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Mu Chen stood in midair above the Sovereign Sea. His face was full of surprise as he realized that his mind power had improved tremendously.

Generally speaking, when the mind power was split in half, it would be fragile. But Mu Chen was surprised that his mind power was not weakened at all. In fact, it had grown stronger compared to a month before.

"Looks like the one-month visualization practice has increased the strength of my mind power," Mu Chen mumbled to himself. His eyes brightened up as he finally understood the benefits of such a cultivation method.

In the past, Mu Chen could not increase his mind power proactively. He could only practice when he chanced upon some methods. But the improvements were not very obvious. He improved his mind power through the accumulation of these practices, so he was now better than other ordinary people.

After he started practicing the Nine Calamity Thunder Prison Visualization, the one-month effect could be comparable to practicing for a year.

It's no wonder that it is hard for any ordinary person to become a war troop dispatcher. If there's no proper training manual, one would not be able to condense a Spirit of Fighting Intent that has a scale of 10,000 battle runes. Mu Chen shook his head in disbelief. After all, he was stuck at the 10,000 level, even though he had a stronger mind power compared to others, let alone those ordinary people who wanted to become a war troop dispatcher.

The barrier to entry for a war troop dispatcher was very high.

I can barely consider myself successful in cultivating the Nine Calamity Thunder Prison now since I have already visualized the thundering prison. In the future, I will need to train my mind power by activating the calamity in prison. As long as I pass the first calamity, my mind power will increase exponentially. By then, I will be able to control fifty-thousand battle runes.

Mu Chen was thinking hard as he could not wait for the day to come, since Grade Seven Sovereign was no match for the 10,000 battle runes fighting spirit. If the battle runes exceeded 30,000, a Grade Seven Sovereign would not dare to challenge it.

Of course, Mu Chen knew he needed more time to pass the first calamity. But it was only a matter of time since he had completed the most challenging entry steps.

Mu Chen was getting confident in becoming a war troop dispatcher. Not only did he grasp the way to become one, but he also knew how to become a Spiritual Array Master.

Both of them belonged to the same origin in the ancient times, and thus there were real powers who studied both together. In the ancient times, the existence of such people was extremely dazzling.


Mu Chen took a deep breath and suppressed his excitement. He lifted his head and looked at the sky above the Sovereign Sea. The dark glowing pagoda was standing quietly as usual.

The golden flames were still burning, refining the smoke that was drawn continuously into the pagoda. Streams of spiritual energy torrents drained from the bottom of the pagoda and rumbled down into the endless Sovereign Sea.

During this period of time, the Great Pagoda had been refining the spiritual energy essence from the Meteorfall Alchemy without resting. The spiritual energy in the Sovereign Sea was definitely much stronger compared to a month before. He could feel it. Not only had the sea level risen, but it also looked even more majestic than before.

Such strong spiritual energy. It will not be long before I break through to Grade Five Sovereign.

But 20,000 Meteorfall Alchemy will be depleted soon. It seemed like it was impossible to complete the last leap, Mu Chen thought to himself. After which, he retreated from his cultivation state and returned to his body, which he had not moved in a month inside the cave. His eyes slowly opened.

The cave was left with only mist. Mu Chen had absorbed most of the smoke for cultivation during the past month, and there was not much Meteorfall Alchemy left.

Mu Chen looked at the mist and pondered. He tapped on his universal bracelet, and a torrent shot and filled the entire cave again.

It was countless Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. But upon more careful inspection, there were about 100,000 drops.

Mu Chen was much richer now compared to when he first came to the North Territory. After all those events he had gone through, he had accumulated a lot of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. Although he used up quite a bit of it this year, he still managed to save some for rainy days. Now the time had come. It would be used in the last leap to become a Grade Five Sovereign.

Ten thousand drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid should be sufficient for Mu Chen's breakthrough.


He quickly made formations with both of his hands. He opened his mouth slightly, and the torrential Sovereign Spiritual Liquid charged into Mu Chen's mouth like a beam of light.

The sky in the Sovereign Sea cracked open again as the torrents fell like a waterfall. Eventually, they rushed into the pagoda.

With the additional spiritual energy from the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, the refining speed within the Great Pagoda increased. The golden flames burned fiercely. The spiritual energy was refined and injected into the Sovereign Sea. Eventually, it became Mu Chen's spiritual energy.

Mu Chen watched as he sat down in midair. Forming seals with both of his palms, he circulated the Great Pagoda Art. The Great Pagoda suddenly trembled violently. Golden dragons flew from the pagoda continuously…

The entire Sovereign Sea was vibrating. Spiritual energy waves were surging madly as they overlapped each other. The impact swept up into the sky.

It was as though they were breaking away from their restrictions, attempting to hit the next level.

The ways to become stronger were to overcome all the obstacles, aim for the higher ground, and dash bravely to it.

Only in this way could one can stand out from this world and become the true leading figure in this Great Thousand World!

Mu Chen began to focus on refining the Meteorfall Alchemy and the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid with his full force. Time quietly passed again.

Shoo! Shoo!

A non-stop air-rending sound suddenly broke out from the remote mountain range. Numerous figures picked themselves up from the ground and flitted somewhere far away. At the same time, another similar group of figures flitted from far off. The atmosphere was vaguely filled with danger.

Mu Chen and the rest of the Daluo Territory soldiers were resting here in this mountain range. All of them, including Nine Nether, did not expect Mu Chen to take a month for his retreat.

During his retreat, they were staying there to keep Mu Chen away from all the interference that could affect his cultivation. Luckily, they had obtained enough Meteorfall Alchemy from the Death Relics to complete their tasks. Hence, it did not hurt to wait for a month.

Moreover, Lord Mountain Cracker and Lord Blood Hawk brought their troops to wipe out some of the relics to kill their boredom while waiting for Mu Chen to complete his cultivation.

During their wipe-out sessions, Nine Nether and the rest would keep themselves updated with all the battle information in the Meteorfall Battlefield. As time passed, the Big Hunting War became more and more fierce and cruel.

In the past month, numerous fierce battles broke out on the battlefield. Some of the weaker forces were brutally eliminated. Some suffered huge losses and were forced to leave the cruel battlefield early.

Even those superior powerhouses could not avoid such losses and left in despair.

Of course, as the Big Hunting War was reaching its climax, the spark between the top powerhouses escalated, and the battles were getting serious.

Everyone felt that the Big Hunting War was reaching an insane stage where the top powerhouses were in danger of being wiped out!

Nine Nether stood tall against the wind on one of the summits. Her pretty eyes were gazing at one of the peaks not far from her. Mu Chen was cultivating in the closed cave over there.

For the past month, there were no movements nor news from within after Mu Chen went in. If it were not for the spiritual energy fluctuations they felt, they almost thought that Mu Chen had met with some problems in his cultivation.

A month's time of idling was rather long in the Big Hunting War. If they had not reaped huge rewards from the Death Relics, they would have been thrown far behind the rest during one month's time.


The air-rending sound was whistling not far away. Lord Mountain Cracker and the rest appeared beside Nine Nether. They glanced at the closed-off area and frowned. "Is Lord Mu coming out?"

Nine Nether shook her head and gave a bitter smile. Apparently, the time Mu Chen took was longer than expected.

"Hehe, since he took so long to cultivate, he must have gained quite a lot. After his retreat, I am sure his strength will have improved a great deal," said Lord Blood Hawk, who was not bothered by it at all.

"Although we did not gain much this month, we were able to recuperate and avoid the frenzied atmosphere in the Meteorfall Battlefield. If we were to meet the ferocious Divine Pavilion, it would be troublesome for us," Lord Spiritual Sword added.

The rest of them turned solemn when they heard about the Divine Pavillion. Half a month ago, the Divine Pavilion met up with Holy Mountain, who was also one of the top powerhouses. They were fighting for the Meteorfall Alchemy in one of the relics, but the outcome was somewhat shocking.

The fighting spirit talent from Holy Mountain was trashed by Zhantai Liuli. Not only had he sustained severe injuries, but half of the elite soldiers under him were also gone. The fact was even a Grade Six Sovereign could suffer such a massive blow in Holy Mountain's battle.

Zhantai Liuli's fame had risen exponentially since then because of that battle. Even those Dragon-Phoenix Record holders like Fang Yi paled in comparison to her.

"Zhantai Liuli has become a war troop dispatcher," Nine Nether said calmly. If not, she would not be able to trounce a fighting spirit talent.

Lord Mountain Cracker was also looking stern. As a Grade Six Sovereign, he felt wary of a war troop dispatcher who controlled an elite army.

"It was said that the people from Fang Yi's side have been tracking our location. He could be seeking opportunities to take revenge on us. It would be best if we could avoid being in the limelight for now," Nine Nether said softly. "When Mu Chen is out of his retreat, we will move and regroup with the rest of the Daluo Territory troops while waiting for further instructions from our Dominator."

Lord Mountain Cracker nodded. They would need to wait for Mu Chen to end his retreat before they could battle against the uprising Divine Pavilion and the war troop dispatcher, Zhantai Liuli.

Given their current situation, it would be difficult for them to counter Fang Yi and the rest.


While they were all having their own thoughts, the earth trembled quietly without any warning. They were slightly surprised by it. All of them lifted up their heads and looked at the enclosed cave in excitement.

They could sense the strong and powerful spiritual energy erupting from the cave like a volcano.

It was Mu Chen's spiritual energy fluctuation!

He was finally coming out after a month of retreat!

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