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Beautiful light surged in the sky, but the forces were not interested in admiring it. They looked at the Lord of Divine Pavilion, who exuded a majestic aura.

It was apparent that they were shocked by what he had said.

The Lord of Divine Pavilion had put forth clearly that he intended to unify the North Territory!

Throughout the millennium, many top powers in the North Territory had tried to do that to no avail. This was because there was a group of warlords, and no one could suppress one another to become the overlord.

However, the Lord of Divine Pavilion wanted to become the overlord!

The masters of the other forces could not possibly allow him to fulfill his wish! After all, these Earthly Sovereigns were prideful people. They would not swallow their pride and submit to the Lord of Divine Pavilion.

If the Lord of Divine Pavilion's strength had surpassed theirs, they might have to think twice. However, he had only advanced to Half Step to Upper Earthly Sovereign and had not reached a level that would impose fear on them.

Most importantly, other than the Lord of Divine Pavilion, Mandela had reached the same level as he had. She had a feud with the Divine Pavilion, and she could not possibly let him have his way.

When the Lord of Divine Pavilion voiced his thoughts openly, the forces were shocked, and they started to be on guard.

The five Earthly Sovereigns looked at one another and then turned to look at Mandela, who was looking at the Lord of Divine Pavilion. They were afraid and dared not say a word, but they hoped that Mandela would take the lead to challenge him.

Mandela simply smiled as though she had not heard a thing. The forces in the North Territory bore a lot of grudges against one another. Although Mandela disliked the Lord of Divine Pavilion, she would not stick her neck out for them.

When the five Earthly Sovereigns saw Mandela's reaction, they were angry. Holy Ancestor then smiled and said gently, "Dominator, this concerns the structure of Daluo Territory. We hope that you can let us know your stance… we will be grateful to you."

He sounded submissive, as he knew that after the Big Hunting War, Mandela's strength had increased tremendously. She had surpassed them and in the future, Holy Mountain would have to get into her good books.

Other than Liu Tiandao, who looked awkward, the rest of the Earthly Sovereigns agreed with Holy Ancestor. He had had a feud with Mandela previously but now that Mandela was in power, he had no choice but to admit defeat.

When Mandela saw it, she smiled and said calmly, "I admire you, Lord of Divine Pavilion, for your desire in unifying the North Territory. However, Daluo Territory does not have the intention of going along with it. You will have to look for someone else."

When Mandela made a stand, the masters of the forces heaved a sigh of relief. Holy Ancestor, Demon Emperor, and Serpentis Old Man nodded in agreement.

Only Liu Tiandao did not respond. His eyes glittered, and no one knew what was in his mind.

Mu Chen and the rest looked at one another. This kind of confrontation was beyond their level. They were unable to do anything to change the situation, so they could only watch.

"Hohoho, it seems like you are not interested in my proposal." When the Lord of Divine Pavilion saw their responses, he was not surprised. He smiled purposefully, which inflicted fear in the other Earthly Sovereigns.

"Ha, you have a great appetite. Your intention is to encroach on us and dominate the North Territory!" Demon Emperor said sharply. He was a prideful person, and although he was afraid of the Lord of Divine Pavilion, he would not give in to him.

"To put it bluntly, if you wish to dominate the North Territory, you are still not up to it! Your strength is only at Half Step to Upper Earthly Sovereign!"

Upon hearing what Demon Emperor had said, the Lord of Divine Pavilion squinted. He then laughed and said, "So, are you despising me because I have not advanced to Upper Earthly Sovereign?"

The forces did not make any comment.

When the Lord of Divine Pavilion saw it, he curled up his lips and suddenly looked sharp. He shouted, and his voice thundered, causing the area to surge violently. This made the top powers turn ghastly pale.

"I shall let you see how simple it is for me to break through to Upper Earthly Sovereign!"

When he said that, Holy Ancestor and the other Earthly Sovereigns, including Mandela, looked shocked.

"What did he say? Can he still break through further?" There was a great commotion and the Sleeping King and the other two kings found it unbelievable. The Lord of Divine Pavilion had used up the Spiritual Deity Liquid, and unless he had a perfect grade Spiritual Deity Liquid, it would be impossible for him to break through further!

Mu Chen and Nine Nether were shocked, and they looked at each other. After a while, Mu Chen turned grave. Although he found it unbelievable, the Lord of Divine Pavilion would not have said it if he did not have other means to help him advance to Upper Earthly Sovereign.

No wonder he had the audacity to say those words earlier. He had kept some trump cards.

The Lord of Divine Pavilion smiled weirdly and spread out his arms. At that instant, his eyes turned dark. Black smoke suddenly swirled out and covered the sky, causing the space to crack.

The black smoke was powerful beyond description. It seemed to contain a strange power that did not blend in with the heavens and the earth. The power was so eerie that it caused one to tremble.

The Lord of Divine Pavilion stood within the black smoke with his arms spread out. He took a deep breath, and the black smoke flowed into his body.

When the black smoke entered his body, his hair quickly grew long, and the oppression that exuded from his body became stronger.

Within a short while, the oppression had surpassed Mandela's, who was also a Half Step to Upper Earthly Sovereign!

Mandela and the other Earthly Sovereigns turned ghastly pale. They looked at the scene before them with disbelief. The power of the strange black smoke caused them to shiver.

"What kind of black smoke is this? Why can't it blend with the spiritual energy of this area…?"

"It is so vicious… so encroaching!"

"Although the power is great, it does not belong to the Lord of Divine Pavilion. Where did he get it?"

The few Earthly Sovereigns conversed with one another through voice transmission, and they were filled with shock.

Mandela fixed her gaze on the oppressive Lord of Divine Pavilion and after a while, she gasped. She gritted her teeth and said, "This force does not belong to the Great Thousand World. It belongs to the Extraterritorial Race!

"Lord of Divine Pavilion, you are crazy. Why did you associate yourself with such power?!"

"The Power of the Extraterritorial Race?" When the other Earthly Sovereigns heard it, they were shocked. The Lord of Divine Pavilion must be crazy to have absorbed this kind of power that was not allowed in the Great Thousand World!

"I know! This must the power that was left behind by the Sky-Devouring Evil Emperor. During the Primordial War, the Sky-Devouring Evil Emperor was stopped by the Fourth Hall Master in the Meteorfall Battlefield. There was a fierce fight, and the Fourth Hall Master was killed, and the Sky-Devouring Evil Emperor was suppressed by a seal!" Holy Ancestor shouted. He looked stunned as he pieced everything together.

"The Fourth Hall Master's Sovereign Sea must be where the seal was. When the Lord of Divine Pavilion fell into the sea after he was attacked by the spiritual puppet, he went missing for quite a while. It must be then that he secretly removed the seal and possessed the power that was left behind by the Sky-Devouring Evil Emperor!"

When Demon Emperor and the other Earthly Sovereigns heard Holy Ancestor's analysis, they were shocked. They finally understood why the Divine Pavilion had acted rashly back then. It was not because he was foolish, but he had purposely dived deep into the sea to release the seal that had suppressed the power of Sky-Devouring Evil Emperor.

Mandela turned pale, as she had not expected the Lord of Divine Pavilion to do this before their very eyes.

"Hohoho, you have finally figured it out…"

As the Earthly Sovereigns were still in shock, the Lord of Divine Pavilion stood within the black smoke and smiled viciously.

He enjoyed the powerful strength that was surging in his body, and he said with a smile, "You do not know that the Sky-Devouring Evil Emperor has already turned into ashes throughout the millennium. What he has left behind is his power. Although the power is vicious, it is not powerful enough to encroach on me. When I have refined it, I will be able to progress to Upper Earthly Sovereign!"

Having said this, the Lord of Divine Pavilion's smile became weird and more gruesome.

"Now… do you still think that I do not qualify to be the overlord of the North Territory?"

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