline, not this ordinary little boy. He is not worthy to receive such fortune, and it will only cause harm to him!"

"Ordinary?" Mandela snorted coldly and scoffed. "Mu Chen is at the top of the Dragon-Phoenix Record in the North Territory and is the most outstanding among the younger generation. I'm afraid no one can surpass him."

Heavenly Sparrow Elder and Liu Qing behind him were startled at her words, and there was a trace of surprise in their eyes. They had not expected that Mu Chen could have achieved such accomplishments.

"Hey, this North Territory is also vast. I did not expect the younger generation to be so incompetent. The strength of a mere Fifth Grade Sovereign, if placed among our younger generation, at best could only be given an evaluation of being ordinary. As for attaining the triumph of a top position, that's a joke." Heavenly Sparrow Elder soon came to his senses, and immediately scorned them, apparently full of doubts about the legitimacy of the supposed Dragon-Phoenix Record in the North Territory.

Mu Chen listened to Heavenly Sparrow Elder's disdainful comments but did not flare up in anger. He just laughed and said, "I could become the first in the Dragon-Phoenix Record in the North Territory because of some elements of luck indeed, but as to whether I have such qualifications, Elder can send someone to try."

Facing Heavenly Sparrow Elder's aggression, Mu Chen did not blindly shrink under Mandela's protection. He also understood how much pressure Mandela would face if she clashed head-on with the Nine Netherbird Clan, so he wanted to share some of the pressure by proposing this.

However, Mu Chen was not so arrogant to challenge the Heavenly Sparrow Elder, who in any case, was an Earthly Sovereign, after all. To obliterate Mu Chen was just a matter of flicking his finger, so he simply suggested sending someone to try.

Now, if Heavenly Sparrow Elder really wanted to send someone to try his capability, it was obvious that he could only send the young man named Liu Qing. This person was not simple. According to Mu Chen's speculation, he should possess the same strength as Nine Nether, but if they really fought, the latter might not be able to win easily.

Upon hearing Mu Chen's words, the Heavenly Sparrow Elder's gaze flashed, and he immediately sneered and said, "You are a cunning young man. If I am really determined to strike, no one can protect you… But since you have the courage to take the initiative to stand up, I really want to see how capable you are!"

"Liu Qing!"

The handsome green-robed young man with a sharp gaze answered with a low voice, "Yes!"

"Take him down in ten rounds." As soon as his voice fell, Heavenly Sparrow Elder looked at Mandela and the Three Kings and said, "I don't think you will intervene in the fight between these younger generations, will you?"

After he was sure that the boy was ordinary, and he brought the news back to the clan, it would inevitably cause a lot of elders to be furious. Their thousand-year prodigy must not taint her bloodline because of such an incompetent human being. When the news blows up, let's see if Daluo Territory will still be so adamant.

Mandela and the Three Kings frowned and then no longer spoke. After all, Heavenly Sparrow Elder represented the Nine Netherbird Clan, and it would not do them any good to be overly resistant. Since he wanted to let Liu Qing strike, then so be it.

Mandela glanced at Liu Qing. This man was indeed not an ordinary person, and was probably one of the best among the younger generation in the Nine Netherbird Clan. However, they were too arrogant and wanted to get rid of Mu Chen in just ten rounds… At this point, Mandela's mouth curved into a sneer. Over the years, people who had despised and belittled Mu Chen ultimately came to a bad end.

"The Dominator of Daluo Territory is understanding of the big picture, indeed." When Heavenly Sparrow Elder saw Mandela acquiesce, he smiled with satisfaction, and then he nodded softly to Liu Qing behind him.

Upon seeing this, Liu Qing nodded and gradually stepped out.

However, as Liu Qing moved, Nine Nether blocked him and stared at him coldly.

Liu Qing stared at Nine Nether's chilling gaze and smiled. "Your Highness Nine Nether, please be assured, I will not kill him. I just want him to understand something."

Heavenly Sparrow Elder said in a deep voice, "Nine Nether, you will stop meddling in this matter. This kid would be too incompetent if he needed you to protect him. If news spread to your father, he would never let you continue making a fool of yourself!"

Nine Nether looked at Liu Qing with a cold smile and sneered. "I just don't want you to be utterly humiliated later."

Liu Qing's eyes narrowed slightly, and then he smiled and said nothing more. He just stepped out, bypassed Nine Nether, and walked slowly toward Mu Chen.

As he walked out, anyone could feel that a fiery and violent spiritual wave was gathering within his body like a volcano.

His sharp eyes became even sharper, and his spiritual energy caused his robes to billow as a clear and crisp sound rang out.

An astonishing aura slowly emerged from his body.

The Three Kings perceived Liu Qing's aura, and their gazes turned grave. Judging from the present aura, Liu Qing's strength might be on par with the lords of their Daluo Territory, and only Lord Asura could oppress him.

The younger generation of the Nine Netherbird Clan did have some abilities. No wonder Heavenly Sparrow Elder was so arrogant.

Under the crowd's gazes, Liu Qing walked ten feet in front of Mu Chen and then stood still. He looked at Mu Chen indifferently and said faintly, "This time, I just want you to understand… A man should know his limits."

However, it was as if Mu Chen had not heard Liu Qing's words. He remained calm as he stretched out one hand with his palm slightly bent.

"Mu Chen from Daluo Territory, seeking guidance."

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