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Chapter 955 - Investment

When Mu Chen handed the Starlight Demon Suppression Pyramid over, not only were the experts in this region dumbfounded, even Mandala had a startled expression, since she had clearly not expected Mu Chen to give it to her.

Regarding this Saint Artifact, despite the fact that she was extremely tempted by it, it wasn’t to the point that she had to absolutely obtain it. Furthermore, since it was in the hands of Mu Chen, it was better than being in the hands of the other peak forces for Mandala.

Naturally, she understood that this artifact would definitely lure great trouble for Mu Chen. But from today onwards, no one would dare to easily provoke their Great Havenlaw Domain and she was confident that she could protect Mu Chen’s safety.

Therefore, when Mu Chen handed the Starlight Demon Suppression Pyramid over to her, she was slightly startled, before she lightly frowned her brows. “You don’t have to do this. Although this item is a little troublesome, with me around, no one will make a move on you.”

Naturally, she had thought that Mu Chen was worried that the Starlight Demon Suppression Pyramid being too much of a hot potato, and thus, he had no other choice but to hand it over.

When Mu Chen heard her words, he smiled. “If this artifact is in my hands, it’s naturally wasting such a great treasure. With my current strength, I can’t exhibit its full power.”

His words weren’t wrong. If he wanted to use the Starlight Demon Suppression Pyramid, he would need a large amount of Spiritual Energy to support it and it was absolutely impossible for Mu Chen to achieve it with his strength at the Fifth Grade Sovereign Realm.

“Furthermore, if this Starlight Demon Suppression Pyramid is in the hands of my Great Havenlaw Domain, the worth that it can exhibit far exceeds it being in my hands. Now that the Divine Pavilion Master has fallen, the situation in the Northern Region will change. So I believe that the Great Havenlaw Domain needs this Starlight Demon Suppression Pyramid more than I do.”

Mu Chen looked at Mandala, who had a change of expression, as he smiled, “Furthermore, you do not need to have any mental burdens. With our Great Havenlaw Domain getting stronger, I will also become stronger as well. Therefore, treat it as my investment… Who knows, I might need your help in the future.”

Mandala wore a smile on her face as she solemnly looked at Mu Chen. In the end, she had swallowed the words that had reached her mouth. She was startled and touched by Mu Chen’s actions. After all, such a powerful Saint Artifact was something that any Earth Sovereign would be tempted to have, but he could hand it over to her so calmly.

He actually did not have to do this, since he should know about her character. She would definitely not force Mu Chen to hand it over to her.

But just as Mu Chen had said, if she could possess this Starlight Demon Suppression Pyramid, then she could even confront a Greater Earth Sovereign.

At the same time, it would be a crucial support for the Great Havenlaw Domain, due to the upcoming undulation in the Northern Region.

Mandala looked at the dark-golden pyramid that floated above Mu Chen’s hand, before she clenched her teeth a moment later, “This Starlight Demon Suppression Pyramid will temporarily be in my possession and in the future, when you have the strength to use it, I will return it to you!”

Mu Chen smiled, but did not say anything. He only nodded his head. If that day came, he believed that a mere Starlight Demon Suppression Pyramid wouldn’t be sufficient to tempt his heart.

“Also…” Mandala’s face turned slightly flushed as she spoke out in a slightly holding back voice, “Can you give that Spiritual Divine Liquid in the Starlight Demon Suppression Pyramid to me? I will compensate you for it.”

To the current Mandala, perhaps the temptation of the Spiritual Divine Liquid had far exceeded the Starlight Demon Suppression Pyramid, since she was already a Quasi-Greater Earth Sovereign Realm. If she could make another step forward, she would be able to break through for real.

When Mu Chen looked at her state, he couldn’t hold back his smile and nodded his head. Although the Spiritual Divine Liquid was powerful, it wasn’t too different from the Starlight Demon Suppression Pyramid to him, since they were things that he could only see and not touch.

Due to the Spiritual Divine Liquid being too vast and pure, it was impossible for him to refine it. If he were to forcefully absorb it, he would probably explode.

Therefore, when he gave Mandala the Starlight Demon Suppression Pyramid, it had naturally included the Spiritual Divine Liquid.

Seeing Mu Chen nodding his head, Mandala’s face turned even redder without any of the prestige of a Great Havenlaw Ruler. On the contrary, she looked like a cute next door kid.

“But, I have my terms as well…” Mu Chen lightly smiled as he continued, “The Fourth Palace Master had previously stated that with the Starlight Demon Suppression Pyramid, it will be able to sense the location of the Ancient Haven Palace. So I hope you can help me explore it with all your power.”

The Ancient Haven Palace was a treasure land that innumerable people in the Skylaw Continent would drool over. Mu Chen naturally did not think that such a place where so many people had failed to discover could be easily discovered by him, so he had to rely on Mandala to help him on this matter.

Furthermore, even if the Ancient Haven Palace was discovered, that sort of stunning treasure land would definitely shake the heavens and earth. At that time, who knew how many peak forces would be lured over by it. So, even if he could find the Ancient Haven Palace, he naturally needed help if he wanted to obtain the cultivation method of the Immortal Golden Body.

At that time, he would require all the help he could from Mandala. Otherwise, he wouldn’t even be qualified to compete with the peak forces in the Skylaw Continent.

Therefore, the investment that he had previously spoken of was merely a façade. Before he was strong enough to face the world, he really did need the help of an expert like Mandala.

When Mandala heard his words, she had retracted the embarrassing emotions on her face and solemnly nodded her head. “If we manage to find the Ancient Haven Palace, I will do my very best to help you.”

She knew about the Great Solar Undying Body that Mu Chen had cultivated, and the final evolution of the Great Solar Undying Body was one of the legendary Primal Sovereign Celestial Bodies, the Primordial Immortal Body.

And in the Ancient Haven Palace, there’s an evolution of the Great Solar Undying Body present!

She could guess that Mu Chen’s objective for coming to the Northern Region was for that!

In this Hunting War, she had owed Mu Chen many favours, as well as even taking the Starlight Demon Suppression Pyramid and the Spiritual Divine Liquid. The favour was already beyond weighing, so the only thing she could do in the future was do her best to help Mu Chen obtain the evolution to his Great Solar Undying Body…

As she thought about it, she no longer hesitated and took the Starlight Demon Suppression Pyramid, then stored it with a flip of her hand.

When Mandala took the Starlight Demon Suppression Pyramid, many Earth Sovereigns had an uncontrollable slight change in their expressions with dense fear surging from their eyes.

Now that Mandala had stepped into the Quasi-Greater Earth Sovereign Realm, if she used that Spiritual Divine Liquid, there’s a high possibility of her becoming a Greater Earth Sovereign Realm. Adding the Starlight Demon Suppression Pyramid, she would be a considerable powerhouse, even amongst the Greater Earth Sovereigns.

With that strength, there wouldn’t be anyone that could confront her in the Northern Region in the future.

The Myriad Saint Ancestor and the rest had their eyes lightly flickering as they inwardly sighed. It looked like after today, they had to adjust their mindsets and have more revere for this future Overlord of the Northern Region.

But what made them feel relieved was the fact that Mandala was more acceptable than the Divine Pavilion Master’s ambition.


As those thoughts circulated in the hearts of all the experts, the sound of wind breaking suddenly rang out in this region and judging from that sound, someone was panicking to the extreme.

Mu Chen and the rest had sensed this and had raised their heads to see that the people that had suddenly fled were the factions of the Divine Pavilion.

They were fleeing for their lives.

With the fall of the Divine Pavilion Master, everyone was clear that the Divine Pavilion that had stood in the Northern Region for so many years would face destruction. At this moment, none of the experts of the Divine Pavilion would dare to remain, thus they had quickly started to flee.

But as they were frantically fleeing, Mandala and those Earth Sovereigns that had previous grudges with the Divine Pavilion had their eyes flickering. In the next moment, they had moved out at the same time and a terrifying pressure spread out with a wave of their sleeves, causing the distant sky to be frozen by their actions.

The silhouettes of those fleeing experts from the Divine Pavilion were forcefully frozen. Even the Four Pavilion Lords had fear on their faces, without the slightest prestige that they had before.

They were extremely clear that the Divine Pavilion would collapse after today and as the remnants of the Divine Pavilion, they would be targeted like strays. Especially the strongest East Pavilion Lord, as he was already a Ninth Grade Sovereign. If he was allowed to escape and was fortunate to break through into the Earth Sovereign Realm, he would undoubtedly be a great threat.

So, since they wanted to get rid of the future trouble, then they had to get rid of the remnants!

Even the Netherworld Palace and Sky Profound Palace, who had some relations with the Divine Pavilion, had slight changes in their expressions, but no one had made a move to help them.

They were clear that with the fall of the Divine Pavilion Master, the general situation in the Northern Region would definitely change. With Mandala breaking through to the Quasi-Greater Earth Sovereign Realm, she had already exceeded the other Earth Sovereigns. In the future, the Great Havenlaw Domain would probably replace the Divine Pavilion’s spot in the Northern Region and become the strongest force.

So, at this moment, the Netherworld Palace and Sky Profound Palace naturally wouldn’t become enemies to the Great Havenlaw Domain for a Divine Pavilion that had lost the support of an Earth Sovereign.

“Haha. Your Divine Pavilion has killed many disciples of my Myriad Saint Peak, so we will calculate them all today!” The Myriad Saint Ancestor looked at the experts of the Divine Pavilion that were rounded up and his aged voice turned a little cold at this moment.

As he spoke, the Myriad Saint Ancestor looked at Mandala as he smiled. “I wonder if the Great Havenlaw Ruler has any plans on dealing with these remnants?”

Mandala cast a glance at the experts of the Divine Pavilion. The winner took all, so she clearly did not have any pity towards the Divine Pavilion and if she could get rid of all the remnants, she would definitely not hesitate.

But just when she was about to move, she suddenly saw the slight changes in Mu Chen’s gaze, so she briefly paused and asked, “What do you think?”

When Mu Chen heard her words, he smiled. “Can you give me one person amongst them?”

“Oh?” Mandala was a little astonished and had cast a glance at Mu Chen, before nodding her head. “As you wish. Who do you want to protect?”

“Thanks.” Mu Chen then pointed his finger towards one silhouette amongst the Divine Pavilion. “Her.”

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